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    Leionas: City Born of Dragon
    Magic has been a reality for a long time. So long that the time without magic is much like the time
    without writing- ancient and known but not understood. History books tell of a time before magic was
    prevalent, limiting the expansion of technology. The world is so different from those ancient times.
    It is a mixed up world, dependent upon typewriters and solar panels, radio and magic wards, land line phones
    and apparition. Magic is almost too common, used in some way for so many things- much like the ability
    to walk it is under-appreciated. No one has a lot of magic though. Even mages, people who focus their
    entire lives to it that are usually in charge of governmental protection, cannot ward a home on their

    You live in Leionas now. It's possible that you traveled from another town, but in an
    abandoned world like this one where cities with less than 1,000 people all have their own rules and
    workings and are geographically separated; being in Leionas is like being on an island. The history of
    Leonias is exciting; with the original citizens being survivors from a dragon attack on Evah. They went
    west and found home here. Just as they were refugees and travelers, the city welcomes newcomers
    happily. Leionas is one of the biggest cities known of, having around 800 people. Travelers come in and
    out, and traders come every 3 months for a week to trade and bring people and news and lead those
    who are leaving out for vacation or work. These months, March, June, September, and December are
    exciting and profitable months for all involved.

    Leionas, other than an economic and transportation hub, is also the base of the Wicciah religion. This
    religion is the religion of the mages and is the widely believed religion across all cities. Many say it is
    based off the Wiccan religion of thousands of years ago, if it once was it has now transformed into a
    new religion with a life of its own. Wicciah is a religion based on peace with a being as the main lord.
    Being is a non-gender based source of magic that is and watches over. In contrast to that, many people
    are still non-religion based. Accepting Magic as it is much like gravity and skin pigment, non-important.
    The Wicciah people believe that there has been something bestowed upon the earth. Some believe it is
    a gift, some a curse, and many believe that it is both. They're not wrong, recently there have been
    people born with extraordinary amounts of magic. People who can put up a wall ward around a house
    without anything more than the thought. Boys, girls, men, and women that can do so much more than
    everyone else. That is where you come in. You can do so much. Your potential is limitless and at the
    moment you are nothing less than fabulous.

    Why are you special? Why are you one of the gifted? More importantly, what will you use this gift for?


    • [tab=Leionas Government]
    • Wicciah: This is the main religion in Leionas, and worships a non-gender deity with humongous power. They do not believe that this deity owes them anything, or that it does anything on a day to day basis to help them out. They believe that it gave humans magic and that it has brought something for them. They are split as to whether or not it has given them a gift, a curse, neither, or both. Either way, they know something has changed and will affect them. To be a mage you are a ‘nun’ or ‘priest’ of this religion, but you can be Wicciah and not a mage. Children of the Wicciah people, especially mages, go to school in the Wicciah church.
    • Dresiden: The Dresiden are a small group in Leionas but are much bigger in some towns outside. They have a simple belief base that works off of the Christian beliefs and believe that magic is evil. They do not practice magic and stereotypically are mean and rough to the ‘sinners’ that practice it. They do not get along with Mages or Wicciah. They believe that an apocalypse is coming brought down by god to rid the world of the devil worshiping mages. They are very isolated from the others but has about 10% of the government. They all go to school at the Dresiden church with very very very few exceptions- and those exceptions are shunned by the church in general, and by their fellow students if they are openly Dresiden.
    • Atheist: The Atheists do not believe in a higher power at all. They do not worry about why there is magic, and do not believe the world is coming to any sort of point. They do not think highly of Wicciah, but tend to hate the Dresiden as they are more violently religious and more likely to attack or insult. There are slightly less of them in the city than the Wicciah, but they are more prevalent in government because most Wicciah that would go into the government work with the Wicciah church, which controls 30% of the government.
    • Agnostic: These are people who are not particularly one religion or another. They may believe in a deity, they may not. They tend to get along with all religions as they do not vocally go against any of them, but they do not get along with the Dresiden as they usually practice magic.

