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  1. ((Hey, people! As the title suggests, this is really just another high school roleplay. Who would have guessed it? Lmao. I'm really hoping that we can make this a great one - perhaps, if enough people get involved, we can have a roleplay that spans an entire school year! As for rules of engagement, feel free to post bios if you want, but obviously it isn't necessary as per the thread's prefix. Two characters is more than encouraged so this RP can get really hectic really fast! Cursing and somewhat sexual themes are acceptable, as long as it fits the personality of your character and follows the general Iwaku rules ^-^ Have fun!))
    Lola Gray
    The Drama Queen

    For timid yet hopeful, up-and-coming-starlet named Lola Gray, the first day of high school was the first day of excitement. Despite her good grades, none of her friends could call Lola the studious type by a long-shot - rather, she planned to skip college altogether and be a clothes designer for her aunt's shop - but she loved the ins and outs of the fantasy that was high school nonetheless. One could say it was the breeding ground of all things interesting to the brand new freshman. The 'who's-dating-who?', the lunchroom brawls, the 'she's-wearing-what?' - although many would consider it petty, day to day affairs were a topic of intrigue to Lola, and this year, it would be in her solemn duty to boldly go where no wallflower had gone before: in the sacred and mysterious realm of 'in the know'.

    Perhaps it would be the year she'd achieve popularity, she hoped, rather than being glued to the hip of only one taciturn buddy and distantly related to several loose acquaintances. They were all nice, of course, but it was more that Lola sought - a chance for not only her to reach the limelight on that giant teenage stage, but maybe, for her friends to reach it too (but, mostly her).

    Thanks to her father, who was more-or-less bumbling except for when it counted the most, Lola was early on her first day, and her mind-numbing cotton candy perfume permeated down the bustling corridor as she made her way to her first class. It was at the end of B hall, she remembered, thanks to the prior evening of studying her schedule up, down, and sideways. (Being a freshman was mortifying enough already; walking into the wrong classroom would have been worse than the nine circles of hell.) If her memory served her correctly - and in most cases, it did - Lola would arrive at Honors US History first, and after moments of narrowly escaping several fatal collisions with the 9 foot Seniors, Lola did just that.

    First choice. Where to sit? The decision that could make or break her in the jungle that was J.P. Wynne High. The room was relatively empty, so the options were rather unlimited. Sitting in the back equaled slacker. Sitting in the front meant nerd. Sitting in the middle said nobody. Lola furrowed her brows, pushing a strand of raven hair behind her ear as she studied the room. She was dressed too spectacularly to waste a good outfit on some undiscernable middle seat: a vintage style red dress that used to fit her mother, with red and white polka dot shoes that did nothing but represent everything she wanted to be.

    The front would have to suffice.

    Jesse Pinkman
    The Slacker

    ((As a note, Jesse is a canon character from the show Breaking Bad, but I just finished rewatching it, and I thought it would be fun to kind of add him to the mix. You don't need to be a fan of the show to understand what's going on in the RP, but if you are, feel free to leave subtle references or whatever. Lmao.))

    Jesse Pinkman was not, by no stretch of the imagination, a studious guy. Nor an obedient guy. Nor a sophisticated guy. Nor a totally smart guy, either, in addition to the fact that the most detestable combination of words in his vocabulary was the juxtaposition of 'apply' and 'yourself'. School was merely a place to go to make plans for the weekend, and those plans consisted of weed, weed, and - you guessed it - more weed, right from the greedy hands of the local drug dealers, a noble profession indeed. Needless to say, there was nothing that Jesse dreaded more than the first day of Junior year. His parents planned to crack down hard on him as an upperclassman, a supposed unwitting role model to the mindless little freshmen that goofed around playing teenager and the half-as-bad sophomores that were just getting the hang of things - or so they thought. No more weed, no more parties, no more stoner friends (essentially no more life as Jesse knew it) until his parents were satisfied with his reverse skyrocketing GPA.

    'Yeah' was the first thought that entered Jesse's head. 'Yeah, right.'

    At least he could spend time with his friends - indeed, although school did nothing short of sucking total ass, it was the perfect setting for wild antics and testing authority with all of his closest buddies: Skinny, Badger, Emilio, and all of the rest of the slackers that comprised his 'crew'. Getting roasted by your mom for smoking a blunt in the basement was one thing, but skipping class to light up in the bathroom and sprinting away from the angry Vice Principal as he shouted expletives down the hall was enough to make life very interesting.

    Because of the aforementioned newfound stringency of his parents, however, Jesse was forced to arrive early on his first day, which he was certain would ruin his notorious reputation of back talking teachers as he strolled into class twenty minutes late. He initially considered loitering by the gym past the bell and purposely arriving tardy, but he decided against it in fear of losing the trust of his parents too quickly. He was already mourning the loss of many of his other favorite privileges, and having to relinquish another because of a stunt that brought him relatively little entertainment in his tired state was not the wisest move to make.

    So, Jesse just leaned against the gym door and waited. Waited for his shitty first class, PE. Waited for everything to go downhill as it always did. And waited to finally begin his dreaded Junior year.
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