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  1. Idlaide - The Rays of Fortune


    Year: 2355
    Location: Rival System, Constellation of Aquarius

    Humans have colonized this system and for many members of the human race it is our home. There are seven Terrestrial planets, and six Jovian gas giants. There is a total of 76 moons in the entire system. This is one, called Ellesandis. It is where you'll train.

    The Rival System is too big for any formal government to look over without assistance. Crime, cyber terrorism, and stellar war are constant concerns. All of the worlds have been terra-formed to be hospitable, beautiful providers, but human nature is not so easy to change.

    The Rays:


    To handle the constant threats in our system and maintain some semblance of peace and order, the military developed a series of advanced ships using the most sophisticated nanotechnology ever created. The ships were designed to adapt, and the new AI computers they received bordered on human-level consciousness. Of course AI computers are nothing new: we use them in our cabs, our shuttles to get from one world to another - virtually any vehicle and many of our daily appliances. But the AIs of the ships, called Rays, are special. They are the most advanced built, suspected by some to rival human intelligence in many degrees. They could assess a situation in ways their pilot could not and offer dual control of the Ray ship in moments of extreme crisis. While they can't talk, the AIs are able to communicate through the ships using tones, movements, and bangs brought on by mild pressure changes. They have a mood that anyone hanging around them a long time learns to understand.

    But these advanced AIs became just as problematic as they were helpful. Over time they refused to work for anyone but certain people, and eventually devised their own way of ensuring who ran them. They used the nanotech that made them to create a wristband that latched onto the pilots, embedding it into their very nervous system. That way, only one person could ever operate the Ray. And if that pilot died, which would happen either in combat or if he/she didn't get back to their ship on time, the Ray became silent and useless.
    Naturally technicians tried to get rid of this feature, but the AIs were able to talk to each other, and before they could stop them, the wristband became an automatic feature.

    The wristband, however, has many useful features:

    Local time on whatever planet the pilot's on
    Survival setting includes compass and the ability to project a map for the pilot, provided the information's been acquired already
    Hologram projector to distract enemies
    Energy pulse to shoot enemies
    Grappling hook for evasion
    Removable hacker/drive for computer espionage

    The military eventually cancelled the Rays because of the risks linked with the wristband. Those surviving have become soldiers of fortune, settling conflicts to keep the peace in the Rival System and earn a living. Twelve fresh Rays - ones that haven't bonded to specific people - remain. They start small (the smallest spaceship in the picture above), but with the nanotech stored in them can grow as their owner's experience grows.

    And we may need this new blood sooner than we think.
  2. The idea is that you are one of the new recruits to fly the remaining Ray ships. The ship will choose you, latching the wristband to you and bonding you to it. You can't go beyond fifteen meters (roughly 45 feet) without triggering a countdown. The Rays are possessive. If you don't return to your ship within the next 28 hours, the standard day on the main planet of this system, the wristband will kill you.


    No Aliens - Everyone in this system is human. You can introduce a few bizarre genes if you want, like a result of cosmetic genetic engineering, but only if it meets my approval.

    No God-modding - You hear this all the time. It doesn't need to be explained, but I will anyway. No controlling other characters (unless the other player discusses it with you in the OOC), no making yourself so crazy awesome you're invincible, and just don't try to control everything. That's my job. *wink*

    Death is natural - And it will happen here. Not for a while, surely, but characters can die. When you do, and if you still want to play after the character's death, please talk with me and I'll make you a bad guy or friend/love interest for one of the other characters (again with their permission).

    I will be playing a senior pilot, Maxwell Fouxet. My ship has reached its full size, and is called - wait for it - Idlaide.

    Sheet for pilot:

    Age: (18-24. These are kid recruits.)
    Appearance: (can be picture or description)
    Planet/moon of origin: (Where were you born?)
    Brief Bio: (Don't go too in-depth, but I'd like to know how you got recruited, why you came, and what you left to be a part of this.)

