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    [ Synopsis ]
    Taking place in a familiar cyberpunk context, Infinity is the story of an otherwise unrelated lot of unfortunate individuals whose humanity is taken from them by the curse of unwilling circumstance. Each becomes silently and inexplicably ordained with the capacity to forgo the accepted laws of nature in favor of their own unique laws. They are neither psions nor supersoldiers; they are as the very infinities that describe the universe.

    Each protagonist is spontaneously thrust into the spotlight when something about them is changed. They develop an absolute law which outright dismisses the conventional intuition of day-to-day life. What they possess is no biological function, and it relies on no technological crutch; instead, what they have is the realization of a dream, something which in many ways is representative of their psyche and in others of something deeper within.

    The nature of a law is precise and unyielding, but abstract and unexploitable. As if the powers themselves conspire to limit their charges, the protagonists are forced to take advantage of their unique law in very specific ways and in others must rely on their own resourcefulness and human ingenuity. What defines and enforces these laws is totally devoid of immediate explanation, but the structure of each is fairly uniform.

    A law is first defined by an assertion and then its caveats. The assertion is an absolute fact for which the forces of nature will bend, break, and conspire to uphold, while the caveats describe those situations for which the law does not apply. There is no force which can defeat a law, except another law.

    Some are tactile — a character who shrugs off the impact of a locomotive, or one for which distance is of no concern — while others are more abstract — somebody with an uncanny degree of luck, or another that always manages to make spare time — but all are exceptionally potent; and equally limited, for each is subject to exceptions which often contradict their most intuitive uses. The indestructible is vulnerable when there is intent to harm; the omnipresent cannot appear where they are unwelcome; the lucky is a doomed gambler; the early bird is late when they are missed.

    In the end, the laws are only as good as their charges. These everyday victims of circumstance will become involved in a boiling pot of conflicting interests when their laws catch the eyes of those who could benefit from their exploitation, and when those responsible attempt to reclaim their creation.

    Character sheets aren't things I usually worry about. What matters is that you have something substantial, and however you want to show that (or not) is up to you. What I care about is a name and a law, so I can keep things appropriately balanced and orderly. Anything else you add is purely for our enjoyment and education!

    I'm interested in handing off the storyteller role to somebody, because I don't know if I can maintain this roleplay in my current state of mind. I thought I'd start it up since there was a a lot of apparent interest, but I think it best if I step out before I drag everybody else down. If that's something you'd like to discuss, feel free to PM me!
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  2. I'm really interested in joining this! So just to clarify: you're leaving it up to each individual to put up whatever information they would like to about their character so long as it includes a name and the 'law' that makes them unique?
  3. Yeppers! :D
    Hopefully I have the right idea here? To be honest I'm not entirely certain what I'm going to do with this kind of law but... I'll try to figure something out. xD Hoping the RP won't be too combat-oriented, or my character's going to croak pretty easily. Ha-ha.​
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  5. You have the right idea, and while at first glance I feel like the ability is a bit off, I think it's more for lack of a definition of what debt is and how it is dealt with in situations which conventionally would incur said debt than an actual issue with the concept. ^.^;

    I'm expecting some pretty combat-heavy scenes, but they aren't the driving force of the plot by any means. If you've ever had the pleasure of watching Touch, then you might have an idea of where the roleplay lies on the Michael Bay scale (which is to say something like a three out of ten).
  6. Hmm... Well, I'm jumping the gun quite a bit since I haven't had the chance to join such an interesting group RP in a while. ^^; My apologies. I'll be back with a more well-defined character and law.

    Haven't watched the series I'm afraid, but I'll just do a quick read of the link you put up to at least get a better idea how things may unravel.
  7. Oh, it's fine! I'm pretty much expecting everybody's law to need some tinkering to help fit it in with the theme anyhow. :3
  8. Oh my, this sounds like an extremely interesting idea. While I can't take the storyteller role, I can certainly take on a character. :)

    It might be a bit till I can churn out a character and law I like, but count me definitely in.
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  9. Definitely interesting! I'll have a character concept sometime over the weekend, but to clarify: a law is, in essence, an abnormality from the natural world? That is to say, using the closest parallel I can think of, it's a 'power'?
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  10. It is, essentially, a superpower, yes. I just didn't want to refer to standard superpowers logic because then I'd be alluding to pyromancers and telekinetics and things like that which really don't fit the theme, here. The laws are more an absolute fact than an exploitable tool. ^.^;
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  11. Name: Jasmine Reynolds

    Sex: Female

    Age: 27

    Law: Perfect balance/equilibrium;
    Caveat: Should the fall prove to be fatal, the circumstances requiring the ability to stand, or the surface particularly difficult to stand upon, the law ceases to be true.
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  12. So, a cat of sorts? :3
  13. More or less.
  14. Hey! :D. I´ve been waiting for this and I guess you already know what I am going with.

