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    December 31, 1899

    London Town

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    The sky, thick and black with storm clouds; looming on the horizon like an ill marked omen, promising bad fortune to any one foolish enough to cross it's path. In the distance, cords of lightening rip through the air and the booming crackle of rolling thunder can be heard. Already the temperature has dipped well below freezing, and the moisture hangs in the air like a blanket of solid ice.

    This is gonna be a storm to remember! One that will live through history as the true 'Storm of the century', and it will not fail to live up to it's name!

    The black skies gave way to storm so quickly that few had time to prepare, few had time for much of anything, but one man sat alone in his study with nothing but time on his mind.

    ...nothing but Time and travel.

    The era of Steam powered technology and gear driven competition! It’s an age of invention and ideas, imagination and creativity. A constant struggle to invent that which is yet to be has created a vicious rivalry among the endless supply of Professors, scientists and Engineers.

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    Among those is Doctor Arthur Stein, known to his closest comrades as simply 'Doc'.
    He is well liked by most and respected greatly by those who work with him. While his peers, on the other hand, think of him as a bit of a quack.

    On the eve of this new year Dr. Stein has stumbled upon an invention so hideously amazing it will shatter the core of reality.

    It is well after midnight and the storm is moving in, but he can’t contain himself, staring at his prototype steam powered time machine with child like wonder.

    Outside, away from the crackling fires and kerosene lanterns, a lone bird battles against the slowly escalating storm. The closest living relative to prehistoric beasts, this little fellow is out of luck as tendrils of ice and snow began to pour down with godlike ferocity.

    This is definitely not a night for experimentation, and just as the heart of the storm moves into position, experimentation is the only thing on the doctors mind. be continued IC

    Semi important stuff

    Welcome everyone who expressed interest in this thread, and also to any new comers that have stumbled here from the forum!

    1. This is an alternate reality RP, obviously, as my fictional '1899 London town' is a steam punk based world. You are free to choose what your character's time era is like, be it just as it is historically or of your own making. I leave this up to you!

    2. At the start of the game, regardless of 'when/where' your character is from (you are free to be from the fictional London that I created, I leave this up to you as well). There will be a terrific storm (Should be the main focus in your intro IC post). This will be the event that sends us all to the same place. This event is what links all of you together with The Doc's Time machine!

    3. We'll be doing some serious time hopping in this game. This will keep the game new and fresh, as together we try to get back to our respective time periods. I have a solid plot for the start of the RP. My games usually follow a tight plot at first, since most rps like to die in the first couple pages : ) That being said, I am a super laid back GM and always willing to hear ideas and thoughts.

    4.The Start of the RP will be us all encountering a massive storm in our respective times, and being sent to the land of dinosaurs and mammoth burgers. Also, just cause my character is a professor/scientist/doctor doesn't make him the only professor/scientist/doctor..if you wanted to play the role of someone relating to time travel somehow, be my guest..or not, again, up to you.

    5. My character is named Doc.


    Time era: (The one you are from)
    Equipment: (You were thrust back in time unexpectedly, so basically whatever you had in yer pockets)
    Short Bio: (Short)


    I probably wont go IC with this until later next week or next weekend, So no rush posting character sheets.

  2. Name: Arthur 'Doc' Stein

    Age: A youthful 62

    Time era: 1899, Steam powered world.


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    Persona: Your average genius, taking on challenges with child like enthusiasm. Great sense of humor, and despite his notable accomplishments does not take himself too seriously. A strong believer in mind over matter, what can be done will be done and what can't doesn't exist. Doc is fascinated by the world and enjoys studying seemingly mundane material down to the most explicit of details. He believes everything has a definitive purpose.

    Compass, goggles, heavy boots, long sleeve shirt and leather jacket. A pocket watch engraved with the words 'Believe and Behold'.

    Short Bio:
    Born and raised in London town to a carpenter and school teacher. He grew up near Trafalgar Square, but at the age of 11 he accidentally set fire to his parents house and they were forced to move to the country side. He did well in school, having little use for the arts or English, but excelling in science and history, not to say he didn't score high marks in everything he even slightly applied himself to. He went on to a major university 4 years ahead of his time, flying through his courses and earning a Doctrine in science and steam technologies at 25. From there he began living a frugal life, only caring about new and better ways to promote his staggering number of inventions.

