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  1. Welcome to the OOC for Ivalice, a modern fantasy roleplay based around a coven of witches.
    I don't really know what to say here, so I'm just going to post the information that I've got.
  2. Back Story -

    "I'm tired," a feminine voice whined.
    "Yeah, and the rest of us are tired of hearing you whine," came the growled response.
    A group of several people, all of whom appeared to be lost, made a trek through thick brush that no wagon, oxen pulled or otherwise, could get through. None of the group appeared to fit with the others, nor did any of them really look like the traveling type. However, they did seem to have some sort of established heirarchy amongst themselves, or at the very least a "leader" of the group. The leader of that group happened to be a woman who looked very much like she was about to start screaming. However, whatever temper might be bubbling under the surface, she seemed to have some sort of hold on. The look on her face said "I really want to just strangle all of you right now," and the fact that she didn't do just that seemed to speak volumes about her character. Instead of snapping she stopped walking, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.
    "Enough," her voice was soft, but it carried all hints of authority in it, which made it seem that much louder.
    "Andolov, if I hear you harassing Sami one more time, I'm going to whack you over the head with my staff. Sami, dear, I know you're tired. We're all tired. Please, just give us some patience. We all knew this wasn't going to be easy when we started out. For the time being, we will rest, though, for I am not certain how much farther we must trek before we reach our destination," when the woman spoke this time, her voice still carried authority, but her tone was lighter. It was also made obvious just how tired the woman was.

    The group stopped their foward trek and began unloading the few items that they carried with them. Most found places to sit, though some took the opportunity to stretch their limbs, stiff from walking, before settling in. Now, one might wonder about the sanity of people settling down in an unknown forest, even in a large group such as their own. The group, however, was lacking in neither intelligence nor sanity. (Well, for the most part, and depending on whom you asked.) In fact, they all possessed something that most people don't; the ability to use magic. (Well, that and you travel on foot for three days through a dense forest and tell me that you really care what might come out of the forest and threaten to eat you alive.)

    "My children," a soft voice whispered through the area that the coven had chosen to rest. The sound of the voice made every person, no matter how exhausted, sit up straight and look around. The goddess had spoken to them before, but it was always an eerie thing when it happened. One of those eerie things that puts everyone on edge until it ends.
    "Your destination is not far off. One more hour of traveling and you will reach a break in the trees. This will signify the start of the lands that I have sent you to. Remember that your magic will be essential to the town I wish from you, and make sure that your descendants know and remember this as well. Should the time ever come that you do not remember what you are here for, a powerful evil will breach your new home. Rest now, and make all haste to your destination," the voice whispered through the very trees, slowly fading away.

    And so it was that the group rested and restarted their journey with a renewed sense of vigor. It was as the goddess had promised, within the hour after their rest, they entered the lands that the goddess had promised awaited them. They spent the next several months building the start of their town, often using their magic to incorporate elements of protection, prosperity, and nature itself into the very foundation of the town. It wasn't until after the basic constructions were finished that they decided to give a name to their town. With the approval of their goddess they named the town Ivalice. With the help of their magic, the town grew as each new generation came to be. The knowledge of the towns beginnings was passed on to each new generation, and as old turns into new with modern times, a new coven is in place, presiding over the town.
  3. Plot -

    It's been several generations since that first coven set foot in Ivalice. Their descendants have taken their place as the presiding coven, and these ones may be even more gifted than their ancestors. It seems that the goddess highly approves of this new coven, even though she's shown her contempt for most of modern society. As the generations progressed and passed, the knowledge of the importance of their location has become increasingly more clear. The landscape has natural representations of each of the five elements. The field, which lies along their northern boarder, is a representation of earth. The forest that boarders the east of the town represents air. The underground hot springs (which until recently they've never proved the existance of) represents fire on the southern boarder. The ocean on the western boarder is a strong representation of water. Even spirit has it's own representation, in the way of the cemetery that lies in the center of the town. These elements have proved very affective in aiding the workings of the covens' magic over the years.

