Knights Of New Gotham

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  1. ((Knights Of New Gotham))

    Even second city wasn't this big. Viran thought to himself as he stared down at the citizens below him. He was careful to make sure no one saw him at the moment, he knew from his experiences in Second city that large, green aliens weren't a common sight. From what he understood, the city was still recovering from the loss of the one known as "Batman" and crime was still much higher then usual but it wasn't as high as when he and a few of the other Titans had arrived.

    It was a madhouse when we first got here. He thought as he saw a few of the citizens of Gotham laughing with each other at something as they entered one of the stores. Viran didn't know much about Gotham or the one who had called himself "The Joker" but he had learned enough that he was glad the Joker had turned himself in. It sounded as if that particular villain had created a body count that rivaled War and Genocide's.

    Still, the crime rate had been falling since Viran and a few others had arrived in the city and that was good. He preferred the non-lethal approach but he couldn't help but think that someone else may have been drawn to Gotham along with the Titans.

    There had been reports of a strange figure striking at criminal elements around the city. Large spider-webs had appeared around the city, mostly near crime scenes that had been hit by someone who did not share Viran's belief in the non-lethal approach. Already quite a few small time criminals had been killed and even some of the bigger crime bosses were trying to go into hiding. Whoever was committing the vigilante acts was almost as dangerous as the criminals he was trying to stop. Perhaps even more so.

    He turned to look at a large screen across the street where a woman with a red coat on was reporting on the current state of the city.

    "-In other news, the bodies of three more small time crooks were found this evening outside of Arkham hanging from one of the trees. All three have been identified and two of them appear to have had arrest warrants that were still active. All three are believe to have been killed by being brutally beaten to death. The local police has refused to give out any more information but they have stated that Vigilantes will not be tolerated in Gotham. There are still reports of costumed heroes attempting to pick up where the Batman left off after his tragic final battle with the Joker. For whatever reason, they appear to be using non-lethal means to take criminals in and have so far not been identified, however for the first time in quite awhile, the crime rate has finally begun to go down. The question remains though: What will happen to these new heroes when they have to fight villains such as Clayface or Killer Croc? Will they work with the police? Or will they take the law into their own hands?

    This is La-"

    Viran shook his head and turned away from the screen. He had heard that many villains called this city home and he was determined to keep this city safe from them.

    He sighed heavily for a moment. There were many issues clouding his mind at the moment but the one that occupied his thoughts at the moment was Mina and his feelings for her. He knew that he had strong feelings for her but he was unsure if she felt something for him. He still felt guilty for thinking about her as more then a teammate. He felt as it he was dishonoring his deceased best friend. Mason had died a while ago and he couldn't help but feel guilty for having feelings for Mina.

    He shook his head again and tried to get those thoughts out of his head. He wouldn't press the issue with Mina the next time he saw her. But a part of him hoped that maybe she would feel the way he felt about her.
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  2. Man oh man, as if Second City didn't have its problems, this place, Gotham City had definitely taken the cake and the birthday party with it. Such a violent city, who could have guessed that such a place would have such a bad reputation people would go as far as to dub an area as Crime Alley. Still though, things were definitely changing here in the city, crime decreased as the new heroes stepped their way in to deal with villains and thugs in their own special way, some saw the lethal solution while others were still misguided. Going dark had to have been the best solution, he just had to keep telling himself that, what other option was there? After the fall, after so much pain and loss, there was no way he could go back to them and be accepted as a comrade by the very men and women that were betrayed by his very hands, the lies and deceit he brought along, the mind games and the corruption he caused from the inside. Was he right for this, protecting them all in his own sick and twisted way? "Of course I was..." The emotionless voice spoke to himself from the darkness of a dwelling as the whir of a device began to sound, a timer was set on it, a bomb by the looks of it, small in size but evidently lethal. "Hold onto your cell Arkham Asylum, here comes the big bang." The strange man quipped before arming the apparent bomb, gaining distance away and taking him final leave, the time would count down in a feminine electronic voice. "Detonation in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2...."