    Many of his studies, especially on theories relating to time travel, were seen, as one would expect, as crazy by his peers. He was labeled "The mad doctor' and mocked behind his back by many of his peers. Despite all this, several stayed loyal to him and he was able to continue his work.
  3. Name: Derrik Tergon


    Time Era:
    2099 AD, Futuristic

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    Derrik is a seeker of pleasure, he has an insatiable lust, resistance to intoxication, and a love for anything he see's as fun or pleasurable. He doesn't take himself, anything, or anyone to seriously being a joker, cynic, distrustful, and sarcastic in nature. He is cunning and intelligent, but he only uses it when it suites him. Derrik isn't a coward, or a fool, but he knows when to act or when to have patience. Though he is cynical he likes to joke around and act optimistic about anything not taking anything to seriously and is fairly easygoing.

    Combat Knife, Underwear, Jeans

    Short Bio:
    Derrick was born into the wealth family and as heir to Tergon Industries, His father was CEO
    and groomed him to become the perfect business man. Tergon Industries was an weapon manufacture, so had close ties to the military. Once old enough Derrik was signed into the military and he served for 4 years, when he was in the military he witnessed countless atrocities, but he fell in love with a fellow soldier, but she died in combat; both both these things scarred him deeply. When he got out his father was pleased and gave him a high place in the company. As well as being a very shrewd businessman for Tergon Industires, in his spare time he is a Hedonist. A player. He parties with friends taking all manners of drugs, and drinks, and sleeping with as many women he can charm into his bed. His father doesn't necessarily approve of the lifestyle, but he allows his son his pleasures as long as he continues his duties.
  4. Reserved for awesome eighties girllll................!
    Shall post CS tomorrow guys. I have plenty to do today....!

    OK, 'tomorrow' turned out into 'some four days'. But now I've got the time to do this...!

    Name: Colleen Howells

    Age: 25
    Time era: The 1980's !


    Persona: A cheerful, sociable person. Sometimes, though, she will take on a silly mood; she's loud and expressive and likes to gesture a lot toexplain t hings. Colleen is very active; she needs to spend her energy moving, she couldn't keep herself still for too long. She's usually happy to help others if they need to.

    Skills/abilities: A good swimmer, Colleen in reality always wanted to become a great actress. She has some drama abilities, but she's far off better as a swimmer. An acrive person, she enjoys walking, jogging, aerobics, dancing and combing her hair in different 80's styles.

    Equipment: These clothes this lady is wearing here,

    Show Spoiler


    but underneath she is wearing her swimsuit, as she was going to the pool for training when the storm broke. She also carries her large bag, as she does whenever she goes to the club; inside we can find another pair of socks, more underwear, a large pale yellow t-shirt, her jogging shoes, some casettes, a casette player, a towel, a pair of purple tights, some chewing gum, and several items such as makeup, a hairbrush, deodorant, a pen, her house keys, etc.

    Short Bio: Colleen is simply an friendly girl. Not many eventful things happened in her lifetime, but she's happy with it. After finishing highschool she got a job as a waitress, and she still lives with her two flatmates. She's currently saving to go to uni.
  5. Name: Melody Trancy
    Age: 21
    Time era: 1999

    Persona: Melody is a shy withdrawn person, she wants to talk to people but have a hard time to express herself. She wants to make everyone happy but is uncertain if what she says or do will hurt them or not. She likes to invent things and often get inspiration to new inventions when she listens to music. She often locks herself up for days and forgets the time once she has started to invent things, she only goes out from her room to eat and if someone would talk to her she would probably not answer because she would be locked up inside herself and only think about the invention she were doing.

    Skills/abilities: Solving hard solved problems, thinking rational, never stop before she has finnished what she's doing.
    Weaknesses: never stop before she has finnished what she's doing (it can become unhealthy to), Scared of talking to people, have a phobia for spiders and big bugs.

    Equipment: A wristwatch on her right arm, a necklace, a small notebook and a pen in her left front pocket.

    Clothes: Wearing the same shirt as in the picture (goes a bit down over the legs.), light blue jeans, black and white running shoes.

    Short Bio: Melody are the daughter to one of her times biggest inventors, she grew up in a small town and mostly saw her father on TV because he were busy on the other side of the country. Even though he weren't home that much she still wanted to be like him and loved him very much, the few times he were home they used to invent things together which made her think of her father every time she invented things. She often locked herself up in her room to invent things because it reminded her of her father so she didn't get out much and didn't get many friends. The few friends she has is people in other country with a hobby for inventions just like her and they just talk a couple of times every month to discuss the inventions they have done.

