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  1. ~~~ INTRO ~~~

    Valor Academy...a place where most of the students would love to be. Well, most of the extraordinary ones. Those ones who sometimes preffer dark from light. Yes, it is believed that this place is wicked. Moreover, that students in VA are different. Yet, every adult in the town respect those young people for there is something about them that just asks for esteem. Nowadays, there are 500 students at the school. You wouldn't try to see difference between them because they wear the same uniform - for boys it is black blazer with golden rims, white shirt with black tie, black trouser and shoes of the same color; girls wear the same but with skirts. However, half of scholars know that under the mask of ordinary they really are...supernatural. In fact, they are vampires.

    Every year, when new students are being accepted to the academy, it is carefully calculated the ratio of humans to vampires so that there would always be equal halfs. This year wasn't different at all. Vampires came in knowing what their future holds. Humans were just dreaming of it. Yes, it is true that they are victims for noone told them what will happen once they walk under the entrance gate of VA. Nonetheless, the school year has started and newcomers are settling down, some of them are already taken...







    Damien stormed out of the main entrance of the school. He wasn't infuriated in particular but yes, he wanted to punch him so badly that for his own good, he left. Being one of the olders without a human to feed himself was a bit strange because all of his classmates already had one since their first day in the academy. However, Damien couldn't find the best suitable human for himself. All of them were so shallow. They couldn't talk about anything sensible. He passed a group of girls not noticing how they looked at him. Any other day he would be aware of the stir his appearance made in girl's circles, but at this moment he just wanted to be as far as he could. His steps brought him to a large schoolyard with a fountain in the middle. Marching towards it, Damien had already decided to sit on the rim, his back towards the school.'

    What the hell he thinks about himself?!' a furious thought ran through his mind. He could still hear his rival's caustic comments, they all were telling him that he should quit his celibate and satisfy his desires. Damien clenched his fists. He knew, he should do as they said but he couldn't. Raising his head, he looked around once more assuring himself that all those humans couldn't satisfy his hunger. Not even his vampire peers could understand. It wasn't his hunger for blood, if he wanted to he would bite the boy sitting on the bench with a book in his hands. Damien wanted more. He didn't yearn for pathetic companion who would offer his neck whenever Damien would insist. He craved after someone who he could talk to. Someone who would be more then just a food. Yes, that was another reason why most of his classmates were laughing at him.

    A sigh escaped Damien's lips and he stood up, stretching his hands towards the sky. After all, he would have to suffer this until he would finish the academy and leave. Truly enough, it was going to be long time till that would happen, but Damien had been through worse than that.
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  2. Anna arrived at the school a bit later than everyone else. She had gone to another school untill this year when she suddenly needed to transfer school. She walked out of the taxi that had taken her there, she looked mesmerized up on the school. It was bigger than the last school and looked really oldfashioned. But it suited her gothic style so she was really found of it. She already had her uniform on, she had changed in to it before she had left the house.
    Anna took her things and walked threw the gates thinking that this would be as boring as her old school, if she only knew how wrong she was.

    She looked around as she walked closer to the school, and when she came close to the fountain she saw a guy stretching his hand towards the sky. He seemed a bit sad, not sad, but lonely, Anna couldn't figure out what it looked like he was, but he didn't look fine in any way. But he was beautiful, almost mesmerizing.
    "Are you okay?" She asked the guy when she were only a couple of steps away from him. His skin was pale, but not sickly pale, just beautiful pale.
  3. Damien looked in the direction of the voice. In a long time, she was the first girl to speak to him directly without stattering. He moved his eyes from the sky at the girl not answering at first just looking at her. His eyes were unreadable as well as his expression was yet inside he was confused. He felt like he met her before, something was so familiar about this little creature. No matter how hard Damien tried durin those few seconds, he couldn't remember. So after all he said to himself that he probably saw her in town...somewhere.

    "Yes, I am," was his answer. He put his hands in his pockets and looked around. Now he noticed all other girls that were whispering something to each other and secretly pointing at him and the girl. Then he got it. She was probably a newcomer as well and he saw her photo in the file all vampires were given. Well, all those who didn't have a human partner. A little frown appeared on his face but as quickly as it appeared it also vanished.

