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  1. The original roleplay idea:
    The idea would be that you would be a magical girl (or boy), that was sent to a magical school to better train your powers. The academy is set in a deep forest that you can only find if you knew of its location beforehand, although the general location is in the USA. Your character would live there and train there. The dorms would be segregated by sex. Once you arrive, the headmistress makes you look into the lake that is in the middle of the campus. Instead of your reflection, you will see your power in its pure form. From then you are assigned to your mentor (Important note: you will probably have to roleplay your own mentor, unless you decide to roleplay someone else's mentor, which means you are basically an adult magical girl/boy) who will oversee your studies and assign you missions to do good in the world outside the academy. The missions can be simple as helping an old lady walk across the street to complex missions like stopping a monster that created itself out of pure darkness. How you got there and if you knew about your powers before hand is up to you.
    The Beginning:
    Congratulations, Magical Girl (boy),
    You are now attending a very special school called Infinite Beginnings Academy to better train your otherworldly abilities. We are glad to find that you made it here, even though the deep forest fought against you at every turn. You will live here and train here, and maybe even make friends here. You will either be sent to the Spritely Dorm, which is for girls, or the Deviant's Dorm, which is for boys. Once you arrive, Headmistress Everstein will help you find your true powers by making you look into the Fairydeep Lake. it will show you your true power. From then, based on your powers, you will be assigned a mentor from our variety of great teachers. They will oversee your studies and assign you missions to do good in the world outside the academy. Welcome, my child, to Infinite Beginnings Academy!
    The Challenge (Optional):
    The challenge is to use this generator to make your character. You would have to look like and act exactly the character described.
    For Magical Girls:
    For Magical Boys/Knights:
    The Rules:
    1) Please try not to misspell things.
    2) There isn't a minimum writing requirement, however please try not to just do one line of text per post.
    3) No verbal abuse!
    4) You may have 3 characters at the most.
    5) Please try to roleplay frequently!
    6) Have fun!
    Character template:
    Birth date/Age:
    Normal Attire:
    How did you get your powers?
    Physical attributes:
    General History:
    How did you find out the academy's location?
    RPG Rating:
  2. Name: Headmistress Melanie Everstein
    Sex: Female
    Age: 43 years old
    Normal Attire: She usually wears a long lacy gray dress with silver dangly earrings and an odd looking gold ring. She wears comfortable black dress shoes as well.
    Costume: A golden ballroom gown with an intricate crown atop her head, half of her face will be painted gold, the other half silver.
    Powers: She can manipulate metals that are inside her body to protect herself from harm. She also has a gold ring that can cause someone to burst into flames, all she has to do is point at them with the finger that the ring is on.
    How did you get your powers? As a child, she was born with many deformities on the inside of her body. Since her parents were rich, they were able to get the best surgeons to try to reconstruct the inside of her body. When they opened her up in surgery, the surgeons found large deposits of some sort of metallic substance forming in lumps in her body. When they tried to remove the lumps, they would form again immediately on a different part of her body. So, they gave up. As she grew older, she learned to make the metal in her body move to other places to protect herself. The old headmaster gave her the ring.
    Physical attributes: She is tall and thin. She has silver hair, amber eyes, and she would be considered pretty if it weren't for all the lumps and scars on her body.
    Personality: She is studious and serious. She is also strict.
    General History: She was born into a rich family. She had a pampered childhood, although many other children picked on her because of the lumps she had on her body. One day as a young adult, she got a phone call from the hospital. Her great uncle, who she was very close with, was dying. She immediately went to see him. He was happy to see her but, he had a sad look in his eyes. He told her that he didn't have much time and he needed to tell her something. She leaned close and asked what it was. He didn't explain anything, he simply said the location of the academy and told her to go there. She wanted to stay with him and comfort him, but he wouldn't let her. So, she went to the academy. There, she met the mentors of the campus. They explained everything to her and told her that since she was the closest relative to her great uncle that had magical powers, she was the heir and had to become headmistress. And so, she became headmistress and ruled with an iron fist ever since.
    How did you find out the academy's location? Her great uncle, who was the old headmaster, told her.
    Well, that is my last post for the night, I suppose we can start the roleplay tomorrow. Good night everyone!
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  3. Name: Ariel Hanswill
    Sex: Female
    Normal Attire: White undershirt, tattered brown jacket 3 sizes to big, black sneakers.
    Costume: Two inch black dress shoes, black stalkings, navy blue and deep green knee long skirt, navy blue corset shirt, deep green left shoulder cape.
    Powers: Illusion. Can cast small illusions (changing color) for a long time, medium illusions (someone is someone else) for a moderate duration, and large illusions (the trees are attacking!) for a very short duration.
    How did you get your powers: Her parents first recognized that Ariel had a spark of magical talent when little details around the house would change at random. They had no experience in the matter but were understanding and did as much research as humanly possible to try to find an answer.
    Physical attributes: 5'5", 135 ibs, jet black hair in one side tail off of her left shoulder, pale skin, sharp face, milky white eyes.
    Personality: Ariel tends to be quiet and distant, she grew up in a very nurturing home but never quite seemed to fit in anywhere. She never had much interest in other people, or anything really, besides the family calico cat, Ruffles.
    How did you find out the academy's location: Her parents researched extensively to find anything that might explain what was going on with Ariel and if anything could help her. Eventually they got in contact with individuals who knew of the whereabouts of staff members.
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  4. Name: Ezra Utelias
    Sex: Male
    Birth date/Age: December, 5th, 1999. (14)
    Normal Attire: Usually throws in a casual sweater, sometimes wears a cardigan. Wears skinny jeans.
    Costume: Wears a robe with a long scarf. (Think HP)
    Powers: Can wield ice.
    How did you get your powers?: Genetic.
    Physical attributes: Silver hair. Usually has a stern default expression. His eyes are a pretty shade of lilac. Well-toned but is not muscly. 5'6 Tall.
    Personality: Has an egotistical-like personality, which tends to make people dislike him. Although he doesn't boast about himself, Ezra is confident about his powers. Resembles strongly like a tyrant; though that doesn't mean he isn't empathetic about other people's feelings. Brutally honest, which people mistaken him as an asshole. Otherwise, he's generally quiet when not in a bossy mood.

