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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.

Tonight! On the Kyoto News Network:

Kazeyama High, a prodigious school located near Kyoto, Japan has recently been plagued with recent news of unknown activity ranging from paranormal to plain unexplainable. Students have begun to take up arms and walk around with weaponry, some have exhibited unusual powers, and more still have gone missing without a trace for almost a week and come back just as suddenly with no memory of where they've been.
Principal Ikawa gave a statement to our news crew, claiming that all of these events are completely blown out of proportion and that he has anything unusual under control. After this statement Ikawa-San refused more comments. Although the reports have streamed in to local and national news crews it appears that all of the stories that we have received have had no real evidence with a few minor exceptions.
And for our next story…


A few notes: Kazeyama classes are strange for high school in that they throw all high school grades together so no matter your age (Unless you're a teacher) You will all be put into the same class: 3-A. Which is the same room, you will take all your core classes together in the same room (teachers will rotate) and then electives in their respective rooms. Lunches are taken in the classrooms but you are free to wander to see your friends in other classes or eat in the dorms.

Students are put into dorms, the assignments of the dorms are repeated on the first day, but you should have gotten a letter telling you which is yours.

The school is coupled with the elementary, middle schools and the University. Clubs run the gamut at the high school, aviation, cooking, robotics, kendo, kyudo, tea ceremony, maid cafe, shrine maidens/preists, bible clubs etc (If you can't find it, it doesn't exist) **Some clubs require that you're filling out the correct forms and elective classes!

Since the campuses are so large Kazeyama is actually it's own city with a lake in the middle where the large expanse of "library island" is situated. The library has an unknown amount of floors and countless amounts of books. The other campuses are typically reached by monorail system that also connects to Kyoto proper and one that leads to the bullet train to Tokyo. Middle School students have restricted clearance to leave, high school students have free reign until their grades prove otherwise and University students may come and go as they please. Elementary students are restricted to the campuses.
Uniforms look like this: View attachment 934View attachment 941

Roles played in the past:
Onmyou sorceror
Boy with sword that can only cut truly evil things
Martian (taking the guise of a human)
A girl who no matter what could always hit her mark
A doppleganger hidden in a boy's shadow
Demon hunter
A girl cursed to die but granted strong magic til then
A normal human who's good at fighting

So the options are yours! Just fill out a bio if interested:



Race/Nationality (Foreign exchange students welcome!)


Appearance: (Picture optional)

Power/Ability: (Get creative, just no sparkling vampires please!)


Allies/Friends: (Do they know anybody coming into Kazeyama?)

History: (How did they come to Kazeyama? Have they been there before or is this their first year? What's their home life like?)
Color me interested. Bio coming up later. I'm busy today, but I'll make a bio at some point.
I love High School RPs. XP
Bio will be up later tonight.
Name: Ai Yukino

Age: 19

Race/Nationality: Claiming to be local but acts foreign, poorly hides the fact that she's a Kitsune (YAY!)

Personality: Clumsy (Yes, it's going to be one of THOSE characters) but kind hearted. she can't even seem to figure out how to turn her cellphone's volume down, or how to answer a call, although is always trying to be nice, even if the feelings are not returned.


Real form:

Power/Ability: SHE SPARKLES, JUST LIKE EDWARD CULLEN!..... Nah, She has the ability to shape shift, given her race, and a power over fire. She's not all that good with fire, and in when in extreme emotional situations, her ears or tail might show, as well as her nails turning to claws

Clubs/Affiliations: She LOVES cooking, but mostly, the club has gotten food poisoning from her one too many times.

Allies/Friends: (Uhhhh.... To be filled in at a later date (Prolly tomorrow)

History: Not much is known about Ai. She just showed up in the middle of a semester one year. Paperwork says that she's gone other schools, but it seems a little sketchy, and she's usually clueless in class, usually requiring someone to help her at all times.
Yes! Ai will be a welcome addition to Kazeyama 3-S! I'll wait for at least three other people for it to start. (Like Patty and one other person)
Heck yeah! I'm interested! I'll get up a bio as soon as I can!
Name: Avian Kybaki

Age: 18

Race/Nationality: Japanese-American

Personality: A bit of a show-off, but pretty lonely. Tends to attract a lot of girls because of his looks and his "magic tricks". Comes off as a bit of a mystery or snooty to most people, despite his rather rebellious appearance. is very calm and laidback most of the time.


Power/Ability: Psychic. Has been studying many types of Divination since he was young. This power was discovered soon after he arrived in Japan by an elder of the town. He then became his teacher and mentor.