    Because of its location, not many outsiders are aware of the significance of Ivalice, nor even really where it lies. However, there have been increasing rumors about the town amongst the magical community of the world. It seems that our coven are no logner the only ones with a wish to live in such a place. They, however, were here first, and don't much care for the idea of their home being over run by outside members of the magical community. Yes, the town is the perfect place for any magic practitioner; no, they don't want to share it. Can you imagine what would happen to a town, once "ruled" by a single coven who merely blends with the normal population (which outnumbers them greatly), if that town was over run with new magic users? Things would definitely not turn out so great, and our coven isn't exactly in the mood to battle against others for their rightful place as the main coven of their town. Even if the Morrigan, their goddess, simply beams at the idea. I guess that's what they get for having a war goddess as their patron diety.
    Battle and struggle may not be what they want, but it appears they don't get a say in what others want. Enter the coven of Night (name subject to change), whose witches deal only in blood magic. They're out to steal Ivalice, not just move there, and they will do whatever is necessary to accomplish this goal, even if it means seeing to the deaths of those in the towns current coven. They want Ivalice for themselves, and have no qualms about harming whoever they have to in order to get it.
  4. Active Powers & What They Do -

    : The ability to bring inanimate objects to life or to free a person from petrification.
    -Astral Projection : The ability to separate and control one's astral body.
    -Aura Perception : An aura is the spiritual energy field that emanates from a person or object. Most often, auras convey the feelings and emotions of the person or object involved in a range of colors. An aural perceiver has the equivalent of a permanent mood ring decoder for everyone and everything in his/her path.
    -Biokinesis : The ability to heal, or perform other biological manipulation. A biokinetic can knit tissue together just as easily as he or she can stop a breath; or a heart.
    -Clairaudience : The ability to aurally perceive words or sounds originating on the spiritual plane. Clairaudients are also able to hear sounds at low and high frequencies not audible to the human ear.
    -Clairvoyance : The ability to visually perceive events that are taking place elsewhere or sense places that are not in view. Some clairvoyants can also see certain types of spirit or foreign energy. Clairvoyants are usually also able to see auras.
    -Emotional Transmission : The ability to project emotions to another person.
    -Empathy : The ability to recieve emotions from other people. Depending on the strength of the empath, some of them may recieve whole images ( or even "video" ) from a person. Basically they are "psychic vampires", and unless an empath is really good at controlling his or her power, you might want to have something to protect you from them, 'cause they can (and will without realizing it) drain you. A particularly strong empath can channel the emotions connected to another witch's active powers and turn them back against them, though most empaths will only do this if they are being attacked.
    -Energy Manipulation
    : The ability to manipulate energy into whatever form the witch with this power desires. (Used for offensive or defensive purposes only.)
    -Energy Shielding : The ability to manipulate energy into the form of a shield.
    : The ability to temporarily change ones physical appearance.
    -Gravitakinesis : The ability to mentally manipulate gravity. Usually considered generic telekinesis.
    -Invisibility : The ability to temporarily make oneself invisible.
    -Levitation : The ability to levitate ones self. A witch who has a particularly strong affinity for this gift may be able to levitate one or two people with him/her, by holding on to them.
    -Liquification : The ability to temporarily turn oneself into a liquid form. (This would be a defensive power.)
    -Molecular Acceleration : The ability to speed up molecules, causing things to rapidly heat up; often making the object melt or ignite.
    -Molecular Combustion : The ability speed up molecules in an object or life form so it explodes.
    -Molecular Deceleration : The ability to slow down the molecules of an object.
    -Molecular Immobilization : The ability to slow and cease all movement of molecules within a person or area, leaving temperature unaffected. Essentially this would be the ability to temporarily "freeze" a moving object or person in place.
    : The ability to see and communicate with the dead.
    : The ability to quickly memorize and/or decipher any foreign langauge.
    -Power Sensing : The ability to sense or recognize the powers of another person.
    -Precognition : The ability to perceive events before they happen.
    : Precognition in the form of more abstract senses, emotions, or feelings..kind of like a mood ring of prediction.
    : The more beloved an object is by its owner, the more of the owner's energy is retained inside that object. Similarly, the stones of old houses and castles may retain some memory or recording of especially passionate events that have taken place in their midst. Psychometry is the ability to sense this energy and relate details about the past or future condition of an object, person, or location, usually by being in close contact with it.
    -Sonokinesis : The ability to mentally manipulate sound waves. Sonokinetics rarely evre go deaf, but if one decides not to listen to you, he or she can literally tune you out.
    -Tactile Telekinesis : The ability to manipulate objects by touching them. People who are tactile telekinetics can carry massive objects with little effort.
    : Okay, the way it was explained, I believe that she wanted this to be an active power. Apparently this would be the use of chi to perform magic. Chi is apparently a "renewable resource"/ "renewable energy source", so to speak when it comes to Taoism. There is another type of energy, called Jing, that a person is born with and can be depleted for the use of magic, but is unable to be renewed, unless the magic user draws the energy from another living being. (Similar to psychic vampirism in that they both drain the subject.)
    -Technopathy : The ability to manipulate electronic fields and/or devices.
    -Shinto : The use of magic through spirits? I would guess someone with this ability would be able to see/communicate with the spirits, since the spirits have to be willing for their energy to be used for magic.
    : The ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind.
    -Telematerialization : The ability to teleport objects with the mind.
    : The ability to mentally communicate with another person. (In this roleplay telepaths cannot read the minds of other people.)
    -Teleportation : The ability to disappear from one place and reappear in another almost instantaneously.
  5. Spells & How They Work -

