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  1. "This is just in, we have reports that a suspicious armed man has just been seen wandering the streets after having left the home of Mr. Jones, the elderly man who owns Freddy's Bar and Grill, was found dead several hours ago when police were called in to investigate the home when eye-witnesses claimed to have heard gun shots come from the home."

    " We advise you all that are watching to stay in doors, we have the description of the man who is the suspect, based off of eye-witness accounts."

    "We are looking for a
    * Male in his older teens
    * White
    * 5'9"
    * Black or Blue eye
    *Black hair- mid back
    * White Hoodie and black dress pants
    * No eyebrows, and mouth cut into a smile
    * Wielding a large kitchen knife

    "If you see him please contact us with the phone number listed below or by email. If you wish to call us anomalously use the provided number on your screen."
    This was hilarious, watching his image flick across the tower of television sets in a pawn shop window made his day. He was a wanted criminal and he knew no one would catch him for he was clever, sure they have a crude drawing of him but that's the closest thing anyone will get to meeting him, for once you do that's it that's the end, game over.
    Sighing he wipes the bloodied knife on his hoodie as he glances around the empty lot "Tsk...I hate that it's so quiet, stupid news channel makin' everyone hide away like roaches when the lights are flipped on." he mumbles to himself as he begins to walk down the side walk, knife tucked away in his hoodie.
    He pulled down the hood allowing his messy black hair to been seen, it came off as if he wanted to be caught.
    He looked around, his eyes stinging slightly as the cold fall winds picked up. His eyes lifted towards the heavens as a grin played on his face, the night was still young meaning he could still have fun. He began to run down the road, making his way to the nearest neighborhood.

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  2. The simple figure of a young, yet somewhat muscular, teen paced down the sidewalk of the neighborhood in which she lived in. Previously she had delivered something her mother had made for one of her best friends in a house on the next street over. Being the kind of girl to not exactly take risk or disturbed the property of the people around her, the blonde walked through the street ways rather than going fence hoping through the yards of her neighbors. It was fairly dark, but not to where she couldn't see. The moon that barely peaked above the tree tops and the street lamps scattered down the sidewalks gifted her the perfect amount of light, even though she did have slightly better sight in the shadows of the dark compared to most people. Her brown eyes scanned everything: the yards, the streets, the sidewalk both in front and behind her, the bushes, the trees, and even the porches of the homes. This was mainly because of the news of a jacked up killer in town and the fact that she didn't want any creeps to sneak up on her an attack in any kind of way. She wore a black trench coat, to help her blind in and shield off the freezing cold, and kept a single can of fresh pepper spray that her protective mother gave her.

    However, at the entrance of the neighborhood she spotted a man no taker than herself. She couldn't exactly see his face nor get much detail of his clothing, but she did noticed that he wore a white hoodie. She didn't think much of it, just a girl or what she thought was a girl her age walking home. The messy black hair did reminded her of some kind of drug junky, to be honest. "Eh, seems Trader Joe is having a late night customer for some grass or crystals," She though, referring to the drug dealer who was oddly extremely nice to everyone and friends with her mother since high school, and before he became "Trader Joe." Of course no one dared to tell law enforcement in fear of one of his customers getting revenge.

    Emily, or better known as simply Emi, walked a tad bit faster and refused to make eye contact. It was hard to trust anyone these days, especially at night. Quickly, she turned on to the next street and grew even closer to her home.

    || I'll have a picture of my character in a moment!
  3. Jeff, noticed the young girl and he knew then that he had his next victim. Sad, he thought she looked cute, oh well.

    He kept his distance watching her out of the corner of his eye, he could tell a lot by a person by the way they walked.

    Watching her speedily make her way to wherever she was head he knew she was a good girl. Seeing how she was slightly muscular he figured she played a sport, he was never into sports, that was Liu, his brothers forte.

    Jeff did enjoy climbing though, be it a tree or his house. "Bet she's going to be a challenge...."

    He was thrown out of his thoughts when she suddenly started to run.

    "Bad move, never run...!" Jeff broke into a run quickly following her down the block.

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  4. Appearance (open)
    As soon as she started to run, she heard another pair of footsteps behind her followed by a male's voice. She ran even faster, thanks to her training in Cross Country and hockey, and refused to look back since it would give her the chance to fall over a crack in the side walk and also because of how she was a bit of a chicken. Her heart raced, but her breathing was still calm. She dug her right hand into her coat pocket it in search of the pepper spray, but had no luck.

