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  1. Secret Springs Secondary School, oft referred to as the Forest, sits nestled comfortably within the southernmost of the King Islands. The residential hub of the Forest stands as a towering concrete jungle around the gated and green grounds of the academy. Yet, despite the detailed attention to its foliage and decorum through required school uniforms, the Secret Springs Secondary School cannot boast the best numbers by any metric.

    When it comes to presenting itself, the best it can do is offer its mediocrity painted in glamour.

    One such student at the Forest, Miyako, found ouself in an alien world. The marches, outside of the palisade, were nothing like the interior of Kuakilla, let alone the structured hedges, the choreographed blossoming of flowers, the streams flowing at perfect symmetry through the gardens. Ou felt trapped. Spires of glass, metal, and concrete marred the view; there was no horizon here.

    Miyako is an outsider.

    Ou felt it in the eyes of others on ou. In the way they spoke, they moved, they stood, they did anything. Ou hated how much ou focused on their actions, behaviours. Could it have been anything but paranoia? It weren’t as if they were really harbouring anything like ou worried they were, right?

    Hurtful words. Slurs woven into speech casually. Ideas expressed that feigned innocence while spreading harm. Ou looked like this, so that meant ou knew how to do that. Ou lived in the marches, so ou must be like this. Stereotypes, expectations, forgone conclusions, and ignorance.

    The only way ou would know if someone respected ou would be by their words. Or their lack of them. And ou was so tired of trying to fix that.

    Today had been like any other. Ou went to school. Ou avoided interacting with people more than ou had to. Ou shrugged off people referring to ou as ‘her’, did ou work, participated to the minimal requirements, and then was off to the cafeteria when it was time for lunch with the ringing of the bell. Ou planned to sit with the quasi-gothic twerp, someone who was just as much of an outsider as ou was. Ou felt some, ou didn’t really know how to describe it, but… responsibility to her, since ou met her in the staff office when ou had first arrived at the Forest.

    The twerp was still young and dumb and needed someone neither of those to watch over her.

    Was about the only thing at the Forest that Miyako felt any ‘pride’ in. Being surrounded by so many people ou didn’t know, it was nice to have at least something to anchor ou here, even if it were a dumb kid.

    It wasn’t like ou was going to suddenly be forced to work with a bunch of other students at the Secret Springs Secondary School and go on magical misadventures.

    That’d be silly.
  2. Laika was pushed and shoved along by the other orphans that went to school with her. Honestly, the feeling of being pushed and shoved overwhelmed her, but she wasn't going to say anything or cry here. Lightly biting her tongue, she looked up at the looming building of Secret Springs Secondary School. Her grades were exceptional, enough to warrant her skipping a grade and attending here. It was amazing in its own right, but for some reason it didn't attract the family she always wanted. People didn't pay attention to her accomplishments and it put her down somewhat.

    She sighed as she entered the premises and was still being pushed along by the older orphans. Eventually the crowd thinned out and she could move on her own without being shoved along. Shouldering her backpack, she she began to walk, taking out a piece of paper from her backpack. The paper had all the information she needed to find the right classes and such and such. A heavy frown graced her face while she scanned the paper, not seeing where she was going. She accidentally bumped into a person, jolting her back to reality. "S-S-Sorry," she stuttered, not wanting to look at the person in the eye.
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  3. Arian trudged silently through the hallway as the bell rang for lunch time which was shortly followed by the stampede of hungry students charging toward the cafeteria. Just an average, mundane school day where the only thing that really seemed to change were the seasons. He barely even noticed when the quiet, shy girl bumped into him. What was her name again? Lilac? Lai-something? He shook the thought away before turning to face her.

    " . . . are you okay miss? You don't have to apologize either . . . mistakes happen, that's why there are erasers."

    He smiled softly after trying to make her laugh at his cheesy joke. He wasn't quite sure on how well it might have worked though considering how hard she seemed to be working to avoid his brilliant sapphire eyes. And when an answer didn't seem evident on her lips he simply just shrugged off the encounter and started to turn away. It wasn't like the random meet up was special or anything. Just dull students at an equally if not duller school.

    ". . . I guess see you at lunch or whatever . . . can't wait for the flavorless concoction of the day you know . . ."

