ILLUSION GAME Illusion Game II: School Daze

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    "High School Dreams"

    Welcome to high school, what is supposedly the greatest time of your lives.

    You're all members of the Midwich High School Community. Located on Midwich Street a few blocks down from Midwich Elementary, your high school is known for its thriving community, bright students, and impeccable track record. While the school has attracted a few eccentric individuals, Midwich is the secular school of choice in your small American town.


    It's early May and the school is abuzz with end of the year jitters. Both the school play, "At The Tops of Towers", and the school's prom are set to occur this month. The drama club and school play have never been wildly popular within Midwich, but this year's play has fallen dangerously low in popularity due to the new drama teacher brought in just this year. Wanting to shake things up, Hayden Peril opted to do an original play, but the idea has proved to be disliked by most of the community.

    Staying on top of what they felt was the latest trend, Midwich had a network of televisions set up throughout the school, where both your principal and student council would broadcast school announcements. When not in use, it would display static images of upcoming school events and guidelines. It's during this time that your vice-principal appears on screen, doing relatively well for himself at only 29 years old. With short jet-black hair, piercing green eyes, and the body of a professional athlete, Mr. Delta is a rather popular spokesman for the school. Some questioned why the school's principal never made an appearance, but it was a mystery no one ever sought to answer.

    "A new morning is upon us, students!" he announces. It was an announcement the man made every morning, not a single one ever pre-recorded. "Get those feet moving and put a spring in your step! Don't forget to speak to your teachers about donating to our school fundraiser, which is being put together by our dedicated student council to fund our school prom! Those of you a part of this year's play, you are urged to stay after school for further practice! Have a great day, everyone."

    A new day was beginning, a relatively regular day for the students of Midwich High.



    Somewhere in Midwich High, a trio of students scurried through the halls, speaking casually. They were Adam Lonz, Lena Watson, and Veronica Lewis; all fairly unpopular students who could be classified as nerds. They found themselves stopped by a student who looked decidedly unimpressed at the moment. Of apparent Mexican-American descent, the boy with short black hair and a chubby frame crossed his arms and stared down the three students before him. The orange sash with the name Horatio printed on it indicated that he was a hall monitor. "This hallway is restricted at this time. Move along, now."

    That other students were moving by outside of Horatio's concern didn't appear to matter tp the hall monitor. Adam gave a look to the hall monitor, a look that was dirty and annoyed. He then signaled for his friends to move along and continue their convocation.

    Having been ignored once again, Horatio huffed, his eyes scanning the hallways for someone else to stop. There had been a binder stolen in this hallway, and no one seemed to care! The lone hall monitor was fighting a constant war it seemed. A war that no one but he could see. He would bring evildoers to their knees, no matter how many students ignored him.


    Vivien stood face to face with the local Queen Bee, her face beating red and her blood pleasure running high. She was truly ready to let this wanna-be bitch know who truly ran Midwich. The jocks, however, walk passed with pleasant smiles and flirty words, all except Thomas who kept his eyes forward, scanning the hallway for any sign of an openly gay man as he tossed a football between his hands.

    A sly smile lit up on Deanna's face as her fellow cheerleader screamed and ranted like a bleating goat. Always one to take joy out of getting a rise of out of someone's emotions, Deanna laughed in Vivien's face. It was said that the girl had magic in her voice, and it often entranced almost all the boys of the school.

    One jock by the name of Kristoff, probably one of the biggest guy's on the team who unfortunately looked a bit older than he was, made a big show of being interested in the warring cheerleaders. "Girls, girls," he cooed. "There's enough of me to go around, you know."

    "There sure is," quipped Damien, another of the Midwich Cuckoos. He playfully patted Kristoff's stomach before moving over to wrap his arms around Deanna. "Hey, babe," he whispered into her auburn hair. He then lifted his gaze to eye Vivien warily. "What seems to be the problem here?"

    "This bitch stole my uniform! and I don't have the money to buy another!" snapped Vivien toward Damien before she took a step closer toward Deanna. "But that's okay, because while you pretend to be sick, I discovered not only does the Cheerleading team hate you, but they're going to make me Cheer Captain."

    "Hate me? Please." Acting like royalty, Deanna practically looked down her nose at Vivien, even though she really wasn't much taller than the other girl. "You have talent, Viv, but you're new. We value loyalty, not who's the biggest whiner."

