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  1. "Indigo children, according to a pseudoscientific New Age concept, are children who are believed to possess special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. [...] The interpretations of these beliefs range from their being the next stage in human evolution, in some cases possessing paranormal abilities such as telepathy, to the belief that they are more empathetic and creative than their peers."
    They took you away so young. You've been somewhere quiet all your life, somewhere where they could keep an eye on you. Sometimes they lock you in a room, sometimes they do tests on you. Sometimes, when you're good, they let you go outside a little and see the sunlight, or they give you a big book to read, or they let you play with the other subjects. You know why they do it, though. You've always known why. You are different, you are special. You do not belong around normal people.

    There are a lot of secret stories between the children, a lot of myths. Girls need to walk in pairs at night, so that Bloody Mary can't sneak up and hurt them. If you think the Blue Angel's true name during your tests, she will keep you safe from harm. If you see a man in a white suit, divert your eyes and leave some food on your plate that night. When the man turns into a snake, he will eat the food and not you.

    Older kids will admit that these are just stories that got made up a long time ago to give the children some answers, to help explain the strange things that go on in the facility--but for some, old habits are hard to break. The girls who walk alone sometimes go missing, but the girls who walk in pairs still always come back.

    One night, a dream follows you out into the waking world. You can't remember it, but it's still there, bleeding into the shadows. It's quiet out in the hallway. No guards around, and you can't find any of the other children, either. Where did everyone go? Why does everything feel so... wrong?

    sirius, venus, and the lunar child, giggle and the flames grow higher.
    [ OOC | IC ]

    • Because what this board really needed was a game full of creepy semi-conditioned government experiment children armed with superpowers and ghost stories. I am really not sure what to label this (but I will stop swapping the tags around now, I swear). I'm not 100% sure where this game will go yet, and I'm happy to incorporate any ideas that you guys might come up with along the way!
    • You will be playing a fairly young person who was taken to this big government facility at a very young age. The place houses about 50 children at a time, from all over the world. The facility and staff themselves are a mixed experience. Some of it is nice, and some of it is horrible. Your character has the potential to see it as a safe-haven from the outside world, or as a prison where children are kidnapped and experimented on.
    • In general, none of these characters will have gone outside much, so feel free to play around in the brain of someone who's been weirdly isolated for a big chunk of their life. This facility does not have an overarching goal aside from the study of "indigo children"; some children might be getting trained up for specific projects, and others might be left pretty much on their own.
    • You do not have to play a character that believes in the stories described above. But if you want to, you are welcome to make up other stories, urban legends, myths, superstitions, etc. that your character (and maybe other characters) could believe in.

    1. I'm hoping for players that can post once every 1-3 days. It's perfectly okay if something comes up or you're going to need a little longer, just let the rest of the team know what's going on. I'll probably only prod you if it looks like you've mysteriously disappeared without saying anything to anyone.
    2. Paragraph responses in prose, please. At least two paragraphs, or thereabouts. I like quality over quantity, so shorter posts are okay if you're still contributing something interesting to the game and/or the other players when you respond.
    3. Um. I feel like I should really have more than two rules. This feels really short. I don't know, don't be a douchebag out-of-character? Feel free to bother me however you want if you have questions or concerns or anything? Uh, don't run... with scissors...?

    You don't have to answer literally every example question I've given, but they are good guidelines to get you started. There may be important information in there, so please read carefully!

    The Descriptive Version (open)

    Name: Including any nicknames, government designations, codenames, etc.

    Gender: Male, female? Both? Other?

    Age: Characters can be anywhere between ten and eighteen years old. Keep in mind that most subjects are brought to the facility well before they turn eight. Also keep in mind that this game may include things like murder, kidnapping, horrible government experiments, terrifying unexplainable shadow monsters, etc., so only play a ten-year-old if you're really hyped to play a creepy, potentially disturbed ten-year-old.

    Appearance: What does your character look like? How tall are they? Are they pale? Dark? Any scars, freckles, birthmarks, tattoos? What's their hair like? What do they typically wear? How do they carry themselves? What's the first impression people get when they look at them? You can post a picture if you want, but you must have some kind of a written description here as well.