    General History: Born and raised in a rich noble family, he didn't have trouble with financial problem. His parents who were also witches/warlocks, wanted their son to follow the same path as them. He was surrounded with magic all the time, which he is fascinated of. Ezra is determined to be the most powerful warlock because of his childhood and isn't anyone going to be in his way.

    How did you find out the academy's location?: Family
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  5. Name: Nicola Olsen

    Sex: Male

    Age: 14

    Normal Attire: white and red jacket, Blue Jeans and white sneakers when in the normal world.

    Costume: His school attire is monk like, It is a blue body cloak that seems to moves on its own, under it is a white military like uniform with gold buttons.

    Powers: Speed, activated by will.

    How did you get your powers?: From a ancient native-American wind spirit he save from destruction by a dark spirit, his leg was injured greatly so the spirit contracted with him to help.

    Physical attributes: narrow eyes are the color of bleached bone (became that way when he contracted with the spirit) and his short, curly, luxurious, brown hair is worn in a uncomplicated style. He has a narrow build, 5'11, African-American and Native-American.(Sioux) His looks are average.

    Personality: very Compassionate, loves to nap once all work is done. He is very intelligent when it comes to histroy and i good at scanning for weaknesses.

    How did you find out the academy's location? One day the wind spirit told him of the place and took him there against his will since he need to learn these thing about magic.

    History: Was born in Dakota, Family is strongly kept together. Nicola wants to be like his dad who died in war. His family is hardworking. He goes and visits family on a reservation, He met the spirit there. It's name is Dyami.
  6. 'This witty magic knight has wide rust-colored eyes and medium-length, wavy, silky, white hair worn in a bizarre style. He has an elegant build. He has poison powers that are activated by sheer willpower. His nearly-nonexistent, bizarre uniform is mostly blue and green and it has an oily sheen to it.'