    "Fiddlesticks! Where the Bloody Mary is that stupid thing at?!" She screamed in her mind.

    Checking the other pockets of the coat and then the ones of her pants, she finally found it in her back pocket. Her house was a at the end of the street and within her sights.

    "Come on Emi! You can make it, you can make, my god you have to make it home!" She thought, though said the last part aloud softly.

    At this point she had two options at hand: 1.) Continue to run and try to make it home 2.) Be a brave bitch for once and spray who ever it was in the face and beat the life out of them. Obviously she picked the first option and continued to run as fast as her legs could carry her.
  5. Jeff was surprised at how fast, the young woman was, he hadn't expected that but where's the fun in a hunt without a little challenge?

    He watched as she had started searching for an item, his thoughts were immediately to weapon or cellphone. He knew that many people often fake calls to deter their pursuers, it often worked but, not with Jeff, he could tell the difference between the calls.

    He is confused as too what exactly it is that she is looking for but he lets out a small laugh when he sees that she has found what she was looking for, it was fairly small, that much he knew.

    He retrieves his own weapon and begins to twirl his knife "I know you saw me...whats a girl like you doing out this late, when there's a killer on the loose?"

    He calls out slowing his pace til he stops completely.

    "Are you one if those types that like danger?"

    The streetlamp that he stood under flicks to life illuminating his body, the bloody white hoodie, black dress pants, and bleached white skin shown in the artificial light.

    His messy black hair covered his face as he looked at the ground.

    " you just have the worst luck?"

    He looks up his face seemingly frozen in a smile, that exposed his teeth and some of his gums. The carved 'smile' stretching towards his black rimmed lidless eyes as he smiled.
  6. Emily slowed down her running pace when the man began to speak once more. Her mind was telling her to go faster, but something told her to freeze in place. Fear? Maybe.

    Holding a firm grip in the nozzle of the eye burning spray, she slowed down more and turned around. Bad mistake. What she saw terrified her down to the last cell in her body and made her brown eyes widen larger than the moon itself. Right before her was the very killer that the news had been talking about for weeks. It was a dreadful sight, it truly was, as his looks alone could kill someone and not in the good way. His black hair was like that of a messy wolf's pelt that hadn't been washed in weeks, his skin was white as it could possibly be, and his eyes.... Did they not have eyelids? But what scared her the most was his wicked smile cut forever into his milk white flesh. Teeth and gums showed through the Cheshire grin, leaving Emi with a face that would scar her mind for the rest of her life if it wasn't cut short tonight.

    "Wha.. What happened to your..?" She mumbled weakly as she foolishly continued to stare.

    At this point fear had done it's job and paralyzed her in place. A sick and mangled chill ran down her whole back. She wanted to run, especially since her house was now only two homes away, but her legs refused to move one single inch as if they were super glued to the earth.
  7. Jeff let out a barking laugh "Face?" He finished as he began to walk towards the frighten lass "Don't you like it? I really gotta thank Randy and his goons, my old face didn't suit me."

    He waved his knife touching the tip to the non existent corner of his mouth "The smile was my own doing and so was my eyes."

    He was now face to face with young Emily "Aren't I beautiful? "
  8. The young blonde stood silent has he mumbled on about a guy named Randy and how he cut his wicked smile into his flesh by himself. The thought of actually cutting the Cheshire grin into her own face made Emily want to throw up, but she somehow kept everything in her stomach. As he stepped closer and closer to her, she gripped even harder on the can, but kept it down and waited for the best moment to spray the eye burning mixture into his grim and disturbing black eyes and face. With the amount of damage done to his face and no eyelids to close over his eyes, she knew it would burn like hell, or at least it would to a normal human. She wanted to glance back at her house to see how far it was exactly, but couldn't as the killer came face to face to her. "Now's your chance Emily. Go on, spray that spawn of Satan!" she yelled to herself in her mind, while ignoring the man as he asked her if he was beautiful.
  9. Jeff noticed her grip tighten on the can in her hand, he wasn't too sure of what it was but he could careless. He reached out for her attempting to grab whatever it was out of her hands to discard the item, he wanted to make sure that he had no survivors.
  10. When he reached out to grab the pepper spray, Emily instantly turned her body sides way slightly and grabbed his arm. Her survival instincts were beginning to kick in. "Mep!" Quickly she raised the can up to face a sprayed the devilish spray all over.
  11. Jeff let out a horrific screech of pure agony, he covered his eyes, rubbed at them (though he was careful not to poke his exposed eyes) and tried eveything else he could think of to rid the horribly burning sensation.