    Power: Every character gets one special ability. It can be anything you want, but please give it a harsh limit or drawback in the beginning. Examples: A telekinetic that can't lift anything over five pounds. A pyrokinetic that accidentally starts fires if they get too freaked out. Someone who can see dead people, always, whether they want to or not.

    Backstory: What was life like for them before the facility? When did they first discover that they were different from other children? When they were brought here, how did they adjust? What kind of things have they been up to since then? Have they run into anything weird, scary, or life-changing during their time here?

    Personality: Given everything that's happened to them, what are they like now? How do they act when they're around other people, and how do they act when they're by themselves? What are their good qualities, and what are their bad qualities? What scares them? What makes them laugh? What do they believe about themselves that might not necessarily be true?

    Goal: What does your character want most in life, more than anything else? Do they want friendship, power, acceptance, knowledge, revenge, direction, freedom? If you can't think of what they want overall, think of what your character would want most at the very moment they wake up from their bad dream and find that everyone is missing. Do they want to get to safety? Solve the mystery? Break into a secret office? Find their best friend? Set things on fire?

    Misc: What other little things make your character unique? Do they have any strange ticks, hobbies, or skills not previously mentioned? Do they carry anything with them at all times? Do they have any irrational phobias? Will they drop everything for a good grilled cheese sandwich? Are they a huge fan of heavy metal?

    The Blank BB Coded Version (open)










    Characters, Past and Present
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  2. Name: Mio Ichigo Coarizake; Animal; Saiya; Experiment-M13

    Gender: Female

    Age: 12

    Appearance: Mio has straight, silky, ebony black hair that goes down to her knees, and her bangs cover her right eye and is long on the left side of her face to match the length of her bangs on the right side. Sometimes she will put her hair into a pony tail or braids, and she uses a red silk ribbons to tie her hair, but she never puts it in a bow. The strange thing about Mio is that she has black cat ears and cat tail. She has somewhat pale skin, sometimes her skin will look porcelain. Her eyes are an ice blue color. She has three long scars that go down from just below her eyebrow to the bottom of her cheek over her right eye. There is a long scar over the bridge of her nose and three scars going up her cheek to an inch below her left eye from the bottom of her jaw. Her neck has two scars on either side of her neck that are an inch apart in front and back, there are scars like these on both of her wrists as well. Her left shoulder has three scars running from the bottom of the back of her shoulder to the top of her collar bone and one scar similar to it on her right shoulder. Three large scars are on the outside of her right thigh and to scars on her left thigh similar to the ones on her neck and wrists. Both of her sides have a scar that go from her back to her stomach and are six inches apart in front and back. Her largest scar is on her back and goes from her right shoulder blade down to her left hip. She also has many small scars all over her body.

    (Outfits: Mio Outfits - Indigo Children.jpg )

    Power: Animal Mimicry - She is able to mimic the abilities of animals. Her biggest issue is that she is not always able to choose what animal she mimics. Her ability is highly unpredictable and can sometimes change her ears and tail into something that matches the animal she is mimicking. She also can't turn her mimicry off, so she tries to mimic a cat more often than not, but her changes in mood can sometimes cause her to mimic a random animal. Her ability tends to heighten her moods as well, making her much more volatile and difficult.

