I'll Never be the Same

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  1. Suki wasn't the strongest girl in school. In fact, she had no muscle at all. That was the reason why she was picked on so much. In a school full of boys who worked out almost everyday, she looked like a twig compared to them. Wasn't there one chivalrous man in this school? Sighing, the girl headed home for the day. She knew that she would have at least 1 encounter everyday on her way home from school. She always did. And today was no exception.

    She rounded the corner to get to the alleyway that was a short cut to her place. She lived with her parents in a small, yet home-like place. She felt safe there. As soon as she stepped into the alleyway, they surrounded her like a pack of wild dogs. Her small frame began to shake as they began shouting insults at her.

    "Hey toothpick! Ever heard of a dumbell before? Oh right, you haven't because your so small! You tarnish the name of our school for remaining so small..."

    "I've told you guys time and again, I can't build muscle as fast as you can..."

    They began to laugh maliciously. One stepped towards her. They usually left once they were done insulting her, but this time was different. He grabbed her, holding her in a choke hold and groping her chest. She squirmed, trying to get away, but it was all in vain. He just held tighter. She couldn't break free. In fact, the man was holding so tightly that she began to lose conciousness. Help someone....She thought as her mind went black. She prepared herself to die, because there was no way she was going to get out of this alive...Unless a miracle happened.
  2. A hand took a hard grip around the mans arm and squeezed hard enough to make him let go of the girl who fell to the ground.
    Kyo had heard some noices from an alley and went there to check what whas going on, there he had seen a girl, whom he recognised, being lifted up in the air and were about to loose conciousness. There were some people standing in his way to get to the girl, but he easily puched them away. First they were about to stop him but with just one glare they didn't dare to do anything. The guy who had lifted up the girl hadn't noticed him or the fact that his aids were going away, afraid of the stranger. He took a hard grip around the guys arm and squeezed it so hard so he let go of the girl who fell to the ground. He turned the guys arm around a bit in a painful position and he started to scream and fell down on his knees, he desperately tried to make Kyo let go of him but it just ended in more pain. After a minute Kyo let go of the guy and he fast ran out of the alley screaming about coming back and take revenge.

    Kyo looked after the guy untill he dissapeard then he turned to the girl that looked like she were in a state of chock, still sitting on the ground after being droped.
    "are you okay?" he asked her and sat down on the ground in front of her.

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  3. A voice was calling out to her. She shook off the darkness to see a beautiful man sitting in front of her. Her face was red. Had he seen what happened to her? How embarrassing...She turned her head away, afraid that the young man might make fun of her. She didn't know what happened after she blacked out, but the men who were harrassing her were gone. Had this wonderful young man saved her? She bowed in front of the boy.

    "Yes, I'm ok. Thank you for saving me...." her face was still red as she thanked her hero. "Glad to know chivalry isn't dead yet..."

    She stood up, holding her hand out for the young male so she could help him up.

    "I'm Suki Matsushita...May I ask yours?" She noticed how attractive the boy was. He was beautiful in every sense of the word. She blushed. A girl like her never stood a chance to score a guy like him. She dispelled those thoughts from her mind, waiting to see if the young male would take her hand, but before she could, she clutched her chest, which was in pain from the earlier thug. Still, her one hand stayed outstretched. It was embarrassing holding her chest like this, but what else could she do? She smiled down at the boy. The best smile she could muster anyway.
  4. He giggled a bit towards her commentary that chivalry isn't dead yet.
    "Kyo Tetsuhara" He said still giggling a bit, he was about to take her hand but saw how she took her other hand towards her chest. "You sure you are okay?" He asked again worried and stood up by himself, he didn't want to burden someone that were hurtend. He looked at the girl, she was really tiny and no muscles at all. 'why try to hurt someone so defenceless and cute' he thought barely noticing himself thinking the word cute. He couldn't get rid of the thought that he had met this girl before, but weren't sure from where. He tried to remember who he had met before that was named Suki but right now it stood completely still.
    "Why did those idiots do that?" He asked her still waiting for her red face to get a better colour.
  5. She looked away. Could she really tell him that she was the weakest one in school? Could she really trust him not to hurt her too? She didn't know for certain, but maybe he was different. Her breast still a little tender, she moved her hand to her upper arm, still looking away.