Clubs/Affiliations: Honor Society, English Club

Allies/Friends: Very social, many people seem to know who he is, but he doesn't really know anyone.

History: Avian grew up in America, his mother Japanese and his father, Caucasian. His dad traveled a lot so, he was not home a lot. Avian often heard that he looked like his mother but, acted like his Father. When he turned 10, his parents divorced and his mother took him with her back to Japan and enrolled him in Kazeyama. His Father still comes to visit once or twice a year.
Even after 8 years here, he never really got used to the quickness of Japanese lifestyle. Even New York seemed to move a lot slower.
Avian's very excited about getting into the university in the coming year. He wants to see if he can get into a Study-Abroad program. Maybe with an American University.
Has a fox named Yūrei (Japanese for "Spook"). Avian found her abandoned as a cub at one of the national parks in America. He raised her and she became very protective of him, following him wherever he goes, even school.
High school RP's = a spazzy yes from me! x]

Name: Amelia Esmeralda

Age: 10

Race/Nationality: Italian-Swiss love child (Her father was Italian and her mother was from Switzerland)

Personality: She is quiet, and tends to avoid socializing so that she can give in to flights of fancy, often daydreaming for long periods of time when given the chance. She is easily scared of people, and always excercises caution when meeting new people. She excells in areas involving logic, but shows frustration when trying to understand others' emotions and use her powers. Because she isn't very sociable, she is close to her family, and still often has feelings of missing them at times. Because of this, she is very willing to follow her father and mother's wishes, paranoid that if she doesn't that they'll not love her because she isn't as extroverted or as athletic as the other kids.


Power/Ability: Her voice naturally alters the emotions of those around her slightly to be closer to how she's feeling while she is speaking. This effect is minimal, and doesn't really change the listener(s) very much. However, the power would be much more substantial if she were to sing or yell/scream, striking fear, panic, or anger into the listeners, or leaving them feeling some other emotion if she was singing. However, the only control she has over this power is how she speaks or sings, making her just not want to speak alltogether (thus further negating her power). Since it cannot be controlled, the effects of her speech/singing can't be directed at any particular person, making it potentially harmful for even a rare ally/friend.

Clubs/Affiliations: Chess Club, Honor Society, Cooking Club.

Allies/Friends: No, she does not know of many people in the school.

History: She has been at Kazeyama for four years now. She originally came here at the age of seven because her parents didn't want to invest in private tutors anymore, but they didn't feel like just sending off to public school was good enough for their Amellina (Little Amelia). And so, when her dad and mom decided to settle in Japan, they sent their daughter to Kazeyama in the hopes that she would receive a quality education despite the language barrier.

The girl already knew a good bit of the language, but she just didn't like talking even in her mother tongue. She made very few friends with the fellow Elementary Schoolers, and was often ostracized from their activities. Seeking something to do while they played with their silly blocks, she joined the chess club. Eventually, as she entered the third grade, her good grades were finally recognized, as she was accepted into the Honor Society. In fourth grade, she joined the cooking club due to her mother's wishes that she learned how to cook. She started out on a rough spot, but she eventually got the hang of cooking. Currently, she is now in the fifth grade, and still has few friends (although a lot of people that she has heard about or has met because of the clubs she's in).
Character coming soon.
Name: Darius Ravata

Age: 18

Race/Nationality: German American

Personality: Darius is a kid who tends to stay out of life for the most part. He acts when spoken too, or when it's needed, but it's obvious that he's a social cripple, and hasn't had much of a child hood. This fact will explain why he often says or does things that others consider weird, however he is a very caring, and loving soul when his walls are chipped away enough. He seems to carry a great sadness within him as well as a very disturbing amount of rage.

He tends to stand in the back of the crowd.


When Hunting Demons: Includes a view of his sword.

Height: 6'5
Weight: 280
Other: Darius has numerous tribal tattoos that snake all around his body from his neck to his knuckles, and down to his feet. He is also usually seen with a bruise or three as well as a few cuts along his body. They add to the numerous scars that he has which could make a Special Forces Soldier look like a boy scout.


Sword Of Rage: Darius has the ability to take his anger and aggression from his soul, and fashion it into a large sword when he confronts supernatural beings, and only supernatural beings. Theie presence seems to be the key factor in unlocking this ability. The sword itself becomes more powerful the angrier he gets, and when at it's peak, it puts a tremendous strain on his body, often causing his skin to begin cutting open, and suffer bruises.