    Damien chuckled as he ran a hand through his dark brown hair. "Listen, no one really hates Deanna. Babe's just a firecracker. It's intimidating."

    As Damien buried his head into the crook of Deanna's neck, Kristoff coughed awkwardly. "As much as I'd love to watch a cat fight, shouldn't we get going?"

    Deanna scoffed. "You hear that, Viv? You're wasting Kristoff's time. Shame on you." The girl used this her time to leave, practically dragging both Damien and Kristoff along with her.

    The whole ordeal made Vivien angry, and finally, when Kristoff mentioned how they should get going, she scoffed, storming away toward class before her fellow cheerleader and her two boy toys could walk off.


    Sarah moved with a quickened pace, articles of recent news events tightly gripped in her hand on the top of her binder, while her mind darted between what topic to put on the school's daily newspaper.

    A gentle smile on his face, Kyle moved to walk next to Sarah, keeping stride with her. His naturally pale skin tone and striking blond hair seemed to light up the hallway. Lifting a camera from his gaudy salmon-esque colored leather jacket to his face, he said, "You're distracted." He continued to look at her through the camera as they walked.

    Sarah almost jumped when she Kyle's voice. She had been so out of focus with the world! She let a smile creep across her lips before she looked to Kyle, who was in fact, hiding behind his camera. "Oh yeah, I am. I totally wanna do this article on that large car crash that happened today, but I don't think Ms. Parks wants anything that mopping on the school newspaper."

    "You should write what interests you," Kyle said, eventually looking away to point his camera down the hall. It almost seemed affixed to his face.

    "I would!" started Sarah as she slowed her pace so it would match Kyle's. "But most of the stuff I want to write about is about the real world, and Ms. Parks doesn't always agree that it lines up with a school newspaper."

    "I can talk to Ms. Parks for you. Argue that it will totally motivate students to act safely while driving or something." Kyle finally lowered his camera, still smiling.

    "...You'll talk to her?!" almost shouted Sarah, she looked to Kyle as his camera was lowering, a smile on his face.

    "Yeah, she tends to listen to me."

    "I know! I think you're one of the few, if not the only one of her favorite students, so thank you!" said Sarah as she threw one arm around Kyle as they walked as if it was a half-attempted hug. The two students laughed as they continued toward the library.


    Clementine sat quietly in the Library, a book on the wooden table in front of her and a bottle of water next to it. Papers and other school materials were scattered around, proving that the girl has been trying hard to pass her upcoming test.

    Ms. Parks, the librarian and head of the school newspaper, quietly closed her book. Smiling softly, she stood up and looked over the group in the library, smiling pleasantly. "All right... Shall we take attendance, class?" she asked rhetorically, grabbing her clipboard quietly and peering at the students in the room as the bell rang. This was where Newspaper and free period took place.


    Travois acted with such passion that it even surprised him. He was truly in tone with the character he was portrayed as, and he wanted nothing less than to give the viewers a good show. By the time that he was done practicing, all in attendance believed he had truly connected with the character.

    Mr. Peril applauded Travois's performance, grinning charmingly. "Well done, Travois! I knew I picked you for this role for a reason... Now, everybody, why don't you put this much passion into your performances? Let's get a move on!" the handsome dark-haired Drama teacher, called to his class, clasping his hands together enthusiastically. He was new to the school and was working on an original play of his own creation. At The Tops of Towers was likely a risk, but for Hayden Peril, it had been a play made with love.

    OOC NOTE: Welcome to just a regular day of high school! Feel free to interact with each other or with the large number of NPCs available to you. Feel free to RP as if it's any time of the day, not just the morning. For this prologue, it can be the start of classes, during class, in-between classes, during lunch, or even at the end of the school day. It's entirely up to you.