    Name: Thomas "Tom" Anders

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20


    -Stretching time/Spare time. A law that only functions upon its necessity. Time will bend and stretch for the person to meet their objective by generating time to spare. Ex:" Getting late for work. The law will afford spare time for Tom to get there."

    -It only works at a fixed objetive at a time." Ex: That if Tom is trying to have enough time to get to work he still might not have enough time to catch the bus."

    -Objectives can be of any length and size, be it getting late to an appointment, reacting to a punch, Escaping from a timed bomb or even solving a puzzle .

    -Time will not stretch to protect him of effects and events which he cannot perceive or aknowledges, meaning, he has to be set on which is his objective.

    -This law does not disrupt the normal flow of time. It just stretches from point A (fixing on the objective) to point B (accomplishing it). People will perceive it as though time flowed naturally not interfiering with clocks, although, it could be perceived as if the sensation of the actual progression of time is sluggish ( it could be compared to when you used to be at school and some of the class session felt longer than they actually were).

    Notes: There could be more to this depending how the plot thickens and Tom gets to learn more about his Law. This ammount of knowledge on it is not proportional to the characters knowledge on his own law but rather what I established so far about it.
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  15. Name: Carys Argall

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Law: Disregard for Weight

    The Assertion: - Regardless of her own physical strength or the weight of an object, she can physically manipulate it (e.g. lift it, throw it, push it, etc.). Does not enable her to break, bend, crush, or dent something beyond her own abilities directly.​

    The Caveat: - The law does not work if another person or living creature is acting on the object. For example, the law cannot help her win at tug-of-war because someone is pulling on the rope. She can't lift a dog carrier with a St. Bernard inside of it, since the weight of the giant dog is acting against her. She can, however, lift the carrier on its own and the St. Bernard on his/her own as well (unless the dog struggles; in which case her law is forfeit again).​


    Here we are. Finished with the tinkering. :P
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  16. I'd be up for this, but can I get some clarification on what exactly the laws are? Are they your typical supernatural power like the ability to consciously summon a lightning bolt or are they more things that just kind of happen, with no fancy animation or magical effect, and no need to think about doing it?
    Also if you're still needing some storytellers, I could make a villainous character with a certain law that would be well suited to that role. Perhaps even multiple laws, or at least a law that can work in a number of ways so that it seems like multiple laws.
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  17. The laws are not abilities in the common sense of the term. They are absolute facts that the laws of reality will conspire to enforce. The character has zero control over the laws, but can make use of them by learning how to exploit their nuances. So far, a lot of abilities have been tangible, but they don't have to be.

    That would certainly be helpful, but I need somebody to take the reigns of the roleplay entirely because I've stretched myself too thin. I don't want to drop this for the sake of all the players who've put a lot of thought into this already, but I also don't want to try and run something I'm not prepared to follow through on. A villain's only half the game. :3
  18. If no one else volunteers a plot, I can volunteer one if you give me some time to think. I'm still not entirely sure about what's happening so it might take a while. I think I've come up with an appropriately villainous law though. I'll give an app for it a whirl.
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  19. Name: Real name unkown, referred to by the name of her law: Absolution.

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler


    Law: Absolution

    Absolution, as she named it herself, is a Law she has seen no other possess the ability to use. Essentially, it works miracles, and she suspects that this Jesus figure, as well as other prophetic creatures, may have possessed the same or a very similar Law. Provided there is a chance of an event occurring, Absolution will cause that chance to become 100%. This can also work in reverse, so the chance of something not occurring can also be made 100%. It does not matter what the original chance was. Even something as unlikely as the next lightning bolt hitting a single blade of grass can be made 100, and because of this, one of her favourite hobbies is gambling.
    On the other hand, something that has zero or 100% chance of occurring cannot be altered. The chance of occurrence must be somewhere between 0 and 100. She cannot use it to force the impossible.
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  20. It still would be nice you gave your input periodically on this. Afterall it is something which came from you and it would be sad it´d stray far from what it is.
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