    The newest arrival to Gotham was making a name for himself, this mysterious wall crawler, the news had been making reports of his latest works, the many criminals that had been found bundled up in webbing, left for the police to handle. The wallcrawler was perched up on a rooftop nearest Arkham, a moment of silence had been the proverbial calm before the storm as loud boom sounded. It came from Arkham, that wasn't good, not good at all, the sirens began to blare, alerting the city. The web slinger's eyes narrowed, this was time, his calling to stop this oncoming danger. Leaping from the skyscraper he began to string webs to travel along, swinging his way to the scene. Scores of criminals began to flee the place, he was caught in a fight now with them, easily dispatching the normal criminals until he felt the tingle of his spider sense, shocking him a bit. His eyes traced to where his sixth sense warned him, he locked eyes with the behemoth himself, the infamous Killer Croc. Recluse was now going to be tested properly. "I can smell your fear boy, little spider!" Croc snarled, quickly rushing toward the arachnid vigilante, launching a heavy fist at him, which was skillfully evaded. "You know, that might just be your upper lip." He quipped while using his agility to his advantage he flipped over the reptile's fist, landing on his bicep, striking Killer Croc's face direct center before somersaulting backward, narrowly evading a ground smash. "Missed..." He taunted the aggressive behemoth, he knew he couldn't just beat this one alone, he was going to need some help, or end up dead. @Chev

    Criminals had made their way into the city now and they were being put down with extreme prejudice by the vigilante known as Voidwolf. The hero's manipulation of the void, shadow, and electricity made him a dangerous enemy to the wrong people. Unfortunately this time, Voidwolf was surrounded and outnumbered, he was holding his own until they all rushed him, leaving him unable to fight back unless he resorted to extreme measures. "This is your last chance--ah!" He growled as he was hit, pain coming with the series of hits, it seemed they didn't want to listen to reason, very well then. Voidwolf's hands lit up with black and purple colored energy before it all exploded out in a radial pulse as he exclaimed. The 15 or so thugs all screaming, their cries sustained as their bodies were disintegrated, reduced to nothing but ashes that floated in the air. The full measure of justice had been weighed by Voidwolf, and he saw the truest option. @Minami

    A city like this needed a dashing rogue to keep people in line and that dashing rogue was the purple and black clad archer dubbed as Ironsight. Being technically blind, the name was ironic, for he had a sonar sense that allowed him to see and have a greater range of sight than a normal man, presumably just as good as Deadeye's without use of tech. The archer was searching for something, no, for someone, the msytery though was who.
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  3. Viran was staring out over the city from his hiding spot as he heard the sound of an explosion nearby. He sighed heavily as one word came to mind: Arkham. I suspect that this city needs a more secure location to lock their criminals away. This is the third time since I've arrived that someone has escaped or caused trouble there.

    He looked at his comn device and hit a few of the smaller buttons as it began to intercept some of the incoming communications coming in over the police frequencies.

    "Attention all officers: An explosion has occurred at Arkham. Inmates are attempting to escape. Meta-human inmates at this time include Killer Croc. All officers report to Arkham, repeat, All officers report to Arkham ASAP."

    Killer Croc...Viran though to himself as he jumped from building to building, hopefully far from the eyes of the civilians down below. Super-human strength and endurance, imprisoned for murder and other serious crimes. Skilled combatant, Viran thought to himself as he jumped from one last building and landed directly outside the Asylum. He could hear the sounds of combat inside and could hear the sound of metal being slammed into.

    Viran walked up to the bolted doors of the Asylum and gripped one of the doors with both hands. After a moment he ripped it off the hinges and followed suit with the other door. As he walked inside the damaged building, a small crowd of minor criminals were running towards the entrance. Viran's red eyes flashed for a moment and that was enough for a few of the criminals to turn and run in the other direction. A few of them though assumed Viran could be easily defeated and attempted to rush him. A few moments later, those few inmates were on the ground, knocked out cold.

    "I can smell your fear boy, little spider!"

    The green alien arrived just in time to see Killer Croc fighting it out with an unfamiliar costumed individual. Viran let out a low growl as he watched the scaled Villain attempt to crush the other individual with both hands. Viran launched himself through the air and caught both his fists before they could pummel the costumed hero.

