It's a Dog Eat Dog World: Act 2

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  1. It’s a Dog Eat Dog World
    Co-GM's : Kronas17 & Phi Chisym


    Act One: Gnawing at the Bone

    2015 – The US has falling into corruption. Food is scare and the few who have survived the Governmental Crash of 2012 are now fighting for freedom from suffrage. Cops, who were meant to serve and protect, were now killing anyone for food themselves. No place, and no one, is safe anymore.

    The Army and National Guard are still working to maintain some sort of order. Since the Presidential pyramid has been broken, the Secretary of Homeland Security and the top Generals of the four major Armed Services are working together to building a new government format and strengthen the people’s trust for it. But, it’s a terrible challenge.

    After three years, life has flipped back to something like The Great Depression of the 1930's. Everyone is protective of their own – what little they had for themselves. They’ve become scavengers, hunters, hoarders of whatever they could find or gain. The ole mighty dollar has lost its value in the US – but a few hold on to their money, faithful that things will return to normal. Bartering is now the new currency. If you have something the other wants, trade it for something they have that you favor.

    But, even if trades are done in good faith, there are many who feel that it’s easier to just bully their ways, force their gain, and take what they want. They are called The Dogs… the Alphas of this new era. They are people who are use to getting their way, strong and forceful, attacking the little guy to self-appoint themselves as the new rulers of the lands.

    There are several Pit Territories established now, with a leader, advisors, an army, citizens and slaves. They protest their territory, keeping their laws and abiding their rules. They allow new members to join their family, but under their conditions. If you deny this, then you’re forced into slavery.

    It’s always best to avoid those areas… But, if you by chance step across their lines, expect to fight for your freedom.

    Act Two: Chasing Tails

    Just when things were going so well, everything falls out of place. Matt and Josie prepare to skip town, taking Montgomery as carry-on luggage. They are determine to find Danny at all cost, regardless if a price sits on their heads from The Haven for the death of their head leader, or the fact that Josie now eats for two.

    What they are unaware of is the simple understanding of logic: You leave without informing someone, they're going to look for you. You murder someone, someone else will seek you out.You don't die like any normal person should, and eventually someone's going to come back to finish the job...

    By the time Matt and Josie realize all of this, it's going to be too late. They're about to walk smack dab into the middle of the birth of war, and become the apple of New Nation's eyes. But, there is hope hidden away in some unknown place, from an unknown time...watching like the god its become.

    Will Matt, Josie and Montgomery find Danny and the Twins? Will they survive the accusations, the body snatchers, and desperate gold diggers seeking them out? And in the mist of it all, will more be revealed about this nasty game of dog and cat? We shall see...

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    The trees swayed slightly as the wind blew. The empty cars left in the road opened or broken into as the alarm went off, the buildings that were once beautiful and nice were old shrivled up and dark. People scattered and ramaged through food to survive, killing eachother if it deemed necessary and others teamed together to kill and steal food for any chance of survival.

    Matthew walked along the empty street clentching and adjusting the bag on his back. He slowly looked around obsurving the area before he contined to walk, his wrench he round in the apartment of the slums were useful and his other equiptment was in his bag. Zipping up his jacket he sat in the nearest car and looked around checking the glove compartments until he found a pocket knife. Sighing in relif he placed it in his pocket and continued on his way.

    The rest of the block further down seemed not to be the best idea necessary, he knew down that block he could be jumped by some thugs that had teamed together and he didn't have a gun so he haa no chance against a group of guys, mabey he's take on two but he knew it was about five of them. Clentching on to his wrench he walked dowm the other block. Out of nowhere he was tackled and hit his head on the concrete. When he looked up a guy was tring to robb him. He brought his right hand on and slamed the wrench in his head knocking him out.

    Standing up and brushing himself off he felt light headed. When he placed his hand on his head it felt warm and wet. Looking at hsi hand he saw a great amount of blood and he winced in pain. He had to find his way to a car or someplace safe, being out in the sreet injured was a sign of weakness and someone else soon enough would try to attack him. He slowly walked down the block looking around, his eyes getting blury before he slumped to the ground.
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    “It’s time…”

    The snap of a pocket watch cover echoed in the still parking garage – what was left of it. The sound trailed off as the young woman stood to her feet to continue rolling up her sleeping bag. A mid-day breeze caught her dark hair, blowing it in her grimy face to slow down her actions. Josie swiped it away, a quick tuck under her ear and continued on. There was no time to stop now, not even for the little things.