    He quickly regretted not moving faster to take the spray, he sank to his knees as his eyes finally started to water. He lets out another paid cry as he tugs off his hoodie to use as a towel, the spray irritating his cut mouth also sends sharp hot stinging sensations through him.

    Giving in to the pain Jeff flees down the road to find water for his face "You will pay for that!" He growls mentally.

    {Ha, I think mace would keep Jeff away :D}
  12. || Haha, defiantly! XD

    Seeing the killer run, Emily herself ran, but instead towards her house. She grabbed the key from under the door mat, unlocked the door, and ran inside with the key. She quickly locked it and ran to the rest of the doors and windows to lock them.

    "For goodness sake Emi what the heck is up with you!" She heard her mother say.

    Without a second to waste, she yelled back, "T-That killer attacked me! He wasn't able to harm me since I sprayed him in the eyes, but he might try to come back!"

    "Emily calm down," her mother said while lightly shaking her daughter by the shoulders after walking into the same room, "You probably just saw a dog or someth-"

    "No mom. This was him! That crazy monster with the cut mouth and messy hair! I saw him! I swear to god that I did! He even talked to me!" She said, almost screeching, in a trembling voice.

    Her mother's face grew pale and she stood quiet for a moment, "I'll go call the cops. I want you to go into your room upstairs until then. Make sure your windows are locked. The latest report say that he sometimes sneaks into homes."

    Nodding her head, she bolted up the stairs and into her small room. She checked the windows, which were locked, and then lied down her bed, under a dome of blankets. She didn't even bother taking off her shoes or coat. She was still very scared and wished that what happened was just a dream and nothing more...
  13. Several blocks away Jeff finally rid his eyes and mouth of the burning and stinging pain from the pepper spray, thanks to the refrigerator that stood outside the convenient store. He had used several of its water bottles to rinse out the spray, though the water stung to it was much more tolerable than tge mixture in the can.

    Throwing the plastic Dasani bottle to the ground Jeff stood growling slightly.

    He walked back towards the houses of which he last saw the girl this time keeping to the shadows in case someone spots him and calls the cops...the cops!

    Cussing Jeff picks up the pace racing down the road realizing that the girl he had just met and let escape most likely had called the police!

    He skidded to a stop and looked around the neighborhood, it was impossible to tell which house was her's but...wait that house...that house might be her's.

    He stepped closer to the two story house and walked towards the backyard, he tried the lock but it wouldn't budge. He instead climbed the fence (thank you window climbing skills), earning him a spot in the backyard.
  14. Moments later the cops arrived at her home. They asked for her to come down stairs and tell them what happened, made sure she wasn't harmed, and searched the neighborhood. The dogs managed to track the scent, but only to the entranceway of the neighborhood. They checked around the house, but had no luck with finding any signs. Eventually the cops said that everything was clear and most of them left except for two who were assigned to patrol the neighborhood roads.

    Emily managed to calm down slightly but was still a tad bit worried. However, after the long process, which took over two hours, she was exhausted and fell into the grips of sleepiness. She changed into a oversized t-shirt and Soffe shorts, brushed her teeth, said her good nights to her mother, and finally went to bed. It took her away, but after a half hour of tossing and turning she managed to fall asleep.
  15. Hearing the sirens and seeing the blinding red and blue flashing lights caused Jeff to freeze, he stayed silent as he listens to the radio-ins and dogs barking.

    Jeff crept along the back of the fence and house.

    He was relieved when he heard that the police had decided to give the clear to the house and stated that they hadn't found anyone. But he knew the patrols would be a problem when he gets ready to escape.

    He creep up to the back door and tries the knob only to groan out irritably upon realizing that the door was locked. He reached up placing his hand on the window the back door, using all his force he hit the glass causing it crack, he gave another forceful hit to the glass causing the shards to fall to the tiled floor.

    Jeff reached inside and unlocked the door. He grins and lets himself inside the home.

    He looked around curiously, admiring at how big the kitchen, but he knew he couldn't stay still for long, hoping that this was the right house Jeff quickly makes his way to the living room, he noticed several photo sitting on a stand by the stairs, the pictures reassured him he was in the right house, with that in mind he headed up the stairs.

    "This is just in, news about the wanted killer and the possible known were abouts."

