In search of grim darkness

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Setting aside the last paperwork she smiled and leaned back. Listening to the faint, cheerful songs of the holidays she shrugged and got up. She had worked enough now, it was time to play, but what?
Looking over the board with tags and genres she thought about her desires and picked out some moods: 'Grim', 'dark' and 'reasonably realistic'. Smiling evilly at the choices she glanced over to the part holding the genres. What genres to play? Picking out her favored three she hoped there were people with similar wishes out there, someone who wanted to do 'fantasy', 'modern' or 'modern fantasy'.
With the collected marks and tags she returned to her desk, found parchment and red ink to match the mood and began penning her request:

In search for a roleplay partner who loves good plotting, breaking characters and evil plans.

"Aww, why do you have to go for something evil? It's Christmas soon, go for something cheerful!" Hearing the annoying bright voice of PG the Fairy she looked up in annoyance. "Oh, it's you. Go bother someone else." Looking at her affronted the fairy spoke up, but remained annoyingly cheerful. "Aww, come on, don't be so mean. Why can't you just roleplay something cute with puppies, or kittens, or-" the fairy's suggestions got cut short as it was grabbed and brought over to the window. Grinning evilly she opened the window and tossed out PG, as far as she could. Closing the window with a slam she could finally return to writing her request. "Seriously, if I want cute then all I need is to do is to watch moe anime or a friendly Ghibli movie."

Preferably a mature writer with some sense of humor, moves the story forward with each post. Writing length can be any length that's suitable for the scene.
Posts per day is also adaptable, but must be able to keep up a regular posting schedule that fits both parties once the holidays have passed. Preferred genres...

Smiling in anticipation she wrote the rest of her request, now all that was left was to hope that someone wanted to play something in the similar vein as her...
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