    Sheet for Ray ship:

    Name: (You name your ship.)
    Color: (All Ray ships start out looking identical, but you can manipulate their chromatic blend to assume colors you're comfortable with and that you think define you.)
    Personality: (The Rays develop personalities based off their pilots'. They will either mimic their personality as they learn, or develop a complimenting personality to make a more cohesive relationship. It depends on the original's personality, really.)

    Approved Pilots:

    @Orbital: Pilot - Trent Traxen. Ray - Axor.
    @Disgruntled Goat: Pilot - Marissa Lawson. Ray - Tequila Sunrise.
    @Danika: Pilot - Solange Chevalier. Ray - Liberte.
    @WhoopDau: Pilot - Gregory Milan. Ray - Pluto.
    @Reaper Jack: Pilot - Jorik Kjaernestejd. Ray - Freyja.
    @Daws Combine: Pilot - Wayne Domino. Ray - Persona non Grata.
    @PostingOwl: Pilot - Nishimura Yukiko. Ray - Demeter.
    @egglegg: Pilot - Elijah Jones. Ray - Augustine.
    @Lyra Meiko: Pilot - Cynthia Sophronia. Ray - Vincent.
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  3. Worlds you could be from:

    Unfortunately not Earth, or any world you know. There are at least 80 moons and planets that are habitable in this system, but of them these are the ones with the most people:

    Rivas - Main planet of the Rival system. The most economically stable, the biggest importer and exporter of goods and people. Biggest problems: terrorist attacks. Petty crime is manageable.

    Aguaceles - A water world with a pristine, generally calm surface that reflects its floating cities perfectly. Known for their exquisite seafood and wonderful sailing - great destination spot. Biggest problems: tidal forces brought on by their moons and cyber terrorism affecting the equilibrium of their cities.

    Paipas - the religious hub of the system. The planet is home to a massive holy city, Arabus, and is the mecca for eight different religions. Biggest problems: hate crimes, political unrest. Brought about by so many conflicting faiths.

    Please stick to these three as the main worlds. If you have others to suggest, please explain your world's purpose in the system and it's main problems in your character sheet.
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  4. Name: Trent Traxen
    Gender: M
    Age: 19
    But green and with Spiky hair.
    Personality: confident, Joker.
    Talents: Strategist, trained in hand to hand combat, good with technology.
    Planet/moon of origin: Aquaceles
    Brief Bio: Son to a reknowned chef, he was expected to carry on his families old tradition of making exceptional food. But cooking didn't interest him as much as the wonders of the modern world. When he found he had the perfect skill set to operate the Rays he signed up immediately. His parents didn't entirely approve of this but understood that he must choose his own path and let him join the military.

    Sheet for Ray ship:

    Name: Axor
    Color: Neon green in the front that slowly changes to blue at the end.
    Personality: Mischievous, helpful.
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  5. Hey, can you reserve me a spot? I'll get a character sheet up later tonight.
  6. Sure thing. Glad to see people interested! There's a total of twelve ships available. I don't want to go any larger than that.

    Also, you can customize your ship with more than just one color. You can accent it with different colors or get patterns if you want.

    Also, also @Orbital: accepted!

    Actually, @Orbital, can you go into just a little more detail with backstory? Just a brief bit on how you lived on Aguaceles before joining the Rays.
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  7. Pilot, Orange
    Name: Marissa Lawson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Planet/moon of origin: Paipas
    Appearance (open)

    Marissa is about five-foot-nine and has a toned, slim build. Her hair is a natural red colour, and she has a number of tattoos on her body, with a story behind each one.
    [Incredible drawing done by Effic on deviantART.]

