SITE UPDATES Iwaku's chat and blog features are going to be removed.

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  1. @Kagayours to keep the threads you could bookmark or subscribe to them?
    Or PM yourself links?

    But if you don't want to post them in GC, that's your call.

    @ Staff

    On some other forums I was on, there was a forum for "User blogs" or "user hangouts" and basically you were allowed one thread in this forum and you could post whatever you wanted in this thread.
    The OP could allow replies by others or not.

    Doesn't seem like something Iwaku would be up for but felt like shooting the idea out there anyway.

    On that note...
    How often do test forum threads get archived?
  2. Bookmarking the threads would be an easy way for me to keep track of them all. But it wouldn't give anyone else an easy way to access all the entries. It wouldn't be possible to, for example, link someone to all of the entries with one URL, like Intrusive did earlier in this thread.
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  4. Sucks for people who actually use the blog, but it is what it is. I guess I have to transfer stuff to a prebuild/test thread now, huh?
  5. I swear Grumpy is the biggest motherfuckin' sweetheart Iwaku has.

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  6. As an alternative to
    As just a suggestion, for the to here who posted with places where they were not sure where their stuff should go: I have been using Google Drive for a very, very long time. I use it to save old RPs, character stuff, artwork and anything about my actual character worlds there. :D!
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  7. If anything, I know the Testing Chambers isn’t private (a con), but if Nyx wanted to see coding as intended, I would definitely suggest the Testing Chambers (pro).

    EDIT: I think it would just depend on what’s a priority- privacy or visually seeing the code.
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  8. Genuine question... Can I ask why privacy is such an issue? Is there a reason you wanna hide content? If the concern is other people posting... You can just request no one do so? Otherwise I'm confused why it's a problematic thing? I wasn't super familiar with blogs, personally, so I don't know how private they were... But I'm not sure what anyone's posting that needs to be hidden. And for the most part, very few people really bother with crawling through the test threads, anyway. I'll get the occasional like... But that's about it.
    Would it be okay to put my 'all my roleplays' blog post as a showcase thread? I mean, it kind of showcases all the roleplays I've ever been in on the site xD It's neat to have when I want to revisit old threads and it's easy to find stuff that new roleplay partners can check out if they want to see writing examples :) I have some blogs off site I could use, but it feels weird to link to roleplays on iwaku on unrelated blog sites where I'm not actually roleplaying xD

    I'm helping.
  11. Go to bed grampa, you're drunk again
  12. Don't quote me... But I feel like this would qualify as a showcase? It's roleplay/writing related... But I could also be horribly wrong.
  13. Yeah, I thought so as well, just wanted to double check if it counted :3
  14. Dangit. You quoted me.

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  16. Since it links to not only current but all past RPs, it's fine if you make a showcasing with that list.
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  17. I don't know that a forum like that would really be a satisfactory solution, for a number of reasons primarily tied to moderation and privacy issues. I do think, too, that most of the content that would belong in such an area has alternative options if it's going to be in thread format anyway. But thank you for the suggestion.

    Test threads get archived if the thread owner's account becomes inactive, banned, or deleted. We also occasionally will archive a thread that was obviously made for a one-off test. Otherwise they sit pretty where they are.

    You could make a megathread, with the OP containing a list linking to either individual threads or to posts within that thread for each article. That would make it easy to keep track!

    Sometimes people want to control the group of people with access to their content, like only sharing a character with RP partners or only allowing friends to view a personal rant. Blogs allowed you to set what group of people had access to see a Blog post.

    Wordpress and sites that use the Wordpress software are GREAT if this is a priority, by the way, because you can even password-lock your entries. Google Docs too allows you to share with specific email addresses.
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  18. lol
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  19. See this guy gets it.
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  20. That neat little search bar in the corner, just type in "[TSPAKI]", and whooosh, watch your threads appear in no time.