    @The Tactician as Kisho Taniyama [Computer Applications and Programming Teacher]
    @TheColourlessRainbow as Bryan Stark [Student]
    @BarrenThin as Logan Wilson [Physical Education Teacher]
    @TheBombMan as Umeko Moe [Student]
    @Mirage as Kumiko Kurumi [Student]
    @Hospes as Viviette Anya Stark [Student]
    @york as Avia Taniyama [Physical Education Teacher]
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Minori Chihara [Student]
    @Emperor of Gallifrey as Jason "Jay" Cortez Wilson [Student]
    @Gummi Bunnies as James Lancaster [Student]
    @Mighty Roman as Simon Black [Student]
    @DapperDogman as Kei Eba [Student]
    @Jeremi as LuAnn Lewis [Home Economics Teacher]
    @FireDrake150 as Scott Miller [Communications Technology Teacher]
    @Josh M as Annette De La Rose [Guidance Councillor]
    @Wedge Antilles as Tom Swanson [Student]
    @Mari as Anna Collins [Student]
    @Dinoteen as Thaneo Tesseract [Head Cafeteria Boss]
    @The Silver Paladin as Aaron White [Student]
    @Nassi as Anouk Cross [Student]
    @Revya as Meira Franz [Student]
    @theryanjake11 as Takuro Kennedy [Student]
    @Xx420BLAZEITxX as Adrian Jacobs [Student]
    @Brother Gabriel as Jacky Robertson [Student]
    @Thuro Pendragon as Michelle Kile [Student]​
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  2. Prologue: Once a Victim, Always a Victim

    Viviette found herself extremely antsy.. Tapping her fingers nervously and glancing over her shoulder every once in a while. It wasn't that she was scared... Or, actually, it was just that. The teenager was terrified of just about everything under- and over -the sun. Was she paranoid?

    Well, I suppose that depends on if you consider logical fear to be paranoia.

    Being shoved around and generally degraded was a daily occurrence, for the girl with the porcelain skin, countless scars, deep green eyes and curly, thick hair as black as coal(that many other females would kill for). Over the seventeen years of her life, the bullying had gone from simple hair-pulling and light name-calling, to full-on merciless shoves, punches, and kicks, resulting in more injuries and abrasions lining her soft skin, alongside those her abusive parents had already given her over the many years of her life. This, and verbal degrading.. Sometimes, even touching.

    It seemed to have no end.. Despite her excessively modest choice of dress and overall excessive innocence, she was called a wench.. Despite her incredible grades and overall intelligence, she was called imbecilic, told she'd never accomplish anything. Despite her kindness, and excessively gentle, caring, and outgoing nature, she was called a bitch. And despite her smarts and beauty, she was called weak and hideous.. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. But regardless, it made- and still continued to make -Viviette's already immense insecurity, self-imagery issues, depression, and anxiety much worse.

    Because of this, Vivi could never truly make friends. She was too shy and withdrawn due to having these bullies and her parents cause her to see herself as below the rest of the world, terrified everyone in her vicinity would simply reject her the very second that she so much as tried to speak to them. That, and she was.. Well... Generally terrified of everything, due to all the physical and verbal abuse she'd been put through.

    But, at least through it all, she'd had one person she knew loved her.. Her twin brother, Bryan.

    The boy had been with her through thick and thin, and was the only person she ever knew she could truly, fully rely on. He was there for her when she was being bullied through public school.. And when their parents began heavily abusing her after she had discovered them doing drugs(though she couldn't tell him out of absolute fear that they'd stay true to their word and murder her where she stood if she said a single word).. And even when she finally managed her first act of impulse and ran away.

    And, well.. She had nobody but him. No friends, no other family, no pets.. Nothing. Nothing but Bryan.

    She was pondering this a bit, now.. Why her brother was so much better than her. He was more attractive, more well-liked, friendlier.. Everything she wasn't. It was understandable, to her... She saw herself as an impossible person to like, due to the self-imagery issues; it wasn't difficult to like someone more than her; especially if that someone was her incredible twin. But.. Why? They were of the same bloodline, so she couldn't understand.

    Either way, Viviette just felt sick to her stomach. This new town hadn't been any better than her last, so far.. The students- and staff -seemed to be acting just as cruel towards her, so there was no difference there. Which was why she felt so damn sick and anxious. The school day hadn’t even started yet(she always arrived early), and yet, it took no more than simply being present in the building for her to feel terrified and stressed. After all.. What if someone popped up behind her? Shoved her head into the school's fountain and held it under 'til she passed out.. maybe even drowned.. as her mother had done to her, before?

    Just the memory and general thought made the ravenette shudder violently.

    It didn't help when her emerald eyes caught sight of movement nearby.