    "I suggest you return to your cell." He said quietly.
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  4. The viglante arachnid was about ready to evade the croc's next attack when he was unexpectedly guarded by a stranger. This being with emerald skin, a bit smaller but only by some inches and just as strong if not stronger. "Thanks for the assist..." He spoke briefly before Killer Croc snarled, bashing his head into Viran, knocking him away. "Killer Croc isn't going back to Arkham Asylum Zoo!" He roared, Recluse quickly firing a shot of webbing and creating a large web, catching the allying behemoth.
  5. "Killer Croc isn't going back to Arkham Asylum Zoo!"

    Viran shook his head and his eyes narrowed. "That was a mistake." He said quietly as the stranger fired something at the behemoth that caught him in place. Viran got back to his feet and and launched himself at Killer Croc, hitting him with punches strong enough to send a train flying into the air. "If you won't go quietly then it looks like I don't have any choice but to knock you out." He growled.

    He unleashed two more devastating punches before following it up with an extremely powerful uppercut. Can't use my full strength against him. The villains in this city aren't as strong as Death and War. I don't want to kill him after all. He thought as he grabbed Croc by the arms and slammed him into a wall, leaving an imprint of him in the wall.
  6. "hhaaaauuuwwwnnn..."

    Majin Eve's soft voice quietly rang out as she stretched her back a little, she found herself laying down on a soft patch of grass as she sat up before rubbing the sleep out of her eye's.

    "hmm... what time is it?..."

    She asked herself as she looked up to the sky only to see it clouds preventing her from guessing the time of day from the sun's spot in the sky. With a slight pout at the weather she shrugged with a smile before she curled her legs to her chest only to jump to her feet.

    "oh well, I'll find out later"

    Eve said with a content smile as she took in her locations appearance, she was standing in a large park that rang along a river channel. And just across the river was none other than Arkham Island. Even though Eve had been in Gotham for a while now with her friends she still found herself getting lost in the city but it was no big deal to her, it helps that she can fly so it's never really that big of a problem. With a few stretches she felt ready to patrol the city, ever since she had arrived here she's always found something to help with, most of the time it would be stopping criminals but sometimes she found herself helping out the citizens with mundane tasks which she didn't mind doing, in a way it made her feel normal.

    "time to fight crime!"

    She said to herself as she began to hover off the ground only to stop as she heard a commotion not to far away from her, Eve hovered towards a tree and looed around it to spot a man wearing a ski mask wrenching something from a women before throwing her to the ground as he took off running.

    "someone stop that thief!"

    The woman said as she began to get to her feet to try and follow the crook who was getting away quickly. Eve smiled slightly at the sight before she jumped into the air to give chase. After a few minutes of running the thief ducked into an alleyway and peeked from behind it to spot the women he stole from, she was winded and two blocks away. The thief grinned to himself as he began to causally walk down the alleyway while looking through the woman's purse. While the thief did so Eve quietly hovered down into the alleyway and landed behind the thief with a slightly smug smile on her lips.

    "you know, I heard you can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her purse but... I'm not sure that's what you had in mind now is it?..."

    The thief's eye's shot open as he did a 180 and stared at the sight before him which he himself found hard to believe with his own eye's.

    "what? never seen a girl with black and red eye's with pink skin and tentacles for hair?"

    Eve asked with a slightly cheeky grin, the thief took two steps back before hastily pulling out a pistol from his coat pocket and aiming it at Eve, his hands shaking.

    "just stay back freak!, I'll shoot!"

    The thief threatened with a worried expression, to which Eve tilted her head slightly with a comforting smile.

    "hey, why don't you put the gun down and hand the lady's purse over and you can walk away from this unharmed, sound like a deal?"

    Eve asked the thief with her hands behind her back, the thief gulped, trying his best to be intimidating at the girl attitude towards him.

    "didn't you hear what I just said?! I'll shoot you! so unless you want to die just leave!"

    To this Eve's calm smile turned into a faint pout as her brow ever so slightly furrowed.