    At the age of sixteen she started to sell her inventions which gave her enough money every month to get her own place and live alone which led to that she became even more withdrawn from the rest of the world.
  6. Ah interest, shall post CS tomorrow.
  7. Theme (open)


    Mary Lee Rosenburg
    ^ [Actual name] ^
    Zakia Hexlin
    ^ [Name she wants people to believe is hers] ^
    {Zuh-key-uh Heck-ss-lynn}

    Twenty-Eight Years Young

    Time era:

    Usually, she will be wearing her coat that is shown in the Spoiler pictures as well. She will take it off when it is too hot, or she is getting ready to relax, and such.~ But, when going outside, it is on.
    Too many Pictures of ze Zakia (open)


    Some may say Zakia is anti-social. Some may say she is a little bit nuts. Some may say she is schizophrenic, and some may add she has multiple disorders in her mind. None of this is true, not even a little. People just do not know how the scientific mind and soul function. They do not understand.
    In reality, Zakia is very unique.
    Besides having the childish joys of a six-year-old, easily amused by most objects around her, she is gifted with the ability to focus when something calls for her undivided attention. Her amount of passion for her work and interests rises past the usual limit for average human beings. Thus, she is quite the enthusiastic individual. Sometimes she is found talking to herself, or speaking thoughts out loud as a form of habit. Her odd quirks never stop her from speaking to others, and she usually is friendly towards strangers. Sometimes she can be a little outspoken and over-opinionated, but it never seems to bother her when people disagree. She agrees with herself. That is what matters the most.

    Fairly quick on her feet, seeing as how she has gone running every morning for ten years now.
    Knows quite a bit about the human anatomy, and analyzing bones.
    She also can make the best rock candy one has ever laid upon their bed of taste buds.

    Goggles, a long trench coat type thing, a magnifying glass that hangs from one of her dreadlocks, a locket from when she was a child, gloves.
    In her coat pockets: Left - A brush for dusting off bones and such, a small knife (because sharp objects are fun), a purple glass marble, some lint, a pair of butterfly wings, a silver button. Right - A flask with a quarter left of water, and a very small test tube.

    Short Bio:
    Mary Lee Rosenburg has never known her true, birth parents. Fostered by her godparents, close friends apparently to her mother and father, she never felt like she missed out on anything. Unlike most unhappy children, she lived a perfectly fine life this way. While enjoying a middle class way of life, she went to school like others her age, and followed her studies as if addicted to them. Her godparents worried when they found her in her room, studying over books of primates and comparisons to the human body, rather than going outside to play in the mud and rain. Mary enjoyed getting dirty just like any other little person in London, but on her own time, when she felt her head was filled to the brim with knowledge and she would need a break to digest information.

    Although she made few true friends growing up, since most would come and go, Mary never felt empty. Her grades were her pride and joy, as were the experiments she held in her room, capturing insects and amphibians from the river near her home to dissect and study. This was kind of strange, her caretakers thought, but she would counter back with always the reason 'It is for science'. And science was quite the interesting topic, even though they did not know much behind it. Thus, they left her alone. It was around the time of graduating from grade school that she came up with a new name for herself. Zakia Hexlin was born within Mary. She can't even explain it, exactly. But, she went on to correct whoever would call her by her true name, and would ignore those who continued to do so.

    Zakia grew up, left the house, and went on to a nice university to major in Biological Anthropology. Upon graduation, she searched for places to intern, people to follow and help with research and study programs. A dream came true as she stumbled over the chance to work alongside the famous Arthur Stein. Having followed his works, collected all that she could of his writings and publications, well, this was just too good to be true to Zakia. Packing her things, and moving out closer to where the Doctor worked, she was prepared to begin another chapter in her life. She believed this one would be of great importance to the path she paved for herself in history. It could not be truly explained why she felt this way, this certain sensation that told her to work with him and learn all that she could. So, she followed her gut, and anxiously dove in to working with science once again.
  8. Reserved for young western cowboy.
  9. Name: Akila Mubarak
    Age: 16
    Time era: 1353 B.C. - 15 years after King Tut is born in Egypt​

