Iwaku's chat and blog features are going to be removed.

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  1. The on-site chats... I'm pretty sure I know what that is, but for some reason, my brain is just not clicking? :<
  2. The on-site chats are the chat rooms linked in the Community Connections area ^.^
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  3. OH! Okay cool, thank you so much! <3
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  4. Curious, will existing BBcode continue to function as normal after the update? o__o"
    Also, will there be any additional features coming to the forum as a result of the update?
  5. BB Code should not be affected at all. Basically what is getting updated is the very base forum software. There may be some mild aesthetic differences, but you probably won't notice a difference. A lot of what is getting tweaked in 2.0, from what I've looked at, is back-end stuff that makes administrative work more intuitive or cleaner. The main reason for updating to the latest version of the software is that it ensures that we continue to get customer support from XenForo and that bugs get fixed. Not updating means more bugs, no patches for things that break, and that add-ons (the special extra features we have) may not continue working properly as THEY get updated to be compatible. Most of the add-ons we use will be rolling out a new version to coincide, and we also won't get support for those if they break unless we have the latest versions and keep our licenses up to date.

    This is why Blogs and Chats won't be usable after the update. These add-ons are old and no longer have any support, and the way XenForo is built in 2.0 doesn't allow them to be installed because they've changed how add-ons are applied to the software.

    Basically, our options were to keep old add-ons that don't get support and already have some issues, and open the forum in general up to everything breaking... or cut the losses and make sure the important parts of the site keep running smoothly. I understand the disappointment some people are having, but it's a no-brainer.
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  6. Well that's a pisser.
  7. RIP our beloved Bordello Inn.

    The activity in it waned over the past year or so, but still it was a source of many fond memories - for me, and I believe for the rest of our small group of focused Inners.

    It will be missed.
  9. Yes. PMs won't be affected. Just the out dated add ons.
  10. Has an end-of-life date been determined for the blog feature?
  11. Whenever we do the big site update, so no, nothing specific yet. We'll know closer to when 2.0 rolls out.
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  12. Sho's character arc will be forever incomplete.
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  13. Not that surprised by the chats being an issue. Honestly, most chats are going to go the way of the dinosaurs because Skype and now Discord make one on one communication a lot easier.

    For blogs, I would recommend setting up either a Tumblr or Wordpress and set it to private, so that way you can keep your writing to yourself. It's not as convenient, but you'll always have access to them in some shape or form. Always make sure that you back your projects up and keep copies on Dropbox. The internet is not a forgiving place when it comes to projects getting lost in the codes of time.
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