Soul Of Flames: Darius' body is unnaturally hot. Often people standing next to him can literally feel a difference in temperature. His body houses an unnatural flame that fuels his increased physical capabilities, and burns off of the calories he consumes. For him to remain healthy, Darius' average caloric in take is nearly 10,000. When he is cut, or injured with some type of gash, these flames can be seen. Depending on how angry he is, the flames can be small, to very large. They do not harm him, nor do they harm any humans.

Jock: Darius is a very healthy, and fit specimen. He's the prized specimen of the school for his strength stamina, and pain tolerance. He can bench press 400, squat nearly 800, and has the pain tolerance of a drunken cage fighter. He tends to keep on giving while taking.

Pilfer: With each demon that Darius kills, part of their personality is assimilated into his own. This causes him horrible nightmares, and shortens his life by varying lengths. Ultimately his destiny will kill him, or drive him insane.

Musician: Darius is a very versatile musician, and has tremendous skill in playing the Violin, Piano, Drums, Electric Guitar, and the Bass guitar.

Clubs/Affiliations: Music Club, Kendo Club, Baseball, and Wrestling.
Allies/Friends: None at the moment. Most of the students are unnerved by him.

History: Darius was born in Minnesota over in the states to his mother Nancy, and his father Bill. Both worked in at a warehouse in the Twin Cities, that manufactured large pieces of harvesting equipment. One day during his freshman year, he got a call from the plant manager at the warehouse his parents worked at, and was told that both his mother and father had been killed during a loading accident where a large harvester fell off of a platform, and crushed his parents beneath it.

He was left with no guardians, and some how ended up being taken in by a family in Japan that had happened to hear his story, and took pity on him. In between moving from the States to Japan, he made a deal with god that if he would let him see his mother, and father once more so he could say good bye to them, that he'd do anything that was asked of him.

Sadly a Demon came upon his plea, and conjured an illusion in order to make an agreement with the boy. He was granted supernatural powers in order to hunt and kill off the Demon's enemies... other demons. Unknowing of the lie, Darius has spent his time killing any demon he can find without remorse, and there's been a few innocent ones that have died at his hands. He doesn't care about their alignments since he's still hoping to see his parents one last time.

Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aSF9wQ4_dg
.... Oh, NOW it's getting to be awesome.

Zypher, you hit the jackpot.
Wow, so popular! <3 Patty is in, look forward to your bio October and wow Jumi, way to take a character and run with it! You're in! (Once the last bios are in I'll put mine up and we'll get everything started!)
Thank ya for that, Zypher. Just wanted to let you know I added another club, and another skill for him. That cool?
Clubs that I listed above were just a small sampling of club choices (Back in Kazeyama 1.0 I had a list of at least 100 different clubs that the students could join) so don't worry about adding clubs! And the abilities look great, you have the proper counter balance to them so they're not over powered. Looks like Kazeyama will have an interesting class this year...

Side note: My character that's joining the rest of the class

Name: Kenta Yukihiro

Age: 19

Race/Nationality: Japanese

Personality: Kenta usually keeps to himself but has relative recognition with some of the students from previous years. He is very kind hearted and constantly willing to help the younger or newer students adjust to the school and it's "problems." He was elected class representative for class 3-S last year and is now assuming the helm for that this year, further increasing his ability to aid the other students. He is gay but tries to hide it because he feels that his own feelings aren't important enough and tends to focus on others.


Power/Ability: Onmyou Sorcery: With his onmyou sorcery he can enchant his katana to cause a bit of magical damage as well as his normal blade. He can also create duplicates by writing his name on a onmyou charm. They will be tangible and be able to interact but have none of Kenta's skill nor powers (i.e. they can't make more duplicates and lack his katana and fighting skills)

Katana: Kenta has his katana on him at all times but it is hidden to appear as a normal bokken but he can pull it out of its sheath at any time and fight or fight just as effectively.

Demon hunter: His history as a demon hunter has trained him to be able to track demons and has given him quite a bit of knowledge on various types of demons as well.

Clubs/Affiliations: Kendo club, Library Exploration Club, 3-S Class Representative, Kazeyama Welcoming Committee for New Students (KWCNS)

Friends/Allies: Most of his friends left Kazeyama a while back so he's at a fresh start with friends other then Aoi-Sensei the Japanese History teacher and Ame Murasaki, his friend from his first year at Kazeyama.