    "I'm the smallest girl at school...at least muscle wise..." she blushed cause she knew she was well endowed when it came to breast size. "But they gang up on me just to sexually molest me...They think that because I have no muscle, I can't fight them off, so they can do whatever they want to me...I'm sick of it...yet I can't do anything about it. I have been working out at home, eating protien...Trying to build muscle and I've gained some, but I am still not strong enough to fight off perverts like them..."

    She looked up to the boy. IT was worth a shot to ask him about this. She didn't want to go home alone. Not after what those creeps did to her.

    "I hate to bother you about this, but could I ask you to walk me home? My house is just out of this alleyway and down the street a little...If those creeps show up again, I won't be able to fight them off..."

    She hated depending on others. She wasn't normally one to do that which is why she never asked for help until now. But now she had no choice. Not if they were only going to get more and more violent in their hunt to sexually molest her. She needed muscle until she would be able to gain some more.
  6. "what makes you think thatI would let you go home alone?" he asked half uppset and half joking. After all which gentleman would let a girl he just rescued go home alone when he doesn't even know where the guys he just chased of had gone to?
    "No knight with dignity would let that happen you know" he said as a joke because of her chivalry comment. "you shouldn't go home alone at all if this kind of things happen often" he said a lot more serious.
    'I shouldn't worry this much about someone I just met' He thought which made him worry even more, what would happen to her the next time she walked home alone? She can't have people with her all the time.
  7. She turned around, starting to walk home. "Well, It's kinda unavoidable. I have no friends...That is why I've taken up self-defense classes in order to get me strong enough to fight them off, but it seems that I haven't grown a whole lot in that...My muscles haven't grown that much...And I know depending on someone to walk me home everyday is out of the question. Maybe getting a ride from someone I trust might be better, but I see no point as I am just a block away from my school..." She put her hands to her head, pulling her hair in a fit of stress. This would be harder than she thought.

    "I just don't know what to do...Maybe going in a car with someone I trust might be the solution...At least until I can build up more muscle...But I don't know who to ask. My Parents leave for work early in the morning so I am stuck without someone to give me a ride to school...Think Suki...Think...."

    She couldn't ask the boy to help. She didn't want to be a parasite to anyone. She just wanted to be able to help herself so she wouldn't be a burden on anyone. But until she could build more muscle, it might be better for her if she did find someone to give her a ride. Just for a little while. That way, she could focus on getting stronger and not have to worry about being sexually molested every day of her life.
  8. "Think Suki... Think..."
    He started to laugh "Well I don't have a car but I can give you a ride on my bicycle, if you don't have any other alternative. I just walked today because I were able to get a ride to school" He turned his face up to the sky, looking at the clouds. "Look that cloud looks like a clown shoe" He said pointing at a big cloud, then looked at the girl giving a big smile. He hoped she would ease up a bit so he didn't need to go with such a tense atmosphere all the way, even if it was close by.
  9. Suki giggled. It did, indeed, look like a clown shoe. She looked at the boy, a smile on her face.

    "Ok, I'll take you up on that offer, that is, if you don't mind offering that. I don't want to be a burden to anyone..."

    Suki had been raised to depend only on herself. Her parents always told her to rely on herself and only rely on others if there is no other option available. It may be a twisted way of thinking to some people, but, to her, it was the only way of thinking. And she had no other options right now. She had to depend on someone until her muscle could be built up. She began walking back to her house, hoping the boy would follow. Kyo was a nice guy. He wasn't like the other guys who only were interested in sexually molesting her. She admired that in him. She turned to the boy and bowed.

    "Thank you so much for being there for me Kyo...You are truly a life saver."
  10. "It's no problem at all, my house is this way too so it doesn't seem like it will be any detour anyway. Your house were just down the street right? then it must be pretty close to mine, I moved in to a house there last week, or my mother did. I came yesterday night, we have lived in England for some years because of my mothers work, before that I lived in this town. Sorry sometimes I just chatter on and on, you probably aren't even interested in this things." He laughed. "Well anyway it isn't a problem, because one; we live close to eachother and two; no gentleman would let a girl in danger go alone even if he needed to go a big detour." He smiled.