    Backstory: Mio's father was a leading researcher at the facility and wanted to try his insane experiments on the children, but was told they were far too dangerous and risky. During birth, Mio's mother died from extreme shock and blood loss. When Mio developed a special ability at an extremely early age, her father saw the perfect opportunity to use her as his new experiment and test subject. Once she turned two, he put her through intense and painful physical, mental, emotional, and psychological tests that traumatized her. For most of the beginning of her childhood she was essentially a mute. She learned everything her father told her to learn. It was never a possibility for her to leave her father's lab to talk to anyone, which is why her social skills are quite awful. It was on her seventh birthday she finally snapped, her entire mind went whirling into a purely instinctual state and when her father tried to do a new test on her as a "birthday present" she lashed out at him. At first it was just some yelling, kicking, and screaming, like any tantrum. Then she bit his hand until she saw blood and released him, rushing with adrenaline and pure rage. When he pushed her away and against a cart, she grabbed the nearest object, a scalpel. She stared at it for several seconds with an excited grin, as if she had just found a brand new toy. Turning towards her father she leaped at him and jabbed the small blade into his shoulder as hard and deep as she could. Pulling the blade out, she stared down at him and repeatedly stabbed him, laughing and smiling like a maniac. Covered in blood, she stood from her father's corpse as two men came in and gave loud gasps and stared at the scene in horror. A smile still on her face, she was led out in a straight jacket to her new room at the facility. In the five years she has been at the facility she has had many evaluations to determine her state of mind, but there have been no conclusions made just yet. She has only had a few outbursts each year since she started living at the facility. Now she tends to just keep to herself and trains and studies in her room as often as she can.

    Personality: Mio tends to have more sporadic and random mood swings. Her medication keeps her more calm, relaxed, and focused though. Sometimes it seems as though she has multiple personalities with how changing and drastic her changes in mood are. She also has extreme anger and trust issues. When she gets angry she has to be tied down and medicated due to her volatile aggression. Her trust issues are just a part of her not wanting to be close to anyone around her. She absolutely adores animals and always has. Her life seems to revolve around being alone, animals, training her body and mind, and learning as much as she possibly can about anything and everything. When she is around others she is quiet and reserved, preferring to keep to herself and let others do what they will. When she is alone she will talk, argue, and carry on full-length conversations with herself, sometimes it seems as though there are more than four people in the room with how many sides there are. She is overly paranoid about people being behind her or staring at her too long. Mio has had a severe psychotic break when she was only seven, causing her to be more ruthless and detached from emotion. She believes that she is completely insane, which to most people would be true, but she has just a more logical, rational, and practical look on life which makes her think that she is crazy. She also has homicidal and suicidal thoughts and tendencies when she is off her medication. She often fakes most of her emotions, she puts on and amazing facade when she feels it necessary.

    Goal: Her ultimate goal is to reach perfection in every aspect of her life. She wants to reach physical and mental perfection as well as master her ability and learn all there is to learn in existence. There are times when she dreams of killing as many people as needed to obtain her freedom from the facility.

    Misc: She loves learning, animals, physical training, mental training, puzzles, challenges, reading, writing, learning new languages, music, art, cooking, and acting. She has so many hobbies that it is hard for her to not enjoy her free time. Mio also has a highly overactive imagination, she can live in her own world in her mind for days if she really wants to. Her imagination tends to lean towards a darker path when she is asleep, she has what most would call the most terrifying nightmares, but she calls them happy little dreams. When she does have a nightmare that scares her she will wake up screaming and crying in a cold sweat, then try and fall back asleep, constantly looking around her room. She also can't go more than five minutes without her ratty old blue blanket and white and blue stuffed dog that she has had since birth. The bell on the collar she wears hardly ever makes a sound, and it is uncertain why. when she gets the chance, she loves to eat meat and fruit the most, also drinking mostly milk and soda. Mio truly believes in spirits and ghosts as well as most of the horrifying stories and myths that have been told for generations, she is highly superstitious and paranoid about such things. She also speaks and writes English, Mandarin Chinese, Jin Chinese, and Japanese.
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  3. Thanks Ichigo! :] Creepy cat girl has joined the game.

    I can throw up a character of my own a little later today. I'd love to get 2-3 more people interested in playing.
  4. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Name: Nikolai Vargas; Niko; 'Fire-Ice Duo'; Experiment-T88 || Anya Vargas; Anya; 'Fire-Ice Duo'; Experiment-T89