    Personality: To some people, Marissa is serious, no-nonsense, pragmatic woman that gets results. To others, she's a cold, blunt woman with no social skills and no empathy, or a "bitch", if you prefer. She has a naturally aggressive personality and has no problem in shouting down other people to make herself heard, traits that make it very difficult for her to form sociable, pleasant relationships. She's an abrasive individual that has few friends and is used to being alone, but after a few years in the military Marissa knows how to work as part of a team to get the job done. The problem is that as soon as the job is done, she'll go right back to telling people what she really thinks of them. She likes heavy weapons, hard drinks and not being asked questions.

    Talents: Marissa is a very intelligent girl, with a strong understanding of mechanics, technology and computer systems. She's been trained to pilot a variety of vehicles and understands how to use heavy weaponry to devastating effect. She's also lucky, which may not be a talent, but it certainly isn't to be overlooked, either.

    Brief Bio: Marissa was born on Paipas, to a very religious family, an experience that has had a profound effect on her lifestyle and the choices that she has made. She was given a religious education and regularly attended religious services with her family, but found them to be oppressive and stifling, so, when she turned sixteen, she turned her back on religion entirely. Her family all-but disowned her for this, and, with no money and nowhere to go, she signed up for military duty.

    Having good test scores and a strong intelligence, military assessors found that Marissa was very good with her hands and had her trained up as a heavy weapons and machinery operative first, and then as a vehicle technician. Marissa eventually tired of the military life and its strict rules, opting instead to try her luck as a mercenary for hire, but a barman on Rivas mentioned something else that she might find a little more interesting.

    Ray Ship, Red
    Name: Tequila Sunrise, also known as "Teqi", a pet-name that Marissa has for the ship

    Color: The underside of the ship is red, which blends into orange and then yellow on top, much like the cocktail that the ship is named after.

    Personality: Teqi is warm and friendly towards strangers, often showing far more respect than her pilot would ever consider. When alone with Marissa, however, the Ray is very different and the two frequently butt heads, because Teqi doesn't take herself nearly as seriously as her pilot does. As a pair, the two have an innate understanding when it comes to missions and strategy, but when off duty they're more likely to argue with each other, as Teqi tries to help Marissa to defrost.
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  8. Absolutely love it! Accepted!
  9. Excellent!

    So I know you said that there were twelve Ray Ships in total, but how many people are you looking for to start the roleplay?
  10. Well...A hell of a lot more than two. I'm thinking if I have to settle six or eight. I'd like this to pick up interest soon.
  11. I wasn't expecting two to be enough, but sure, six to eight seems like a good number. Hopefully some more people will sign up over the weekend.
  12. I hope so, too, but if it takes a little longer that's alright. I plan to start with a little bit of rudimentary training before anything like real missions begins. Basically it'll just be showing you how to use the equipment the ship comes with.

    Also, I wanted to set up a banner for this, but the images I've already chosen are too large (they want 800x100). I tried to find ones that fit that size online, but there aren't any choices that relate to space. It's frustrating. I know if I could advertise this, I'd probably get interest faster.
  13. I might be missing something, but can't you just re-size the images? If they're not loads bigger than 800x100 then it shouldn't reduce the quality too much.
  14. I don't think so. The image for the banner can only be sent in as a link, so I can only post the unaltered image to go into the banner.
  15. Then can't you copy the image(s) into an editor (MS Paint will suffice) and re-size them there, before submitting the edited photo/banner to the site?
  16. I must be really bad at computers, because I tried using the paint and it wouldn't let me save the cropping I did. It doesn't work for me.
  17. Why don't you drop me a PM with links to the image(s) you want, any any text you'd like to put on the banner? I'll be off to bed soon, but I'll fire up Photoshop in the morning and have a go at it, then I'll send it back to you, and you can submit it.
  18. This sounds quite interesting. I would love to be allowed to make a character for this. If you do not mind, i shall work on everything tomorrow.
  19. You don't need my permission to make a character. You need my permission to be accepted, but you can write one up and I look forward to seeing it. I'm also short on players so far so I welcome it. :)
  20. Edited. Sorry it took so long. I Was away for the weekend.