    With that he continued trudging down the hall while his jacket sleeve slipped down his shoulder. Maybe he could slip out next period behind the gym to sketch the sunlit leaves. That seemed like a better idea then listening to Mrs. Lagrange drone on about meaningless history again. Times have changed, and with them so had we, yet were still stuck with one of our feet firmly planted in the past. The idea of that had become rather annoying to him though he'd never show it.
  4. The classroom was empty. The day had gone by so fast, that it felt as though he hadn't been in attendance for any of his classes. Light broke through behind the scenery outside, additionally filtering through the window blinds. The room was overcast by shadow and broken lines of light. The sun was setting, giving a strong tinge of orange against the white painted cinder block walls, and turning the old beaten desks into a sickly yellow color from their original beige.

    There he sat. Front row seat, right in front of the teacher's desk. Unsure why he was there, but also not questioning. All there was, was existence. Everything was as it should, and all was in balance.

    Devin's a pudgy kid. Not extremely overweight, but enough to bear some love handles and a gut. Although he matched the walls right now, he's as pale as a worm with vibrant blue eyes to contrast.

    He went to scratch the back of his head, and was taken back by his hair. It shouldn't have surprised him, yet he was still surprised to have a handful of long, brown wavy hair in his hand. After a few moments of thinking about his hair, he looked at the teacher's desk.

    A dark silhouette sat there, hunching. Devin couldn't make out who it was, but their figure was intimidating. Broad shoulders, thick arms, and a barrel chest. Initially they reminded him of a pirate--classic pirate description honestly--but this was a classroom.

    The figure got up, and limped towards him.

    Flashes of broken orange light gave insight on their appearance as they hobbled around their desk. Gray, thick, nappy curly hair. Wrinkled, leathery, vein riddled yellow (truly yellow, not just from the light) skin. A wool skirt and cardigan that looked like they were from the Gilded Age, with a wrinkly blouse.

    "Mr. Alexander, I've been waiting for you all day."

    The voice was dusty, broken and effeminate, yet oddly burly...and passionate. A lover's coo.

    A bony hand with tacky, pale green nail polish and spiderweb veins pressed down on Devin's chest. A witch's nose and cornfield teeth surrounded by red lipstick flew by Devin's face quickly and intently. He felt the warm moisture of her voice embrace his right ear as he sat still. It was like a night terror. There was nothing he could do. He was paralyzed, silently praying for the evil to go away.

    "I've been wanting you to myself for a very long time."

    His math teacher threw off her aviator frame eyeglasses viciously, shattering them on the chalk board. She pulled Devin violently close to her by the collar, homing in on his face with her slobbery, drooling wet mouth puckered.

    The bell rang.

    Devin woke up--in math class--and his classmates were all leaving. It was the lunch bell. He touched his hair to make sure it was still short in a panic, and quietly packed his belongings, uncomfortably shooting looks at his teacher hoping she wasn't watching him (she wasn't). He fell asleep in class again. His job was starting to take a toll on his schooling. It wasn't much of a choice though, he's cooking at the bar to save up for college. His parents aren't poor, but they aren't rich, and they have like twenty kids or whatever his friends say--he was going to have to financially contribute to his education one way or another.

    On his way out the door, his math teacher reminded him not to stay up so late. Chills went down his spine at the sound of her voice.

    He walked over to lunch--saw someone not paying attention and walking into another person. He also walked past Miyako. He wanted to approach them, but figured it was best not to. They seemed to be enjoying their own company at the moment. They seemed to be looking forward to going to lunch, which was nice to see them noticeably positive.
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  5. Miru Ateira AKA Shiro

    "Oh hey, is that 'Miru'?" "Well duh who else has that hair."
    "Yeah, yeah. She so cute. Especially with that little bear she always carries around. Kinda like a little kid, ya' know?" "I mean she kind of is a kid."

    Why do they talk so loud. And why do they constantly act like I'm new here.
    The young girl sighed to herself as she walked along the path made by the parted students in the cafeteria, a medium sized half-stuffed bear held to her midsection by crossed arms. Obviously enough it was her lunch time but didn't find herself hungry yet. It seemed to be a constant annoying thing to her, being lunch time and not hungry yet. To her it wasn't even "lunch" time yet. Much too early. It was more like you could still eat breakfast but the school didn't have that stuff during "lunch". So she suffered.

    There was a path outside that she would usually walk during one of her suffering days but something just felt off to her. Or maybe she just didn't feel like walking around outside today. The girl would hardly put any real thought behind it and made her way to find a seat. This being one of the earlier lunches had less, as well as more older than younger, people than the others so it wasn't too crowded which in turn made finding a table for her self not a difficult task. After finding said suitable seat, Miru placed her bear face down on the table and pushed at its back, trailing her finger along its "spine". It seemed to opened it showing off a bag-like compartment. The bear was her backpack. Slowly she pulled out a pen that was obstructing the item she wanted, a book, then put the pen back after placing the book on the table. Miru ran her finger up the spine again and the zipper to her bag closed.