    This caught Jeff's attention, he was surprised at fast news flew in this town. He was tempted to stay and watch but he couldn't risk being caught.

    He continues to quickly yet silently make his way up the stairs. He looked down the hall noticing a room with the door slightly open. He sneaks into the room and grins as he approached the bed removing his knife, the blade gleaming in the moon light.

    He leaps onto the bed an placed a strong grip onto the sleeping girls shoulder as he hovers over her.
  16. Emily awoke to the icy touch of a cold hand on her shoulder. The grip was hard, almost as if it were trying to keep her down, and almost made her jolt up.

    "What the heck mom? What do you want right now?" She asked in a sleepy tone.

    She yawned and looked up over her shoulder, since she always slept on her side rather than back, and stared at what touching her. It took her a moment for her vision to adjust, but once it did, the life was nearly scared out of her.

    The killer was on top of her while holding the silvery, sharpe weapon he sliced his victims with high in the air. The moon beams cased by the full moon shined brightly on the blade and made it appear morn sinister. Not only did this terrify her to the bones, but it also made her lose her breath.

    At first she tried to scream, but with no luck. A small "Mep" came out that wasn't loud enough for her sleeping mother to hear over the TV she had left on the news channel. Emily then tried to kick him off by kicking him hard in the back while trying to free her shoulder from his grip to give him a pop in the nose with her fist.
  17. Despite the kicks to the back and the squirms Jeff's grip never faulters.

    He lets out a soft laugh "You know, what you did there...alerting the police, spraying my face...probably wasn't the best move. But now that's all over, and now all you have to do is...GO TO SLEEP!"
    Jeff brought the knife down!
  18. No sound yells of pain or tears came out of Emily as the sharp object entered her lower stomach. Only stuttering gasps came out of her mouth. With shaking hands, she grabbed cold hand that covered the hilt of the knife. Weakly, she managed to pull the knife have way out, but stopped after she saw the river of the crimson blood trickle out of the wound and on the the bed. It stood out as clear as day on her white t-shirt and light green bed sheets. Nothing but shock filled her dull mind as her brown eyes looked at the blood and then back to the knife.

    The teen was finally able to speak, but only in little and weak breaths, "What do you... Even achieve.. From killing? Nothing... You gain the..ground"

    She looked into Jeff's eyes wanting to remember who was the one the murder her and to try to permanently seal her dying image in his mind as long as he lived. A flare of hatred was present in her eyes as well as sadness.

    However, after a few minutes, she finally passed out from the blood lose with her warm hands still on his and the blade. Dead? Not yet, but close to it.
  19. Jeff was supposed to feel satisfied after an attack like he had felt after kill his other victims but after the encounter with Emily he felt confused.

    "What do you...even achieve...from killing?! You gain nothing...absolutely...nothing. Just...another the...ground."

    Her words echoed in his broken mind and he gripped his head shaking it "Lies! LIES! LIES!" Jeff screams.

    He turns to the unconscious Emily and his wicked 'smiling' mouth twitched into a unnoticeable smile "I gain the ultimate achievement possible! I gain my name in history as one of the most fearsome killers known to man kind! My name will send you running, cowering! Children will fear what is under their beds, in their closets! For the fear of finding me there will haunt their dreams!"

    He removes the knife from Emily's body and staggers to her window, from his spot he could see the police stationed across the streets.

    He grins, using the blood from the knife he writes on the window.


    Underneath the message he leaves a circle with an 'X' through it. He turns back to Emily "Sucks you had to die, you were cute."

    He laughs softly, and exits the room in search of the mother.

    Not double checking to see if Emily was actually dead.

  20. The blood still poured out of her, but it had slowed down some compared to how it rushed out of her at first. Her body was limp and her breaths were short and caused her body to appear dead.

    Meanwhile, her mother was sound asleep in the bonus room two rooms away. With the door shut, her deep sleeping habits, and the TV blaring loudly, her mother had no chance of hearing the commotion in her daughter's room. Her sleeping body as wrapped warmly within a cocoon of fuzzy blankets though her bare feet did hang out. The current news was again about the spotting of the murder. It showed clips of the road, the place where the two had meet, and then clips of Emily crying to the police as they asked her question at the front door. However they did mention something else, the possibility of a new killer lingering in the woods surrounding the small town. They stated that several teens who were camping saw a talk figure with white skin and a suit stalking them and that it was "hell on legs" from the way it acted. Of course the news lady also said that it was probably a hoax in order to scare even more people.
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