Interview with a Character.

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Mr. T Krakowski, a man about 65 years old, looked at the tea like it might be poison. Mostly because he though it might seriously be poison. He wore a wife beater under an unbuttoned blue Hawaiian shirt (he says it's from Hawaii, but it's actually from Wal-Mart). He wore old grey cargo shorts cause he needed the pockets for... stuff. His feet were clad in combat boots that looked like they'd been to Vietnam and back... and that's not just a metaphor. Nothing's a metaphor when it comes to Old Man Krakowski.

"This here tea's made-a what, ya say? Well, T. Krakowski don't drink no tea. No, I only drinks if it comes outta a plastic bottle I filled from the well I dug under me house. Can't drink that stuff they give ya at the store no more!"

Please tell me about yourself.

I was in 'Nam, ya know? AND I was in Korea! And the Gulf too! Me, I musta killed me about, uhhh... five million people. Yeah that seems about right. T. Krakowski, five million KIA's," he nudges his interviewer and winks, "and a couple'a MIA's if ya know what I mean. Yes ma'am, I like to consider myself a man of action. I ain't never gone more than two weeks without threatening to kill something me whole life. Used ta' be better in the 60's though. Back then you could shoot a man if you had a good enough excuse. Nowadays they got all that civil rights bullshit. And before ya gotta ask, yes, I been to the 60's more'n once. Yes ma'am, if there were ever a man made to kill shit, that'd be ol' man Krakowski right here. I killed a dinosaur once, ya know."

What is a typical day like for you?

"Well, first thing I do is wake up from dreams of extra-dimensional terrors too monstrous for the human mind to comprehend without surrenderin' its sanity. Then I go back to bed cause it's too goddamn early to get up at three in the mornin' and I don't know how to change my alarm clock no more. Uhh, les'see now, then I get up at four in the mornin' cause four means death in Chinese and that's ol' Krakowski's lucky number. I got four a' everything. I got four beds in ma' bedroom, four stoves in ma' kitchen, four shirts from Hawaii like this one, four pairs a' boots, four aw-to-matic rifles (of varying makers and models), four M1911's I stole from the armory before they kicked me outta the army, four copies o' Fight Club (that's my second favorite movie), and two double barreled shotguns cause two and two makes four. Wait, I'm gettin' off track here, where was I? Oh yeah! After I get outta bed, I make me some breakfast outta the MRE's I buy from that guy on 58th Street. I only eat MRE's for breakfast cause a' reasons you don't need ta know. Then I watch TV while I polish the kids."

"Oh, the kids are them guns I mentioned earlier. I call 'em kids cause I love 'em more than me own kids. I don't even know what happened to my real kids and I don't care. Wait, do I have kids? I dunno, but I got my babies inside my closet. Well I got little baby Barbie with me. This here's Barbie, say hi Barbie," he places an old handgun (one of the 1911's he mentioned earlier) on the table. He's carved pictures of cats on the slide, "Barbie likes cats. The others are Robert, Gabriela, Susanne, Woo-Ching, Martie, Tiffany, Fay, Sir Thumplebuck, and Ivan."

"Shit, hang on, I got off track again. Okay, so I polish the kids, then I take a shower and swear a lot cause my shower ain't got no warm water and I haven't gotten around to buying a new boiler since I used my last one to kill that guy those cultists summoned or something like that. By then, the sun's comin' up, so I go out and do my errands. I mow the lawn, clean the stoves, watch for gnomes, walk to the corner store and buy more liquor if I'm runnin' out, or rob the corner store if I don't got no money for liquor (guy there's real nice, he don't mind). Then I do some... business. You don't need to know about that. It's my business and business is booming. Anywho, my evenings are when I got some free time, so I got lots to choose from. Sometimes I hang around that high school a couple'a streets over and sit in my car and pretend to shoot the teenagers. Sometimes I meet up with that drug store guy and we hunt the spawn o' Hastur. Sometimes I watch Fight Club. And I used to hunt in the woods behind my house, but Sheriff Dunn keeps arresting me. Says it's illegal to hunt deer with an M16 and that I'm being obvious by yelling and running around anyway, but he's full a' shit. Then night comes around and I gotta get inside for reasons. Usually just have some dinner and go to bed."

What do you do when you are not doing what you regularly do?