    Gender: Male || Female

    14 || 14


    Nikolai has messy short black hair, piercing green eyes and pale ivory skin. His fringe is a bit uneven; a chunk of it falling in the middle of his forehead. He is always seen wearing a pair of black framed spectacles. Without it, he is as blind as a bat. He always has a worried look on his face; his eyebrows knitted and a frown on his face. He looks as though he wants to cry but he isn't. He smiles more than his sister. He is usually seen in a white hoodie and dark jeans with red sneakers. If he wasn't wearing his white hoodie, he would be wearing a dark short sleeved shirt. He used to wear shirts with long sleeves but the sleeves would be burnt off if he accidentally activates his power. He would also wear black fingerless gloves. He has a few faded scars on his fingers, which was due to accidentally burning himself with his fire. He stands at 5 ft 5 inch (165cm)

    Anya has shoulder length black hair, piercing green eyes and pale ivory skin. Her fringe almost covers her eyes and it is swept to the left. Unlike her brother, she has a natural scowl on her face, making her seem moody and one would assume she is in an angry mood. Her usual attire is a black cowl neck sweater, dark jeans and blue sneakers. She has different colours of cowl neck sweaters. She is comfortable wearing that, whether it was summer or winter. She has a few faded scars which she received from her brother when he couldn't control his fire and accidentally scalded her. She stands at 5 ft 3 inch (160cm)


    Pyrokinesis - He has the ability to control, manipulate and create fire with his mind. He is able to control his power better than his sister, though he isn't stable. At random moments, fire might just appear and he would freak out. Whenever he becomes furious, which rarely happens, fire would start appearing at random locations in the room. For example, if he is angry, and there's a fireplace nearby, the fire in the fireplace would grow bigger while fire would start appearing in random parts of the room, like the walls or the floors.

    Cryokinesis - She has the ability to manipulate, shape and create ice. Sometimes, she accidentally gives herself frostbites. Though she can manipulate any form of ice, like snow, hail, icicles etc, she can't stand the cold and prefers the heat. She might even make herself cold since her power is unstable.


    Nikolai was born a few minutes before Anya. Since birth, the two of them were inseparable though they had their differences and occasionally bickering over minor things. They would still look out for each other. Before coming into the facility, they had a normal life, though they always felt they were different from the rest. They never told anyone that though. They only kept it to themselves, not even their parents or each other. That was until one snowy day, they were playing at the nearby park. The park was filled with children their age, their parents were working and they hired a babysitter to take care of the twins. The twins persuaded the babysitter to bring them to the park, and there they were. It wasn't until a boy their age pushed both Anya and Nikolai to the ground and laughed with his friends. Then, he and his friends destroyed the snowman Anya and Nikolai were making together, under the tree. This, of course, angered Anya since she has a very short temper. From the ground, she glared up at the group of boys and somehow, long, sharp icicles, that were hanging from the tree brunch, were pinned into the ground, making an ice cage around the group of boys. This at first, shocked both Anya and Nikolai. Smirking, Anya took advantaged of it but Nikolai knew Anya was the type to take revenge and he hated it. She was about to lift her hand to try to make the same thing happen again, but even harsher, Nikolai lifted his hand to stop her but instead, fire came out of his fingertips. Luckily, she moved before it even touches her.

    When they were moved into the facility, Nikolai had to endure the pain by watching Anya being forced to sit in a cold freezer, freezing to death, just because the people who brought them into the facility wanted to 'test their powers'. Anya can't stand the cold for a long time. Nikolai would be forced to produce fire, even though he didn't know how to. He would occasionally burn himself by accident. Since they were moved into the facility, they tried to make friends but in the end, they always stuck to each other.


    His power contradicts his personality; fire usually represents fiery and stubborn personalities where else he is none of those. He is constantly worrying about his younger twin sister's actions and well-being. He tends to act more like a mother than an older brother towards his twin sister. After coming into the facility, Nikolai still remained the same, though he seems a bit more paranoid than before. He talks to himself often, occasionally mumbling on and on about how careless he is. He is a very friendly and approachable boy though he stutters when he is shy. He is also gentle and tends to nag at his sister. Almost everything scares him since he's a 'scaredy-cat', as his sister would dub him to be. He has really low self confidence and very soft-hearted. He is the only one that can read his sister like a book. In other words, he is like a mother stuck in a 14 year old boy's body.