    This fits a bit too well...
    Name: Duke Garner

    Sex: Male

    Age: 14

    Normal Attire:
    Sweater vests mainly , long-sleeved sweaters on cold days.

    Pic did a pretty good job

    Poison. Duke has the ability to release a variety of poisons, some airborne and some contact oriented. Since it is controlled by his willpower, they will not do much unless he is absolutely certain of his choice. If he is apprehensive, or conflicted, his powers can even stop. However his powers allow for good stealth hits, as well as close combat, making him a good infiltrator.

    How they were acquired:
    Duke's powers were actually a fluke. He received them through sheer luck when he was born. Of course since they were only activated when he wanted them to be, he was almost completely unaware of their existence, until he was in middle school. He was being beaten by a pair of kids bigger than him. He wanted them to leave him alone. He was absolutely. He pushed them away. Suddenly they both began throwing up, as if they had ingested something rotten. Duke had no idea how that happened.

    Physical Attributes:
    Duke is rather tall, and 'has an elegant build'

    Duke is rather independent. He is quite the tease, always poking fun at others, sarcastically. He is by no means trying to be mean. In fact he hates that. He will never try to go too far, and feels awful on the rare occasion it does happen. However he is hot tempered, and quick to fly off the handle. He holds a powerful grudge, and considering his powers that isn't a good thing.

    Duke grew up with his mother, who raised him all herself. His dad died at sea. He was a fisherman actually. So he never received a big salute that a naval officer would receive. His body was never recovered. He lived his life normally until a certain day of grade school(hint hint look above). He told this to his mother who had no idea either. Since that day though he was sent to live with his grandparents because he was treated as a monster at school. His grandparents were happy to accept him. They knew what was happening, as generations a go, his great great grandmother actually was a Magical Girl. His grandmother told her mother earlier, after she had found out, and he was immediately sent off for the school.
    Sloppy history is sloppy.

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  7. Name: Isaac Denarius

    Sex: Male

    Age: 14

    Normal Attire: When in the real world, in order to stay inconspicuous, Isaac wears jeans, a t-shirt with a buttoned-up shirt over and a gray baseballcap.

    Costume: Gray apparel, seemingly a mix between a habit and armor. In other words, a breastplate with a cloth hood added and flowing robes from underneath. He also carries an oak staff that reaches his shoulder.

    Powers: Death powers (Used via a Staff) consisting for now only of being able to converse with the spirit of ones desceased and being able to tell when someone is near death. Hopes to be able to learn how to control all facets of death, like his grandfather, for example curses and even resurrection for a short time.

    How did you get your powers? Isaac's grandfather had been a skilled mage, one he always admired. It was on his grandfather's deathbed, that Isaac inherited his power.

    Physical attributes: Isaac has long, white, straight hair and azure eyes. The hair is held back, in a low tied ponytail, with a black leather strap. He has a tall, muscular body and his eyes are almond shaped.

    Personality: Thoughtful. Isaac can be caught talking to himself as he muses about various aspects, concerning powers

    General History: Isaac was born into a middle-class family and raised quite normally all his life. Normal family, since his mother never inherited powers and didn't seem to be bothered by it, whilst his father was just a normal human. Isaac would have stayed oblivious to the existence of magic if not for a visit to his grandfather. The old man had been in the backyard, muttering to himself over the family beagle when Isaac came to him inquiring what he was doing. The old man had looked at him, stated the dog had died. Obviously traumatic for a young boy, tears filled Isaac's eyes, but suddenly, with a wave of wrinkled had and a slight flash of light, the dog was up and barking. Since then the boy spent a lot of time with his grandfather, learning and listening. When it was time for the old man to pass, he granted the power to the boy and told him of the Magic Academy.

