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  1. Basically a roleplay between me and my friend dragonrider419.
  2. Name: Asher
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Black hair falling about shoulder length (usually tied up in a ponytail), pale skin, dark brown eyes, not very tall.
    Backstory: With a love for fighting and an obsession over fire and destroying things, Asher leaves just that in her path. Ash. She's usually very closed off about what goes on in her head, but she'll ocasionally open up. You won't learn much yet. Her past is to find out later.
  3. Name: Choten Hortlen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Average height, with a skinny build. Dark brown hair, deep blue eyes, and rather pale skin. A scar runs down the left side of his back, and another one on the back of his head.
    Backstory: Not the best at fighting people fist to fist, or blade to blade, he is very proficient at mind to mind combat. He never really makes enemies, or friends, but he knows most everyone, and most people know him. He tends to tinker with things, and often ends up with those things blowing up in his face. One of these 'experiments', blew up, sending a piece into his head, making him forget his past, and he occasionally forgets random things.
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  4. Walking through this village was a normal thing for asher. It was right after sunset. Her favorite time of day. Asher was a night owl. This was probably the explanation behind her extremely pale skin and midnight black hair that looked like both rarely saw the sun, even to the point of being vampirelike. Which was most likely one of the culprits of the stares she would get when walking down the mainroad. A girl with a tight ponytail, dressed in a long black coat and a sword on her back looked slightly intimidating. Not to mention one with a reputation for starting things on fire.
  5. "Hey, that chick that's been burning places is in town," Choten's friend Floot said, pulling him off of his route. Floot had tan skin, and dark red hair, with bright green eyes. He was taller the Choten, but not by much.
    "Who?" Choten responded, something Floot had gotten used to by now.
    "That one girl, what's her name....Asher? Yeah, I think that's it. Anyways, I think I might go try to find her and keep an eye on her, so if she burns anything I can tell the authorities and maybe get a reward," he said, then got a big grin. "Plus, I'll be watching a girl all day."
    "Dude, that's stalking. Someone should turn you in!" Choten said with a laugh. "Do what you will, I'm probably gonna be.......over there, on that bench. See this?" he held out a metal cube. "I'm making something."
    "If that kills you..."Floot said, shaking his head. Then Floot walked away, to where he guessed Asher would be.
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  6. "this weird guy has been following me way too long." Asher thought to herself. "what did he want? Did he think I was going to burn something?" this would have been odd. Asher didnt burn things that were in the city. She burnt down old dead trees and abandoned farm houses that no one lived in and were just rotting away. She never burnt anything just for the fun of it. Eventually she decided to let this guy know that she saw him on her tail. "Hey, what on earth do you want?" she asked. And then she heard a familiar sounding yelp from a nearby villager.
  7. "Eh, well, I guess I'm caught." Floot said, walking from his attempted hiding place. "So, you ARE the chick that's been burning random shit, right? I mean, since I'm caught and all, I'd at least like to know if I caught caught following the right person."
  8. "Yes. I'm Asher, and yes I am a burner, but I'm not the one burning stuff in town. I never burn something if it has use within the city. Besides. Everything I burn is useless. I either get rid of debris from the wind and rainstorms, or burn down old buildings. Im not the burner they want." she said. She was used to the rumors by now, and his accusation didn't phase her. She didn't really even know who was burning the buildings in town, and she didn't care. She'd split from the other burners several years back, and she had the shoulder scar to prove it from when one of the other burners attacked her in her sleep, but she knew better than to show anyone else the scar. To her, it was a sign of weakness. A point of volnurability that she didn't want exposed, so she hid it. This man she was talking to seemed interested in her for some odd reason. Probably one of the men who thought they could get a bounty from the authorities if he caught her. Many others had tried, but they never got very far. Most would give up after taking a nasty beating when they tried to reel her in.
  9. "Okay so, your not the chick who's been burning everything. I'll have to take your word for it..." Floot said, shaking his head. "I get the feeling I shouldn't believe you, but I will. Well, names Floot, and, I doubt I'll be seeing you around," he said with a wink, then walked away. "Eh, Choten? What are you doing here?"
    "I thought I should tail YOU, so you didn't do anything weird," Choten said, in full seriousness.
    "Eh, what did you think I would do? I mean look at this chick! She has a sword, and looks like she's part vampire! I mean, I'm lucky she didn't just turn around and kill me on the spot!" Floot said, cheeks turning red.
    "Whatever, I know you, and I think, if given the chance, you would have raped her. So I followed you to see if you would." Choten said, shaking his head, faint smile appearing on his lips. Then he turned to Asher. "Sorry about my friend here."
  10. "Meh, I'm used to people following me. Burners don't exactly have the best reputation in this town, but the other burners would do anything to have me hunted down, so I guess I can probably suspect who's been doing the other burnings, but it's not really my concern." Asher said. This Floot dude seemed like a creep, but Choten seemed friendly. Asher wasn't used to that. Even her friends had turned against her, even to the point of trying to kill her in the way burners always destroyed things. Burning them. She couldn't help but smile at his decency.
  11. "So, uh, where are you going?" Choten asked, face showing pure curiosity.
    "I thought we just yelled at me for being stalker-ish..." Floot mumbled to himself.
    "Hey, at least I don't plan on following her until she does something!" Choten said turning around and frowning.
  12. "I'm just walking around. I might go looking for debris later to start a fire, but I'll keep it under control." she said. Floot looked annoyed at the idea of her burning something, but burning debris outside of town wasn't a crime.
  13. "Alright, but, uh, if you need a place to stay..." Choten said, shrugging.
    "You call me a stalker and then!?" Floot said, then sighed. "Whatever,"
    "Floot, be quiet," Choten said, becoming annoyed with his friend.
  14. "Yeah. Thanks, Actually, think I could come crash when morning rolls around? I don't actually have a place to go home to." Asher said. She was thankful for some hospitality. That was something she didn't receive much.
  15. "My parents died...recently?" Choten said, looking to Floot.
    "Yeah, only a couple months ago. He lived with them, so he's offering their empty room," Floot specified for Choten, who looked relieved.
    "I kinda miss them..." Choten said. "But at least now I can tinker in peace."
  16. "Wow. I'm sorry for your loss. If it's any consolation, my parents shunned me when I was 14." she responded. "I can't imagine how it must feel to have them gone, but im sure they loved you very much." her position shifted a bit. She felt somewhat awkward. Not really knowing how she should act.
  17. "Don't worry about it. I just have to make sure I don't forget them..." Choten said, eyes going distant.
    "Choten, you'll remember them," Floot said with a pat on the back.
    "Y-yeah. Your right," Choten said, face blank.
  18. "Hey, burning stuff can wait. Wanna go hang out? Maybe we could get to know each other a bit more." Asher asked.
  19. "Sure. I don't think this cube will go anywhere, or do anything.......yet, and I do need a break from this thing," Choten said, smiling and pulling the cube out of his pocket. "So, where are we going?"
  20. "Good question. We could go for a walk. Or there's a tavern down the road. I could buy you a drink." Asher responded, excited to make a new friend.
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