    Her power contradicts her personality; ice is usually associated with calm personalities where else she is hot-headed and has a very short temper. She hates being baby-ed by her brother, though they promised to protect each other, she feels like being baby-ed is going too far. She usually walks around with a scowl on her face, and some would assume she is angry. Unlike her brother, who seems friendly and approachable, she isn't friendly nor is she approachable, which leads her to having not many friends. She enjoys teasing her brother, calling him a 'scaredy-cat' and would sarcastically call him 'mother' to annoy him. She has a mischievous and rebellious attitude in her, only her brother has seen it. She has a very thick head and can be very stubborn. After coming into the facility, she felt a bit scarred after being experimented, though she keeps it to herself. On the outside, she shows a brave and fierce exterior but in the inside, she is as weak as her brother's heart.


    As of now, he does not have a goal except make sure his sister doesn't get too rebellious and he wants to at least control his power.

    Her goal is to show her brother that she doesn't need to be baby-ed by him. She lusts for freedom.


    He is very superstitious and he easily believes rumors about ghosts haunting a certain area and myths and legends. He enjoys reading and writing a lot. He has always been paranoid about a lot of things, especially when it comes to the paranormal. He enjoys researching and reading up things about the paranormal but he will end up being frightened. He is often mistaken as the younger sibling. He talks to himself a lot, mostly mumbling and scolding himself. Sometimes, whenever he is asleep, he would occasionally wake up, feeling as though someone was watching him.

    Even though she makes fun of her brother for being superstitious and paranoid, she also believes paranormal rumors being told to her. She doesn't show it though. She is often mistaken for the elder sibling. She doesn't tell anyone that when she first found her powers, she wanted to try stabbing the group of boys with the icicles. She is the complete opposite of her brother, though in some areas, they are practically the same. She enjoys listening to rock music and likes to blast it in her room. She has a huge appetite and tends to eat a lot.

  5. Interested! I'll try to write up a character soon.
  6. Cool beans, LVL1337N00B! We are well on our way to starting, at this rate. :3c

    TakedaXxXKaori, I like your characters! I'd normally have reservations about you technically playing two, but it sounds like they're meant to be written as a very closely joined set, so that's fine for this game.
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  7. Just gonna casually post my own character...

    Name: Daniel "Don't Call Me Dan" Richards | Experiment-D03

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Short and scrawny, Daniel looks younger than he is (and sometimes gets lumped in with younger age groups on accident). He has short, well-kept, dark brown hair and steel grey eyes. He has a sharp face, a thin mouth, and bony fingers. His freckles have long since faded out under the facility's fluorescent lights. He only dresses in clothes that fit him well, even if that amounts to boring t-shirts. His knuckles are covered in old, worn-out scars from when he was younger. He's got a remarkable control over his own body language, so he looks anything from pathetic to confident at a moment's notice.

    Power: Telepathy. It only works when he has skin-to-skin contact, and he only picks up surface thoughts without a great deal of concentration. His instructors have been working with him to develop his ability to share information through this mental link, with varying degrees of success.

    Backstory: Daniel says that his parents burned to death in a house fire. He also says that this mother was crushed by factory mechanics, and that his father committed suicide. Sometimes he says that they were both eaten by wolves. All of these are wrong, because he doesn't want to admit that his father abandoned him because he wasn't wanted, and that his mother gave him up to the facility without a fight.

    Daniel grew up very alone. His father was abusive until he left. His mother was his best friend until he started telling her things that he couldn't possibly have known about, and digging into all of her secrets. He remembered finding out that she was afraid of him. He was five. He never really got over it.

    He became fully aware of his abilities when it was explained to him at the facility. He was a problem child at first, always getting into fights, trying to run away, never cooperating with the authorities--until one day it clicked, and he figured out that compliance got him everything that he wanted. He started playing the game, getting to know his peers, learning from his instructors, and using his powers to get the upper hand on people. While he's never done anyone any serious physical harm, he's rumored to be the reason why a couple of children have disappeared during his long stay. He gets put in solitary a lot, too. And most of the facility tries to keep him away from the new, impressionable children. Strange, right?