    Immediately, her already pale features paled further, and her grip on the books held against her chest tightened. She swallowed hard, heart hammering in her chest; threatening to burst right out. She tried to rush forward, to get out of the hall as fast as she could.. But it was too late. She felt something yank on the back of her sweatshirt harshly, forcing her to an abrupt stop and jerking her backwards.

    Instantly, Vivi's mind went into panic overdrive. Her mind screamed at her to scream, thrash around, try to hit the one who had yanked her back.. But she didn't. She couldn't. She'd long since been broken, and hadn’t even the slightest trace of struggle or fight left in her.. Just obedience. Submissiveness. So all she could do was let the other students drag her limp and unmoving form back and helplessly listen to their cold laughter. "Where'dya think you're goin', babe?" the boy whom had pulled her back cooed, grinning wildly. A girl beside him cackled, smirking much wider. "Yeah, honey. Party's only just getting started!" she jabbed, causing Vivi to tense further, nervously. Her eyes were wide and fear-filled, and she twitched slightly, but was completely frozen aside from the small nervous action.

    Apparently, to the trio of teens now circling around her like predators to their prey, this was extremely amusing. They snickered, poking, prodding, and shoving her between them, causing Viviette to grow dizzy and even more nervous and anxious. They were teasing her.. Taunting her. She knew they were doing it, verbally, but they had to take this torture to a psychological level as well. Hell, at this point, that's all it was to Vivi; their words were distant and drowned out to her, as though coming from a different world from her own, making them difficult to even attempt to make out.

    She didn't have much time to take in what was happening before finding herself being roughly grabbed once more, yanked and dragged forward limply... Before having her things knocked from her hands. And, after that, being slammed right against a metal door.... Hard.

    It occurred with an echoing slam, causing the aforementioned door to rattle slightly on worn hinges. It held up from the impact much better than Vivi did; who already had a bruise forming on her forehead from the impact. She groaned slightly, letting out a soft whimper, but no verbal complaints escaped her thin and defined lips. Despite, the other teens giggled, amused by her pain. "Aww.. Should we call your mommy?" one girl spoke, pouting mockingly. "Yeah, yeah... Or should I kiss it better?" one of the boys mocked, grinning. He was the one who had shoved her forward, with his hands still on her and roaming uncomfortably close to a certain un-consenting Stark girl's rear end; causing her to shake visibly out of intense and absolute terror. "Or, I could fix it for you, now.." the other boy added, grinning slyly.

    Without another word, Viviette found that the grip much too close to parts she didn't ever want touched for comfort removed. Before she could manage a sigh of relief, she was jerked back by a new pair of hands, there was a sudden creak, and then she was forced forward into a chilling small and dark space... And a louder slam than before echoed through the mostly-empty hallway.

    And, yet again(as always)... Viviette Anya Stark was alone.

    Locked in a locker, struggling to breathe, not pass out, and not daring to make a sound. Instead, she remained locked away in silence, pale body shaking violently.. Causing the locker to shake just lightly enough to make a bit of a rattling sound. Looked like the day had gotten off to another great start..

    @Anyone who wants to get this gal out of a locker c:
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  3. Umeko's Prologue:
    School Prescence

    A bus approaches the school.

    Umeko steps from the bus, carrying her backpack behind her.

    As she enters, she tries to stare away from the others. She heads to her lockers.

    On her way, she heard banging noises. Particularly metal, she thought.

    She was able to detect which locker that the noise came from.



    Umeko was curious... But at the same time she was scared, and she also didn't have the means to open the locker.

    She went to the Principal's office.

    @Hospes @Atomyk @anyone that can help​
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  4. Horatio accosts you, adjusting his orange sash so it's more visible. Not only was a binder thief about, but someone sought to disturb the principal of their hallowed school! "Stop right there!" he demanded. Though students usually ignored him, Horatio's large frame allowed him to successfully block the door to the principal's office. "What do you think you're doing, kid?"

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  5. Prologue: Just Another Day...

    Tom Swanson drove his customized blue Honda Civic into the parking lot. He looked at the time, and wasn't too concerned about being late, as his next scheduled class wasn't for about a quarter of an hour. He walked quickly though, from the parking lot into the school hallways.