    'She talks about her being a burden all the time, why would I be offering my help if I would think it was a bother. This girl is so strange' He thought to himself, wondering if it was good that she tried to be independent or if it was irritating that she asked him to leave her alone and help her in the same sentences, Its not like he didn't notice that she was a bit unwilling to accept his help.
    One should know when to take away the pride and that should be before getting seriously injured, 'I wonder if she will ever do that' He thought.
  11. She bowed.

    "Thanks again...You really are kind Kyo..." She hoped he didn't mind her using his first name. She began walking down the last of the alley, done with all the talking for now. Now she felt safe. For all these years she lived in fear of being raped or attacked, she felt safe. If he always made her feel this way, she would have to have Kyo around more often.

    Suki turned the corner, walking down the street to her left. She pointed up the street at the smallest house on the end.

    "That house is mine....It's small, but it's the place I call home....for now..." She started up the street once more. As they neared the end of the street, a dog came barrelling up towards Suki, barking, and tail wagging. He jumped onto her leg. She picked up the little jack russell and laughed. She turned to Kyo.

    "This is my dog Cosmo..."
  12. Kyo walked beside the girl, letting her lead the way.
    "That house is mine....It's small, but it's the place I call home....for now..." She said, kyo couldn't stop thinking about the comment "for now" did it mean that she would move soon or that she didn't like it there? 'Maybe I'm just thinking to much' he thought.
    A dog ran towards them and Suki picked it up "This is my dog Cosmo"
    Kyo smiled and patted the dog. "He's cute" He said
    "Well this was convenient, my house is over there" He said pointing at the house across the street. "It doesn't look so good now but we are going to build on a third floor and finnish painting it, it should be finnished in two month if it goes as planned. My mom loves big houses, she doesn't feel confortable in a house with less than three floors, She spoils herself all the time." The house had two floors and were already half painted in yellow and white while the rest of the house still were in its original grey colour. A balcony where half built on the left side of the second floor and a terrace were half built on the first floor.
  13. She smiled, letting Kyo pet Cosmo for a bit as he introduced where he lived to her. She looked at it. Indeed it was a bit messy, but it only looked like that because he told her that he and his familiy were remodeling it. She loved that yellow and white combo. It made the house feel safe, happy...A house she wished she could have. Her parents were kind to her, but her life was less than desirable, especially now that her bullies decided to step up their bullying a notch. She didn't tell her parents though. They already had enough on their plate.

    "That looks like a nice home Kyo. I'm so happy you live across the street from me. That way, if I ever needed to talk with you, I could just stroll on over to your place. At least I hope I can...I don't want to intrude if at all possible. It's just...Your the only male classmate of mine who hasn't tried sexually harrassing me...I might even consider calling you my friend if you don't mind it..."

    If he accepted, he would be the only friend she had ever had. No one wanted to be near her because she was so odd. She was so different, it scared many people. The only people it didn't scare was the people she wanted it to scare, the bullies.
  14. Kyo looked at Suki still wondering if he thought it was cute or annoying how she always thoght it would be a bother to him, then he decided that it was a bit of both.
    "Hahaha, come over as mutch as you want, I don't mind. By the way, I wouldn't save you, offer you a ride home everyday and stand here still talking to you if I didn't consider you a friend you know" He said smiling.
  15. Suki laughed softly. What he was saying was the truth. She should have known that. She patted Cosmo, setting him down. He sauntered across the street and barked at her, begging her to follow him home. She pulled Kyo into an embrace.

    "Thank you so much Kyo...You really made my day for saving me. In return, I'll try to depend on you, despite what my parents taught me. It's the only way I can pay you back and thank you. I will be coming over a lot!" She pulled away from him, looking into his eyes for a minute. They were so beautiful. It was hard for her to look away. But she had to. She didn't want to feel like a creep for staring at him for too long. She looked away, her face still a little red.