"Ahh, ya know. Fightin' Asian people, huntin' ancient gods, watchin' for those mole men, eatin' spaghetti (that's one o' my favorite foods, but I only eat it once a month), time travelin' with that weirdo guy, bitchin' about CNN, buying more MRE's. See, I try to incorporate everything into my daily routine so nothin's ain't regular to me. Oh, but sometimes I like to go campin' in the woods with the kids. The good kids, not the ones that might not exist. S'not really much to say here."

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?

"Shit, I don't know. Probably dead. I got lots goin' for me, but this world's gettin' tiresome. Now them white castles I seen around, them's some nice places, wouldn't mind spendin' some time there. Or even better! Fightin' in another war, that'll be good. Maybe against the North Koreans. Now, I'd stay for! Goddamn if ain't shot me some Asian people in a while. Course I can't get to none o' that before I finish some o' ma business I got."

Do you have a special someone in your life right now?

"Course I do! I got Barbie, Robert, Gabriela, Susanne, Woo-Ching, Martie, Tiffany, Fay, Sir Thumplebuck, and Ivan. I got that drug store guy, Mr. Green, the fella who kicks people outta the bar, that nurse who'd keep yellin' at me ta take my meds when I was in the crazy house for a while, I got Brendan, I got some guy I see on Cedar Ave. with the hives on his face, there's the- oh you meant special, special. Hmm.. well... I got one. But she's made'a Scotch tape and duck feathers and I hang her up on my wall. She don't talk much, but I like the shy type. I'm thinkin' about makin' a second one, but don't tell 'er that, or I'll have to stab ya with ma' boot knife so ya know not to do it again!

"Anymore questions? No? Well alright-y then. If you'll excuse me, I gots important stuff to do of the 4th kind..."



~The Interview~

Now. Sergei had never been a man of much words, eloquent in speech as he was...but a person in his...ehh "profession" is known to keep secrets and remain a man of mystery...Plus he always raised his chances with the ladies to be mysterious and alluring. Every man had needs, even one as...odd as Sergei. But what he could not fathom was how he was now sitting across from the woman in front of him, over a cup of tea, and answering questions as if he was some sort of famous actor or scientist. Why was he doing this? That question was one he did not have an answer too, but he was finding her company amusing for now.

The young man sighed, brushing his hand through the soft locks of orange atop his head and pushing a couple of loose strand from in front of his angular face before reaching for the white teacup placed before him atop the smooth, hardwood coffee table just before him. He lifted it between his fingers, rather delicately for someone height, and lifted it to his lips, taking a sip before glancing at the woman before him with his only working eye. It was emerald green, sparkling with the usual glint of mischief as he smiled from behind the cup. He set is aside after a moment, crossing his legs as he leaned back against the couch and rested his arm over the back of it, tapping the fingers of his other hand against his leg.

He then proceeded to smile at the woman before him, analyzing her with his usual critical nature. His head gave a small tilt, left eye glinting while his other remained covered by his black eye patch.

"I'm sorry, love. Did you say something? I was afraid I was lost in those pearls of blue..."

Sergei chuckled as he spoke, shaking his head for a moment as he watched the woman before him blush slightly. He grinned a devious grin, all of his teeth sharp and glinting white as he gave the woman another glance up and down and purred.

"Please tell me about yourself."

Sergei's eye narrowed for a moment as he seemed to ponder the question before answering. "Well, my love, would you like to hear a lie or the truth?"

"...I'm afraid I don't under-"

"Well you see, dear, a man of my profession is usually quick to make up lies. I could give you a sob story, about how my parents were killed during a war, or that I was orphaned at a young age...OH! I could even tell you that I watched as my mother was ripped to shreds before me. None of it would be true, but I believe it would be rather interesting to you." He grinned a cheeky grin and laughed then, eyeing the woman's confused stare with odd glee.

"I would prefer the truth..."

"Well-" Sergei sat up then, leaning forward on his knees as he took another sip of his tea and sat it back down. "I believe I should start with my name, hmm?" He glanced up at the woman then, giving another charming smile as he cooed to her. "Sergei Faust, sweet cheeks. My name is Sergei Faust."

"...anything else?" The woman leaned forward slightly in her chair, waiting intently.