    As of right now, a military responding team is heading into this uncertified pit territory. Their mission is to aid survivors, offer first aid, clean water and food, clothing and other supplies to deal with the hot days and cold nights. But, most of all, they are to roundup any survivors and ship them to the military controlled camps – for safety sake, they say.

    Well, if they’re so safe, why are people trying to escape?

    Jocelyn’s heard stories… She’s been squatting with a few survivors who have escaped from Camp 12, several miles away. It was amazing what they had to do to get out, and how much they’d endured just to make it as far as they did. That was true survival, in her eyes; meeting challenges face to face – never say die. Jocelyn was not about to learn the hard way like those other survivors had. She's had enough of learning things that way. When they caught the word about the response team, she was up early with the rest of them, packing as much as she could into what little bags she held. Nothing special, but everything required to just live…and stay safe.

    “Hey Jo, are you trekking this alone, or are you coming with us?” Terrance asked, shouldering his stash of goodies and tying his sweat-soaked bandana around his dark forehead.

    “Sure, I’m with you guys…just gotta get a few more things and check my bike.”

    “Alright, we’re heading out in five.”

    She nodded and tied her sleeping bag to the top of her backpack. Once she was set, she tied her machete sheath around her waist, securing the tip with a leather band around her thigh. She already had a really bad scar there from wearing her machete at night, not untying the leather strap when she was wearing shorts. There was no way she was going to allow it to get stolen while she slept. It was healing well, thank to Terrance’s mother’s home made aloe vera cream, God bless her soul. She was lucky to have found a live plant in the apartment building they were staying in one time (the one that slightly caved in on them). It was still tender, but she had gauze wrapped around her thigh this time, held on with a bit of paper tape and the leather strap.

    She took her time heading downstairs. Even though the stairs were made of concrete and metal, there were still a lot of flaws and weak spots. These city buildings were not safe to live in anymore, but you got to sleep indoors – somewhere. If not, you can be attacked by wild animals, crazy thunderstorms can kill you instantly, but the worst thing that can happen to you overnight is being kidnapped by a Dog.

    Being indoors and with a group of survivors you can trust…yea, that’s one way to attempt survival. Not the best way, just the only way you got.

    Jocelyn reached the ground floor and headed outside. She strapped her things into her makeshift carrier – a large grocery cart attached to an old 1998 Moped, equipped with a Jeep battery. It was better than trekking on foot, and obviously worth the extra scavenging. Her survivor group liked it so much, they all searched for old things to make up their own. Now, our group rode in style… Which was good – in a way, and very, very bad. There are always a lot of envious, greedy people across the nation, especially when that nation has fallen to its end. As she checked her oil levels in the Moped, someone started shouting across the dilapidated street. A large group of people were coming this way. They weren’t for sure if they were the military, or worse…

    “Jo! Hurry up, will ya!” Terrance and a few of her friends shouted. She jumped on her bike and started the engine, quickly following them out the barrier.


    After several hours of travel, the group stopped in another free territory for a break. Jocelyn wandered around, like she normally did, searching for things she could use…things no one else had claimed for themselves. She knew she should have stayed with the other scavenger group, but she’d taken off the other direction because something interesting caught her attention. Off to the side of one of the broken buildings she saw a foot…booted. It could be another body…but, they’ve all learned to check – at least, hoping for the best.

    “Grant! Sarah! There’s someone over here!” She started to move faster, hoping that the person was still alive. She found a guy, blood turning his hair into a mud pie. His face too – too messed up to recognize as human or mineral. She held her machete tight and leaned in closer, tapping the heel of his boot first to see if he’d flinch. When he didn’t, she moved to the side of the body and tapped the thigh with the flat part of her knife. Nothing…

    “Watch yourself, girl!” Grant called out. Him and Sarah were the two elders in the group, and were good with medical stuff. “It could be a trick!”