    "You're new here, right?" he asked her and for the first time his eyes traveled from the top of her head down to her heels and back. She had really delicate body, nice curves. Yes, she would be wanted amongst the others though Damien couldn't decide whether that was good for her or not. "What is your name?" Damien added once he was done with his examination. He felt several eyes sinking into his back and he guessed that he was watched from one the windows but he didn't care to turn around and try to figure out who it was for he probably knew. He shifted his weigth from one leg to another, once more meeting his eyes with the girl's.
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    Anna noticed how the guy looked at her from top to bottom and back, like he was examinating her. Somehow it both irritated Anna but still made her a bit happy. Then he asked about her name, wasn't that a bit rude?
    "Haven't anyone teached you to first introduce yourself before asking someone elses name?" She said a bit teasingly "Where are your manner, young man" she continued as a joke and laughed a bit. "Yes I'm new, I'm Anna... Anna Blue, and you are?" She asked and reached out her hand to shake his.
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    Damien raised his eyebrow at first. Manners? Was this younling trying to give him a lecture? As he wasn't in a mood of some human being to teach him how he should behave, his first thought was to turn around and leave the girl behind. That would be rude. However, as she chuckled, Damien eased. He should calm down at once because his nerves were still straightened from the quarrel he had few minutes ago.

    Anna Blue? he asked himself, the name sounding familiar. All of a sudden, a memory flooded his mind and covered his vision.

    Damien looked to be only six years old, in terms of human age. He was sitting in the park where his carrer took him. His parents never went with him or played with him at all. They had to much work to do. Basically, the only time he could see them was dinner. For six-year-old it was hard spending the time alone without any friends. So his carrer got the idea to take him to the park so that Damien could meet with others kids. No matter how good the plan was, Damien never got involved in any game. Not that he wouldn't want to but he didn't make any attempt himself. God knew how he also looked to the other kids. This day was the same as the other. Children were playing all around. Everyone was dressed in warm clothes because winter almost took over the city. Damien's carrer went to buy some hot drinks so that both of them would keep warm. The little boy looked up to the sky as he usually did when he was thinking. The sky was calming sensation for him. It was vast and lonely as he was.

    "Aren't you gonna play some game?" he heard a little voice next him. A voice that certainly didn't belong to his carrer. Damien quickly glanced at the direction only to discover that there was a girl sitting next to him. As he wasn't used to be in presence of any other child, the first thing he did was that he moved to the other side of the bench, away from the girl. His eyes a little bit wide in surprise. The girl only chuckled. It was a joyful sound.

    "Are you scared?" she asked and giggled once more. However, for Damien it was like the girl was laughing at him. His expression stiffened and he lifted up his chin a little bit.

    "No, I am not scared," he said in a hurt voice. The girl didn't react anyhow, she was just watching him. When Damien thought that her gaze began to be annoying and was about to tell her off for that. She moved closer again. Yes, Damien wanted to move away once more but he couldn't if he didn't want to fall off.

    "I am Anna Blue and I think that you need a friend," she said seriously but regarded him with a sweet, friendly smile.

    Damien came back to the reality. Confused, he looked around until his gaze returned back to the girl in front of him.

    What was that? he asked himself eventhough he knew that what has just happened was a flashback. However, it was something he didn't experience before. Actually, before it wasn't that...powerful. He noticed that she was reaching out with her hand. Shaking it gently, he answered: "Nice to meet you Anna." Letting go of her hand, Damien hesitated a little bit longer whether he should mention his name or not. His uncertainty was based on the feeling he got during the flashback. It was a feeling of protection, though he wasn't sure whether he was feeling protected or he was protecting someone.

    "I am Damien," he said after all but leaving out his surname for he thought it would be better that way. He felt a little bit silly actually, considering that he based everything only on her name and the memory. How many girls were named Anna Blue? Hunderds at least, yet Damien had to think that this one was the girl from his past. He began to feel overwhelmed by everything. Taking in a deep breath, he looked at a group of girls.