"hmm...well I suppose I can tell you this...Just don't go telling anyone else, hm?" He leaned back once more, returning to his first position as he gave a small yawn, already bored of this conversation. "I am 87 years young an-"

"You're 87?"

"I know, crazy right? Vampires age very well...Hell we live a fuck of a lot longer than you would. Anyways....what was I saying, love?"

"You were going to tell me something else."

"Ah yesh." Sergei reached up, scratching the growing stubble on his chin before continuing. "Well...I am in a business of sorts."

"What kind of business?"

"You're a fucking nosy one, aren't you?" He snapped a little then, only to chuckle once more and return back to his usual light-hearted tone. "...The illegal kind if you must know....Now next question, Sherlock."


"What is a typical day like for you?"

"Well I wake up, eat a nice breakfast, cave someone's skull in before 10 a.m., sells some blood bags, eat a nice lunch, pop some caps in my competition, then go home and fuck some sexy whores." He said all of that rather nonchalantly, his smile never seeming to leave his face as he once again tapped his fingers against his thigh, shifting a bit on the couch to get more comfortable. "Does that answer your question?"


"Then next question." It seemed as if he was now running the interview.

"What do you do when you are not doing what you regularly do?"

Sergei laughed then, a rather loud cackle as he held his stomach. "What kind of question is that?" He wiped a tear from his eye before once again brushing his fingers through his hair once more. "I'm not even going to answer that. Next question."

"...ah...well...Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?"

"Ahh..well I see myself as ruler of the underground world, of course. Where I see myself in the next hour is in your bed...between those-"

"Okay moving on."

"If you insist."

"Do you have a special someone in your life right now?"

Sergei seemed to visibly blush then, eye widening slightly as he glanced away at the hardwood floor. He gave a nervous cough, brushing his hands through his hair once more as he adjusted in his seat. "...That is a private ordeal, love...."


"Now know that you are the love of my life~" He seemed to change in that instant, offering a wink and a kiss as he chuckled at the woman's blush.

"I believe we are done here. Thank you Sergei."

"Are we moving this to the bedroom? Because I bet you are a real freak in the sheets."


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Background info: Jin Noxx, a "Bladebender" from an Avatar: TLA fan roleplay.

Please tell me about yourself.

"Eh, no thanks," Jin kicks his chair back at a precarious angle, boots propped up on the small table. Someone was evidently born in a barn. Upon being informed of this opinion, he pauses mid-stretch, fierce green gaze leveling at the interviewer.

"A forge, actually," his voice isn't quite as sharp as expected. One eyebrow arches. "You know, I kind of don't like it when people pry."

The interviewer enlightens him that they don't care. The corners of his mouth twitch.

"Fair enough."

What is a typical day like for you?

Jin removes his boots from the table, chair lowering back onto four legs as he leans forward. One hand supports his cheek while the other cradles the teacup he has no intention of drinking from.

"I walk a lot," he says as though he were the only creature on the planet capable of locomotion. Wayward black hair drifts across his vision. "Seriously, though. I've crossed a couple Nations on foot."

When asked for the motivation behind this, he shrugs.

"Dunno. I just like seeing what's out there."

Jin ponders this further. He suddenly snickers and leans back again with a shake of his head.

"A lot of crazy shit happens along the way. Trouble can't seem to stay away from me."

The interviewer makes a passing comment on Jin's inability to keep still and moves to the next question.

What do you do when you are not doing what you regularly do?

"I'm always wandering, so."

Sweetly, the interviewer informs him that he's leading a lonely, depraved life. Jin scowls, pronouncing the scar across the bridge of his nose.

"I don't like people anyways," he insists. "They just get in my way."

Upon being reminded that he's currently travelling with a large group of people, the Bladebender crosses his arms.

"It's temporary, dammit. I'm getting them to the stupid Earth Kingdom and then I'm gone."

A likely story, but something about his defensiveness suggests otherwise.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?

This question seems to baffle the green-eyed male. He reaches out the begins to absently toy with the teacup in front of him, fragile china looking out of place in calloused, scarred hands.

"Alive," he says and offers no elaboration.

Do you have a special someone in your life right now?

The teacup tips over suddenly, creating a large puddle of herbal liquid that sears his skin. Jin's hands recoil. He eyeballs the interviewer like it's their fault.

"No," he states flatly.

Jeez, jeez. The interviewer waves a hand through the air, passive. Touched a nerve, did they?