    “K, but he’s not moving!” She keep her distance and kneeled down, trying to see a face in all that mess, to see if there was any breathing going on. “Hey…are you alive, or dead?" she whispered.
    Jocelyn tapped the side of the blade against the man’s back – wondering if all was safe enough to, at least, check his pulse. Looking up quickly to see how close the others were, Jocelyn leaned over slightly with a smirk, "If you’re dead, I’m taking your boots.”
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    As he it the floor everything went black. There was a door but nothing else surrounded by whitness, the knob was red. It looked similar but so did every door, he moved tword it his fingers twitching slightly as he felt his breathing increase, as the door opened there was a bed it was to small for him and it was a race car bed. Then he remembdered, it was his brothers, The figure of a boy ran past his vison as he called out the boys name but he never turnned around.

    His body moved once, no twince, no three times. He figured iit was somebody trying to streal his things, when he felt something against his back he groaned moving his head slightly. It felt worse than before as if someone was kicking him in his head. As he slowly opened his eyes he realized he was in dirt. Moving his body again he was to weak but he managed to move his arms and press off so he was on his back to look at the three people hoving over him. " Dont take my things...". He clenched the wrench in his hands as his eyes blinked slowly . He winched in pain and made another suddle sound of pain.
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    "He's alive!" Josie called out just when Grant and Sarah reached her. They all watched as he croaked something about his things and attempted to protect himself by lifting a wrench.

    "Don't move, son," Grant kneaded down beside his head, trying to find the wound. "We're here to help you. Josie, go move my bike over here. We don't have time to fix him. I'll carry him in my side car for now. Once we've reached Freemont, we'll work on him."

    Josie nodded and stood up, watching the two older adults check the guy out. She was happy that the man was alive, but she really needed a new pair of boots. Her cowboy boots, a set she's traded for an old radio, were worn and falling apart. There was no support, so they made her feet blister when she walk in them for long periods of time. She needed new socks too...

    Oh well, better luck next time.

    She revved up the engine of his Harley (the one he had since the fall), and was about to move, but Terrance had returned from his savaging, running - to be exact, with a frightened stance about him. Something was wrong.

    "There's bandits around...they got Justin and Melissa."


    "Yea...they're quick too. I was with them, looking in another area... I didn't hear anyone, didn't see anything; no screams... nothing. We've got to go now!"

    "There's a guy over there injured - probably the bandits' work."

    "Well, let's get and go. They know we're here now!"

    Terrance jumped in the side car and Josie drove them to where the others were...only to find them gone.

    Josie jumped off the bike and rushed to the guy's side, "Hey, you still awake? Where did those two go, the one's helping you?" She was getting nervous now...and automatically pulled her machete. "Terrance, help me get him in here..."

    Together, then lifted the injured guy and strapped him into the side car. Josie drove back to the other bikes with Terrance running beside. They took what they could from the other bikes. Terrance strapped her shopping car onto the side car of Grant's bike to give her more space to carry things. When they were all set, Terrance left to go relieve himself around the building.

    "Can you just hold it... or piss and drive at the same time... We shouldn't separate now."

    "You can go wit-" He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence. An arrow suddenly was penetrated his chest.

    Josie gasped and jumped off the bike to help Terrence settle to the ground. There was nothing she could do for him. Looking up she saw three guys - bandits, running towards her. One of them was setting another arrow - for her.

    Josie grabbed Terrence's gun from his hip and started shooting random as she stood, hitting bow and arrow guy in the chest, and another in the arm. One down - the other two reached her and started to circle. She held the gun steady, which kept them away. (obviously they weren't caring firearms).

    "Just stay away! I'll let you take the other bikes and everything on there. Just let me keep mine and we'll be on our way."

    "But, you've got the better bike," one of them responded, "and the better ass." This one stepped closer, underestimating that she would shoot. Well, Josie squeezed the trigger...and nothing happened.

    The bandits began laughing, "Out of bullets, out of luck."

    One jumped towards her, branding a butterfly knife. She sidestepped and opened his gut with her machete. It wasn't a deep enough cut, but it pissed him off. He retorted with a back slap that threw her backwards, throwing her into a pile of rocks and wooden crates. Something burned in her back and down her left arm, but she didn't have time to check to see what it was. They were moving closer.

    She stood, pulled her chain off her belt strap and began trilling it over her head, around her arms and neck. It was like a twisted dance between her and the chain. Stopping in their tracks, they watched her literally tie herself up with it. Such a beautiful sight, to watch this girl's delicate frame twist and contort for their pleasures, and better still to see her give up so freely and tie herself up just for them.

