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Iwaku's Very Special Fundraiser - Starting Friday the 13th!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Nov 7, 2015.

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  1. You know him as THAT ASSHOLE.

    Some of you love him.

    Most of you hate him.

    Once an Administrator of Iwaku, his best skill set was the bait and trapping of trolls.

    His love for Iwaku runs so deep, that he fiercely defends it from all threats.

    Yet, it is also this passion that blinded him to the collateral damages that occurred when he threw gasoline on to the flames.

    His reckoning day has come.

    And by your powers combined...





    We are shameless opportunists.

    Asmo is a guy that has given SO MUCH to Iwaku over the years! He was once a great administrator, and deep down he really does care about the well being of the community. Many of the things you see and practices we have are because of his contributions and influence. UNFORTUNATELY, he's also so blinded by his passion, he doesn't understand that being a huge shit to destroy other shits just creates more problems than it solves. People that are innocent get bulldozed in the crossfire. We've TRIED to explain it, we've tried to teach, we've tried all kinds of things but this is a lesson that hasn't been learned.

    We COULD just hit him with the ban hammer and be done with it. But, we saw this wonderful opportunity to allow all the people of Iwaku to have a little vindication while also helping the site. Asmo has pissed off a LOT of people over the years, both friends and foes. With this fundraiser, YOU get to help set the terms of his punishment while also helping Iwaku pay the bills. And because Asmo is someone who honestly loves Iwaku and was WARNED this is where he'd end up, we know he's not going to turn in to one of those psycho people that comes after us and kills us. <3

    We will NEVER have a chance to benefit the site AND have a bit of sporting fun in a safe way like this ever again.


    This fundraiser will last for 3 days and begins on FRIDAY THE 13TH.

    Don't be a jerk about things! He earned his ban, but lets not go around saying nasty things and being mean people.


    5 Dollars = 1 Day of Banishment.

    If you donate 25 dollars, that's 5 days of Asmo being banned.

    20 people donating 25 dollars would mean 100 days of a banned Asmo.

    There is NO cap on donations or the ban time. If you want him banned for 2 years, you could make it happen.

    (But um, please don't ban him forever. O_O I would have to pay taxes if we raised THAT much money.)


    And when Asmo returns from the wilds of banland, maybe he'll be a little more considerate. >:[

    If not, we'll get to have another fundraiser and ban him all over again! 8D


    Directly to the costs of Iwaku!

    • Our server bill is 100$ a month.
    • Renewals for some of our modification licenses are currently due and have to be renewed so we can download the updates. (This includes features like better mod controls, conversation features, the tags system, and additional site tools.)
    • Yearly domain costs.
    • NEW modifications when they become available. (We are still scouting for a new groups system and blogs system, for example!)
    • Sometimes when we have a LOT of cash in the kitty, we can bribe modders to do custom work for us.

    #1 Diana, Nov 7, 2015
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  2. Is this only for Asmo :|
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  3. Only for Asmo. O__O We are not ever going to let members donate to ban random people, that would be insane.
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  4. But think about all the monies you could make ;-;
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    Diana lies. We shouldn't have people like this in our community. I move that we should raise funds to ban Diana as well as Asmodeus. A donation of just $100 will be enough to ban Diana until someone fixes the database. If I reach $15,000, I should be able to afford the... services... to "ban" her forever!

    #BanDiana2k15 #YouKnowYouWantTo

    Still though, does Asmodeus not care, or is he doing stuff at the moment that means he can't do anything on the interwebs anyway? Cos if that's so it feels a little pointless.
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  6. I.... don't think this is a good idea. Feels evil and toxic for Iwaku's future imo.

    I didn't think the hangman game was serious...
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  7. Banning me WOULD be kind of nice. O__O I could go start my own site that is teenager-free and only filled with dianacandy charries of hot dudes with beards.

    Grumpy is my replacement! 8D
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  8. This honestly just seems unnecessarily cruel.

    Yeah, he can be a dick, but seriously?
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  9. .
    That Asmo has done so much for Iwaku is plenty of reason to be friendly and amicable with something like this. It benefits the site and helps cover expenses, it metes out a fair punishment for a bout of poor judgement. I get the feeling this was discussed with Asmodeus before this little fundraiser was cooked up, and I know Diana and the rest of Iwaku's staff would NOT go through with something like this if Asmo was not ok with it.

