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  1. Ciel had been working on a few contracts that the queen had wanted him to look over and update, while at the same time going through a few challenge request letters sent to him by his business rival Alois Trancy which involved requests of all sorts of random things as well, running across a few challenges that Claude, Alois's butler, had sent to Sebastian, Ciel's butler also. He looked at the clock after a while, considering he was having company over later that afternoon, as told to him by Sebastian. Seeing the time he knew the guest Sebastian had mentioned would be arriving soon, but as Sebastian gave no detail of who it was that was comming, Ciel didn't know who to expect to be knocking at his door. He goes ahead and gets himself ready without bothering Sebastian with it, as he knows Sebastian is probably getting preparations ready for the visitor's arrival. He stays in his room a bit longer though as he thinks about all that he's gotten handed to him in letter form, reguarding the queen's contracts, and also Alois' challenges to him, along with Claude's challenges to Sebastian, to which he'd inform Sebastian of later.
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  2. Catherine, Ciels cousin was sitting in her carriage. She was going to visit him. She was beautiful with red hair. She looked out the window staying quiet. She bit her lower lip. She ran a hand through her hair. She hasn't seem him in a long time and she has been getting all famous ish and getting rich and she wanted to let her cousin know.. She knew it took a bit of effort. She was an assassin or being trained.
  3. Ciel holds the letters to him from the queen, the ones to him from Alois, and also the ones to Sebastian from Claude as he decends the stairs to the first floor.

    Sebastian brings the tablecloth into the dining room and sees Ciel at the bottom of the stairs and says. "Oh. Young master. Your down here already." He places the tablecloth on the dining room table, straightens it out till each side is even, and then after that he approaches Ciel. "I was about to come and get you. Your cousin will be here in about a half hour."

    Ciel "So. It's Catherine that's coming to visit."

    Sebastian "Yes master. I think she said she was staying for 2 or 3 days this visit. I've had Tanaka get the guest room ready for her."