    "Nice, we don't have to worry about strapping you down then." One of them stepped forward, and Josie kicked out with the chain hook, which dug into the man's neck. As he gurgled a yell and fought, Josie yanked and watched the hook lock in place and pull the man's thorax out for good. It was an easy kill. The attack was nothing to her, but for some reason, she was starting to wobble.

    "Why you -" The last guy attacked her from behind, wrapping his arm around her neck and pushing something in her back. She screamed, now feeling the pain in the place she felt earlier when she fell. Did he get her with a knife, or did she land in something and he's using it against her? All Josie knew was that he needed a breath mint.

    Fighting for air, Josie reared back and stomped his foot, which caused him to loosen his grip around her neck. Perfect opportunity to twist around and grab his neck. She kicked him in the knee, hearing it crack and give way in an unorthodox direction. The guy screamed bloody murder in her ear. Falling to his good knee, the man cried for mercy, but Josie already learned that there was no such thing anymore. She silently wrapped her chain around the man's neck and squeezed...

    She let the body drop as she limped back to the bike. Feeling around her back, she pulled out whatever it was there, accidentally leaving some behind. She looked at it - a shard of glass, great; and searched through the first aid stuff quickly to, at least, find something to cover up wound. It was bad, but not terminal. She'll survive...


    Hard travel for another hour, it wasn't enough to reach Freemont. That would be another hour and a half more travel. It was getting dark and she was beginning to tire. All of her aches and pains were singing in full Acapella, and the migraine she was developing was causing her vision to blur. She'd already crossed the lake, so she knew she was very close to Freemont, but closer to Haven - another free territory that was managed by an old church congregation.

    She drove in and found a decent house on the outskirts that was unoccupied and still standing. Looking around the place, it was good enough to keep them safe for the night. She hauled her stuff inside, then figured out a way to get her bike and the side car through the hole in the back side of the house. When everything was inside, she did her best to barricade the hold with wood she'd found around, large rocks, and a few tarps. At least, it would keep the animals out.

    She was starting to lose her focus, and hunger settled in. Josie made a fire in the fireplace that still stood and functioned, and started warming up some beans. She took a moment to check her wound, which was difficult since it was in her back, but she managed to change the dressings. Her shirt was torn and bloody, but she wasn't going to grab another one right now. Instead, she turned her attention to the guy...the reason why all of her friends were dead.

    She saw that Grant's last action was to wrap his head. Sarah...looks like she was able to take care of his other wounds. At least, they were helping someone out before they died. She didn't want to cry, or hold remorse over what happened, but if she didn't find this guy in the first place, all of them would have been sitting pretty in Freemont right about now.

    She kicked the side car, "Get up! You've had plenty of rest. Might as well make some use of yourself..." She took her time to return to the fire, pulling out more bedding for the guy and tossing it near the side car. "Make your own resting place, and leave me the hell alone."

    Josie checked the beans, finding them okay, and settled down on her mat. She had found a few plates, some bread, cheese, and water. That's all she had - today. She hated that she was going to have to share her rations with this guy, but she knew better than to create an enemy, even in her head. As of right now, she was alone... To travel alone, especially for a young woman, was dangerous. She had to put feelings aside and with it.
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    Matthew did as he was told and stayed where he was told. He looked at each of the people, two females and a male.When they said they were helping him he sighed relived and allowed them to help him, his face was dirty from the mud and his head was damaged. He listined as the older male told one of the females to retrive the car and he watched as she did. He closed his eyes breifly but opened then when he heard nor felt andyone and the two people were gone.

    Trying to move he couldnt but he heard noises, he looked over slowly to see the female and then some guy running at full speed tword her. He watched as they reached her and when the girl asked where the two that were helping him went, he just shook his head not knowing anything. They helped him into the side car just as the male was shoot with a arrow. His mind was recing trying to comprehend what was going on. Suddenly the female was being attacked but she managed and got in the car and drove.

    He closed his eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep as he had the same dream as before, then to be awoken by a shouting voice. He opened his eyes to look at the pissed female and he groaned slightly as he dragged himself out the car. " Okay and thanks for everything". He picked out the bedding and placed it by the fire sitting ontop of it he opened his bag and pulled out gauze bandaged which he applyed to his head before looking at the female. " Are you injured?".
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    ((FYI, motorcycle. Jo took Grant's Harley Davidson bike with a side car attached to it. Just letting you know if that
    was confusing. :) ))

    "Okay, and thanks for everything."