    "Looks like Cosmo wants me to follow him! You take care Kyo! We'll see you in the morning!" Suki felt elated. Happy. For the first time in a long time. She now had a friend she could depend on. If this was what it felt like to have friends, she wanted more. She ran home, running right through her door and heading up to the bath. She couldn't wait for tomorrow when she could see Kyo again.
  16. Kyo got surprised when Suki suddenly hugged him and he started to blush. 'Why do I blush? It's just a friendly hug' he thought irritated at himself. He were able to calm down just in time when she let go of him. "I will be coming over a lot!" She said and looked in to Kyos eyes. Kyo was still a bit surprised after the hug but were able to pull himself togheter and smiled. he noticed her face turning red when she looked away, which he found very cute.
    "yeah see you tomorrow" He said and walked backwards waving to her before turning around, half running to his own house.

    "Mom I'm home" he screamed when he came through the door, but no one answered. "As usual" he said and sighted, he went to the couch and started to watch tv trying to understand what happend that day, but all he could think of it all was "What the fuck happend?"
  17. Suki fell onto her bed in exhaustion, her day's events reeling in her head. Meeting Kyo wasn't a coincedence. She knew that. But she also knew that she was starting to find Kyo very comforting and nice to be around. Not to mention he wasn't that bad looking either. She blushed at the thought. She sat up and grabbed her journal.

    Day one of my Junior year - 17 years old

    I still am not very strong. I can't hold my own in a fight. I work out, but all for naught. But that doesn't matter to me anymore.
    I've met this wonderful guy. He's charming, beautiful, not to mention caring and nice. He saved my life today. If he had not come
    along, those bullies could have seriously injured me almost to the point of death. Glad I didn't have to see death's door just yet.
    Oh yeah, and his name is Kyo. He's my new best friend.

    She put her journal back on her stand and layed back down, kicking off her shoes and socks. She didn't care if she fell asleep in her day clothes. She usually did since she only owned a couple pairs of comfortable pajamas. She liked to ration things out. Clapping, the lights in her room shut off and she turned to face her window. She stared at the moon for a while. It was the only thing that she could stare at to make herself fall asleep. Nothing was more soothing than the silvery glow of the moon.

    Suki couldn't wait for the next day to begin already. She was looking forward to spending time with her new friend Kyo.
  18. The next day Kyo went up early just to find his mother sleeping on the couch. He sighted deeply and carried her up to the bedroom and left breakfast beside the bed. "See you later mother" he whispered as he closed the door to the bed room. He took a fast shower and got dressed in the school uniform.
    Then he went to the garage and took out the blue bike and lead it across the street towards Sukis house.
    He stopped in front of the garden and waited for Suki to come out. Even if he technicaly speaking just said that he would give her a ride home he thought that it would be nice to give her a ride to school too.
  19. Suki woke to the sun in her eyes. She stretched, deciding she should probably get ready for school. She would have to leave in about 30 minutes. She quickly put on her uniform, brushed her hair and teeth, and put on a little bit of make up. She grabbed all the books she would need for today and stuffed them into her bag. Looking around to see if she had forgotten anything, she stepped to the entryway to her home. Her mother came out to greet her from her morning tea and newspaper.

    "Going to school honey?" Suki nodded. Her mother came and kissed her on the head. "Be safe my angel" She would be now. She thought to herself. Now that she had Kyo with her. She nodded, kissed her mother's cheek and headed out the door. At the end of her walkway was Kyo with his bike. So he was giving her rides to school as well? Well, that made her feel extra safe. She smiled as she waved at Kyo.

    "Good morning Kyo. Ready to go to school? I must thank you for doing this"
  20. Kyo stood with his bike waiting on Suki, it didn't take more than five minutes before she came. She waved to him and he waved back and gave a small smile.
    "Don't mention it" he said sitting up on the bike, passing a helmet to Suki "here, put this on" He waited patient for Suki to get the helmet on and get on the bike.
    "Hold on tight or else you'll fall off" He told her as she got on the bike.