  • Mage: Mages are sorted by classes 1, 2, and 3. 3 is the lowest class. You go through 4 years of training after you come of age to be an official mage- meaning the youngest you can be as a class 3 mage is 20. From then you grow in class by merit. It is more difficult to move up the closer you get to class 1. A class 3 mage is of average strength and extraordinary training and is usually the age group of 20-46. A class 2 mage is of extra strength and a dedicated life of training, they are usually of age group 29-60. A class 1 mage is the most powerful at magic and the most knowledgeable as well. There are many tests to pass in order to become a class 1 mage and there are only about 20 or less in the entire Wicciah church. They are formidable, and your character (if you choose to be one of the ‘special’ people) has more raw power than them. However, you will not know more than them and their training makes them more skilled than you. This age group is from about 50 up. Note: A mage is like a nun or a priest of the Wicciah religion, minus the celibacy, and cannot be anything but a devout Wicciah. There is no work around this.
  • Government Magicians: These are people much like mages in their focus on magic with the exception being that they work for the government.
  • Primary School Teacher: Teachers go through 2 years of training, one of which is an internship, to teach at a primary school. This means the youngest primary teacher is 18, and teachers do not usually teach 10th and up until they have been teaching for a while. They teach all subjects to their class.
  • Professor of Secondary Education: These are teachers at secondary schools. They have had the 2 year training and have also had real world experience. This is a common choice for people who worked in the military, government, or at primary school. Most teachers are around 26 years old but they have teachers aids as young as 16. They teach one specific subject. There are four schools to teach from Leionas school of Politics, Engineering, Magic, or Education.
  • Trader: These are people who travel to trade and collect from all cities. They do not stay in the city more than a week every three months and while you are welcome to make a second character that follows this pattern; your main character must live in Leionas.
  • Shop Owner: This is someone who owns a shop. It is up to you if they make/hunt what they sell or if they purchase it. They may also provide a service such as more skilled magic, tutoring, babysitting, etc.
  • Shop Worker: This is someone who works in a shop. This could be an assistant manager who runs the shop for the owner or just a worker. There are not going to be many as most shops are very small and not many are big enough to even need more than a family to run them.
  • Hunter: These are people who hunt in the Northern Outskirts. They rarely run their own shops except for family businesses. They do not make a lot of money, even if they hunt all day every day.
  • Government Worker: This can be a clerk for the library, a politician (they are voted for and there are slots for them, which means limitations on who all can be), an assistant, etc. Those who work at the check in point are also government workers.
  • Military: This includes peacekeepers (who are basically cops) who keep an eye on the town. Military officials, and guards at the government plaza and the check in point for travelers. Much of military has magic training.
  • Dresiden Church Official: These are people that work within the Dresiden church. They do not get paid much and live in the church. Where the mages of the Wicciah church do not worry as much about basic needs and such, the Dresiden do not get donations of any sort because of their lack of community outreach and their small size.
    • Seaside Village: This is the home to many fisherman and their families.
    • Wicciah Church: Home to Mages and their families (if both parents are mages). Also, they run an orphanage where you stay until you are of legal age.
    • Leonias Primary School: The Headmaster and teachers who have worked for more than 3 years can live on campus.
    • Hamilton Mill: This is the largest housing area in the city. Hunters, shop owners, and your usual middle class people live here. Many government officials live here as well. Southern Hamilton Mill has many peacekeepers.
    • Leionas Military Base: Home to head military officials and their families. Those who are general peacekeepers live here part time, when they are working. They usually work 3 weeks out of the month. Peacekeepers cannot live on the base when not on duty.
    • Lawrenceville: This is the home of students and young government workers. Families and people older than about 20 are not likely to live here. Most is set in a dorm type structure- everyone has their own room but they share a living quarter, kitchen, and bathroom with others.
    • Trinity Corner: This is home to the Dresiden people, they will not live anywhere else and there is no magic used here other than city wide magic they cannot control- and they are currently fighting this.
    • Pakor: This is the portion of the city that is very cheap- mostly immigrates live here and move as soon as they can. It is basically the ghetto.
    • Hotels: Choice of stay for traveling traders and the more planned out immigrates- people who have a job already and savings.