    Personality: Delusions of authority. Delusions of grandeur. "Delusional" really does cover it. Daniel thinks that he is a very, very important child with very unique powers. He thinks that the world is his for the taking, because he is special. He thinks that he knows everything, and thinks that he understands people perfectly. He thinks that his actions are excused because of how high above normal human action he is. He is three steps away from considering himself some kind of a god, and all of the people around him are essentially his toys. Manipulative, selfish, and petty, he twists people without even thinking about it. Usually he does it to get something he wants, or to make someone mad and validate his own sense of control. Sometimes it gets worse, and he tries to drive people to misery or turn the world against them.

    He's not all bad, though. There are some people he likes. Just as he enjoys ruining a good mood, he also likes proving to himself that he can turn someone's bad mood into a good one. He likes learning, he likes talking to people, and he likes feeling like he's important to a cause or in someone's life. His psychologist argues that he's just trying to find a sense of self-worth in a world that had previously abandoned him, but his caretakers insist that it's no excuse for his poor behavior.

    Goal: Daniel desperately wants to be genuinely and honestly important to someone.

    Misc: He gets freaked out around dead bodies, and he doesn't want to talk about it.
  8. So...did I start an experiment name trend here? If so, yay, cause I never start trends.
  9. Name: Jaquelyn Paige, Jack, Experiment-D16, Pale Ethereal

    Gender: Female

    Age: Seventeen

    Appearance: Jack is tall and thin, flat chested and utterly lacking in curves. She has dull blue eyes and golden blonde hair that is kept very short, hanging well above her shoulders. Her skin is very pale, though her designation originates instead from a ghastly appendage stemming from the stump of her severed arm; A semi-transparent and incorporeal, pale blue mock arm composed entirely of what scientists believe to be psychic energy. If one were to try touching that arm, their hand would pass through and feel nothing more than a slight chill. There are scars that wrap around her remaining arm's wrist, they were very noticeable when she was first brought to the facility she now begrudgingly calls home but by now they don't really stand out much. Though her expressions usually aren't very animated, her eyes most often seem to reflect one of two very strong emotions; Hatred and sadness, both of which are understandable given the situation she shares with so many others.

    Power: Jack is able to channel telekinetic energy through her ghost-like left arm, allowing her to interact with objects from a distance like any other TK. While she is able to take hold of smaller objects without much trouble, larger ones are thus far impossible for her. Perhaps not impossible, more too painful for her to handle; Using her telekinetic powers causes Jack to feel pain in her phantom limb, where normally she would feel absolutely nothing. Small objects only cause a dull sting that she's usually able to overcome naturally due to years of practice, but the pain intensifies as the objects she tries to interact with become larger and/or heavier. Constant usage has a similar effect, causing her pain to slowly but surely build up. Either way, after a certain point she will fall unconscious or just become incapacitated for a while. Testing has been agonizing, if it needed to be said.

    Backstory: Jaquelyn was born and raised in a small town populated mostly by god-fearing Christians with strong moral values. Life for her was as normal as any other girl's up until a terrible accident ending up claiming her left arm. Short story is she got lost in the woods near her home and broke her arm. By the time she was found, her arm had been badly infected and needed to be amputated. The whole ordeal had been very traumatic, incredibly painful for her and emotionally stressful for her parents.

    As if losing her arm wasn't bad enough, the physical and mental trauma of losing her arm caused Jack's telekinetic abilities to manifest some time very shortly after she was taken home. Though very moral as mentioned before, many in her hometown were superstitious folk, her parents included. Unable to explain their daughter's new incorporeal arm and the strange phenomena happening around her (Inanimate objects moving on their own, if you couldn't hazard a guess), her parents declared her touched by the devil. They feared what they could not understand. Though Jack's mother argued at first, she soon gave in to her husband's will and allowed him to lock their daughter away in their shed.