    He thought of finally asking the girl he had his eyes on, Anouk, to the prom. He thought she would be cool to hang out with, and she was kind of hot. But, he broke out of his stupor over Anouk to hear a locker? Why was the locked making sounds? Someone trapped inside of the locker? Tom knew how to undo lockers, he must have had some kind of metals class, of some sort. He went to it, brought out his car keys, took out some allen wrenches and some wire, and manipulated the locker open.

    "Voila!", Tom said, smiling as he opened the locker. "Hello there. It's a bit late for freshman hazing, isn't it? Or, is it early for next year?"

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  6. "Eek!" Umeko screeched. Being an easily frightened person, she thought of running away.

    Which she did.

    She ran for the nearest Girl's restroom.

    @Atomyk @bathroom gals if any​
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  7. Smirking, Horatio rubbed his hands together. Looked like another mission accomplished for the hall monitor.​
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  8. In the bathroom was a rather ghastly looking man, who was mopping away, as he did every early morning/after school hours. He seemed startled by this appearance: students didn't typical come in this early! But yet, the rather short and janitor seemed nonchalant about this..​
  9. "Good mornin' ya'll!" The children and other faculty members would be met with a cheerful smile and a wave, which was the usual reaction when LuAnn Lewis the home ec teacher would walk down the hallway in the morning.

    Horatio would feel someone grabbing unto his ear and pulling quite hard. "Ah've told you Horatio. Just because you have that sash doesn't make you the sheriff, now you go and apologize to that girl or Ah'll have to discuss with the rest of the faculty about revoking that bright sash of yours. Have Ah made myself clear?"

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  10. Prologue: Mystery Man
    Simon walked off the school bus with the demeanor of someone who knew exactly what his place was. He'd often been called 'intelligent' by his teachers, but he honestly couldn't be bothered with all of the numbers and formulas. He just wanted to do whatever he wanted. To go where he wanted. He'd never thought about what he'd wanted to do once he got out of here. Just...whatever he wanted. He liked playing the guitar. He liked Rock music. He liked trying to chat up the pretty girls who thought that he was 'different'. Which he was. Simon, despite his dubious history, was an almost complete enigma to his classmates. Someone who always seemed lost in his thoughts, who would one day focus on his studies, and accept conversation, while on another day, may decide to sit down and listen to music, avoiding conversation. But no matter what he did, he seemed to have some form of resolve which told him exactly what he wanted to do. The only thing which was constant was that he apparently had a volatile temper. No-one had ever asked him about it. No-one had ever been on the receiving side of it. He could just hear them-other students spreading rumours about his constantly switching demeanor, and rumours of his legendary anger. As far as he was concerned, it protected him from bullies, and that was fine by him.

    But his steely resolve always prevailed. And what he wanted to do right now-Was take a book out of his locker. As he twisted in the combination, he was surprised to see a small, fragile-looking person in there. He unplugged his headphones, tilted his head and silently offered out a hand to the girl, hoping to help her out of his locker.

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    5:50 AM

    The sound of a TV surrounds the background. In the kitchen, Annette De la Rose is going through Emails on her smartphone, replying to them one by one. Foot steps could be heard coming closer towards her. Annette would perk up.

    "Oh! Good mornink Jason. Everythingk okay?.Sleep well?"


    "Mornin', Ms. Del la Rose." Jason replied as he hurriedly walked passed her with a gray t-shirt slung over shoulder and holding a pair of gray athletic shoes in his right hand. He had obviously overslept with his hair still from taking a shower and his state undress as dead giveaways.

    "Soooo," He inserted two waffles into the toaster and made himself a cup of coffee before joining her at the table, "did you and my Dad have fun last night?" He asked and grinned in a teasing manner with a slight wiggle of his eyebrows.

    Jay knew that his father and Ms. Del la Rose had been dating even before they told him. In fact, the whole school had already been gossiping about by then. Jay didn't mind their relationship at all. He liked Ms. Del la Rose and if his father was happy, he was happy.


    Almost dropping her coffee, Annette shook her head I protest.

    "No, no, no! It's simple not like that Jason. We're just friends. Truly. I just slept in the guest room since it was late."

    Annette, would turn away slightly, before turning back, sighing before speaking

    "How long have you known, Jason? I mean, is it truly that obvious? Your father and I have been friends for years, I thought no one would notice. I mean, our courtship is rather new."