  • The Leionas city has traders come in every three months for a week of trading. School is out during these times and it is a generally happy time. Traders come for this event in March, June, September, and December. To come in there is a lengthy process and security check. Traders are not allowed into any government buildings and must have their Trader's ID on them at all times. The process has worked for over 100 years as a way to keep crime out of the city despite the heavy flow of people going in and out of the city.
    The weeks are the first 7 days of the month always, no matter the start of the month. Many shops in the general marketplace close down during this week and the library closes down as well. On the Friday of this week the Wicciah church holds a pot luck dinner for everyone where you eat during a sermon.
    • Birthdays: All birthdays are celebrated but the 16th is extra special as it is the year you are a legal adult.
    • New Year: This is a huge celebration at the end of every year and gifts are exchanged.
    • Hallows (April 22): This is the religious holiday for the Wicciahs and most people celebrate it. It is the day that magic was given to humans by the great deity. There are not gifts exchanged but the Wicciah church runs a large event off of donations and it is a lot of fun.
    • Immigration Day(October 7): This is they day that the city celebrates it's birth, newcomers, and general happiness. It is not a very big holiday.
    • Dragon Day(August 30): This is a sort of independence day, where they celebrate the birth of their city after the demolition of the dragon that took down Evah. There is a lot of 'worship' to Josh Williams.

    Interested in Signing Up? Awesome!
    We are only accepting people of Wicciah religion at this moment. We will not start until we get a majority of our players as Wicciah religion.
    Role Play Starts in Leionas on Saturday, August 12, 5082

    • Looks:

      1. This is going to be an involved role play! Please keep that in mind when you sign up. If you do not post for a week without letting me know we will kill off your character or otherwise send them away. If you're going to be gone for a while I will work with you to get your character somewhere so that you're not slowing down the role play and won't miss out.
      2. No one liners!
      3. Romance is allowed and encouraged in this role play, it works in with my plot on the magic so it's something you're more than welcome to do but if you're going to get all steamy sex scene-y then put that part in a disclaimer and write so that people don't need to read the sex scenes if they don't want. Also, plan with your fellow role play-er- no rape is going to happen in this plot.
      4. I'm going to lead the plot, if you want in on the plot I have planned let me know.
      5. Be realistic, there is infrastructure and power but technology doesn't really include cell phones or internet. It's a steampunk-y vibe. Stoves are generally worked by magic as they don't connect to anything. Phone lines are used frequently, however, and they stay with the house they are at.
      6. Obviously, follow Iwaku's rules.
      7. I'm going to post the date at the top of every one of my posts, you are welcome to do the same. Feel free to use wolframalpha.com to get dates and such right. The start point will be Saturday, August 12, 5082 at 8A.
      [/tab] ​
    • Ethan Ralston, 16, Nurse: Training to be a Doctor (@SereneDeity)
    • Rist Shiromori, 22, Military Personnel (@MissChoco)
    • Mary Adams, 23, Researcher at Library, Specialization: Dragons and Magical History (@HelloBeautifulChild)
    • James Touche, 32, Citizen Representative (Elected Official) (@HelloBeautifulChild)
    • Alex Arc, 20, Shop Owner, (@MissChoco)
    • Jamie Williamson, 27, Military Representative (Elected Official), (@Ace)
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  • Looks like a lot of fun. Let me write a CS after I finish finals which are tomorrow.
  • **Saturday, August 12, 5082**
    Name: Mary Adams
    Age: 23
    Birthday: July 20, 5059
    Looks: She has thick brown hair with bangs and lgiht curls. The thick hair frames a small face with chestnut eyes and pink lips. She keeps a clean and neat appearace at all times. She is also very feminine. She is 5'4" and always wears flat shoes.
    She wears dresses and has one pair of boots that she charms to match her clothing. When winter comes she wears thick tights.
    The only odd part about her is her small nose, slightly messed up from a fight she got into her last year of primary school. Most people don't notice or ignore it, as her eyes usually take the attention away.
    Occupation: Researcher at Library, Specialization: Dragons and Magical History She occasionally does freelance work for those who need higher magic done.
    Education: Mary has a degree in Magical History from the college of Magic. She also works with the Wicciah church frequently.
    Housing: She lives at the southern end of Hamilton Mill around a bunch of other 20-somethings that have moved out of their parents homes and/or Lawrenceville.
    Religion: Wicciah
    Family: Her mother and father are mages, both Class 2. She also has a younger brother who is only 15.
    Biography: Mary is one of many 'Children of the Church', children born of two mages that were raised within the church. She was a 'rebellious' child though, and did not live a sheltered life as much as the others. She was always good in school, despite her 'rebellion', so it was no shock when she went into the researching program at the library. Her family is very proud of her, as these are coveted positions. She is looking to leave this, however, and get into Leionas' political system.
  • Name: Rist Shiromori
    Age: 22
    Birthday: Feburary 19th
    Looks: [Example 1] [Example 2] Her looks based off of Blake from RWBY, except she doesn't have the bow and her outfit is more fit for the Leionas environment/job. Only her facial appearance is based off of Blake, and her personality and clothes are only slightly similar. She has long, slightly waivy, black hair with faintly cut bangs. She is around 5'7". She naturally has an uninterested and unimpressed expression despite the fact that is actually quite happy and cheerful. She isn't very feminine, but she isn't a tomboy either. She wears a tight black tanktop and tight black leggings under a small white vest during the warm seasons. During the colder seasons, she normally charms her vest to have longer sleeves and thicker material, and she sometimes rarely adds a fur skirt if the temperature is too cold. She uses the same 1 inch high boots which go about 5 inches above her ankle, ending in a cuff, no matter what the season. The only reason she normally wears such "skin-hugging" material is to allow her a better range of movement so she doesn't have to worry about random parts of her clothes going all over the place.
    Occupation: Military. She has a lot of talent and patience in guarding the government plaza, and is a guard at the check-in points during the trading times if necessary. She normally isn't the leader and isn't usually the first person people go to, but she always keeps working harder to try to become the most trusted. Also, because she always wanted to be a teacher but her strict parents never let her, she loves to teach new military people in any free time she gets.
    Education: She has a normal 'commoners' education with a little special emphasis on magical fighting. She went to the normal non-religious Leionas schools. She has a degree in magical combat.
    Housing: She lives with her parents in the middle of the Leionas Military Base.
    Religion: Agnostic
    Family: She is an only-child. Both of her parents are in the military as well, but they normally do not work at the same times nor in the same places so they don't see each other often. Because of this, her parents were strict and harsh about making sure she joined the military (for whatever reasons the parents have for making their kids have the same job as them), and never at all were supportive of her original dream of being a teacher. Her and her parents have a tense relationship, and even though it's not complete love, it's not complete hate either. They'll care for each other if they really need to, though it's rare and awkward.
    Biography: Rist had a mostly sheltered life growing up, and her strict parents allowed for no messing around and for no grades to be below average. Because of her parent's strict ways, she never easily trusts people for fear that they may push her too far, but is always trying to fix this. She was never good at socializing as she grew up with no friends because she had to focus on her grades 24/7. Now that she is a good amount of years above 16, she is constantly trying to find ways to fix her uneasiness and amerature socialization.