    I think this is an amusing and lighthearted way for a long-time friend of the community to take some time to consider what went wrong and how to better handle a situation next time something similar occurs, as well as a way to contribute to the site at the same time.

    That said, there SHOULD be a cap set on this, considering that if even one tenth of the members donate five dollars to the cause, Asmo will be gone for a fairly significant amount of time. Maybe cap it at $150? That'd be 30 days and cover a fair amount of expenses.
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  10. My sweet loves, think of it like a ROAST. But instead of making a bunch of Asmojokes until he cries, he's getting put in the corner.

    There is a REASON this is a once in a lifetime kind of fundraiser. O___O People should understand I have a great deal of love and respect for Asmo despite him being a pain in the ass. We can only do this because Asmo has a sense of humor and understands his role as an antagonizer. This is a very rare opportunity to fulfill a fantasy for people in a SAFE way.
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  11. I kind of feel sorry for Asmodeus right now. Can't we just smother him with hugs like we did with you, Diana?

    A hug [insert known Iwaku person] fundraiser also sounds like a great way to raise money~ I vote for Diana to be that person.
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  12. He seems to be okay with it, I guess. Besides how could anyone be against helping with site costs?
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  13. I feel there should be an explanation for newcomers or those who don't hang around the Iwaku community often and like to keep private: who the hell is 'Asmo'?
    #13 Henri, Nov 7, 2015
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  16. Hmm speaking of being an antagonizer reminded me of my favourite role. Can I pay to assault the moderators, armed with assorted fruits?

  17. I'd destroy everything you've worked hard to achieve, and you know it.
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  18. Wish I could help out, but I got no money DX
  19. [​IMG]

    I personally think this is a great idea. Satire has always been my kind of thing. I'm already donating but hell, I will throw my money on this just because it's funny as eff. And who knows, maybe Asmo even learns a thing or two while he takes some time off and thinks things through, eh? I don't see anything toxic about this, especially if it's partially agreed. Public roasting should totally be a thing among all staff members everywhere; keeps 'em humble and feet on the ground. Too many people tend to let it go in the head. This is the kind of gentle bitchslap that wakes people in the position of power and brings them back to reality. I don't know what exactly has gone down and it isn't my business, nor do I really care much since I don't really go around much in the site outside of my own RP, but it sounds like Asmo kinda earned this. I also believe he has a sense of humor just to roll with this. Because this is what it is; a casual joke. No one should take this too seriously. He's just that kid who is pushed into a timeout corner with a hat that reads "DUNCE" until a set amount of time for being norty. As much as he kinda scares me (no lie) I totally respect this stunt, too. This is a great way to gather up some cash for the site!

    Also a side note to those who think this is "cruel" etc. If someone doesn't know how to behave, you teach them. Punishments work far better than a pat on the cheek and flowery words. I'm sure you've seen how most of the European kids have grown fucked up and spoiled because nobody knows how to damn parent anymore. So see how well that's working out for them. And Asmo is a grown man here. If he hasn't taken it upon himself to understand while he's been talked with how to behave accordingly in a appropriate way, then I believe we have conclusion that it isn't working. Time to take action to beat that out of him. I've seen plenty of different sites and ways to run them in the past, but I've got to admit the Iwaku staff has impressed me the most thus far with how they run things. It works, and I think this situation is handled delightfully well.

    And admit it, y'all want to donate to this just as much as I do. Do it. I know you want to.

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  20. Here's the thing to consider: Asmodeus has done plenty to warrant just a straight up permanent ban if Diana were harsher and didn't take the intent of his actions into consideration. The fact that Diana is doing this instead of just throwing the hammer and being done with it is in fact being nicer than he deserves (in my opinion at least). Instead of saying "nah, fuck off, you're done kid," she's giving him a time out and using it to improve the site in another way at the same time.

    Is this fundraiser silliness crueler than full on banning the guy forever from a site he loves? If not, then consider this the lesser of two potential cruelties. If so, then that's unfortunate, the fundraiser is still happening because Diana is the law. :P

    By the way, my major disappointment is the high dollars to banned days ratio. I was hoping for 1 dollar = 1 day. :(
    #20 Jorick, Nov 7, 2015
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