    Josie grunted when the guy thanked her."Um, yea...saving you cost five lives. Hope you're worth it."

    Avoiding looking up, she glanced towards him out the corner of her eyes, watching his actions cautiously. When he asked if she was injured, she blankly answered, "No!" and continued to eat. Then, she stopped, spoon full of beans froze before her mouth before she dropped it in defeat.

    She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, somewhat struggling with allowing this...bad luck do anything for her. But she knew if she didn't get any medication on that wound, it would just fester, become infected, and then she was screwed. Besides, the throbbing pain was making her lose her little appetite. "Yea...a shard of glass stabbed me in the back. I can't reach back there to clean the wound."
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    Matthew watched the female as she ate some beans, he wasn't starving but he was slightly hungry. " Um it cost money?". He raised his eyebrows and looked at her for a moment, he had money on him that that he scavaged from dead bodies and from his home...when it was a home. Walking over to her he sat behind her and slowly lifted up her shirt looking at the wound, it wasn't that bad but still. " This migt hurt a bit". He pulled the glass out before she could speak and then a large bandage on it before pulling her shirt back down.

    " The wound ins't deep but it is a cut, since i dont have the necessary things to clean it i'll have to find some tommarow but it wont get that infected i promise". He placed the rest of his bandages in his bag and warmed up by the fire. Everything had turrned out completly diffrent than he had thought, being bashed on the head and watching a person die while the others dissapeared was not the highlight of the day. Laying on the matt he looked up at the cealing.
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    She felt the guy's body heat behind her. He smelt of dried blood, old dirt, and salty sweat.

    "This might hurt a bit."

    She cringed a bit when he lifted her shirt. She tried to hold her breath to avoid screaming, but he didn't give her a chance to inhale. He pulled the glass out causing her to yell out in pain. She dropped her bowl. Even though the wound wasn't bad, glass cuts going in, as well as coming out. He took the time to bandage her up properly.

    "The wound isn't deep but it is a cut. Since I don't have the necessary things to clean it, I'll have to find some tomorrow. But it won't get that infected, I promise." Then he did what she'd asked before, settling down on his mat and leaving her alone.

    Once the pain calmed down enough for her to take another breath, Josie did something she would rarely do in this situation.

    "Um...yea, thanks for that." She picked up her bowl, moving tenderly, and continued to eat. There was a piercing awkwardness in the air. She didn't care to know anything about this guy who, inadvertently killed off the only people she'd grown to trust. She was planning on waking up before sunrise and ditching him there with whatever supplies she could live without. But, it wasn't in her nature to do that to someone.

    She decided to strike up an unpleasant conversation, "Money is nothing around here anymore, but life is priceless. Saving you cost lives - several good, honest lives, to be exact. Just keep that in mind." She took another bite of her meager meal and glanced up, "My name is Jocelyn, by the way. Josie... You?"
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    When she thanked him he was shocked to say the least, she hated him for the deth of her friends but it wasn't really his faullt although he wouldn't tell her that. They found him, if they had past buy then they probubally would have sill been alive, but he was greatful they found him as well. He had noone, his family was dead and he was haunted by the dreams of his little brother clinging on to hope that he was still alive out there.

    Matthew looked over when she told him her name and stated that the people didn't care about money anymore but survival. He knew it was true, he had seen people try to bribe their way out of death with many and only few were spared but most killed. " The names Matthew but you can call me Matt either one". His head was starting to feel alot better then before although it still hurt like hell. Cclenching on to his bag he placed it under him and held on his wrench tightly slowly easing himself to sleep.
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    "The name's Matthew, but you can call me Matt; either one."

    She nodded and continued eating, keeping her head down as she did. When Josie looked up, she realized he had fallen asleep. That was good, no more talk... She was worn out as well, both from holding back her emotions and her injuries. She stood up, sloping the bean juice with her bread to soften it and clean the bowl. She held onto the last bite of bread in her teeth as she grabbed some dirt to scrub out her bowl. Grabbing the other utensils, she quietly packed them in her bag and found the antibacterial spray that Grant had in his bag. She shook it - there was still a little bit left. She opted to just save it for later and repacked it.

    Once she felt everything was secure, Josie fell onto her uncomfortable mat and passed out cold.