    "As you are new, you should know that those girls," he jerked his head towards the cluster, "will go after you for talking to me. They will want to know everythin we were talking about and god knows what else. You might feel hunted in certain way. Anyway, you better go and get accommodated so that you will be safe within the walls of your room," Damien shifted his eyes at Anna again, a tiny smile appearing on his face though it was again hard to tell whether it was a happy smile or sad one.
  6. Anna reached out her hand to shake his, but at first he didn't take it. For just a couple of seconds he looked mesmerized, like he were in another world. She waited without moving untill he started to move again, first he looked around a bit before looking at her. Finally he shoke her hand, Anna thought he was a bit funny and couldn't help but release a small giggle. He told her that she should go back to her room and hide for the girls and then he let of a small smile, it was hard to detect if it was a happy smile or a sad one but somewhere in his eyes Anna could see that he didn't look happy at all, he didn't look sad either, he looked mostly lonely.
    "Nice to meet you to Damien" She said "You look so familiar, have we met before?" She asked him, Anna weren't certain at all that she had met him before, it was just a small feeling. She didn't even think they really had, maybe she just remembered someone with the same hair as him.

    "Anyway, I'm not afraid of those girls, I will just tell them off and say 'go talk to him yourself if you are so desperate to know him' and then I will turn my back to them and be hated for the rest of the year" She said both serious but still with a jokely touch in it. She didn't like girls like them, they irritated her, if she could do something that irritated their kind then it would make her more than happy.
    "By the way, I need someone that could show me around the school, I suck at reading maps, could I bother the gentleman to guide me threw the school?" She asked and gave the all so popular puppy eyes.
    She really hoped he would say yes, then maybe she could ask him about why he looked so lonely if the right moment came for that. She was really fashinated by this mysterious guy and wanted to know more, he were so different from everyone else.
  7. Damien raised one of his eyebrows. Of course, it was a reasonable action that she asked if they hadn't met before. He shook his head before saying: "If you had been here for the open day then you might have seen me somewhere at the school or down in the town. Apart from that I am not sure," and yet, he was telling the truth. He wasn't sure himself whether the memory was about her or not. As she was talking about the girls, Damien looked in their direction again. He had to admit that Anna was quite brave but she probably didn't know what it meant to be hated. At least, he would say that Anna was more of a social person than an outcats.

    "It would be a miracle if any of them would reach me directly and would be able to talk with me without stuttering," Damien murmured and smirked for few moments. The request for him taking her around the school was dazzling. Either way she didn't know what rumor would this action raise or she didn't care at all. Damien couldn't decide himself which one of those was true. Considering what might happen if he agreed or refused took him only few moments.

    "I might do that. After all, girls were always hopeless when it came to maps," Damien replied and gave Anna a conceited smile being happy for taking revenge after she told him that he had no manners. However, the smile soon changed into a wide grin. He turned around and motioned Anna to follow him. His sensitive ears could hear all the rustle that suddenly increased when he and Anna were walking away together. He was able to catch few words too and they made him want to laugh. However, before they entered the building, Damien quickly glanced toward the place from where he knew that someone was watching him. He felt the person's gaze throughout his talk with Anna.

    I knew that it was you, he thought knowing that his rival could still see him, he sent him a look of arrogance.
  8. "I came here first today so I couldn't have seen you at the open day, maybe my memory is joking around with me" she said a bit disappointed that she really hadn't met him before. She tried to remember if she had talked to someone named Damien but it was totaly blank, so she gave up.
    She thought for a moment on what he had said about the girls, it was probably true, the most girls didn't dare to talk to someone they admired and she could see why they admired him. It was kind of ridiculous that they didn't dare take the first step and must bully someone that dare to do it. It's their own faults that they never talked to him.

    He told her he would show her around because girls were hopeless with maps, obviously revenge for what she said before.
    "Yeah, we girls can't do anything on our own, where would we be without our knights?" She asked sarcastic and then laughed. Damien led her to the main port in to the building but before they entered, Damien stoped and glanced in another direction. Anna wanted to ask what he looked at but she didn't.

