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  1. If someone explained to Roxanne what was happening, she would've already arrived.

    With the robot side of the family, cyborgs, as they are often called, Roxanne was too much of a robot for humans, and too much of a human for robots. Her eyes were not eyes, but laser shooting weapons, and organs she had none. She had robotic hands and her right arm, too. Otherwise, she was normal.

    Her older brother, Knox, had suffered less, only having purple hair and robot legs. He was too human definitely. He squeezed her left shoulder as tears of rust trickled down her face.

    "It'll be okay."

    He walked to get the schedules. He felt sorry for her, he really did. But he was only the brother. "Knox and Rox."
  2. Kai Bara (open)

    Kai enters the room and heads towards the front desk. " hello my name is Kazu Bara and i am here to pick up my schedule " He was feeling kind of happy that he did not have to go to a human school anymore, It was hard for a young vampire to live a regular school life due the effects he had on Humans, They would never leave him alone because of his vampiric charm and since this school had no humans Kai could focus on his studies. As he awaited his schedule he notices a robotic looking girl crying. He decides to walk up to the girl and the others " Hello,is everything ok"
  3. "She didn't want to come, it's okay," Knox replied through gritted teeth. He wanted to keep his patience, but it was hard. He gave Roxanne his schedule, before swapping it back, "Damn, yours is way better than mine."

    He stuffed the schedule into his backpack before grinning at the boy. He looked human enough. "I'm Knox."
  4. Kai bows towards Knox " its nice to meet you knox" He offers a handshake " you can call me Kai " He was happy that there was others that were different like him.
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  5. "And I'm Rox," Roxanne nodded, wiping her tears, before stuttering back at the sheer force of metal. She never learns, Knox thought. "Hey Kai," Knox replied, shaking his hand pretty cautiously.
  6. Kai waves at the girl with his other hand, He back at knox and smirks when he notices that he was a little nervous. " dont worry i dont bite....... much" He begins to chuckle at his own joke. " dont worry im only playing "
  7. Anastasia didn't know what day it was. She didn't know anything really, for her mind was a mess. She just knew one thing for certain: she was still the same angel she was yesterday. She chuckled, angel? Sure, she looked like an angel, but she had always believed her personality was a demon's personality. She had always suspected that she was a bastard child, someone born without parents that were married to each other. She didn't know, for she got her memory wiped out when she was 14 years old. Her guardian, her uncle, woke her up early in the morning.
    "What the fuck do you want?" She screamed at the top of her lungs, hopefully not breaking her uncle's ear drums.
    Her uncle looked at her, his eyes full of pity. "You need to wake up for school," he replied, not caring that she cursed at him.
    "Can you hand me my cigarettes?" She asked.
    "I think you should stop smoking," he suggested.
    "Pass me the damn cigarettes," she growled. She got her lighter and lit one, feeling the smoke fill her insides. She breathed cigarettes. She didn't care about anything else except cigarettes. She dressed in all white, every single day. Her hair was light grey, and she usually wore it down.
    "Where's the car," she asked.
    "I'll drive you," her uncle replied.
    The day had barely begun, and she was feeling exhausted already. She felt more exhausted as she walked to her first class. What was her first class anyways, she wondered? 1C49LV2G6i.png
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    Andantino walked down the road sighing softly. He wasn't sure if he was ready for this school, he was always excluded and abandoned due the fact he was a monster. He knew what he was and he didn't want to accept it.

    He first found out what he was in kindergarten when a group of kids and himself were playing on the playground, one kid noticed he had what looked like a black rope (it was his tail) hanging from behind Andantino's pants and grabbed it out of curiosity yanking it.

    Tino didn't recall what happen next he just knew he heard screams and saw kids running from him.

    He later found out he had turned into a monstrous dog creature and that he wasn't human, nor was he a werewolf, maybe he was demon? He isn't sure where he even belongs but since that day he learned he had a tail, a trigger for the transformation into whatever he is...and he had to be sure no one tugged it.

    He walked up to the school and noticed a boy who smelt like "Vampires...great." he said softly, he didn't hate vampires it was just he didn't know how to feel about them since there are so many portrayals of them.

    He noticed one girl didn't have a scent "Maybe...a robot?"

    And he happen to see the girl clad entirely in white "An angel?! But she...she smells like smoke..." he mumbled.
  9. Roxanne looked nervous, but laughed half-heartedly. Knox narrowed his eyebrows quietly. He wasn't that much older than his sister, a year or so, but he was still over-protective.

