In The Tigress' Den

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    Raja was lounging in the back of the room, splayed out on a chair purring softly. She plays with the orange curls that fall just past her shoulders, her claws dig in and out of the cushions. The cages were brought out, the line up begins. Hundreds of slaves of every species, age and gender... her golden eyes glance down the line, she wonders if anyone will catch her rather particular eye. She yawns and stretches out, canines showing
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    Admits the cages, lay a lycntrope, sulking in his cage, looking blankly off in the distance of his prison, he held a bar in his claw and just looked there, dejected but accepting of his fate, he was beaten and captured.
    He looked around for any other lose souls, his free hand scratching on the base of the cage, his bare chest showed many scars form the recent fight that led him to this domain, he averted the lioness' gaze though, not seeing her at first as he was carried along
  3. She saw him, laying in his cage, it was the wounds on his chest that caught her attention. She grins and licks her paw and wiping her face and smiles slowly getting up from her chair, she wanted a closer look. She was dressed in ripped jeans and a black tank top, black combat boots on her feet. She then walks to his cage, looking to the sign around his neck that would proclaim his price. If his seller noticed her interest he would be prodded up, for inspection
  4. He stood but looked back at this cager with a snarl, his wounds also carved onto his back , much like stabbing and whipping but nothing tore through to his muscles, his chest was molded nicely, a nice set of abs, very average build, but tall, lean and flexible looking, his legs and feet looked the most worn though. He seemed agile, flowing and cunning as well, his orange eyes soon turned to see the lioness, but bared no teeth, just looked at her, knowing she was his next buyer.
    The tag on his neck was pricey but fitting for him
    "$12,800 isn't too bad for this specimen yes?"
    Said the grubby and fugly merchant behind his cage
  5. She arches a brow looking over his attractive form and his intriguing scars. His price was indeed high, and usually the price for a rebellious slave was cheaper but this one.... this was a wolf. It was a plus for them.... she looks down him once more weighing if he interests her enough for that price or not. Her long striped tail flicked behind her in thought, she was playing the game. Making the buyer nervous, her ear twitched and she even glanced around at other cages
  6. he watched her leave, glaring back at the merchant and kneeling down to speak to him lowly
    "..Look you seem like a nice guy but right now my mind is set on killing you when I get out of here!"
    He complimented sarcastically, clutching the cage and shaking at the last words of his speech, causing the buyer to reel back and cower
    This caused the wolf to spit at him
    "..Spineless bastard..."
  7. When she heard the price drop her mouth breaks into a grin, " deal." She stretches and pulls out a coin purse, removing a golden coin, equal to what he asked for and looks at him, " come on then wolf." She waits to be handed his leash, she waits to take him away
  8. The , merchant smirked and put on a spiked collar along his jaw, which made the wolf growl more
    "I am a sentient creature not an animal...."
    he tugged at the leash but he soon yelled out in pain as the merchant sent a voltage stick to his rump, making him collapse, able to e bound with ropes to his wrists, defenseless and broken, the leash was handed off to the lioness, the black velvet was latched to the collar of fortitude and embedding he did not look at his buyer's face, looking down, beaten and bruised as he rolled up off the floor and finally up at her, knowing he was now hers and at her will
  9. She watches this happen and frowns slightly at the abuse but understands that it is important. She leads him to her couch, where she as lounging. She puts the leash around her wrist, keeping him at her side. She then reaches down and scratches behind his ears. He seemed so down trodden, he was tied up and at her mercy. She wanted him to know she wasn't going to mindlessly zap him. She was offering him a small measure of comfort in his hopeless predicament. " What is your name wolven?"
  10. He keeled at her on both knees, unable to support himself, still weak form the shock and he looked up at her
    "...Rush....Rush Bloodfang.....And may I ask of my captor's name is it that too much..."
    he was gentle to her still, his voice was low as he spoke, but showed no signs of aggression, more loathing of his predicament
  11. She nods listening to him, when she heard his question she chuckles, " no it is not too much, my name is Raja. Go ahead and lay down. It is rude to leave an event early so we will be here awhile" she rubs around his ears trying to calm him, knowing he is in a lot of pain.... she felt a little responsible for that but he had to learn his place
  12. He looked at her and then away sharply as the other cages were taken off
    "...What of their fate..."
  13. " If they are not purchased within a month they will be put down" she says softy looking at him, " it is best not to concern yourself with the fate of others." He sees that most of the buyers have hips at their belts, Raja carries no weapon. She looks at him, he was very attractive.... she purrs to herself pleased with her purchase
  14. He looked over at her, his ears picked up her purring
    " I wash your palace..a slave to your whim..why did you purchase me..."
  15. She looks down at him, her eyes meeting his and chuckles " you think you're maid material? No. You will not scrub my home unless I'm bored of you. You're for my companionship and pleasure"
  16. His ears fold back a bit, not in anger but confusion, scruncing his nuzzle and looking at her. He will admit she was attractive but he doubted that's what she meant
  17. She tips his muzzle up and kisses his about, " you're for my bed_' she pets behind his ears once more and smirks at him
  18. He blushes slightly but his eyes never loose that forbidden luster of a fire inside, he looked away, slightly embarressed
  19. She chuckles and taps his ears but allows him his embarrassment instead merely lounging back
  20. He sighed, slowly standing up as his blush faded. He stood tall, and leaned back, relaxed. He was a wolf of principle, and she owned him now.
    He wasn't broken, just accepting of his fate, walking over to where she stood and kneeled down at her throne
    "...Then I am your mating servant...."
    He said rather low, but loud enough for her to hear. He was hesitant to speak it, but he knew he couldn't do much. A slave killing their owner was punishable severely and he rather not have the blunt of judgement weighed down on him