    How did you find out the academy's location? From his grandfather.
  8. Teacher

    Name: Cornelius Browning
    Sex: Male
    Normal Attire: pinstriped black business suit, black dress shoes, crisp white shirt, black tie.
    Costume: black leather strap pants, flamboyant crimson jacket and black vest with pinstriped black and white collared shirt.
    Powers: Mild telepathy (200 yd range. Only receive not send) and telekinesis (max 200 ibs).
    How did you get your powers: Cornelius was born into a very business oriented family. His father slaved away at his law firm and
    his mother didn't let a day go by without some hen party or meeting transpiring on their premises. Cornelius first became aware of his powers
    when he could faintly hear the adulterous thoughts of his mother and an old family friend.
    Physical attributes:6' 3" 180. Heavyset. Bald, Thick brown bushy beard
    Personality: To the point almost by being mean, Cornelius is a very straightforward and loyal man who takes pride in strength and bravery.
    How did you find out the academy's location: while on a pilgrimage, he stumbled upon students and inquired about their seemingly otherworldly natures. He then followed them back and was accepted once he was found to have magical potential.
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  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Bliss Jackson
    Sex: Female
    Birth date/Age: 16
    Normal Attire: She usually wears bright colored hoodies, sneakers and baggy pants.
    Costume: Light blue mini dress, with ankle high dark blue boots.
    Powers: Shapeshifting (Animal based)
    How did you get your powers? Genetic
    Physical attributes: Bliss is 5'5 with curly black hair that's dyed light pink at the moment, pale violet eyes and dark brown skin.
    Personality: She is very friendly, optimistic and outgoing, nothing brings her down.
    General History: Bliss was born to two very busy people, who promptly gave her to her aunt because they did not have the time nor patience to take care of her. Thankfully, Bliss was less than a year old when they did this so she barely remembers them, and could care less. She loves her aunt and her aunt loves her. Her aunt had always been deemed peculiar by others, because she often did odd things, like go for hikes in the middle of a storm or soothe a misplaced wild animal that had wandered into the neighborhood. Bliss always chalked it up to her aunt being absolutely awesome and never questioned it, until one day when her aunt took her to the zoo. Bliss had been extremely excited and leaned too far over the rail and began to fall into the lion habitat, but suddenly she turned into a bird and managed to fly away.
    When she reunited with her aunt, the woman was grinning from ear to ear and she revealed to her niece that she had powers too, and that from that day on she would teach Bliss all about how to control her new found powers.
    How did you find out the academy's location? Her aunt.​

    Name: Alexis Mel
    Sex: Female
    Birth date/Age: 31
    Normal Attire: She tends to wear faded out jeans, army boots and leather jackets.
    Costume: Green shoulder sleeve mini dress, with brown shin high boots, and brown gloves. A white lily appears in her hair, and the vines wrap around her face to form a half mask. She also has a wooden staff, which she uses for physical combat if her magic abilities can't be used.
    Powers: Nature Manipulation (but mainly Ecological empathy)
    How did you get your powers? Genetic.
    Physical attributes: Alexis stands at 6'0, with a somewhat lanky body. She has reddish brown skin, and her hair is dyed blond.
    Personality: She is almost always cool, calm and collected on the job, but when she's with her niece she's loud and boisterous.
    General History: Alexis was raised in an orphanage with her bratty older sister. They never knew their parents, or why they were given up, but Alexis didn't seem to have a problem with that. For some reason whenever she thought of her parents, her mother in particular, she always felt at ease even though they had never met. Her sister however, did not feel the same and the siblings clashed because of this. Whenever they fought, Alexis usually went to meditate in the orphanage courtyard, and she soon found that when she meditated she could feel various energies, as if she was getting in touch with everything around her. When she would finish meditating and open her eyes, she would see that a bed of flowers would have grown around her. It was then that she realized that she had powers. She never told anybody however, she figured that was something that she should keep to herself.