    "I'm trying to offer you an easy way out of this, haven't you heard the news? read the paper? listened in on people's conversations? I'm kind of a big deal.... well okay not really but do you really have no idea who I am?"

    "should I?"

    The thief asked, lowering his gun slightly, his curiosity piqued enough to make him lower his guard.

    "well you should if you're doing this kind of stuff, I'm a Hero after all"

    To this the thief became filled with dread, he knew this wasn't the average freak he was dealing with.

    "so it's my job to stop guys like you from doing things like what you did"

    The thief stood slightly dumbfounded, his curiosity still in control.

    "so what do you do? what's your power?"

    Eve smirked slightly as she raised her right arm and pointed at the man, well more specifically the gun in his hand. A tiny marble sized pink glowing orb of energy formed at the tip of Eve's index finger before it fired a thin beam of energy which hit the thief's gun destroying it causing the thief to yelp in surprise and jump back.

    "does that answer your question?"

    She asked with a smile to which the thief nodded his head nervously with wide eye's.

    "now, the purse?"

    Eve asked as she held out her hand, the thief cautiously approached as dropped the purse into her hand.

    "thanks, I'm sure the lady will appreciate it's return, now run along and don't let me catch you doing this kind of stuff again okay?"

    She asked kindly which only made the thief gulp nervously before he ran out of the alleyway. Eve let out a soft hum of content before she flew out of the alleyway.

    "well, that was easy, now... where is she?"

    Eve asked as she flew above the streets, it didn't take long before she spotted the winded woman who had given up the chase, she had gone back to the park where she was robbed. Eve smiled as she began her descent, landing a meter or two away from the woman. The woman in question looked up at the sound of Eve landing, she was slightly taken back by Eve's appearance but kept her cool.

    "hey there, I think you lost this"

    Eve asked as she held out the woman's purse to her, the woman's eye's widened.

    "that's my- but- how did you get this?!"

    The woman asked as she thankfully took her purse back before checking to see if anything was missing. Eve meanwhile put her hands behind her back.

    "I seen what happened and followed the guy who took it, then I took it back"

    Eve answered simply with a smile, the women smiled back as she closed her purse.

    "thank you so much"

    "you're welcome"

    A sudden boom rang out from across the river on Arkham Island, it got the attention of those in the park including Eve's to which she looked towards the island with a questioning look.

    "what was that?"

    "that smoke looks like it's coming from the asylum!"

    The woman said with worry, with a smile Eve looked to the woman and nodded.

    "hey don't worry about it, I bet everything going to be fine, I'm going to head over there to check it out"

    Eve said with a smile before she flew into the air and blasted off towards Arkham Asylum. A few minutes had gone by before Eve hovered over the asylum with her arms crossed as she looked below at the chaos that was happening.

    "this doesn't look good... I better start rounding the escapists up to help"

    With that Eve dove downwards towards a group of at least 10 criminals that were running into the city.

    'they must have made it past the guards, but they're not getting past me!'

    Eve landed a couple of meters ahead of the criminal group and turned to face them, they slowed down considerably to take in the sight before them.

    "I'll make this simple, turn around and go back to your cells, or you're all going to have a bad time..."

    She said in a serious tone as she sent a light glare towards the criminals, some of which took a step back.

    "simple enough for you?"

    Eve asked with a slight smile, which angered most in the group.

    "the hell do you think you are?!"


    Eve replied with a coy smile which only furthered to anger the criminals.

    "do you think this is a game?"

    One of the criminals exclaimed.

    "well I'm enjoying it, does that count?"

    She asked with a giggle which was the breaking point for one of the criminals who charged forward with a guards nightstick and lunged for Eve. The criminals watched with wide eye's as Eve effortlessly sidestepped the armed criminal and chopped his neck which caused him to fall to the ground unconscious. Eve then grabbed the nightstick from the downed criminal and snapped it like a twig before partially looking over her shoulder towards the other criminals.

    "anyone else care to join him on the ground?"

    Eve asked with a smug smile.

    "Get Her!!!"

