Iwaku's Holiday Card Exchange!

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  1. It's that time of year again for sending people things smothered in glitter for the winter holidays! :D

    Iwaku's Holiday Card Exchange is a snail mail exchange with whomever throws their name and address in to the hat! You can send a card to ALL the names on the list or you can send just to the people you know. You can even send cards and not receive any OR just add your name to get cards.

    We will be taking people's addresses until the end of November. On December 1st, we'll be private messaging everyone with the Address list. :D

    We do have a few rules for the exchange!

    Make sure you are 100% comfortable in giving your address to strangers.
    We don't believe anyone on Iwaku is a psycho stalker serial killer and you can bet we'll punish anyone that turns out to be one. BUT you never know. Only submit your address if you feel comfortable and safe in doing so! Otherwise, it's better to just do a private exchange with your Iwaku friends.

    If my kid suddenly got a bunch of mail from people all over the planet that I never knew about, I would be freaked out as hell! Make sure your parents know and are okay with this. If they say no, respect it! They just wanna keep you safe from kidnappers and perverts.

    Don't do anything evil, stupid, or illegal!
    We don't have to remind you about that, right? Don't go sending anybody death threats, or anthrax, or ebola, or ask them to meet you at the mall. Be smart, be safe.

    Don't share addresses or send spam or something weird.
    Addresses are for the exchange ONLY! Don't be scary!

    If you have any questions, ASK.

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  2. First comment. Yes!
    Sorry guys, parent's won't let me join.
  3. That's a shame, but good on you for respecting your parental units!
  4. Yeah, I'm going to pass too; I'm not an adult.
  5. Well, I'm not going to be participating, but have a card anyway.
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  6. Since Peter and I have the same address, I filled out the form for both of us. Saves time to just send 1 card to both of us, but of course separate ones can be sent as well.
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  7. I'll make you guys a card and post them in your pms or on your profile. Thats all I can do. For as sending out my father's address will piss off my father greatly. If you want me to make you an art Christmas card made by me, just let me know. :)
  8. I'm considering this! It sounds like fun!
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  9. It sounds like fun :D Buuuuttttt I don't celebrate Christmas OTL

    EDIT :: I don't mind joining for the sake of snail mails. xD I need to ask my parents' permission though.
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  10. I would be down with this. The only issue is that I am in the UK, which would require international shipping for a lot of people.
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  11. I'm in the UK too, Panda. Most folk don't mind the international postage, and I got quite a lot of cards last year. It was really nice!
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  12. Well, I am up for getting and sending some cards, then.

    Thanks, Pillow boobies!
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  13. There were lots of UKdians in the card exchange last year; lettermail really isn't much more for international, and 99% of cards can go in letter mail. It's mostly things that need to be sent as parcels that the price adds up

    I would love a holiday e-card from you! 8D I'll make you one back

    @phantasmagoricStoner you can select a holiday other than Christmas! Last year I sent a couple out for people who wanted "winter" cards :3
  14. Well, I put my address out there for anyone who wants to send me a card and I am wanting to send a few myself. I will also take computer generated cards because cards are something I cherish and hold onto forever.

    Also! I am willing to become pen pals with those who want to do so! It would be fun!
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  15. Is it possible for a list of entered usernames I could send e-cards to be put up? Something without addresses?
  16. I don't think I can do that, BUT You could just post up a new thread asking people to throw their names in to a separate ecard list! :D That way you'll for sure those people want ecards.
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  17. This, I must say, is a really good idea. I'd much rather get ecards than physical cards, honestly ^-^
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  18. If you'd be kind enough to help set up a thread with me, I'd really appreciate it and love to do that!
  19. @ElBell
    I would be willing to help set up a thread to aid with this. It could have a few people running it.

    Would you be willing to link said thread from this thread?
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  20. Of course I'd lend a hand!