    Instead of sticking with Kai, Roxanne walked over to the other girl she saw. She looked like an angel but she smelt like a demon, "Hi, I'm Rox."
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    Ritsu wasn't a demon. That was a mistake he had bared throughout his entire existence. He had been raised as a demon from his earliest memories so in his own belief, that was what he was. He was a creature of darkness. However; he had always been wrong. He had never had the heart that demons had. He didn't feel their anger or thirst for battle. In fact, he had despised the concept of harming others, unlike the other members of his clan. It didn't stop him however from believing he was still one of them, hating himself every day for being what he was. It was his clan members who saw through him, though, sending him away when he developed a power never seen in demons.

    That left Ritsu at a loss. He had no idea what he was if not a demon. His pitch black wings could prove nothing less, yet that identity had been dismissed so easily. Now he wandered the grounds of his new school, hoping he would be able to discover what and who he was. He hadn't wanted to go, his wounds were still fresh from his battle with the head of his ex-clan and he was still covered in bandages. With a sigh he looked around the place. He had never been to school, he had only ever been tut outré through his younger years. He wondered if he could actually handle it.
  11. Kazu Takes his scheduled from the front desk and makes his way towards his first class " see you around Knox " As he makes his way through the school He bumps into another fellow monster but could not tell what type he is. " hey there, you new?
  12. Ritsu glanced at the person who had spoken. "Yeah, my first day." He replied simply, feeling slightly stiff talking to a stranger. After a moment he realised this was his chance to ask about some of the things he was confused about. "My class schedule has these numbers and letters all over it, do you know what they mean?" He asked as if it were a common question, pointing at the class numbers on his time table. The serious look on his face made it clear that he wasn't joking when he asked.
  13. Kazu examines the Schedule " hmm let me see" after going over the schedule he looks back Ritsu but gets spooked when he sees the mans face . " wel......... w...w...w..... " He chuckles awkwardly " uhh well we have the same home room class, so ill take you there" He quickly turns around and begins walking down the hallway , " there it is" Kazu opens the door to the class room.
  14. "Thanks" he mutters when they reach the class room. "Uh, sorry, I'm Ritsu, by the way." He held out his bandaged arm to shake hands with the other. It was what he had always been told to do when he met someone of one of the other races. He was having difficulty trying to place this one though. It always took him a while to get it right. He had never been very good at identifying these things, despite having a natural sense for it. "You're a..." He stared at the other for a moment, trying to make his best guess. "Vampire?"
  15. Kazu shakes his hand " no problem .. you can call me Kazu " He gets surprised when Ritsu announced that he was a vampire " how did you know?" He studies Ritsu to see if he could determine what he was , but dident want to insult Ritsu so he just keeps quiet.
  16. "I was taught by my brothers how to tell the difference." He explained. "You have a lot of the smaller tell-tail signs of vampirism. Don't worrying youth, you aren't too obvious. He gave a small smile. "I'd call it even by telling you something more of myself, but I'm afraid I can't." He scowled. "I wouldn't be here is if could." He continued cryptically but offering no explanation then ended with a sigh. "Sorry, I'm rambling."
  17. He was happy to hear that it was not obvious Kazu was a vampire. " thats good to know" When he hears Ritsus's comment He was eager to know what type of creature he was but gets surprised when Ritsu said he couldent say anymore. " its alright man, you dont have to say anything you dont want to" Kazu was not one to judge .
  18. Ritsu blinked. "No, I can't tell you, not I don't want to." He pointed out. "It's not like you would be in any place to go advertising my nature to the whole world." He pointed out, showing that he had no shame in the fact he wasn't 'human'. "Don't worry if it sounds confusing, it is, trust me." He laughed. "I was raised a demon, but it turns out that was a misjudgement. As you can see I'm no longer welcome there." He joked referring to his injuries. "But that's enough about that. What's you're story? I haven't seen a vampire around in ages!"
  19. Kazu was a little confused when herd Ritsu say he was raised by demons, " that must be harsh..... i mean ..i ... wait i did not mean demons are bad or any thing i was....... im just going to shut up now" He thinks to his self on how stupid he just sounded so he trys to play it off by awkwardly laughing but stops when he hears how Ritsu was no longer wanted there. He puts his head embarrassed . " sorry to hear that man" When Ritsu asks about him Kazu . " well , My real name is Kai Bara, but please refer to me as Kazu , I dont like to use that name" Kazu did not anyone in the school to know that he was actually a pure blood Prince from the Bara lineage . He scratches his head " yhea that's weird, heh........"
  20. Ritsu shrugged indifferently at Kazu's awkwardness on the subject of his upbringing. He didn't particularly mind. He did miss his brothers at times but he had never felt right amongst the demons, he didn't have the heart for what they did to others. "Hey don't worry about it. It's pretty easy to get over a bunch of cranky old demons" He dismissed with ease. He listened to the other talk and furrowed his eyebrows in thought. "Bara, I'm sure my brothers talked about someone with that name..." He thought on it but couldn't think of the context. "Well, whatever, if you don't like it, Kazu It is then."