    Anna didn't like to lie to people but she had done that to Damien, she was actually very skilled in reading maps and could find places very easy. She just wanted to be with him a bit longer, she didn't know why but she felt attracted to Damien. She tried to understand what was so attracting about him, she didn't care about his looks even if they were awesome. But in his eyes, something in his eyes made her feel as if she needed to be close to him, there were a feeling of home and it felt safe, she wanted to be close to it.
    But even in her own thoughts it sounded stupid, she should probably just forgett about it. Obviously he wasn't interested anyways.
  9. Damien nodded to what she said and they entered the building, appearing in the main hall. This place was enormous with high ceiling and high windows that provided the room with lot of light. On each side, there was a door that led deeper into the school. In each further corner was a staircase that would take inhabitants to the next, 1st floor. Between those staircases a wooden desk could be seen. In fact, the hall itself was all decorated in wood of both shades. The light and dark mingled together in such a delightful manner that it made newcomers feel dizzy. As the sun touched the poolished material, it looked almost golden. However, behind the desk which was obviously a reception sat a woman with black hair and peircing grey eyes. Damien went straight to that place, confident with his steps.

    "Good afternoon, Mrs. Bowler," he said politely and leaned against the desk. Mrs. Bowler regarded him with cold gaze which obviously didn't set Damien of his tracks. "Could you please check your list for this new student? Her name is Anna Blue and this is her first day here so I don't even think she knows where her room number is," with the same polite voice Damien told her his request adding a charming smile. He knew that Mrs. Bowler wouldn't succumb. After all, she was a vampire as well. The kind of vampire that was old enough to crash anyone she wanted to. Moreover, she would do it if she could for she hated her new job. Damien knew that she secretly wanted to be the headmistress of the school. Yet every of her attempt was swept away. It took just few click in the computer to reveal the whole Anna's file which only Mrs. Bowler could see at that moment.

    "It's room number 303," she said and handed a credit-like looking card, which was obviously a key, to Anna. For a second, when the card was in Mrs. Bowler's hand and Anna's as well, the receptionist regarder the new student with lustful look. However, it disappeared and the whole thing could have been just a trick of light. Though, Damien saw it as well, he knew that the expression was real. He resisted the urge to clench his teeth. He wasn't really surprised for he knew that Anna would be wanted amongst the others.

    "Thank you," he said in the same manner as before, deceiving how he felt inside.
  10. Anna walked in to the main hall behind Damien, almost mesmerized by it, it was huge and unlike anything Anna had ever seen. The light and dark was in such a harmony with eachother in the room and all the decorations were perfectly made. How could any human have done this magnificent monument? Anna got so starrtled of the room so she almost dropped her bags, but she saved them just in time. Not because it mattered if they fell in to the floor or not, she didn't have anything that could break from that anyway.
    They walked forward to the reception where Damien started to ask her about where Annas room where. She felt really irritated on him now, even if she knew he just did it to tease her. She could ask herself if she didn't knew, she almost felt like hitting him but that wouldn't be proper when someone was watching them. So Anna just glared at him and tried to resist doing something childish.

    Damien gave the woman in the reception a irresistable smile which made Anna both more angry but at the same time a bit happy, she wanted to see him smile more. No no no no no no, she was angry at him and didn't like him at all. But on the other hand, he was handsome and even though he teased her he was also nice to her.

    Anna fought with her inner demons trying to make up her mind of this strange guy she had met. The receptionist suddenly reached her the key to her room, which startled Anna a bit. She had been so in to her thoughts so she had forgotten that she was with them. As she took the card and were about to thank her Anna saw something, but just for a second. She didn't know what it was but the receptionist had changed for a second, she didn't know what had happend or why it disappeard so fast but she was sure she hadn't imagined it, because if she had then she wouldn't have become this scared.

    She pulled herself together and thanked for the key almost at the same time as Damien thanked her. Shouldn't she be the one thanking her? Under the whole time she had been there with Damien talking to the receptionist she had felt like she didn't existed. It was like Damien just asked about his own room. Once again he irritated her, but she would let it go for now.