A trace of a grin creeps back across Jin's expression as he stands. "Well, this was great. Thanks for nothing."

The interviewer thanks him in return for being absolutely useless and vague and watches the ill-tempered Bender leave.
Let's meet... Duke Armand Bloodstar I of Tradzhek.

The Interviewer's Questions:

Please tell me about yourself.
For a moment, the robe-clad nobleman thinks, uttering a soft grunt. "To begin, I live in northern Trassia-- I mean, Tradzhek, in a tower that was built a long time ago, when Tradzhek was called Trassia. I serve the King of Saldecla as First Duke, aiding him where the others of my rank cannot." Absently, he tugs at his silver hair, not meeting the interviewer's gaze for a few moments before he divulges more. "I am unwed, and have a son who I call Junior.
The man nearly closed her off again, as he had several times she tried before to interview him. Thankfully, her gaze got him talking again. "He ran away from home some time ago, when he was seventeen. I heard rumors he became a hero of some sort." His voice almost sounded venomous.

What is a typical day like for you?
The change in subject caught him off-guard. "I sit in my tower and do research for the King, as well as manage my lands." He answered, blinking at the foreign woman. His eyebrows furroed thoughtfully. "I... Sometimes forget about important things I must do, such as eating or sleeping, or cleaning my clothing. Granted, I often remember that my clothing must be cleaned at an inopportune time, such as during the day." He settled back into his desk chair, elbow rested absently on a pile of paper, of which half was thin-pounded sheets of gold, and the other were thick papers written on with thick, waxy ink.

What do you do when you are not doing what you regularly do?
He answered this absently as, distracted, he looked out the window at the slowly growing light outside. "You mean not tending my lands or helping the King with research? When I am not doing that, I occasionally visit the Royal Capital of Roi Saldecla, or visit one or both of my barons. Sometimes I visit Icesog or the port town in Luszhek, too." His bright green, unnaturally-angled eyes peered at her. "Are were nearly done yet? It's nearly time for bed."

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?
Armand wasted no time in answering. "Likely doing the same. Perhaps with different barons under me. One is missing at the moment, and the other is very old for a human." He paused briefly. "Treestand's heirs should be able to inherit soon, depending on which will rule his land and which will marry outside the duchy."

Do you have a special someone in your life right now?
"... No. You should leave. Good bye." He stood at his full height of four and a half feet and began to shoo the invasive woman away. "Out. I'm going to bed, and I'll not have some unknown woman who's nearly nude in my chambers while I sleep." His voice, though not aggressive, was not passive either.
Reynard Barton (From the one on one entitled "Dark Skies, Shallow Graves" )

Only after deciding this mysteriously appeared stranger was no threat did the heavily plated hunter of all things unholy lower his guard, if only somewhat. Axe still clutched in hand, though hanging loosely at the large man's side, he'd allow the interviewer's approach. Though seemingly come from out of thin air, he couldn't detect anything particularly threatening or demonic about her. The aging warrior stared for a moment, then asked in as deep and calm a tone as ever, "You've questions?"

(Con imagines his voice sounding a bit like Ron Perlman's. Feels right to me. )

Interviewer's Questions:

Please tell me about yourself.

"Not much to tell. Name's Reynard Barton. I'm a simple man with a singular purpose, operate the same as other men. Keep fit as best I can, but age is just starting to catch up."

What is a typical day like for you?

"Eat, sleep, slay abominations and practitioners of dark magicks, tend to my wounds and repeat."

So you're a soldier?

"No, not a soldier. Don't fight under any banner. What I do is for the good of all, or those I can reach anyhow."

What do you do when you are not doing what you regularly do?

"Rest and prepare, generally. Try to pass on some of what I know to others aimin' to follow the same path I've taken, can't say I'm the best instructor though.. Occasionally collect figures carved of different sorts of stone or get good and drunk when I visit settlements offering those things."

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?

"Feeding the earth under our feet, most like."

Do you have a special someone in your life right now?

Strange, perhaps not, how such different worlds with their different beings and cultures, their different lives and outlooks... heh, funny how many places in the universe have "The Diner" in common. Well, most creatures, human or otherwise, need to eat and drink, so.......