    Josie was lost in an unknown dream, of some sort. But when she opened her eyes, she'd realized that dreams and reality were standing side by side. She was face to face with a Diamondback Rattlesnake, and a fat one at that. She knew not to move, but it was so hard not to. She slowly slid her hand around to her thigh, unsnapping the leather strap around the hilt of her machete, and slowly pulling it from the sheath secured to her. It was tricky, and the snake seemed to read her mind, slithering closer and tightening up its curled body, preparing to strike..

    Josie froze.
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    He was on the street looking at the hundreds and thousands of piled bodies. The rotting and decaying smell was atroutious and it was hard to breath, he looked around and saw the man that had attacked him, he strached his face and it mented through his bones until he was a glob red. Looking around he saw the same figure of the boy from before, he was playing with his action figure making play noises. When he called to him the boy just laughed and ran, he chased after it turning the corner only to fall in a ditch with bodies pileing over him as the sound of the childs voice faded away.

    " NOO!", Mathhew shot up from his sleep ina cold sweat panting from his nightmare. He blinked a few times realizing it was only a nightmare and he looked over to see Josie but she was staring down at something and it was a snake. He stood up slowly and pulled the pocket knife out of his pocked and walked behind it snake and he looked at Joise. " Its okay i got this". He flicked the knife so the blade came out and he crouched down. In a dingle movement he brount the knife down on the snakes skull, the blood squrited out and he sighed. " You should be more careful".
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    "You should be more careful."

    "More careful...I just woke up..." Josie didn't care to go any further. She was pissed that the snake was even around in the first place - and she didn't hear it! She must have knocked out from all the crap yesterday. She knew she was tired, but not that much.

    "Well, thanks for catching dinner," she grabbed the snake's body and pulled her machete out. Laying the large knife in between her knees with its sharp side down, she quickly cut off the rest of the head, grabbing it by the scales and tossing it into the amber of the fire. Then, she took a few minutes to skin and clean the critter. She stood up to take the meat and hide to the motorcycle where she grabbed a ziplock bag and a small bag of salt. She salted the snake meat and bagged it up, then tied the snake skin onto the side of the shopping cart to dry out. "Never waist...always gain," she mumbled to herself, a motto her father lived by.
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    He walked over and rolled up his sleeping mat and then placed his bag on his back and put his pocket knife back into his pocking then retreving his wrench. He placed his mat into the side care and then he walked over to Joise. " So whats the plan, are we spending another night here, heading off somewhere, or scavenging for necessary items?". He wanted to know what was going on, the only thing he had on him was money, bandages, three weapons and a ID.

    Matthew ran his hands threw his hair and streached his muscles which were tense. He deffenitally needed a shower and to shave since he was growing a morning beard. Sitting down he leaned against the wall and then looked at his wrench thinking about the old home and his family. He heard josie mumble something but he figured it wasn't tword him since he wasn't her favorite person to be around.
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    Josie continued to pack her things and check the motorcycle. When Matt spoke up about plans, she huffed, "I'm heading to Freemont, but the way things are going, it's going to take two more stops to get there."

    Going through the bags she had, she tossed him Terrance's old bag with several things, including food, that would be helpful for him. "I don't know what your plans are, but if you need any supplies, there you go." She tossed the bag at his feet. "Staying the safest way to travel." It was hard to say, but she said it. "Two against five is better than one against five. Besides, we're even on the trust part of this adventure... I've saved you, you've saved me..."

    She started to push the motorcycle out of the house, preparing to set out again while it was still cool. "If we leave now, we can make the next outpost before the noon. Then, when it cools off a bit, we can see how far we get. There's one more outpost before Freemont. If they're not over run by Dogs, then we'll be fine."

    Checking the oil levels and gas, both were low. "Damn it!" she looked up towards Haven with a sign, "We're going to need gas before we go."
    Getting gas was a major problem no matter where you went.
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    When she tossed the bag at his feet he stood up and placed it in his side car before she pushed it out the house. " Okay thats true we are better in numbers". He walked out and watched Joise facial expression and comment about the gas and he sighed. " So where is the closest gas station? The faster we get there, the faster we can reach the next ou tpost.