    Most of the criminals exclaimed at once before they all charged forward with a battle cry, Eve kept her smile as she lowered herself into a combative stance before she charged at the criminals. Moments later Eve was stretching while standing beside a pile of knocked out criminals.

    "well, I guess that could count as a somewhat decent warm up"

    She said before she looked back to the asylum, hearing the sounds of fighting still going on she narrowed her eye's slightly.

    "I better get in there to help..."

    With that Eve ran towards the asylum, going towards the exit that was made by the group of criminals she fought.
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  7. Twas a wonderful night indeed. It was a wonderful night for some bloodshed. That is what went through the broken mind of the...creature...known as Apex. Wearing a long black trench coat with a hood, sleeves actually slightly longer than his own arms, hiding the sharpened claws as he walked out at night among the late night populace and came off as just the regular weirdo in Gotham. Things had been quite active around the city of late though Apex cared very little about that, at least until someone wanted for him to get involved. It might prove to be some fun though he was a tad but preoccpied for a certain contract, to bring down some archer man. Apex had almost forgotten who exactly wanted the archerman dead but they just wanted him gone, no specifics. His favorite type of contract. No specifics meant he could go to town on this archerman and he was hot on his trail. His client had brought him the means to track this archerman...Ironsight...down. Giving him an estimate of where he operated though he probably needed a better vantage point so he turned down into an alley to find a fire escape latter. It was in rather deep so he had to make another turn...where some drug deal was going on. It was two crack heads and their dealer. They were a tad surprised when some trenchcoat wearing motherfucker just walked in on their deal.
    "Yo, Bitch. Get the fuck out if ya know what's good for ya" the dealer called him out, putting his dope away. Apex ignored them, looking up at the fire escape with his back turned to them. "Yous disrepectin? Ah Hella Naw" the dealer said as he walked up to him and decided to throw a sucker punch to the back of his head. There was a thud and a crack and to the thug's surprise that cracking happened in his knuckles. He let out a yelp and a scream of pain which was quick to die down, slumping down onto his knees, his clients quite gone. "Hmm...? Is it my turn, love?" Apex asked as he turned to look down at the dope dealer who looked up at Apex with bloody hand, looking up at a quite inhuman face. That was the last thing he saw as Apex turned and placed his hands on his face and slowly sank his thumbs into his eye sockets. There was a short scream of pain yet again but died down as Apex shoved his thumbs harder into the guy's skull, breaking through the sockets and into his brains.

    "Well, that wasn't really fun. Now to look for a new partner" Apex said as he dropped the twitching corpse down, jumping up to grab a hold of the fire escape and climb up to the roof of the building to look for the archerman.
  8. Killer Croc was getting angrier, and the angrier he got the stronger he got, the uppercut was stopped by the large palm of the beast. His arm only slightly budging from the impact as a wicked snarl escaped him, what Viran hadn't known was that Croc was exosed to a strain of VENOM called TITAN and it worked well with his already immense strength. The croc threw a punch toward which was halted by the alien's advance as he was thrown to the wall of the building, picking himself back up shortly, charging the male in blind rage. Suddenly the vintage 'thwip' sound would be heard as webbing flew through the air toward the reptile, striking him in the face. "Woohoo! Watch the fireworks!" Recluse quipped as Croc halted to try and get the webbing off before it began to discharge a violent shock, causing him to roar out in pain. "He's open!" Recluse shouted to Viran, giving him an opportunity.

    The sounds of pained screams and cries alerted Ironsight, someone was in danger but he had no idea who. The archer had dropped to street level to investigate the scene upon arrival, using his fine tuned tracking abilities to figure out whatever had done this. The injuries looked way too, unnatural yet human in its own right. The archer unslung his bow and knocked an arrow just to be safe, readying himself for possible danger.

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  9. "He's open!"

    Viran slowly cracked his neck and smiled darkly. "I offered to go easy on you. I'd don't like hurting people or...whatever you are but your not making this easy." He muttered as he brought both of his fists down on Killer Croc's back as the Reptilian villain roared in pain as he was shocked.

    Earth Orbit

    "Matching Life-signs detected."