    "You know, I can speak for myself" She said letting her irritation show a bit but then she let it go and said happy "But I forgive you this time because you are nice and showing me the place" she laughed "but if it happens again I will need to get really angry" she said and a bit childish she smiled and stuck out her tounge.
  11. Damien could help but stopped in the middle of the hall and started to laugh. The sound almost filled the whole hall. It was deep sound yet vibrated nicely within the space. When Damien finally calmed himself down, he regarded Anna with a look of astonishment yet there were amused sparkles in his eyes as well. Giggling he shook his head and carried on walking to the staircase on his right. Now, it could be seen that the banister came from a workshop of master. At the heel of the stairs, the banister was carved in a shape of leaves. As both of them carried on walking upwards, those leaves turned into branches. At the top the banister curved to the left, went along the balcony and sloped down by the other staircase. Once they were at the top there was another set of stairs where Damien headed.

    "So I think that now you need a little lecture on how the whole school is structured," he said with his hands in his pockets once more. Suddenly, he stopped and looked at Anna, his eyes piercing.

    “However, now I forgot my manners. Let me take your bags,” he offered and waited for Anna to decide. Whether she let them carried it or not, Damien continued walking afterwards in slower pace.

    “So the left wing is the school wing where all lectures are held. If you have your timetable then for every lesson the number of class is mentioned underneath and you can also look in the map and try to figure out where the class is,” he said and they appeared on top of the stairs again.

    “Your room is number 303, right?” he said more to himself then to Anna. Once more he began to move. “Actually, you are placed quite well because you library here, a study room and a small theatre where some performances are held from time to time though during the night it is closed,” he said and turned the corner before he stopped in front of a dark door bearing a number 303 curved from light wood. He gave Anna a tiny smile, placed her bags on the floor in front of the door and stepped aside.

    “I’ll let you make yourself feel like at home. When you are done, I will be waiting downstairs in the hall. You will see me, don’t worry,” saying that Damien turned around and walked away.
  12. She looked at Damien as he started to laugh, it took him some time before he could calm down but even then he kept giggling. He started to walk again.
    As they walked up the stairs Anna said as a joke threat "I mean it, women are really scary when their angry, you should be careful." She followed Damien up the stairs and then they headed towards the second set of stairs. Suddenly Damien stopped and he started to talk to her telling her he would give her a lecture in how the school was structurated. He looked at her piercing her with his eyes, she almost got unconfortable with it but at the same time she didn't mind.
    "Oh, so you have manners now" She said and handed him the bag "Thank you" she said smiling at him.

    They started to walk again up the second stairs and in to a corridor. He told her how to find the classrooms and some other things before they stoped outside room 303. He placed her bag at the floors and steped aside from the door to let her in to her room. Well he had at least become a bit more gentle now, hopefully the way he was now would remain.

    He told her to make herself feel like home and when she was ready he would wait for her downstairs, then he turned around and walked away.
    "Don't miss me to much" She said after him as a joke, she thought the guy didn't like her at all right now and really wanted her to leave. Maybe he liked being lonely, but if she just made him ease up a bit he would probably be a really good company. She hoped he would smile from the bottom of his heart to her soon, she almost got sad when looking him in the eyes because it felt so empty. Why did he feel like that?

    She didn't think to much about it, she opend the door and went in to her room. It was big, or maybe it was small. She had lived in such a tiny apartment before so for her this was a really big room. She put her bags on the bed, she didn't feel like taking anything out right now, there was a lot of time for her to do that later. She sat down on the bed and took a deep breath, in, and then out. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to talk to Damien, what if she became an outcast in the school because of it? She was to social to become an outcast, on the other hand she didn't give a damn about what people thought about her or did to her which always had given her a litle fan group that she became friends with. She had always been a bit different, and the most popular people always rejected her, which she thought was good because she didn't want to belong with those kind of people. The kind that thought they were better than anyone else.
    But it would probably be fine, she had at least one person to turn to if everyone else wants to kill her. But she didn't know if he was so in to that idea of hers.