    Then she read.

    That's all the girl had planned to do until it was time for her next class. Sadly enough that plan wasn't to come to fruition. After a few pages of her book she would hear something along the lines of a "Hey you" accompanied by footsteps behind her. She could only tell someone was addressing her due to the fact her table was fairly out of the way from anything other than an empty bench next to it. With a slow, reluctant, turn of her head, Miru came to see a girl she had a small conversation with sometime in the near past. Miyako.

    Miru smiled to her immediately and gave her a small wave. It was more just like she raised her hand, but it was intended to be a wave.
    "Hello there, Miyako. How are you?"
  6. ~Collab with @MischieviousCheshireX3~
    A hungry Nat stood in one of the many corridors of the school, stomach lightly rumbling as she traced a hand through her short, brown hair. She was a lonely sort, and not by any particular choice to take an oath of lonliness. She was seen as wierd, despite her shy attitude to people and her proclivity for smiling. Maybe it was because she was effeminate, and people could not look past her male body into the heart of the person beneath?

    She moved from the wall where she had reclined, moving slowly towards the lunch hall, grey and black bag in tow. Seats were empty and some were filled, students gazing with lethargic interest at the newcomer, and then turning away in a lazy attempt at disinterested annoyance as she made her way to an empty table, where one boy sat. "Can I sit here?" She said, politely, a hint of nervousness about her body language. Usually people would tell her to "go the fuck away" for being the school wierdo. At least, that's what she thought of herself.

    "I don't really see why you couldn't sit down . . . this table is just as much yours as it is anyone elses, so go ahead." Arian barely glanced up at the newcomer as it seemed that he was more interested in what he was drawing rather than conversation, but to be polite, he neatly set aside the sketch pad and oil pastels before providing his full attention. "So why did you ask? Afraid I was going to tell you to buzz off . . . or rather something much more . . . mmm, vulgar?"

    Nat sighed to herself. "Yeah, I am used to being buzzed off. Comes with the territory of being a social outcast, I suppose. Not fitting in should really be classified as a talent." She exclaimed, a sardonic chuckle escaping her lips as she sat down. She may have looked masculine on the outside to the boy in front of her, but she really was feminine, so the playground insults, she presumed, did hold some value. "I'm not sure we've met before. What's your name?"

    "My name is Arian . . . and a fellow social outcast I guess . . . " He shifted around a bit out of awkwardness before sighing softly and glancing back at his sketchpad. First it was the random girl that had bumped him in the hall, and now he had to deal with this . . . guy? Girl? He wasn't really all that sure, but he wouldn't really question it at the moment. "So . . . umm . . . what do you like to do . . .?"

    "Nice to meet you, Arian. I'm Nat." She spoke, a delicateness to her voice. "Does A/V club and music count? That's all I've really done nowadays, helps me unwind and just forget about the world for a while." Nat explained, looking into Arian's eyes and then shying away slightly. She wasn't really used to people being nice to her.

    "Yeah . . . I would say those would count . . . if you couldn't tell my passion falls in the arts as well." Arian met her dark blue eyes with his own brilliant sapphire orbs before smiling faintly. "It's kinda funny . . . your shyness makes me smile . . ." He gathered his things together before rising from his seat and getting ready to leave, "Oh, it was nice meeting you by the way Nat . . . See you later sometime." He walked out of the lunch room as a sinking feeling started to gnaw at his stomach. Something bad seemed like it was brewing upon the horizon, and he only hoped that his gut feeling wasn't true.
  7. Miyako took ou seat beside the kid, “Hey. Doing alright. Just checking up on my favourite half-pint,” ou said with a shrug, even taking ou left hand out of a pocket so that it’d be visible for a moment. Ou quickly rehid it, “Day’s not giving you any trouble again, is it?”

    Miru seemed to hesitate for a second before speaking back, as if she wanted to say something and decided against it. “Uh.. Yeah..” The young girl slowly put her book down, and closed, to give more of her attention to Miyako. “It is still a little weird that you found out we have the same lunch hour.”

    Ou simply closed ou eyes and hummed a bit, before opening one to the kid, “Meh. Gave me an excuse to not have to deal with people to sit with a loner like you-” ou opened both eyes again, “You don’t mind that I join you, do you?”