History: Kenta grew up with his mother, Ayumi, in Kyoto his whole life. For his elementary he went to a small school in Kyoto and at night his mother taught him how to hunt demons. He was enrolled in Kazeyama in middle school and didn't notice anything strange until his first year in high school. He had to fight his way through the dreaded Hogoe monster, deal with his feelings for Valentine and Takashi, help Maya and delve for the first time into the Library Island to help Saul Bishop's fiancee from dying. The next year he was dredged through introducing new students to Kazeyama, figuring out the mystery behind Ikawa-Sensei and the bleeding walls with Valentine and attempting to know why the nurse, Asahina-Sensei was so strange. Kenta knows that this year will be an adventure all of its own but some of those old mysteries might still not be fully resolved. He never did know what happened to that Hogoe...
Name: Gin Kuzimato

Age: 18

Race/Nationality Japanese, but grew up in the states, California.

Personality: Curt and temperamental, Sad and Isolated; Gin can be very stand offish to those he doesn't know, as well as those he does! People do not seem to like him, generally, although he is not necessarily a mean person, he just gives off the vibe that he really doesn't care much for people; he feels detached from people. A bit of a loner, spending much of his time alone either writing poetry or playing guitar. He keeps his emotions bottled up, at least to those around him, however, he does have an outlet for his loneliness which is through his music and writing. He prides himself on being unique, often going out of his way to be different, not in his appearance, but more in his attitude and behavior. Aside from all this, the few -very few -friends he does have would describe him as a genuine person who would never turn his back on a true friend.


Power/Ability: Pyrokinesis -The ability to set things aflame by use of his mind, sometimes the power can get the best of him especially when he is feeling very emotional.

Clubs/Affiliations: Although he distances himself from school activities, he is active in the Poetry club.

Allies/Friends: No.

History: Gin grew up in California. While there he managed to get into enough trouble for his parents to send him away. The only other family he had was in Japan, his Aunt Miko Kuzimato. She is a unique lady who lovingly took in her nephew. She saw his talent for writing and music and instantly thought of Kazeyama. She thought it would be the perfect place for him to express himself.
Name: Allie Logan

Age: 18

Race/Nationality: American. Specifically New York.

Personality: Very outgoing and bubbly, one can easily tell that she's part of the drama club. Academically, her grades are average. She's never been at the top of the class, but she isn't all that dull, either. In her spare time, if she isn't studying her lines, she's either drawing or reading one of her many books.

Appearance: Her usual appearance:

Power/Ability: Allie has the ability to change her outward appearance at will. This includes anything from facial features, hair style and color, body shape, and gender.

Clubs/Affiliations: Drama club, Art club, Martial Arts club

Allies/Friends: (To be filled in!)

History: Allie lived with her parents up until she graduated high school, and afterwards moved with her family to Japan after her father retired from his acting career in the states and decided that the family needed a change of scenery. Shortly after moving in, Allie showed up at Kazeyama, where she has used her shape-shifting abilities to become one of the most prized members of the drama club.
Oh this is tempting to me. . . I have a character I've been dying to unleash for a long time. . .
Name: Yuki 'Blizzard' Arikado

Age: Appears 17 but WHO KNOWS. Just kidding.

Race/Nationality: Japanese Ice Demon.


Outer- Depending on his mood it can range from flamboyant to a very calm and collected young man. Either way his demeanor is quite outgoing and imaginative. He always tried to be kind to others until they do something which he disapproves of morally. Flirtatious with women he takes an interest and can actually be rather sweet. More often than not, he befriends girls easier than boys.

Inner- Harbors a secret paranoia that the Keebler elves are trying to take over the world. Other than THAT he's quite assuredly sane.

Appearance: Out of Uniform.



Ice Manipulation/ Coldkinesis???- Yuki can acutely affect the temperature in the vicinity around him to make it unnaturally cold. Through this he can cause water to freeze into ice and actually create snow. But most entertaining of all the Ice Demon is capable of controlling the motion of pre-existing snow or ice to make it form into barriers or even adorable snowmen. What truly proves his demonic heritage however is his body's ability to literally become snow//ice and also re-materialize out of it.

Clubs/Affiliations: Drama Club, Cooking Club, Movie Club,

Allies/Friends: [ To be filled in!]


Yuki or 'Blizzard' or 'Blizz' as he sometimes lets himself be called, lives alone at an undisclosed location somewhere near the high school. Not much is known about his past by others for what is likely a very good reason. The young man enrolled into the school at the beginning of the semester. He recently moved to the area on his own but seems to have some type of financial backing. Likely it is his mother, who is also responsible genetically for the abilities that Yuki possesses as well as his looks. But her actual whereabouts are unknown along with that of his father.
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