    For almost two full days she was kept locked away in that shed before men in suits found her there, hungry, thirsty and horrified. They promised her they would help her, that things would get better very soon.. But that had been a lie. Years of painful experimentation and training, kept away from her family and friends was not her definition of "Better". With each passing year Jaquelyn has grown sadder and angrier, more hopeless. As bad as it seems to her however, she hasn't quite yet accepted defeat. She still has the will to fight, even if her hopes for actually escaping have dwindled down to almost nothing.

    Personality: As mentioned in the appearance section, Jaquelyn's facial expressions are usually very dull and lifeless. That said, her emotions are made very clear through tone of voice or actions. Said emotions usually fall between anger and sadness, happiness being a rare feeling for her. She does feel tiny traces of that particular emotion when she's around the other test subjects, other captive children, but she doesn't often get the chance to experience that company due to her insistance on fighting the facility's staff in any way she can manage. Usually that just means she refuses to comply with orders or thrashes about when someone working in the facility approaches her. On the odd days that she does actually get to be around her fellow subjects, she appears less rebellious and more broken. Most of the time she's spent with the others she has been desperate for physical affection and has often tried to worm her way into an embrace, staring at the ground sadly if none would recieve her. Once she even began sobbing quietly, but as soon as it started she requested to be taken back to her room.

    Goal: It's hard to say which Jack wants more; Her freedom or to give her captors each a slow, agonizing death.

    Misc: Likely due to her placement just before being taken away from home, Jack has a deep fear of being alone in dark, enclosed spaces. As said before she craves affection from her peers, and with that in mind she doesn't take their personalities into account before imposing herself on any of them, not caring what sort of a person they are. To her they are all prisoners alike, and that is enough for her to want to be close to them and overlook any negative aspect of their personality that might exist.
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  10. Yeah, I think you definitely started something! Jack doesn't follow the same convention, but maybe she's from a special testing unit. :') They can all wonder why her designation is so weird.

    Speaking of Jack, she looks good to me, LVL1337N00B! Welcome to the game.

    Since there are enough of us to at least start, I'll put an IC post together and link you guys when it's done. :] People are still welcome to join in the meantime, or after play starts!
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  11. Sorry about that xD I only skimmed over the other characters before I wrote mine up. If I'd noticed the trend I would have stuck with it.

    Thanks though! Can't wait to play my needy telekinetic amputee.
  12. Aw, you're welcome to go back and change it if you would like! :]
  13. Done! If letters designate testing groups like I assumed, we're both in the same one. I kinda felt like doing that since he's the closest to Jack's age.
  14. Okay, the IC post is now up! It's a thing! It's happening!

    You guys are free to run around and do pretty much anything you'd like for a while. All the doors are unlocked. The world is your oyster. If I need to make any game-master-like notes, they'll be in that same blue as the opening post. Otherwise, go crazy!

    I'm not worried about a posting order... unless you guys really want one, or something.

    I'll just be over here, jittering nervously. And waiting. Always waiting. :3c
  15. Name: Okasami, Experiment-O53; Rayku, Experiment-R89

    Gender: Both are Female

    Age: 16 years old, 15 years old

    Okasami: Facial features- silver almond eyes, full pink lips, long eyelashes and thin eyebrows, splash of freckles across a small nose. Hair- short pixie cut-slightly longer in front, medium blond with bleached streak running from crown of head to end of bangs in the front. Overall body shape/type- five feet and six inches tall, athletic build, medium tan skin, freckles on arms and legs. First impression: air of slight arrogance. Typically wears skinny blue jeans, hoodie/sweatshirt, semi-worn in gray sneakers.

    Rayku: Facial features- teal slanted eyes, thin ruby-red lips, semi-long eyelashes and medium thick eyebrows, mole above outer corner of the left eye's eyebrow, medium sized nose. Hair- thick and naturally curly, usually kept in a ponytail, jet black color. Overall body type/shape: five feet and three inches tall, willowy but semi-muscular build, skin the color of milk chocolate with darker freckles along her arms and collarbone. First impression: could put up a fight. Typically wears light blue jeans that flare at the bottom with a purple belt, vintage band t-shirts, worn in tennis shoes.