    He ran back into the house and looked around checking every nook and crany for useful items but it was cleaned dry, he figured someone or a group before then cleaned the place out and took everything with them. Walking back out the house Matthew climbed back into the side cart and adjusted himself so he was comfortable then looked at Joise.
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    "Haven has gas depots, but there's a little problem with Haven..."

    Josie settled on the bike, started the engine and put on her goggles. "We'll have to trade an arm or a let to get a gallon or two, and if we don't have what they want in trade, they settle for other talents."

    Yea, such a wonderful church-controlled environment! Josie really didn't care for Haven or any other territory that tries to offer false support. Like everything else, there's always a string attached. "Whatever they end up asking for, is going to cost us a full day's stay... Hell, I so hate this." She revved up the engine and drove off.


    After passing through the territory gateway, Josie drove through with no problems. She asked one of the members about gas and they pointed her towards a large building that looked like an old church. Beside it, stood an old clothing store and next to that an old gas station. She had a feeling she knew why the person pointed to the church rather than the gas station. Everything was controlled here by the people running that church.

    She drove up, parked in front of the church and jumped off. "I have a feeling this is where we need to go to get a waver for gas," she told Matt. "I just hope we can afford it."
  18. Re: It's a Dog Eat Dog World

    Matthew watched the road as they drove tword the destination, the gas station. When she described it he knew they'd have to gime them something and the only thing he'd offer his the money he had. Giving someone something that they dont even deserve wasn't his motto and it was something he didn't do, but things had changed and they needed the gass.

    He looked at the man who pointed them tword the church, he looked like an average built dude wiith a grubly beard and a scar across his face. When Joice stopped the car he sat up and put his bag on his back and hid his wrench under his jacket. Hopping off he looked at the church and thenover at the small gass station. " Trust me i hope so too". He approached the church doors and knocked on it unshure wheter to just open it.
  19. Re: It's a Dog Eat Dog World

    A doorman opened the door and prompted them to enter. Josie stepped forward, automatically her hand raised to the machete as she scanned the dark building. There were candles glowing everywhere, goats and a few other small farm animals scurried across the floor and hopping over several rows of dusty, broken, and scorched pews. The few that were still in decent condition were moved to the front of the church where the alter and the larger throne-like chairs sat. There were three of them - one sitting taller than the others. The alter than set before it...looked as if it was stained with months and months of blood...

    Josie swallowed hard, finding her throat a bit dry. This church was unlike any she's ever seen. All that use to be pure and royal were lost, stolen or destroyed. Off the the right a large hold in the roof allowed for more light to grace the area where the baptismal sat - a mud colored pool of water where the ducks and pigs swam. The place smelled like a barn, and looked like a building deemed condemned.

    Josie seem to linger closer to Matt's side. She was not comfortable in that place. There was something unworldly there, and frankly, she was in no mood for demons.

    Three people dressed in beautifully elaborate robes entered from behind the three chairs, taking their places before them with eager smiles and unknown intentions. A chill rushed her, caused goosebumps to pop on her arms. She wasn't cold...not, there was no change in temperature. It was...their eyes. They way they stared at them. It felt like frozen fingers inspecting her worth, or burning hot nails scratching across her flesh. The only comfortable sight she was able to relax to was that of the woman's, who looked more motherly and warm, yet reserved and directive.

    "Welcome to Haven!" the woman announced, brightly smiling as she settled down in the chair to the right of the larger throne. "We're delighted you two made it safely here. Are you...a young couple hoping to make a new start here in our humble community?"

    "," Josie jumped. "We're just passing through...but, we've seemed to be dangerously low on gas and was wondering if you had some available - that we can purchase."

    The three leaders glanced at each other before speaking again.
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    The man watched as the two people entered the church, one female and the other male obviously of thier early twentys. Xavier scratched the stubble on his face as it was turning into a breard he would sooner or later take care of. His eyes fixated on the female and he knew she'd be able to help with the physical pleasures. When they stared that they were only looking for gas he looked at the other two before glancing back at the couple. " Well, what do you have to ofer or what can you do to offer us?".

    Matthew looked around the church. It deffinitally wasn't a church anymore to say the least, the stench of animal shit was of the mud and filth they were rolling and running around in. There was no light except for alot of candels, it almost felt like they were at a creepy ritual or sacrafice. He looked over at Josie and then at the man, " Well i have good electriction skills if that'll help". The urge to bash the man head was of great urge the way he was looking at Josie, it made him sick.
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