    (Let me know if I need to change anything! I've never made a character that follows this kind of story idea before, so I may make mistakes and I may mess up in the future as well. Please just tell me and I'll change anything!)

    (EDIT: And also I just want to say that I'm actually not new to Iwaku, if you haven't figured out yet from when I answered your question on your board. :) I made an account about 4 months ago and kept it for 2 months, until school got too crazy and I didn't want to keep an unactive account so I deleted it. Now that school has cleared up, I joined back!)
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  • Its great! Once we get more people I will start up the IC. And no worries about new or not to Iwaku, I'm new but my friend and I have been role playing since I was 14.
    I actually really like the character though, so unless you want to, don't change a thing! :)
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  • Name: Ethan Ralston
    : Here - Ethan has messy, unkempt brown hair that goes down to his neck. His eyes are a deep green, the color of the forest. He is fairly scrawny for his age, and hasn't built up much muscle over his years. His clothes are usually nothing special, just a plain shirt and shorts and sometimes a simple jacket.
    Age: 16
    Birthday: August 2nd, 5076
    Occupation: Nurse at local hospital, in training to become a doctor
    Education: Ethan was enrolled at Leionas Primary School, and now that he is of age, he is working at a hospital learning to become a healer.
    Housing: He lives with his adoptive parents in Hamilton Mill.
    Religion: Atheist
    Family: Ethan never really knew his parents. Ethan has been raised by the Ralstons, who were friends of his parents. Ethan has no brothers or sisters, neither related to him nor of the Ralstons. The Ralstons own a bakery, which Ethan has helped in nearly his entire life. The Ralstons are atheists, although many wicciahs live around them.
    Biography: When Ethan was only an infant, he was left on the doorstep of the Ralstons. He only ever learned bits and pieces of his real parents; they were apparently mages at one point, but for unknown reasons could not keep Ethan, and left him to the Ralstons. However, after the day they left Ethan, they were never seen again, at least not by the Ralstons. Ethan was graciously accepted by the Ralstons, and has grown up with them as if they were his own parents. He's helped attend to the bakery since he was little, and has learned a thing or two about baking.
    When Ethan was old enough, he was enrolled in Leionas Primary School, as his adoptive parents wanted him to have a good education and be successful in life. Only a couple years back, Ethan's magical talent was discovered. He was attempting to bake bread on his own for the third time (the last attempts had resulted in something not quite like bread), and was finally confident. However, when he pulled that bread out of the oven, it was charred black, and seemed like the opposite of edible. Ethan was so angry that he slammed his fists down on the table, and when he did, all of the windows in the front of the shop shattered! After that, Ethan's extraordinary magical talent was noticed by a hospital on the edge of the district. They offered him a spot as a nurse, and to teach him healing magic all the while, until he could become a healer. Ethan accepted graciously, and once he turned 16 (which happened about 10 days ago), he started working as a nurse at the hospital. He is currently being taught healing magic in private by a healer there.