    The glowing green figure who went by the name of Wanderer slowly opened her eyes as the ring's message echoed in her head. Her eyes were glowing with the power of her ring as she turned to look down at the blue orb beneath her.

    "Is it them?" She asked softly. "Do the readings match those of the two who slaughtered everyone in the sector?"

    "Ninety percent match."

    "Good enough for me." The wandered said quietly as she turned towards the planet known as Earth as began her descent.
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  10. Recluse capitalized on Viran's attack vaulting over the alien, somersaulting into an axe kick right at the top of Croc's head, successfully putting him down for the count. "At least that's over, now let's just wrap this up. Pun intended." the wall crawler quipped, quickly firing webbing on the behemoth, keeping him restrained now. Now he had to figure out who the hell this....guy was. "I gotta say, you aren't the strangest thing I've seen all night." he spoke

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  11. "I gotta say, you aren't the strangest thing I've seen all night."

    Viran looked down at the defeated Killer Croc and smiled as the costumed hero who had helped him wrapped him in webbing. "Nice kick." He said with a smile as he turned to look at the smaller figure.

    He held out his hand towards Recluse.

    "I apologize if I seem a bit strange, I'm actually not from this planet. I am Viran. I was one of the Titans back in Second City. It's a pleasure to meet you...uh...I don't seem to know your name."
  12. Jester approach's the two hero's that just defeated Killer Croc.
    "Well what do I have here a couple of punks that want to be hero's. I'm sure my master would think a fight like this would be cool so watch master I will show the biggest cool yet." Two cards come out of his sleeves into his hands. "So lets get ready to play."
  13. Recluse smirked a bit in response to the compliment from Viran, giving a thumbs up to the alien behemoth. "Thanks, so an alien huh? Never would'a guessed it." He joked some, reaching up to offer a handshake. "You can call me Recluse, like the spider." He explained, the jolt of alertness rush through his body as the inept sixth sense in his body alerted him of danger. "OH you have got to be kidding me, another one?" He asked Viran in disbelief.
  14. "Thanks, so an alien huh? Never would'a guessed it." He joked some, reaching up to offer a handshake. "You can call me Recluse, like the spider."

    Viran smiled slightly. "When my friends and I protected Second City people were a little less accepting at first glace than you," he said with a smile. His expression turned to one of sadness. "I haven't seen them in awhile now. They made me feel welcome when I first arrived here and they helped me when I found out what my race had done to the galaxy." Viran was quiet for a moment as he thought of his friends. Fracture, the one he had first met when he arrived...well, crashed on Earth, Mina, the one who had been one of the kindest people he had ever met and the one who he knew he had feelings for but would most likely never be returned and the other members of the Titans.

    "Spider?" Viran asked as he was brought back to reality by Recluse offering his hand for a handshake. "Sorry, my mind was somewhere else for a moment. It is a pleasure to meet you, Recluse."

    "So lets get ready to play."

    "OH you have got to be kidding me, another one?"