A little bell over the door tinkles as said door opens. A... critter enters, on all fours. Not human. Not wearing shirt, shoes... or pants. Heh. Doesn't matter in this particular diner on this particular world, no sign on the door prohibiting patrons from "wearing" only their "birthday suits." He... yes, obviously a he, as he stands up and looks around... this lone young Nism spies the near empty counter with its stools, paces over and sits down. Orders a coffee, black. Ruffles mane and body fur as he shifts and settles more comfortably on the stool, tail curled around his own feet, away from any other foot-fall's threat. His bright eyes and burnished limb-scales green, fur mostly bronze on his back, with sandy underside from chin to groin, marked with black slashes on shoulders and hips. Feathered shroudruff blood red, each feather tipped in blue. Shroudruff unfurls in minor display, not yet fully grown. Clear evidence of his teenager status. Large, mobile ears turn towards the sound of clearing throat.

But his coffee arrives... he takes a sip. Muzzle twitches in a show of teeth and exhale of breath, slender tongue licking between all four nostrils before he turns his attention towards that previous sound's origin, mug cupped in both clawed hands.......
Please tell me about yourself.
"I'm Peet, of the Bloodline Ahvviyinn." A grin lights up his face, lower then upper nostrils flare briefly. "Presently WorldWalking for fun. Learn new things. Meet new people. I've heard travel is good for the body and the soul." Another sip of coffee, a rub to his muzzle, an intake of breath. "Ahhh... hmmm. I have an older sister... she's often a pain..." He sighs, ears turn back, his smirk good-natured despite the tack of his ears, as his eyes cast to the diner's ceiling. "... I can't stop her calling me 'Peeve'. My dad? Heh... his barbecues are to die for. And I think my mother's preg......"

Peet notices the look on his interviewer's face...

"Oh... heh... about me? Sorry... so much of me is tied to my family, hard to tell about myself without telling about them."

What is a typical day like for you?
"Usually starts with me waking up somewhere, anywhere from curled up under a tree, covered in leaves, pehaps snuggled in a nice warm bed... pillows and sheets and all." His tail's tip starts to twitch, his shroudruff slightly a-flutter, ears fanning gently back and forth. More coffee slides down his throat. "Typically? I don't think I really have a 'typical' day. Every one is different. Even when I stay in a place, I've never been one for routine. Though... hmmm... I'd guess my best answer for a typical day is exploration. Quite often I can't help poking my nose into everything."

What do you do when you are not doing what you regularly do?
Peet gives his interviewer a
raised-eyebrow look, ears, tail and shroudruff still. A wave of clawed fingers passes over his coffee cup. "The right question would be 'What are you not doing?'... like I said, I poke my nose into everything. What's that human saying? 'Seize the day'...?" A non-human chuckle, another toothy grin. "I could say I do interviews, couldn't I?"

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?
Fluffs up all over. "Heh... hopefully not only older, but wiser."

Do you have a special someone in your life right now?
"Yes... she's very fun to be with. We've known each other since we were kits. And I think she'd make a very good mate, if she... heh... well, we have time to figure all that out...."

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A thin, gothic lady dawdles into the room. A deep sigh. The clicking of a pen. She takes a seat on a chair, one leg crossed over the other as she glares at the interviewer, annoyed she had to come and do this. Suddenly, there is a flash. The dark style crumbles to reveal a cheery woman in her early 20's sporting steampunk attire.

Please tell me about yourself.
"Well, hello!" Her British accent is rather strong. "My name is Proff. Dr. Arabella Felde Greene. But please, call me Bella. My steampunk outfit is, well.. I don't know. I shift forms and styles daily. No idea how.. Yesterday, a goth. The day before that, a 40's New York woman. The annoying thing is, I don't know when it'll happen. So. Ahem. I am a 22 year old woman, obviously, a once-billionare, and a scientist/teacher/demon hunter. Yay me! I have always been interested in the Supernatural, and previously worked with the Winchester brothers several times. Woo! Umm.. What else? Oh! I'm a virgin - Please don't laugh - I smoke and don't drink alcohol. There have been times when I went vegan, or full carnivore, or became obsessed with certain thing."

What is a typical day like for you?