    Ciel nods to his butler as he sits in the recliner in his mansion's living room and says "Okay. Thanks." He then looks to the letters contaning Alois' challenge requests and says to himself as he reads a couple of them again ~ "Why do some of the challenges that Alois wants to throw at me have to be so ridiculous? I mean most of these have nothing to do with his family's business, my family's business, or anything money wise. They are just to show off. I swear.."~ He sighs and then bring his right hand to his head.
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  4. Catherine looked at the estate as her carriage pulled up. She glanced at her family emblem on her dagger. She sighed. She didn't know what to do. She wasn't hired to kill him which is a good thing. She glanced over and smiled. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was glad to be here. Could she tell anyone she's an assassin? She looked around waiting to see this. She hated that she was an assassin why couldn't she be like a reporter or model? "
  5. Ciel sees the carriage outside the window and gets up from the chair and goes to the door and opens it.
  6. Catherine smiled and walked out of her carriage. Catherine ran a hand through her hair and grinned. She said " ciel it's so good to see you!!"
  7. Ciel gives a slight smile in return and says "It's good to see you too Catherine."
  8. Catherine smiled as she looked at him. She walked over to him. She smiled and said " how are you?"
  9. Ciel looks at the letters from Alois that are in his hand and says "I'm alright I guess. Just feeling a little annoyed." He then looks back at her and says "My rival Alois has been sending me challenge requests, wanting to compete with me in activities of all different sorts, and most of them being activities that I think really are just for showing off and that don't have anything to do business related whatsoever.." He sighs after that and rubs his head with his free hand, closing his eyes as he does it.
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  10. Catherine nodded. As she was told this she remembered her rival. And current rival. " trust me I know I have one of my own, they just want to find one reason to strike us down." she said to him. She bit her lower lip looking at him. She wondered if her rival knew she was in town. She turned behind her as she heard a distinct sound. She raised an eyebrow. She gulped and said " did you guys hear that?" she looked around trying to find a source of the noise.
  11. Ciel opens his eyes "Huh? Did I hear what?" He steps to where he's beside her so he can protect her unless anyone dangerous is around.
  12. Catherine looked over at him and said " I heard something it was weird.." she tilted her head and shook her head " oh well I must be going crazy" she smiled at him. She noticed that he went next to her. She couldn't figure out what it was it was like whispering... Her name over and over.
  13. Ciel looks to where Catherine faced when she heard what she heard. "Hm.." He then approaches the direction and looks around.
  14. Catherine gulped and she said " Ciel be careful!" she didn't want him to find out who it was. She looked at sebastian. She gulped worried for her cousin.
  15. Ciel, heading his cousin's plea to him, walks back to them a few minutes later after he scans the area. He says to Catherine. "Well whoever or whatever it was, they're gone now. But how long has this been going on? You didn't just shriek out at me to be careful for no reason. And I know every inch of this property. And as for security, Finny is very strong physical wise. Not to mention Sebastian is strong as well."
  16. Catherine sighed " someone has been following me, wanting to help me out because someone killed my mother and I want to find my father so they kind of sort of made a deal, " she didn't want to say anything cause he might not know. She looked at her wrist a mark on her wrist glowing aude he was near. He wants to make a deal with her for some reason. " this person wants to make a deal with me but im not sure yet"
  17. Ciel "I see. Well how much time are they giving you to decide? Because I'm not so certain that them having someone tail you until you make a choice to make the deal with them or not is the safest thing for your sake. That is, if it's one of them that is following you around."
  18. Catherine looked over at him, she looked back where she felt them around. Catherine looked over and smiled, " Well it's about tomorrow. He told me that one will follow me around, saying that they don't want me to get hurt or stolen for some odd reason, I don't know who would steal me." She giggled a little. She then looked at him, "Do you understand what that meant?"
  19. Ciel "If you mean do I know what they meant about you getting hurt that's usually reguarding safety measures..I think if anyone is doing any kind of business with someone new, they take the new person's safety into consideration until they get the hang of whatever the one who hired them or in your case made a deal with them can do the task whatever it is without much assistance..in otherwords until you gained some experience..and that could be in any kind of job..but the part about you being stolen..I have no idea what that could be about..usually only high risk jobs..secret agents of the police, or assassins, have people who fall under those types of situations..one would have a assignment given to them and get caught by the individuals whom that person is trying to tail,..I've been given agent assignments myself from time to time by the police so I know how individuals feel about someone who knows a lot about the other individuals wrong deeds, and those individuals try to do what they can to keep the agent from talking, sometimes that individual trying to get rid of the agent to keep him or her quiet..in an assassin's case the one the assassin is trying to kill may get wise to the fact before they are struck down, and attack the assassin before the assassin his or herself can make the attack on them, but I guess that could happen in safer jobs too, not just high risk ones, for there are situations, business publicity for example, where if one person is trying to get a task done that would do well for their particular business or company, and lets say another company who rivals that one were going to fall short, perhaps stand to fail in their own business because some of their customers are going to their rival's now, well they would try to do anything in their power to stop the rival company for succeding in the task that would promote their business and popularity higher..like the rival company might try to steal and use the idea themselves for their own sake, or they may try to do something to sabotage the advertising, or in worse case scenario try to hurt or kidnap the one trying to do the promoting for their company, and hold him or her hostage until the advertising is cancelled.."
  20. Catherine just stood there in awe that this kid, her cousin when she left him how much he grew up as long as she grew up too. She smiled lightly as she looked at him and said, " Thanks Ciel, I hope it is one of those." She then looked over at him and said, " So what have you been up to since I last saw you, before I went away for a while." She wanted to have a family and she knew that while she was in town she was going to have dinner with her mother. She had important matters to talk about. She smiled sweetly wondering what the good news or the important matters that she wants to talk about with her. She then looked over at Ciel waiting for the answer.
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