    (If any part needs editing, please let me know! I like this idea for a roleplay, and while I've done roleplays before, I'm still relatively unexperienced in character creation.)
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  • Hey @SereneDeity, your character is good, but there are two linking issues that have to be fixed, and one that I just want to clarify before we get into the RP.

    As is in the intro- you can't be a mage mage until you're 20 because of the training. However, you can be a mage in training. You can either be a full time student of magical studies or part time with work done at the Wicciah Church since you've 'given yourself' to them to be a mage.

    As I explained in the religion tab- a mage is someone who has devoted their life to the study of magic through the Wicciah Church- your character has to be Wicciah, not Atheist, to be a mage or a mage in training (as would be the case since your character is 16). I'm sorry I didn't put this in the job portion, I've edited it now and totally thought I had put it in there. Now, your character does fit in with the Atheist religion so if you would like to keep that you can change the career to anything else- and for one with a focus in magic you would either pick :
    This way you don't have to be associated with the church to be a 'mage' in the sense of most role plays. A military magic character would be more offensive with a focus in healing practice, where a government magician would work on more practical spells. Also, you're welcome to create your own job. As a shop owner you could sell your skills in magic- and would need to be an 'in-training' or 'private' version of whatever it is you wanted to be. You could also be a doctor, you'd be 'in-training' and at best work as a nurse at the hospital or at a school but this would give your character a huge healing magic advantage- which sorta kinda hits off with the whole un-burning bread thing.

    Finally you're more than welcome to keep this as I think it is a plot twist- but mages are incredibly religious and just good people- they wouldn't leave their baby on a doorstep unless something was hunting them or something of equal insane reasoning. Now, your character may not know that- but if you want to keep with the mage thing your character will have to understand that. Also, all people have magic in this world- just not as much as your, mine, and all of the others posses.

    Other than that I like your character, he brings a lot to the role play that I like. :) Once you edit that I can accept it.
  • Thanks for the information, I've updated my character information to reflect that I've chosen for my character to be a doctor-in-training learning healing magic privately. I think I'll keep the story of my parents, but edit it to leave more for mystery. Thanks!
  • Sounds great! I'm excited, once we get 2 or 3 more characters I'll set up the IC.
  • Looks:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Name: Lilica Mason
    Age: 21
    Birthday: September 20th, 5061
    Occupation: Hunter
    Education: Nothing beyond a primary school religious education.
    Housing: Hamilton Mill
    Religion: Dresiden
    Family: She no longer keeps up with them after having run away from home, and lives alone.
    Biography: Growing up with two very strongly Dresiden parents, she was horrified to find herself gradually showing bursts of strong magic. She rejected her abilities and locked them away as best she could, but since she never properly learned how to control them, they kept just showing up at random times and her parents, and schoolmates, found out. Her parents began treating her like she was possessed by a devil, and all her friends abandoned her. She got bullied, too. Finally, when she was 10, she'd had enough, and ran away from home. Her parents have never once come looking for her. She ran off to Hamilton Mill, where a hunter by the name of Daniel Mason took pity on her and took care of her, teaching her how to hunt. She took his last name and essentially became his surrogate daughter. He died two years ago. Since she is used to being judged for her magic, she still keeps it relatively under wraps and is self-conscious and anxious around other people, most comfortable being alone in the hills, but it does get lonely for her, too.
  • @firejay1, I like it! It's a good idea- and we now have more variety in religion throughout the group.