    Viran turned around and raised his eyebrow in confusion. "I take it you are another one of the cheskro that inhabit this city?" Viran asked softly as he narrowed his eyes. "I suggest you leave. You don't want to cause trouble when I'm around."
  15. Jester
    "Oh Recluse spider guess I get to play exterminator." He hears more of the conversation. "You know I may know what happened to your two friends if you want we can head to my place and I can look at the heads of the people I've killed and we can see if any of them match your friends, and I'm sorry I don't know what a cheskro is, and cause trouble no I don't cause trouble my talent is to cause chaos and death and you two are todays lucky contestants."
  16. Masquerade sat in a small hotel room that smelled of trash and garbage. A moldy bed was behind him with a suitcase one it and adjacent from the that was a television that he had turned on to listen to the news.
    "...Mayor talked about..." He opened the suit case and inside were various parts of a rifle that he started to assemble. " of the docks and various Falcone Warehouses..."
    Masquerade was breathing as minimal as possible as he so that he wouldn't have to suffer the awful stench of the room. His hands glided over each piece effortlessly moving them to their positions as he tried listening into the news but there was a sudden burst of sound, it sounded like an explosion and then the hotel shook but his hands didn't stop assembling.
    Finally when the rifle was complete he stepped over to the window where a tripod sat with a long chair in front of it. He looked at the rifle for a second admiring it before he inserted the magazine and pulled back on bolt and slid a round into the chamber. He aimed down the sights of the weapon and looked out towards the peer. In his sights were powerful members of the Falcone family and his finger rested on the trigger.
    "...It appears that a bomb was detonated at Arkham Asylum freeing several hundred inmates." His attention was peeked but he couldn't allow himself to be distracted from his mission. He squeezed on the trigger gently but before he could make the shot the group started dispersing and he could only choose one target but doing that would make the others go into hiding.
    "Damn it." The words were whispered to himself as he stood and moved away from the sniper his attention now fully set on the television which was showing footage of the scene. The smoke was seeming to clear although small black clouds climbed to the sky from various fires the explosion had caused but that didn't interest him what interested him were the 'heroes' at the scene. He looked at them closely but he didn't recognize any of them, none of them had been from the lab, none of them had suffered as he had suffered.
    Full of a anger that crawled throughout his chest he moved back over to the sniper rifle and started to disassemble it. His anger was almost palpable as he finally finished taking the rifle apart and returned it to the suit case.
    Before he decided to leave the room he thought he might as well change his face for security purposes. The transformation part had become easy to him, it had been a second nature since they had given it to him and he almost didn't even notice it anymore. His skin crawled, swirled and changed. His hair receded and regrew now a different color then before and his pupils faded to grey before turning a calm sea blue.
    He departed from the hotel room leaving his brief case there after all the Falcone's had a meeting the same time tomorrow and he was going to make sure that nobody left the meeting alive.
    Masquerade wasn't entirely sure why he was heading for Arkham, perhaps he wished to let out some of his pent up aggression or maybe he wanted to get a closer few of the so called heroes. It was herd for him to understand his thoughts or reasoning sure they always had some rationality but he couldn't tell if it was his own rationalization or one that had been installed into him. Nonetheless he departed for Arkham Asylum to see the so called heroes.
  17. "You know I may know what happened to your two friends if you want we can head to my place and I can look at the heads of the people I've killed and we can see if any of them match your friends, and I'm sorry I don't know what a cheskro is, and cause trouble no I don't cause trouble my talent is to cause chaos and death and you two are todays lucky contestants."

    Varian's faint smile vanished at the thought of Mina or any of the others being harmed by this psychopath. "A cheskro is a small rodent from the world I grew up on and if you have harmed Mina or any of my other friends, I will rip you apart!" He snarled. "I have fought creatures much stronger than you. I have fought a creature that considered itself to be the embodiment of Death itself. You don't frighten m-!" Viran suddenly collapsed to his feet as a massive surge of pain shot through his body. Viral tried to rise to his feet only to collapse once again as waves of pain continued rolling over him.

    Not now...Please! Not now!

    Viral forced himself to rise to his feet and stared at the psychopath as the pain began to lessen slightly but he was forced to take a few deep breaths to try and compose himself. "I leave." He grunted as he forced himself to ignore the pain which was getting slightly worse again. "You can't win against both myself and Recluse."
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  18. Jester decides that this person dosnt need a answer and sends a card at him the card being a ten making it being quite strong. "Well I don't need fancy names ill just let my actions speak for me and it dosnt look like you will even be able to do much."
    He sends another 10 card at Recluse as well.
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  19. Recluse faced down the strange card using villain, taking a defensive pose as he prepared the worst, his eyes soon focusing on Viran as he collapsed in pain. "Whoa, are you okay there big guy?!" Recluse asked a bit worried before exclaiming in surprise as a card came in his direction, thankful for his spider sense as he instinctively dodged the projectile. "Watch it there, you almost hit me." He quipped, slinging a ball of webbing at the villain.

    This new city was so odd, so new and exciting. It was too bad that Minami and her friends couldn't enjoy it as they should. The days of leisure and fun together had come and gone long ago, these days they only had a job to do. It was in times like these that Mina looked through her memories to recall the better times. A small smile appeared on her lips as she recalled going to an amusement park for the first time, the girl that had been flirting with Mason and how madly jealous she had become. Now, things like that seemed pointless without her lover, though she had gotten over her grief and was trying to move on.