    She took up her mirror from the bag, even though she didn't care about her appearance she always took a look in that mirror. It was a present from her grandmother when she was litle, it had a silver frame with silver flowers tangled around. Anna always felt happy looking in to it, she didn't only see herself, but also her grandmother. She had helped her so much and it was really hard for Anna when her grandmother past away, but the mirror helped Anna remember her and it made her happy.

    She decided that she couldn't let Damien wait for to long so she laid the mirror down in the bag again and started to walk down to him. When she saw him she waved to him and said "Hey, missed me?" then giving him a teasingly smile.
  13. Damien was standing by the set of doors on the right from the stairs. When Anna appeared on top of the staircase, Damien was just talking to another boy. His expression a little bit cheerful. The boy whom he was talking to, was the same high yet he had blond, long hair. As they were talking about something Damien's smile grew wider and wider as if the boy was telling him some great news or a funny story. However, Damien didn't have the chance to start laughing because at that time Anna reached him. The boy fell silent and looked at her. His eyes were in a colour of wonderful green and it almost looked like they were sparkling.

    "I guess, I'll tell you the rest later, Damien," he said. Damien nodded and so his friend left. Looking at Anna, his expression slowely fell back into normal which was basically expressionless face. He lifted off the wall for he was leaning against it until that moment. Straightening up, he was lot higher than Anna.

    "Are you ready for the tour?" Damien asked, looking down at her.
  14. "Guess I should have stayed in my room a bit longer, seems like I destroyed your fun and scared away your hot friend." she said both jokingly and serious. She looked after the guy for a moment before answering him.
    "Yeah I'm ready, lets get this over with so you can get away from the parasite that has been pestering you half the day." Once again she joked but she thought there was some truth in it, he obviously didn't want her there. She hadn't noticed before how tall he was, he was a lot higher than her, her eyes were at his head and her head ended where his throat was. Anna thought he was ridiculously high, or maybe she was to short, that was an alternative. No he was to high. PERIOD.

    "just so you know, you are way to high, you make me feel short" she said out of the blue. Anna never had a problem with saying what she felt and turning everything in to a joke, either it was one or not.
  15. "No, you didn't scare him away. He has his own things to do," Damien answered and shrugged a little bit, turning around and walking through the door hoping that Anna was following him. Once she was by his side, they both appeared in a long corridor which was well lit, thanks to numbers of windows. There were few paintings on the wall. Most of them depicted a landscape. However, there was one exception which portrayed a couple, man and a woman, in dresses suitable for a ball, both of them were wearing a mask. The man was wearing black and silver mask, the woman red and gold. The background of the painting was blurred. Damien just quickly glanced at it before he resumed in walking.

    "So if you feel short...should I cut of my legs then?" he answered ironically and smirked. They were slowly reaching another set of door, though this pair was way taller and massive as well as detailed, obviously made of oak. Few people came in and out, yet none of them paid them any type of attention. Damien relaxed for that reason. He still wasn't sure whether he wanted the others to think that this girl was his human partner or not. As long as he wouldn't mark her, she was free and the others knew it. But did he want to give her to someone else? More likely to his rival, who drank his last partner to death and due to that was 'single' too. Deep in his pockets, Damien clenched his hands into fists.

    "Anyways, this is our dining hall," Damien said in an even voice not intimating what was going on in his head. The hall itself was enormous in size. Something like you would see in Harry Potter only way bigger. There were rows of tables with chairs. On the further left side were another two sets of doors. As for the decoration of the hall, the sunlight illuminated it in bright colours. Along the walls were candelabras built in the walls. It was obvious that the candles in there were electric, yet they fulfiled their purpose of making the place look antique, in a good way of course. Damien stood in the entrance, waiting for Anna to take in most of it, then he slowly started to walk between the tables towards the other doors.
  16. They walked in the corridor, it was well lit because of all the windows. From the outside Anna had thought that the school would have been really dark inside because of its old fashioned look. Maybe it was just a prejudice about old looking buildings, that they are dark. She looked at the few paintings that she could find hanging on the walls. She was really far in to her own thoughts when he heard Damiens ironical voice get in to action.
    "Yeah actually that would help a lot, I have an axe you can borrow if you want to" She said and giggled, she liked his way of continuing on her jokes. The most people she had known before had just laughed and then continued talking about something else.