    Once we get 1 or 2 more characters I'll set up the IC, and for anyone new reading this- we'll keep accepting for a while.
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  • @firejay1, @SereneDeity, and @MissChoco

    Hey everyone, we're not really getting far on getting more players so I've got two ideas....
    (a) I/You guys make extra characters that we play
    (b) I've got a minorly alternate plot to involve less players.

    What do you guys think? Let me know and we can get this ball rolling!
  • This seems intresting, I think Ill do a character or something
  • FANTASTIC! (I get easily excited, as you can tell.)

    Keep in ind we need them to be Wicciah, not necessarily devout, but in general alliance with them.

    I look forward to your character!
  • Hey, I read your post before you deleted it (*ninja*) and yeah, that'd be fine, if she tends to Wicciah enough for that to be the religion you put on her sheet. Like bi-curious, but for Wicciah religion.

    Sorry to be so picky but the majority needs to be Wicciah, and it's 1:1 now. If you want, you can make two, and one agnostic.
  • If you still need more characters, then I can make another one. c: Just tell me if I have to or maybe if I should save a character idea incase we need more characters later.
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  • Name: Cassandra Catts
    Age: 17
    Birthday: 7 feburary
    mce-anchorLooks: Cassandra has simple features, and an eggshaped face with a large forehead. She has large, hazel eyes that are far apart. Her nose is small, too small according to her mother and theres quite a gap between the nose and her mouth. She has long, wavy and messy hair that almost reaches to her waist dyed in a bright orange. She has dyed it several times, in colours such as purple, blue and indigo, but her natural hair colour is a light shade of brown. She is skinny, but not so much so its dangerous for her, and her body is not muscular, or fit. Her lenght is 5 feet and 10 inches. She is often dressed in simple dresses with a uniqe cardigan or sweater over, and with her hair in either a ponytail, or a braid.
    Occupation: Her parents are both exellent healers, working part time at the hospital. She helps at the hospital sometimes, cooking food and such, but she also sell her crafts. She also helps at a resturant sometimes.
    Education: She was educated the basics in Wicciah Curch, and then later taught healing by her parents.
    Housing: She lives with her parents in a small cottage in Seaside Village
    Religion: Wicciah
    Family: She has a mother named Nessa in her late 40's, and a father named Theodor, also in his late 40's. She is also the only child.
    Biography: She grew up in the edge off Seaside Village in her and her parents cottage. Her early childhood years were mostly her practice healing magic with her parents, and attending Wicciah Curch School at the age of 5, until the age of 11. As a kid, she continued to learn healing, but she wasen't as intrested as before. Instead she gained intrest in painting, making jewelery and some other crafts. At the age of 11, she was very unactive in Wicciah Curch, and her grades were sinking, and she was soon failing her schoolyears, this resulted in her leaving school and her parents teached her at home. After leaving school, she lost contact with her friends she had gained there, and started haning out with the fishermens children. Her early teenage years was like any other. She continued painting and making diffrent crafts, and at the age of 15, she was a talanted painter and she was beginning to catch some attention. It was then she started to sell her paintings and crafts to other citizens for money, in hope of saving up to her own stuido, and artshop. At this day she almost has enough money for her own house.
    She also has skill in cooking.

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  • @Talia, I love her but a couple of things....
    1. Please keep in mind that by leaving school so young, 5 years early, that she will be under-educated and looked down upon by people with full education. Also, she will be under-educated. I'm going to expect that, with the exception of healing, this showing in your character. Also, your character will not be an expect in healing. This is something that takes a couple of years, @SereneDeity's character will know more about this since he is in formal training. This is a city where 98% of people complete school till 16, and about 46% complete higher education.
    2. Just so you know, some people live in their shops in the Market place.
    3. A healing hut would be illegal by all definitions of the word in Leionas. Now, they could have been operating this hut illegally, to provide cheaper care or care for those illegally hurt, but it would be illegal.
    Other than that, which is mostly things to be aware of as you RP, I love her. She adds a younger age group and different perspective. Let me know if all of this is chill and I'll add her to the character sheet/list.

    @MissChoco, you should totally do that! Just make sure they're Wicciah and (if you can) male, this RP is pretty heavy on the girls and we have to have a Wicciah majority. As it stands I will be adding a new character myself.

    Things are going great guys, I'm excited.
  • I'll make another character if you really really need one, but I'll be a bit slow about it.