She laughs nervously, "Well, I really don't have one. They are always slightly different.. But! Usually, I'll wake up at 5 or 8am. If it's 5, Sam and Dean.. Maybe Cas.. Need my help. 8, then I'm free to do what I want until lunch. So, in the case of the latter, I pad around my apartment in my onesie and bunny slippers. I don't have breakfast. I brush my teeth, comb my hair and tidy up until about 10. Then, I get all my things together. On weekends, I do jobs as a scienctist. Experiments. I know! Demon huntresses shouldn't be sciencey! There may not be logic in it, but it pays bills, okay. During any time of the day, I switch. Tomorrow, I might be a blonde. Or a redhead. I don't know. My students and coworkers don't mind. But I can always freak out Moose Boy - That's Sammy. Sam Winchester. Heh. Uhh, yeah, then I finish at 6 on weekdays or 7 on weekends. I'll go home, have a hot bath, eat tea, usually Pot Noodles, and plan for school. Then sleep at 12. Or I get home at random times with the Brothers.

What do you do when you are not doing what you regularly do?
"Um, the whole hunting thing. That is not a normal thing. Or dine. Never dating, though.."

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?
She smiles wistfully - Bella has thought about this repeatedly, "Hopefully, still doing this. I'll keep in touch with the Winchester's, continue teaching and science-ing. Yeah. That'd be nice. Or I'll be dead. Maybe a billionare again? AN AVENGER!"

Do you have a special someone in your life right now?
The smile drops. "No. I wish.. But no. Not in relationship ways. Sam and Dean are like brothers to me. All my family disowned me. If you don't mind, I need to leave. I think I see Castiel. Goodbye."
The Interviewer's Questions:

Please tell me about yourself.

"Oh, me? I'm one of the few 'people' you meet who will give you a free ride. See those quotations around 'people'? I'm not what you'd call people. Not really."

What is a typical day like for you?

"A typical day? None of my days are typical, mind you. One thing I can tell you is that they are never the same. Not at all. Always an adventure, always trouble. Always amazing. I can't go a single day without saving a species."

What do you do when you are not doing what you regularly do?

"I meet friends. I talk to them. That's what hanging out is, right?"

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?

"I don't know. I'm always moving, always different. Sometimes I'm the same. I don't honestly know. I'm near the end of my prime, honestly."

Do you have a special someone in your life right now?

"Yes. She's amazing. She's the daughter of my two friends. Of course, she was imprisoned for killing a man, but it turns out that man never existed."
Please tell me about yourself.
My name is Tedrick ! I love everyone. Even you.
What is a typical day like for you?
Every day is happy ! Rainbows ! Everything !
What do you do when you are not doing what you regularly do?
That's.... confusing !
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?
Probably a hardcore rapstar ! Or ice cream server.
Do you have a special someone in your life right now?
Nope !

* quiet sobbing *
It wasn't that often to see curious looking people in a pub. It was even more uncommon when they buy you a drink, a few snacks, and ask if you wanted to be interviewed. Against the pestering "No" in the back of her mind, Sylvie agreed to answer the other's questions.

Please tell me about yourself.
"Well firstly the name's Sylvie! Sylvie Grenwik! Born near Arine City, currently a nomad traveling around the world in search of adventure! Well, nomadic mage to be more accurate. It's quite fun! And a bit dangerous at times...damn bandits will rob me over my dead body.." She mumbled the last part before taking a drink.

What is a typical day like for you?
"Oh, it's wake up, get ready, head out and wander the trade routes for a few hours and occasionally stop at a town for a rest, all the while trying not to get lost and or killed! Then at the end of the day I find an inn to stay the night, then repeat the whole thing the next day. Word of advice, don't do that shit. It sucks and it's exhausting."

What do you do when you are not doing what you regularly do?
"Eehhhh....working on my magic I guess? Don't really have any hobbies or anything. Well, I like to read when I'm in a big city with a library...which is rare..." She made a sad little "hm" sound and leaned back in the wooden chair. "...Next question?"

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?
"Oh geeze that's a hard one...ehh...I want to be alive for starters. I want to actually be done of this crap and live in a nice home somewhere in the forest, preferably in the Arcane Mountain Range...and I want a Boneback Wolv as a pet. Maybe a stag too."

Do you have a special someone in your life right now?
"...Kinda...? It's....complicated. .....wait did you mean special as in who's special to you or who do you love? Because it's not the latter I can tell you that." Sylvia shuddered a bit and mumbled. "how would that even work..?? he's a fucking deer god..."