    Every witch, in this roleplay, has an affinity for one of the five basic elements. (Earth, air, fire, water, and akasha (or spirit.)) You might ask how this is important to spells, and I'm going to tell you. This is important because, the location of each element is important when it comes to casting a circle, (which is an important part of casting a spell) and it is important that the witch with the proper elemental affinity stand in the proper location of said element when during a circle casting.
    This does not mean that a solitary witch cannot cast a circle (or a spell), they just have to find a different representation for each of the elements when doing so.
    A spell can be cast simply by weaving magic into words. However, the spell will be much more powerful if correspondences (herbs, stones, colors, numbers, elements, etc..) are part of the spell. Aside from those correspondences, another way to make a spell especially strong is to invoke the goddess. If she is invoked and pulled into a circle, you'd better have a really good reason for doing so, otherwise things will not go how you want them to.
    Something to keep in mind; you do not dismiss the goddes, nor her elements. You thank them for being a part of your circle, inform them that your circle is now closed, and tell them they are more than welcome to stay around, but if they do not wish to, they will be missed until they next choose to return.
    Oh yeah, they can choose not to come when you call upon them.
  6. Other Things You Need To Know -

    -I will be very upset if you don't follow the plot line.
    -I will also be very upset if you break any rules, and/or god-mod. If there's one thing that really bugs me, it's godmodding.
    -I will be extremely upset if you post (in the in character thread) before I have accepted your character sheet. (So please, for the love of all that's holy, don't do it.)
    -Every witch in the coven either has already been, or will be, tested for their elemental affinity.
    -Once your character has been approved, I will send you a pm entitled "What drains your character.." Every witch has something that will drain their powers. ICly this will only be known by your character and his/her patron god/goddess. OOCly it will only be known by myself and you.
    -Five of the coven memebers will have a stronger affinity for their element than the others. This will go so far as to give them a decent ammount of control over their element. (This counts as one of their active powers, people!)
    -The Morrigan is their patron goddess.
    -She will occasionally pop in with cryptic words of what the future may hold for them. She's technically not supposed to interefere, so nine times out of ten interpreting her words is a royal pain.
    -Familiars. They are there to offer protection and guidance to the individual witches and the coven as a whole. Something that not many people know is this : They are the reincarnation of the wwitches ancestors. If all of the familiars were whiped out, that would be the end of the coven.
    -The coven of Night will take over Ivalice at some point.
    -When that happens, the coven will be split up as they are forced to flee.
    -Shortly thereafter strange things will begin happening in the town. Essentially the town itself, not the people left behind, will begin turning on the coven of Night.

    The Coven of the Morrigan -

    Spirit: Alistrine (played by Wytch..main element.)
    Air: Li (Played by I_AM_THAT_IS...main element); AleJandro (Played by Desaecula...secondary element.)
    Fire: Leandra (Played by Dutches_Bastet...main element)
    Water: Jezleen (Played by Church...main element.)

    The Coven of Night:
    Spirit: Colton (Played by Wytch..main element.)

    Non-Affiliated Witches:
    John Stranger (Played by Xion Caranthacus) fire affinity.
  7. Character Sheet -

    {B A S I C S}

    Name: (Full name, please.)
    Age: (No younger than 18, and no older than 30, please.)
    Coven Name: (A nickname or title.) (Okay. Allow me to attempt to explain this. The witch who has a high affinity for fire, should be nicknamed/titled "fire". The same goes for the others with high affinities.)
    Coven affiliation: (Which coven is your character in or sided with?)
    (Description of looks, or a picture. If you give me a description, just make a list of their physical attributes. There's no need to get overly fancy with it. -- Should you choose to use an image for your character, please only use realistic ones. I can't stand there being a mixture of different types of pictures, and I prefer real over anime. ;-; Sorry.)