    At the age of ten (Alexis) and 13 (her sister), they were both adopted by a young couple, and lived a relatively pleasant life until Alexis' sister turned eighteen and promptly left to go to college in another state. Alexis stayed with her parents who were devastated that their eldest daughter had left so quickly.
    A few years passed and Alexis got a job at Infinite Beginnings Academy, and everything was great until her sister came back from wherever she had been, with a husband and a fancy job as a CEO at some company. Her sister constantly kept dropping in on Alexis to 'check' in on her, but really all she was doing was bragging about her fancy job and her fancy husband.

    But one day, her sister came to visit her carrying a baby carriage, and thrust the thing into Alexis' arms, stating that she was too busy to care for a baby and since Alexis didn't have a time consuming job that was nearly as important as hers, she could raise the child.
    At first, Alexis considered giving the kid, but she remembered how her sister had grown up bitter and angry because they had no parents, and didn't want to put the child through that, so she took leave from work to raise the kid until she turned a reasonable age, and came back when the child turned 10.
    (See Bliss' bio)
    How did you find out the academy's location? Teacher.

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  10. Yay more female characters :).
  11. Teacher

    Name: Pax Sheehan

    Sex: Male

    Age: 24

    Normal Attire: White dress pants with matching shoes and a light pink, long sleeve, button up shirt (first three buttons unbuttoned).

    Costume: A full, length loose fitting garb of light gray, resembling a kimono. It has a red pentagram on the chest and he usually walks bare foot.

    Powers: Demon powers (Used via Wand). Can Summon demons (ranging in size, but the smaller they are the more he is able to summon at once) to do his bidding and in extreme cases he can release an inner demon.

    How did you get your powers? Genetic

    Physical attributes: Pax has slitted eyes the color of ripe apricots, has medium-length, straight, ivory hair worn loosely and a feminine build.

    Personality: A peaceful person, Pax tends to be caring and encouraging. Willing to help others and very protective of friends.

    General History: Pax was born into a magical family and was nurtured and taught at a young age to respect the use of magic and only use it when in need. He joined the Academy at 10 and excelled in his classes. After graduating he traveled a short while before deciding he missed the tranquil atmosphere of the lake and went back to become a teacher.

    How did you find out the academy's location? Pax is an ex-student. Learned of the Academy from his parents.
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  12. Can't wait for the IC. Yall have great characters :).
  13. Flatterer as always, eh? Suppose a good third character would be a girl, seeing the lack of them
  14. But it's true lol :). And sure if you want the challenge hee .
  15. You're not up to the challenge then?
  16. I think focusing on 2 is fine for me. And I have other Rp's meep.
  17. Name: Catherine "Cathy" Blanche

    Sex: Female

    Age: 13

    Normal Attire: A simple white dress with a maroon leather waist band.

    Costume: A beautiful, semi-transparent, yellow dress with orange trim.

    Powers: Purity powers (Used via gestures). These powers in essence can help with anything from curses, healing minor wounds or curing poisons.

    How did you get your powers? Powers started to surface naturally at the age of five.

    Physical attributes: Large, white eyes and burgundy, straight, neck-length hair held out of her face by a hairband.

    Personality: An intelligent and hard working girl that tries her best to please and excel.

    General History: Cathy was found on a church doorstep by a nun one evening. She was taken in and soon became part of the family consisting of the nun, a priest and several other children. She was raised well and it was intended, before a mysterious package showed up, that she would follow the nun in her holy pursuits, making use of her powers to help those in need. That changed with the package as it told her of the Academy as well as others like her, thus she set out to further her understanding of magic.

    How did you find out the academy's location? An unsigned letter that showed up at her home.
  18. Cahill goes hard :).
  19. Hello everyone, i'm back! I'm not trying to be pissy but some of you made answers to the question "How did you find out the academy's location?" which were impossible, because some of you said that you found it, and I said in the first post that it is impossible to find unless you knew the location beforehand. If I didn't make that clear, i'm sorry, but I would appreciate if you guys would fix that on your character sheets.
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  20. @Jennifer.exe Roger that! And you want age 9-14 right? Plus are you making and IC?
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