    ~ Making an Entrance~

    Logan came out of his room almost sleepily, interrupting the conversation. He wasn't entirely sure what time it was. Annette's rising had woken the ironically somewhat lazy gym teacher, which was all well and good. No alarm would have worked. At this point, he had speedily showered and seemed about ready to head out the door for a morning jog. He saw the two and smiled. Annie had really helped their family when they truly needed it, so she was practically a part of it.

    Unfortunately, clueless as he was, he had no idea Jason and half the school were on to them.

    So he gave Annie, his girlfriend, a modest wave before patting his son on the back and heading out the door with a simple "Good morning, have a nice day!" As much as Logan would have liked to have spent time with Annie, Jason was there so it simply wasn't possible in a romantic context without doing something out of character line breaking his exercise routine. Hopefully, they would have time later. He, himself, would be occupied until school started.

    His tired brain was still catching up, of course; he had hardly spoken and barely realized how early he was when he came up and sat himself down on the floor in the gym, having unlocked the door. No one was there. "Hmph." He checked his watch. It read:

    7:16 AM

    "Oh. Well... shit," He muttered. "That's... well." The teacher would have to request his son's, or Annie's, help in the morning. He was too much like a zombie in the mornings to notice how quickly he'd gone out the door, that he'd skipped breakfast, and that his plain white T-shirt was inside-out.

    At any rate, it wouldn't be terribly long until school properly started. What truly mattered to Logan is that he made it to school. The man had been fairly depressed not too long ago. Annie had helped with that a lot.


    Logan scowled openly at Horatio. The kid was a bully with the sash. He enjoyed power a little too much. When the Home Ec teacher interfered, a smirk spread over his face.

    He still had time to kill until real training started. One way was bully hunting. No, Logan couldn't directly confront them...

    ...but it was a well known fact that frequent bullies found themselves running an extra mile under the gym teacher, or doing an extra set of push ups. Judging from his expression, it was pretty pain that Horatio had earned some sort of punishment.


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  12. Meira Franz

    Click... Ka-thunk.​
    Yeah, they were jelly. Definitely. They were all jelly of her bitchin' car. Good. Why else would she spend all the money on it. Pffft. For practical use? Nonsense. Gotta prove to these beta punks she was the alpha male. Gotta prove that her figurative man-meat ego was bigger than Ron Jeremy's. And damn that car was shiny and fancy. That'll do the trick. If her badass scar didn't do the job, that is. Boom, she was pretty tall too. Better look up at her. ALPHA MALE. ALPHA MALE. ... Well she was a girl, but still. MAKE 'EM LOOK UP TO YOU AND FEAR YOU.​

    ...Alright, that was enough for the day. Ba-beep! Meira locked the car and pocketed the keys, taking her backpack and a small cooler out of the trunk. What's in the cooler? Well of course... Slinging her sack over her shoulder, Meira popped open the cooler, reached in, and pulled out a cold one. Mhmm. Nice and cold. Popsicles. Gotta love popsicles. Only crazies don't love popsicles. Even crazies love popsicles. She loved popsicles after all. Nom nom nom, stuck it in her mouth.​

    Sack over one shoulder and a cooler in one hand, Meira walked down the hallway. Down to her locker. Which, so as it happened, was the one right next to where the school's nervous wreck, viviveeviveevoo... something, had been shoved in. Meira dun know. Meira dun care. Knowing other peeps is other peeps job. Meira just needs to make sure she knows herself, and others know herself. And how BITCHIN' she is.​

    But yeah, locker, three people in the way. "Yo, wanker. I said, yo, you hideous imbecilic dead-end trash bitch of a wench of a bitch. Can you and your feline-licking friends move out of the way so I can put my locker to practical use~?" All happy and smiles, Meira's mouth just laid on the hurt without a second thought. Then she put her popsicle right back in her mouth with a pop.​


    @Wedge Antilles
    @Mighty Roman
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  13. Man down! Man down! Horatio squirmed in the face of Ms. Lewis' brutal assault. "I was just doing my duty for the school, ma'am! You can't revoke me of my duties-- I'm the only hall monitor!" It was rather known that no student really wanted the job of hall monitor. No one who ever wore the sash had ever gotten much recognition or good will out of it. Some asked if hall monitors were even needed, but Horatio had fought hard to keep the sash in these hallowed halls.

