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  1. Based off another rpers dead role play

    In a world where parents have become to over protective and monitor their teens cloesly. They keep them inside and or basically chained up. A resistance has formed in secret rising up against the society of these oversheltered teens called Instinctive. They are a strange group led by 4 teens, two daughters of the Mayor and two males from the a lower class family. Around the city in the night they escape from their homes and cause mayhem and problems, always blaming their actions on their horrible home lives and childhoods although they are all becoming just as bad as their parents. Love triangles and drugs are passed daily and no one bats an eye... it's a tough world for these teens in the city of London.

    Having to act as normal as teens during the day and rebels at night. The pressure can sometimes overcome members and cause them to lose their minds completely, however most remain intact and keep the secret well. This is the story of their antics underground and their dangerous lifestyle. Be prepared to commit crime, do the unthinkable, and basically just not give a fuck. Don't overstep your boundaries though, Jade Hess is the "Queen" of Instinctive and she will do whatever to keep her throne.

    Jade is taken
    and so is one of the head males by my co gm @AsItIspunkrock
  2. always looking for this week really loved it we want you to join.
  3. I'd love to join! Can I join as the second female?
  4. Sure I don't mind as long as Dark Disney doesn't mind
  5. I'd be interested in playing the second male, if you don't mind having me.
  6. Same as above. I don't mind as long as Dark Disney doesn't.
  7. that works tag whom ever you want
  8. still looking
  9. still looking for this
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.