Let's Ride Into the Sunset Together (A Wild West RP)

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  1. Alright so I'm gonna be totally honest; the core idea for this is still in the works.

    However, here's the basic outline of it; I'd like to do a role play that takes place in the Wild West (perhaps Oregon, Texas, or Iowa as the primary location). It would be a combination of the following genres; slice-of-life, historical, and supernatural (elements from Naitive American folklore would be employed, such as a Wendigo or a Skinwalker, but other creatures such as werewolves could be employed later on if we want to throw in a bit of a horror-flare. Blood Moon, anyone?).

    It would take place in a small town known as Hopesville; a relatively quiet community that's trying to put a long and rough history of violence behind it. The townspeople are nice enough folk and are very welcoming towards newcomers/strangers, but the fear of what the construction of a national railroad will lead to (a loss of jobs, an increased population, and easier heists for criminals to pull off with more dangerous outcomes) can be felt around Hopesville. However, the people do their best to live for today (since they never quite know if they'll be around long enough to see tomorrow).

    We can add more stuff later on in terms of plots/drama we want to incorporate (ex. A band of outlaws roaming into town and taking it over, a wealthy landowner trying to acquire the town in order to demolish it for some financial purpose, or maybe the discovery of gold/precious metals nearby leading to a Gold/Ore Rush that has the potential to destroy Hopesville), but for now let's just try to garner some interest for this.

    In terms of characters you can play, I'm game for anything! You can be an outlaw (but bear in mind if you choose this option, you're either gonna have to keep it a secret from the good characters, or you're gonna get shot at by everyone xD), a farmer, the Sheriff (or Arizona/Texas Ranger, depending on what you want), the local Barkeeper, a housewive, a Brothel Girl, a Bounty Hunter, a Prospector; anything! It's also not just limited to the typical 'Westerner'; you can be a Native American as well (various roles can be selected here, depending on wether or not your character has adopted the principles of the Westerners/was born into an 'American' family, or was raised in a Native community as an 'Indian', as they were once referred to as).

    But life in the Wild West isn't all gunslingin' and gold-diggin'! There will be a focus on character development and telling stories through the interactions of the townspeople, with obvious bigger issues thrown in there to make things interesting for the whole group. But don't shy away from small stories! Maybe the Sheriff gets shot and in his place, a man of colour/Naitive descent becomes the enforcer of law, stirring up the townsfolk (due to the insensitivities of the time. Also, Blazing Saddles reference?), or even something sweet like the blossoming romance between two unlikely people. Or maybe the town drunk starts running around town singing about how he wants people to help 'Paint his Wagon' (I can't stop with these references. Somebody help me, please!). Whatever the story might be, let's see how it plays out!

    Anyways, if you're interested in this (or what it could be), post below and feel free to throw any ideas you may have for this my way! I'll be accepting a maximum of 8-9 people for this (with myself making an even 10 players), with each of is being allowed a maximum of 2 characters (to allow for a diverse cast). If there's a particular role you'd like to take, let me know now so it doesn't get snatched up later on.

    As for me, I'll take on the role of a local farmer who, in his spare time, volunteers as the Sheriffs Deputy.
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  2. I shot the sheriff but I didn't shoot the deputy. Cool idea, because then I can drool over my love for lever action rifles again.
  3. This sounds incredibly fun. Who doesn't love a good Western?!
  4. No ideas to share atm, but I'm loving the general idea and would rp in this western~
  5. Holy crap that's a lot of interest very quickly xD

    Glad to see this is getting some traction! ^^

    Anyone have ideas about who'd you like to play? (I'm guessing that you wanna play either the Sherrif or an outlaw based on your post, @Crysodic?)
  6. No idea at the moment. But i'll sure come up with something once a cs is made or the ooc in general.
  7. I like the westerns :) but one point, you have to pick a location to know what Indian tribes were likely in that area at the time.

    hmmm, possibilities :)
  8. Interested
  9. Yes, hell yes! I'm in
  10. I thought about making a bounty hunter
  11. I thought about a stagecoach driver, maybe. Hopesville could be like mid-route or end of the line
  12. It would make sense if it was an 'End of the Line' town, since that alone could generate a lot of problems with the previously mentioned railroad/gold rush ideas. It would also make it a prime target for travellers and settlers seeking a life far away from their old homes. Maybe some of our characters could be newcomers to Hopesville?

    @Starrnico, what would YC's cargo of choice be? Supplies, money, food, etc?

    @Rauzi, Good bounty hunter or bad bounty hunter?

    If neither of you know yet, that's fine. Just thought I'd ask ^^
  13. stagecoach would be people and their cargo, though another wagon could follow for food deliveries and such *shrugs* most people back then that had more than would fit on a stagecoach would of had to get a wagon of their own anyway, or borrowed one
  14. Oh yeah, guess I didn't think that question through xD

    My bad.
  15. it happens, and this charrie could easily bring in any new people that would want to join after it starts
  16. Oh yeah! That actually sounds like a really cool idea!

    Alright cool, so now we've got a pretty decent sized cast (I believe 7, including myself). So while we think about characters, let's figure out details about either one of the following;

    • The town of Hopesville (I've got a petty good idea about how it looks/functions, but feel free to throw ideas at me)

    • Plot developments (criminals, town issues, that werewolf thing I threw out there earlier. Just some thoughts on what you think might and might not work will help a lot, but don't feel afraid to throw ideas my way. I'm open to suggestions!)
  17. This is just a dumb, basic idea. But maybe one group of bandits/outlaws would be werewolves (or whatever supernatural thing you want them to be.). Or the people who have these supernatural abilities could be wanting to protect the town, but the townspeople dont realize 1. Who they are, or 2. That they're trying to do good. It sounds cliche, but just a thought.
  18. That might work. If we went the route of the supernatural things being 'good', we could have a theme of that arc be the paranoia generated by those who don't understand what's going on, which could potentially lead to a 'witch hunt' (so to speak).

    If they're the villains, then that could work as well. It would just be a bit darker and more focused on the townspeople banding together to defeat this threat before it consumes them all.
  19. I'm not sure yet, possibly bad.
  20. I'm not a huge fan of the idea of supernatural, but would like to see maybe the idea that it exists. For example, could be like a folklore created by the community or something, but ultimately not existent.

    Maybe these werewolves actually turn out to be Indians dressed in wolf skin that kill the settlers because they stripped them of their lands, but stories make them out to be ferocious beasts (werewolves)
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