    Appearance: Akila like the women in her time, wears very heavy make up due to the harsh Egyptian sun. The make up is meant to protect her skin. Her face is covered with foundation, her eyes heavily lined with block kohl and her eye lids are colored blue. Her lips have a slight red tint to them, accenting well with her coppery skin. Also, Akila wears a wig, but when taken off, she is basically bald. The make up is gaudy yes, but is reflective of what Egyptian women at the time considered beautiful. Because she lives in a high middle class, Akali wears a sari with her dress, a symbol of her status. However despite her family's wealth, Akila is a plain looking girl, her face is flat, her eyes somewhat dull, and her demeanor is very demure.
    Persona: Submissive and meek from being brought up in a household where the men ruled. While she does assert herself, Akila does not like to go against men and will often times listen to them. She is very quiet, and does what she is told.
    Skills/abilities: Akila is skilled with the domestics of the household, but prefers making the food. She is good at grinding the grain for her bread, cooking and instructing the servants if need be. She also has talent in making clothing.
    Equipment: Aside from her clothing, Akila was carrying with her a basket. She was going to gather that year's harvest with the rest of her servants.
    Short Bio: Akila was born into a wealthy middle class family. She is the middle child in her family, and was groomed to be the next one married. Akila does not mind either, especially since her father wants her to marry a man 15 years of her senior. They were suppose to move in the next day and start a family when she is suddenly swept away from her world and thrown into the past. ​
  10. Name: Dark
    Age: 21
    Time era: Pre-agricultural Europe (about 6,000 years ago)
    Appearance: When one looks at Dark they realise it is for his eyes that he is named; they are colourless, the iris blending into the black of his pupils. His hair is a light brown, highlighted with golden streaks from spending most of his life outdoors as well as a very tanned skin. Although lanky he is considerably strong- he has to be to hunt. His clothes are loosely fitted, consisting of a bearskin jerkin, reindeer skin leggings and calf high boots.
    Persona: Like most of his kind, Dark is a hunter. This means he is patient and independent but is also works well as a group- you have to if you want to survive. However, he can be quite contradictive if there is something he does not agree with or finds to be utterly ridiculous. Many people find this irritaing but he does not mean to be so- he is quite sincere believing it will help them.
    Skills/abilities: He is very adept at hunting and foraging. This means he can move very quitely and find cover when needed and find food in the unlikeliest of places. He is also good at skinning animals and gutting fish.
    Equipment: A bow and quiver of arrows which he carries with him whenever he wanders from camp. Also a necklace that is a pouch containing his clan totem and a piece of ochre.
    Short Bio: Dark was born into pre-agricultural Europe which means he and his people lives in small groups, called clans. They live with the forests in camps. Dark has been bought up to honour the forest and earth, taking only what he needs from it to survive and giving back to it when he can. He is part of the Wolf Clan (being the leader's son) meaning he finds wolves to be sacred and refuses to hunt or eat them for any reason. Unusually for his age he has never found a mate- because of this he is sometimes seen as strange by other clans but he has been bought up by his mother to only mate for love. He was on the way to a Meeting of Clans, mainly only going because his father has grown tired of waiting for his son to find a mate and ordered him to go, when he is suddenly swept away.

  11. Name:
    James "Jimmy Jazz-Hands" Pepper
    Appears no older than 25 years old
    In actuality he is over 2000 years old
    Time era:
    Originally: The End of Time
    Currently: Mid 1930's
    Jimmy wears typical 1930's fashion. He wears a brown suit, brown, shined shoes, a white shirt, and a brown and white plaid tie. He is physically fit, toned, and athletic. He has black hair, groomed into a noticeable afro, and brown eyes. Think Jim Kelly (Pictured Below) in 1930's attire
    Jim Kelly (open)

    Jimmy is cool, laid back, and love's company. He is charismatic, intelligent, and fun-loving. Generally, Jimmy will be cool and friendly, smooth with the ladies, and nonjudgmental towards strangers. He is very outgoing, loves trying new things, and has a passion for jazz/swing/blues music.
    Skills and Abilities:
    Jimmy has traveled the world through various time periods. He has learned martial arts from Shaolin monks. He learned sword techniques from king Arthur himself. He is very familiar with planes and could probably fly anything, if he needed to. He knows how to shoot a gun from his army training. He knows a lot about history. He can play a few musical instruments, clarinet being his instrument of choice. He has learned a lot of things from his time traveling days. He can time travel at will.
    Jimmy has his clothes, his clarinet, a pair of aviators, his wallet, but not much else on his person. He's simply sitting in the park, trying to enjoy what would have been a beautiful day...
    Brief Bio:
    Jimmy was raised in an era where time ceased to exist. There was no more future to change, only the past remained. Jimmy's people were few and far between, most choosing not to live without a future. They all had a choice; they could live day to day at the end of time, until their bodies withered and died...or they could venture out and learn the history of the world...and possibly create a future for themselves...