    She snapped herself out of her own thoughts when several screams sounded from a small distance away, followed by the sensation of death that caused her to shiver.
    She pulled her hood over her face before jumping off the top of the building she had been sitting on, spreading her wings and speeding towards the location, arriving in just a few seconds. Her amber eyes widened at the scene; a lone male stood in the centre of a circle of ashes, which she could sense were imbued by some kind of power. She quickly realized the ashes were the remains of the men she had heard before and her gaze darkened as she lowered herself to the ground.
    'You. Who are you and why did you do that?' she snapped.
    And why did he seem so familiar...?

    Voidwolf's energy was somewhat expended from that large burst of energy, the ashes still glowing a light purple mixed with black. His head shifted up as he focused on this female with the familiar energy, it felt so much like his. "You..." He spoke as if to recollect something, images of memories flashing in his mind, the testing facilities, C.A.D.M.U.S. "White's you, h-how did you escape?" He questioned her.

    Minami cocked her head and blinked. 'That name...'
    It sounded so familiar, it caused some memories to pop up in her mind and she shook her head.
    'Y-you... Who are you...?' she questioned, glaring faintly.

    He took a small step back in response to her glare, his eyes were trained on her though. "I'm Voidwolf...project omega." He spoke, still just utterly shocked at who he was seeing. "How did you...get out?" He asked her once more.

    Minami felt a hint of recognition at that name. Project omega.. why did that all seem so familiar..? All of a sudden her eyes widened a bit and she nodded. 'The laboratory, now I remember you.' she stated. Of course, his energy was already known to her, that's where she met him.
    'I don't know how I escaped. They wanted me to kill a creature, a puppy, but I refused. They brought in this.. thing, to do it instead and I lost it. I woke up a couple days later in Second City.' she stated.
    'You, why are you here? How did you get out?'

    He nodded in response, the labs were exactly where he knew her from, of course he recognized her energy as well, the scientists gave them similar abilities. When she spoke about how they wanted her to kill a defenseless child animal it made him sick to his stomach, he was glad she hadn't but the fact that something else did, some viral symbiotic creature, the idea that it was on the loose made him angry. "Second City.....I've heard of that place." He spoke, thinking deeply as he heard scientisst talking about the 'meta' gene and its prominence there. "I needed to find a place where C.A.D.M.U.S wouldn't think of looking, so I hid here, I met a man who called himself Azrael, he showed me the differences between good and bad, and then when Batman died and his family too, Azrael left. Now I've been fighting criminals alone, this....." He gestured at the piles of glowing ash. "...this wasn't my goal." He sighed.

    She nodded somewhat as she heard his story, it being somewhat similar to hers in a sense.
    She was glad he had learned from the man named Azreal, though disappointed when she looked at the ashes again. 'You shouldn't do things like this, even if it wasn't your intention..' she spoke. She knew all to well what strain killing put on a person after all and looked grim fora moment.

    "I didn't want to, I know what kind of strain it puts on me...on both of us, this wasn't supposed to happen." He spoke, voicing his regret as he looked from the ashes to her. He focused on her expression, it looked like she had had an experience much like that once upon a time. "I know you do all too well." He spoke to her before groaning and placing a hand on his head. "We should leave this place, I can sense panic and fear near Arkham..." He suggested to her, he also sensed other life forms, two that seemed benevolent and another not so much.

    Minami nodded a bit and felt his regret as he spoke. When he mentioned panic and fear near Arkham she quickly paid attention and nodded. 'I feel it.. Do you want to go together..?'

    He smiled some from beneath his mask as he nodded to her, holding out his hand for her to take. "Of course, I don't think I have enough energy to teleport alone." He spoke to her.
  20. Jester blocks the webbing with a two card, and then grows his claws on both hands before leaping at Recluse slashing one hand for the face and drawing to grab a hold of his leg to keep him in place. But angles it so that he can keep the other guy in view so he cant get surprise attacked.
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