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  14. At the sight of the newcomer, Simon merely tilted his head as if to say 'really'? This really was a sudden interruption to his clockwork day. He turned to the other boy who had come to investigate the locker. He smiled conspiratorally at him, and tilted his head at the newcomer and whispered:
    "Is it just me, or is she dressed as trashily as whichever gutter she crawled out of?"

    @Hospes @Wedge Antilles @Revya
  15. Meira Franz
    Bitch be stealing her font AND snide remarks. MEIRA AIN'T GONNA TAKE THAT, ARE YOU MEIRA? OOOOOOH Hell naw. At least not when there's nothing better to do. "Eeeeh~? Whatever the gutter, aren't sewer-trash like you guys always lower? Oh, and full of shit~" BUUURRRNED. Too bad you don't have a NICE AND TASTY POPSICLE to cool off!


    @Mighty Roman
    @Wedge Antilles
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  16. "Hey now," Tom said between chews of bubble gum, "kind of rough, aren't we?" Tom was kind of an idealist at heart and even jokingly wouldn't let someone insult Vivi. He helped her up and out of the locker.

    "You okay Vivi?", Tom asked, squinting a little. He tried to focus on her facial features to see if everything was right with her, whether this was an accident or a pattern of behavior that she would end up being the victim of repeatedly.
    @Hospes @Mighty Roman @reyva
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  17. "Sugah, we could get a cardboard cut out of you and it would do the work just as well." The way she talked made her sound really chipper when she spoke. Horatio had one thing right though, he was the only hall monitor. "And that's why you think you can waltz over everyone and do what you feel like, but Ah'm tellin ya you get a lot more recognition with honey instead of vinegar." She pulled on his ear one last time. "And that's why the next time you see miss Umeko you apologize, right?"

  18. Having gotten off the school bus, Anna Collins walked into school, looking around the hallways. It was the usual kinds of activity, some gathered around others, others minding their own business. She saw some guys and a girl gathered around a locker, and for some reason she could tell the girl Vivi had some trouble, but Tom had it under control. Tom was a good guy.

    She walked past, and continued to observe the school activities, on her way to english class.
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  19. Viviette had no idea of how long had gone by before someone had noticed her.. But she didn't think she cared. Being locked in a small, dark space... one of the many, MANY things she feared... Wasn't nearly as bad as the other things that had been done to her. She'd take it over being clocked, belted, drowned, beaten unconscious, or burned severely any day.

    That didn't change the wave of relief that crashed into her forcefully upon being discovered and released.

    On shaky legs, Vivi practically fell out of the locker the second it was opened, with how badly her legs were shaking.. And then she actually fell, from this same issue. Oh God, this was embarrassing... Her pale cheeks burned an intense red as she sat there helplessly on the floor, taking a minute to try to regain steadiness, before finally managing to clamber to her feet. Despite, she couldn't meet the gaze of Simon or Tom, blushing heatedly as she stared at the ground, verging a panic attack simply from the way she was being looked at.

    Attention focused around Vivi was never a good thing.

    It stressed her out an incredible amount.. Which lead to violent trembling, hyperventilation, chills/hot flashes, and a variety of other issues. Mostly caused after the stress sent her into a panic attack. But for now, she managed a very frail trace of composure, opening and closing her mouth helplessly whilst trying to formulate a response to Tom. "I.. I-I'm not a f-freshman," she stammered, shyly.

    She opened her mouth to say something, but it was quickly cut off by a new voice.


    Instantly, Vivi's shaking started back up again, and she got incredibly cold.. Despite the fact she was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a hoodie, as well as sweatpants, as a means of hiding her countless scars. Signs of going into a panic attack. The harsh comments didn't help, and Vivi cringed, almost seeming to shrink back out of intimidation. "I.. I'm s-sorry.. I-I'll g-get out of y-your w-way.."

    And she did, moving well out of the way submissively.. Before proceeding to try to hightail it away to class.

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  20. "Buh..." Horatio wanted to do nothing more than argue, but he understood the chain of command around here. He would have to defer to Ms. Lewis, even if he didn't agree with her. Did she not understand the war he fought? Umeko symbolized the naive commoners who would to buck the system by sheer lack of care. In some way, Horatio supposed he could muster the energy to feel sorry for her. "I don't even like honey," he managed to say, wincing at the final ear pull. "But, okay, ma'am. I understand. Umeko will receive my apologies."

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