    There was a downside to venturing into the past...some may see it as a blessing, but soon realized that is was a tampering with the fabric of time, their bodies no longer aged. Whenever they decide to venture into the past, they will not physically age past their current age. The only way out of the world was through death.

    Jimmy, his body matured and at it's peak, made the decision for himself...He was going to learn about the old world, how it was, all of it's beauty, splendor, and excitement. Jimmy, long since abandoned by his parents, took a leap in time and began his adventure, a quest for knowledge and experiences.

    Jimmy hopped from time period to time period, picking up various experiences in each, molding his personality. After a millennium and a half of traveling, Jimmy found himself in a new era, one rich with music and culture. The calenders said "1933" and it was the middle of August.

    The warm August breeze flooded the city streets as the hustle and bustle seemed to continue on, undisturbed by each other. The blanket of twilight was falling on New York City as Jimmy overheard a couple sitting on a bench.

    "Yeah baby, we're goin' dancin' tonight! I heard they got some cool cats playin' down at The Apollo." And thus began Jimmy's new life in the 1920-1950s. He lived in this era multiple times, experiencing all that these years had to offer. There were good times dancing, performing, and hanging out in the night clubs. Jimmy met all sorts of new people, guest performed with famous artists, and smooth talked all the sweetest dames. The good came with the bad though. After WWI, recession hit the world hard...Jimmy struggled through it...Next came the second world war. Jimmy had experienced war in another time period, but it wasn't even on the same scale as this. Yearning for the experience and coming to terms that he might actually die, Jimmy served in World War II as a member of the Tuskegee 332nd Fighter Group.

    Jimmy lived through all his missions, even being successful in virtually every single one. After his war days, Jimmy had formed a brotherly bond with some of the greatest people he could ever hope to meet: The Tuskegee Airmen. Jimmy decided that he would restart his life in this era one more time...then he would just live, and take everything as it came.

    The time is now 1935...and the streets of New York are dark as the evening sky is covered by thick black storm clouds. Jimmy Jazz-hands sits on a park bench, having a hard time remembering if there was ever a storm this bad in his previous trips here...something didn't seem right...
  12. Great characters so far ya'll, can't wait to see the rest. Throughout the course of the game we will be traveling to everyones respective times, hopefully, intertwining the events of everyone time and character. *Is reading everyone's short bio and plotting as we speak : )*

    I'll probably break down each 'time travel' into chapters, giving each of you a 'spotlight' and a chance to work with me and develop the plot/respective settings as we go.
  13. ahhahha sounds awesome :9 *shall try finish my bio when I get home from school today*
    Can't wait for going back in time to Egypt x) and forth to the future xD
  15. SPARTA!!!!
  16. ​DONE. :D
  17. Name: Damian "Turbo" Diaz
    Age: 21
    Time era: Alternate 90's?

    This guy (open)

    Persona: Daring and charming. He can be hot headed and eager for action, sometimes over confident.

    Skills/abilities: Can move really fast. Amazing agility and balance. May have a couple as yet undiscovered abilities. Climbs real well and has experience gadgets, circuitry, and anti burglary devices.

    Equipment: Coat, sunglasses, boots, pants, shirt, stuff in coat pockets, some tools.

    Short Bio: Moved around a lot when he was young and ended up with no friends. When bored he would sneak around and steal things for fun and only occasionaly for personal gain, just passing the time until his parents decided to move again. It was fun to sneak in and take something noticeable or big and watch people freak out about it, and freak out once more when it came back and still no one knew who it was. He developed ways of disabling surveillance equipment and alarms or just maneuvered around them. Sometimes he infiltrated work places and businesses and hung out for several hours before anyone noticed he didn't belong there, by which time he already slipped away.

    Now he's an adult on his own, the thrill of his hobby still fresh to him with the constant advancements of security measures. He has a job desgning gizmos and contraptions, making seemingly impossible configurations functional. Making an...almost honest living.
  18. Just threw in skills and equipment...Jimmy knows a lot of random stuff from living for so long ^^; like...a lot of stuff. He has lived over twenty human life spans so far.
  19. ​Jim is so OP. :D
  20. Heheh, well, he did have the power to time travel at will. I'll go ahead and say this though, his powers will get messed up when we're all forced into the dino age lol. So the whole "time traveling at will" thing might never happen again. As for his skills...I mean, he has lived a looooong time. It's not like he practices swordplay all the time or anything like that. So he wouldn't be like a pro fencer, world champ or anything lol. Though he does do martial arts to work out, so he's probably good in that field. And he just recently learned to fly planes, so he will retain that information well. He's just done a lot and seen a lot.
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