    They walked a bit in the corridors and came to a massive door, Anna looked with tea cup sized eyes on the door, she wasn't used to this kind of massive places at all and they made her feel so small. It almost wanted her to go home again. In the corner of her eyes she saw how Damien, lost in his thoughts, got a bit stiff, like he was angry over something or worried. But it just lasted for a split second and then he regained controll over his body again, maybe she had imagined it?

    He showed her in to the room that was the dinning hall, it was an amazing hall which made her become much smaller than she already felt. She tried to take in all of the things she saw but it was almost impossible, her old school hadn't even been close to this magnificent place. Damien started to slowly walk towards the other doors and Anna was right after him. She couldn't say a word at the moment, the place had made her speechlees, but after a minute she found her voice again.

    "This place," she took a breath before she continued "is ridiculously big." She kept looking around amazed over the place.
  17. Damien slowed down even more looking at Anna from corner of his eye then a tiny smile appeared on his face. "As far as you are pretending to be clever, you probably don't know what this place used to be once, do you?" he said, partly teasing her and partly being a little shocked. Every student who came to Valor Academy knew the history. Most of the times it was the only reason why they sent an application. Sighing Damien stopped and turned to face Anna properly. He was studying her face for a little while trying to guess whether her ignorance was part of another joke, or whether it was real.

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  18. Anna got really curious from the tone in Damiens voice, why would she know what this place used to be? Was it something everyone knew?
    "Sorry, I think I missed that part in the introduction of the school" she said, mostly as a joke. She giggled a litle but fast got serious "what did this school used to be?" she asked him, he had made her really curious and she wouldn't let him leave untill he told her. Except being a studio for doing the harry potter movies she had no idea what this place could be. She looked in to his eyes, waiting for him to answer her question. What could this place have been before, she wondered.

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  19. Damien sighed again and motioned her to sit down on the nearest chair. Seating himself next to Anna, Damien looked out of the window for a few moments before finding words and gathering all the information.

    "The school used to be a mansion once, which is probably pretty obvious considering all the luxury and even the overall look of the estate," he started and shifted his eyes at his companion, looking deep into them. "However, it is a mystery how it was build. Yes, there is some evidence of the year when the construction began and it is mostly dated around 15th century, yet the mystery doesn't remain in the overall appearance of the mansion but in the detail," Damien focused on Anna's expression, considering whether she was following his point or not. He nodded to himself and shifted a bit backwards in his chair. "What I mean is, that this," he pointed at the high ceiling, "was normal in that time. But this," he suddenly leaned forward, being only few inches away from Anna, he tapped the back of her chair which was decorated with so many vivid details, "was something extraordinary. Noone in that time could reach such a perfection." Sliding his hand down the backrest, Damien accidentally brushed Anna's arm before he sit straight again with his hand on his knee.
  20. Anna sat down when he instructed her to, she looked intensely untill he finally started. She wondered about the part that it had been a mansion once, she couldn't think of anyone that could live in this kind of luxury except a royal but then they would have known who had lived there. She tried to focus on the story as Damien got closer and closer to her, first she didn't understand his point about why it was a mystery how it was built but then it slowly went up for her that some detailes that were carved in the chairs and the other things shouldn't be possible to do without special equipment which didn't exist in the 15th century.
    As Damien pulled away from her he brushed her arm, and she instinctively pushed herself back, mostly because of the tense atmosphere that was between them at the moment.

    "So they haven't found any equipment that they could have used to make it? But even if it is a mystery there is a lot of things human have done before in history which we think shouldn't have been possible for the time they lived in, so it's not an unique thing." She said still curious and exited, she loved secret things and stuff that couldn't be explained, it made her reflect over things that for the most were so simple but all of a sudden could turn in to a hard solving puzzle.
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