    {C H A R A C T E R - S T O R Y}

    (This would be called the "history" or "back ground" of a normal character sheet. Give me some details, if you don't mind, especially if you're playing a character of the opposing coven. I want to know what makes them tick and why they're so bent on destroying Ivalice. (: )

    {M A G I C}

    Active Power 1:
    Active Power 2:
    Active Power 3:
    Destined Active Power:
    (This is a power that they will gain later in the roleplay.)
  8. Character Sheet -

    {B A S I C S}

    Name: Li Ti Quai
    Age: 21
    Coven Name: Wind
    Coven affiliation: Coven of the Morrigan

    {C H A R A C T E R - S T O R Y}

    Li Ti Quai is a air element witch in the Coven currently residing in Ivalice. Just like the wind he can be calm and fun or angry and destructive. Li refuses to take life at all possible costs seeking rather a more suitable means of conflict resolution such as negotiations. If a compromise cannot be reached and communications break down or never start with an opponent then Li will devastate them but keep from killing them. He would rather see someone suffer for the wrongs they have committed then to have the take the easy way out.
    Li was born to one of the air elemental witches in the coven. Hid mother died at his birthing leaving his father to raise him on his own while attending to his duties in the coven and the Morrigan. His father taught him everything that he knows and holds dear in this life and it is his sworn private duty to follow his father's path. Knowing that sometimes magic fails and if put in the situation that you cannot use magic Li's father taught him ancient chinese shao-lin kung fu including several of the weapons. Li took a quick affinity to the martial art and devoted himself to mastering the internal arts as well as crane and Chen (sword).
    Following his father's path in all aspects Li has devoted himself to the coven and the Morrigan. He seeks to protect the people of Ivalice as well as the magic and the coven members. Li is a protector, seeking the overall good for everybody.

    {M A G I C}

    Active Power 1:Taoism
    Active Power 2:Energy Manipulation
    Active Power 3:Molecular Immobilization
    Destined Active Power:

  9. Approved
  10. {B A S I C S}

    Alastrine Venetia O'Halloran
    Coven Name: Spirit
    Coven affiliation: The Coven of the Morrigan

    {C H A R A C T E R - S T O R Y}

    Alastrine was born and raised in Ivalice. Her link to the original coven came from her mother's side of the family. Her father was a witch, as well, but he had no connection to the original coven of the town. Oddly enough Alastrine's mother gave the child her maiden name, instead of her married one. Sometimes this bothered Alastrine, but when her father explained that it made no difference to him, she finally let go of the subject.
    Her whole life has been based around magic, but she wouldn't have it any other way. Learning the ins and outs of her powers has proved to be frustrating, as well as rewarding, but shes finally comfortable enough with the powers that she has. Though she won't deny that having such a strong affinity for spirit has ever been the bane of her existance. Seeing dead people isn't as fun as it sounds. Many of them take on the appearance of what their body looked like when it died, and she's been scared shitless/creeped out more often than not. They like to follow her around, too, and she's had to learn how to tune them out when they start jabbering. Her daily routine consists of lots of loud music, or very loud humming on her part.

    {M A G I C}

    Active Power 1:
    Active Power 2: Telekinesis
    Active Power 3: Molecular Combustion
    Destined Active Power: Energy Shielding
  11. Character Sheet -

    {B A S I C S}

    Name: Leandra Vayash
    Age: 22
    Coven Name: Fire
    Coven affiliation: Coven of the Morrigan

    {C H A R A C T E R - S T O R Y}
    Leandra comes from the original coven, the magick passed down through the generations on her mother's side. She is a fire witch, and with that she is almost the perfect embodiment of the elemet. She has a horrble temper that flares out quite often. So far she is able to control it, but she fears the day that she cant control that 'fire' within herself. The coven has been partnering her with water elemental witches to help control her natural born fury. Other than the fury she is an incredibly passionate and caring person, yet, she has no qualms about killing if necessary. Through learning control from her water counterparts, she has become a very tactful person, she can easily see both sides of a discussion or a debate, and while her own opinions may differ, she can help mediate these discussions. All her magick when she uses it has the upside of acting almost immediately like a match, but can have the downside of lasting longer than it should. This is useful in ritual magicks, but not quite so useful in short term spells. She can hear the Goddess often due to her clairaudience, and because she was born under the signs of fire and war listens to the Morrigan more often.

    {M A G I C}

    Active Power 1: Clairaudience
    Active Power 2: Animation
    Active Power 3: Psychometry
    Destined Active Power: Precognition

  12. Approved.
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