    Hydrokinesis, the ability to change the temperature/manipulate any fluid. Disadvantage: lightning is more attracted to her. At this point in her life, can change the temperature of any liquid (including liquids that are inside other things, such as blood in people).

    Flawless Restoration: to rapidly heal and restore the emotions and spirits of others; can cure detrimental emotions, heal trauma, lift mental barriers, insanity, and emotional pain. Disadvantages: inflicts some of the pain to the healer. At this point, she can only heal physical injuries.

    Okasami had an older sister and two happily married moms. On Okasami's eighth birthday, her sister died in a car crash. When told about it, Okasami accidentally killed her parental unit. Two days later, Okasami's aunt Yugi took her to the facility where she would be held until she turned ten years old. Okasami made many new friends at the facility and was often found taking pictures of the friends in the courtyards. One night, Okasami found a metal spoon near the room she was sleeping in, dug a hole through the wall, and escaped the facility. Okasami walked to a nearby town called Poluska and found a school that taught people how to control supernatural abilities. She had very little success fitting in at this school; as a result, Okasami had attempted suicide a total of five times over the course of eight months and regularly committed self harm. At the young age of eleven, Okasami thought she found The Love of Her Life-- a fellow eleven year old girl named Rayku who could use flawless restoration (healing capabilities) that had once lived at the facility where Okasami was for a short time. After meeting Rayku, Okasami quit attempting suicide and self harm and focused more on her studies. Okasami learned how to manipulate water and moisture to use in combat, and how to use it when helping plants that are quickly dying. Rayku and Okasami left the school to go back to the facility to be in better living conditions. The two girls are currently living in the nicer part of the facility where they are roommates.

    Okasami hated everybody at the facility, and had been looking for an escape ever since she was brought there (hence why she attempted suicide and self harm). She is a nice person as far as never hurting any one or using her powers for intentional evil. Since Okasami still blames herself for her family's destruction, she mostly keeps to herself (except for Rayku). Okasami considers herself to be slightly narcissistic, but never spiteful. Okasami loves photography, learning about the natural world, and herbology. As a career choice, Okasami wants to become a professional Herbologist.

    To marry Rayku, finally find a way to lessen the guilt about her family's demise, become a professional Herbologist.

    Always a disposable camera and extra herbs on her that she found while walking to Poluska. Vegetarian that does not eat poultry or fish.
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  16. Hi @Megzizz901 ! I can from your profile that you just joined Iwaku, so welcome to the boards. :]

    I'm going to ask you to include a little more information in your profile; I'll send you a message with what I'm looking for in a moment. After that, you're welcome to reply to the opening thread!
  17. Hi! I'm definitely interested in this! But oh, my memory is terrible, so I'm really gonna have to try to remember all these characters and their deets.

    A question about their power: does it have to be... like... I don't know how to say it lol. Does it have to be a part of them? Like telekinesis and stuff, it's a part of them.

    My character I'm gonna create has a power I'm gonna steal from City of Bones, if that's okay. She can draw things and then take it out the picture. If that makes sense. Is that okay? Or would it have to be a part of them?

    I had some other questions/things to say also, buuut... I forgot. :P I'll let you know when I remember.
  18. Hey MusicalT! I'm glad you're interested. Hopefully all the characters will be easier to remember once we've played them for a little while.

    (Fun fact: if you click on their names in the character list up there, it'll take you right to the post with all that character's information in it, to make it easy. Because I forget things too.)

    Anyway, that power is totally fine with me, as long as you give it a good limit/drawback. You might also want to keep in mind that the facility staff and scientists might have a lot of interest and concern (either for good or bad) with someone who can apparently bend reality as they know it and create matter out of nothing.
  19. Oh! I remember! In your bullets in the descriptive character sheet, you said only play a ten year old if you're hyped to play one that's creepy and potentially disturbed. I'm experienced with playing all types of ages with all types of personalities, especially young characters.

    So I was wondering if I played a ten year old, would they have to be creepy/potentially disturbed?

    AH! Another question, I'm sorry. Will there be people that join that can play a guard, etc., or would we have to do that along with our posts later on?
  20. Thanks! ^^
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