    After making a bit of a face, Miru shook her head. “I am not a loaner, I just help people sometimes. And no, I don’t mind at all.” She didn’t mind it at all. In fact she enjoyed it for some reason. Usually if someone were to sit with her she would most likely be apathetic to it. But for some reason with Miyako it was different. She couldn’t exactly tell why.

    Miyako would guess it was because ou was a cool person and everyone should like ou. If she had known what Miru was thinking, at least. Ou didn’t.

    “Good,” ou said, after having to shake off Miru’s loaner-loner confusion, choosing to forego commenting on the error, “I was planning on staying here regardless.”

    Miru had started to trail her finger along the spine of her bear again to open it as Miyako spoke, returning her book where it was before. “That’s pretty.. Uhm.. In-...” She was hesitating. Not that she was afraid to speak, but she actually couldn’t think of the word she wanted to use. “Like..” Miru gave it a few more seconds before huffing under her breath. “Never mind. Whatever.

    Slightly frustrated she closed her bag up again and pulled the bear into her lap. “Are you okay today?

    Miyako had hardly noticed the entire little thing going on with Miru, as ou was far more concerned on sorting out her entire food situation. Ou gave Miru a glance at some of the words, in particular the end of her stuttering- was the kid that unused to talking to people? Ou’d have to work with her on that. “I’m always okay. I can’t afford to ever not be okay. I can count on my fingers how many times I was not okay-” ou smirked dryly, “Don’t worry bout me.”

    With a short breath, Miru nodded and pulled the bear closer to her chest. “Fine, fine.” With the pull she more or less positioned the bear to cover the lower half of her face, as if she was hiding her mouth from Miyako. She let a few moments pass before wanting to speak up again, though when she opened her mouth she froze. Her gaze suddenly shot to the side as the doors to the cafeteria sprung open.

    In the middle of the doorway stood a girl with her arms held up, no shorter than 5’5” with bright pink hair. Wearing a pink and white striped long sleeve shirt that seemed much too big for her, dark pink jean-short-shorts, knee socks and the shoes to match the outfit; she called out fairly loud into the large room to get the attention of all she could.

    Hello students and staff! If you don’t already know, which you should, my name is Chan Chan! Hostess of the a~mazing~ Chan Chan’s Challenge Channel!~ While todays broadcast is a liiittle different, I just wanted you all to know you should definitely most for sure run away!

    The pink themed girl had three others in the doorway as well. One focusing on Chan Chan herself and the other two seeming to be ‘keeping an eye out’.

    For the little ones and not-so-bright adults, just follow along with the people who know what “The Berets are really pissed off and on their way here right now! This is not a joke either. They are preeety pissed.

    Most of the cafeteria seemed either confused or uninterested at Chan Chan’s little speech, but after a few moments one of the administrators in the room called for people to start moving.

    Chan Chan clapped as they did, just once.

    Almost as if on cue, there was the sound of an explosion off in the distance, followed by a brief burst of gunfire- the tempo for trying to get out of the cafeteria quickly went from orderly shuffling to growing panic.

    Miru sat in silence as the pink haired girl went off about who knows what, and continued to sit as the panicking commenced. “Mi..yako..
    She spoke lightly as she reached down to the back of her bear still up against her chest. “You should probably go too.” The girl shifted in her seat to turn and face out as if she was getting ready to stand, but didn’t quite yet.

    Miyako was already standing up, “Uh, yeah?” ou looked through the spreading panic, and saw through one of the cafeteria windows two of the ones that must have been the Berets. Illuminating them from behind were the burning tapestries of gardens that made the Forest look so well- flickering with haze and smoke.

    Ou grabbed at Miru, and spun her around ou, to put ouself in the way of the oncoming--

    The glass burst in violently, shattering down as more gunfire came in. Heavy calibre rounds, more befitting a mounted machine gun than whatever the one in the green beret and dark garb was carrying. As the glass rained down, the clattering and shattering, drowning out the screams of faculty and children as a dark haze seeped in along with the smoke.

    Plaster from the ceiling fell dislodged by the upward shot burst of fire that spread panic like the flames behind them, and Miyako did the best to try to cover up Miru so none would fall upon her as the Berets shouted over at the Challengers, “You don’t just go taking our fucking loot!” It was the green beret’d one- Green Beret coincidentally enough, that spoke. At his side was Red Beret, gently hefting a lit molotov in one hand, and another small device in the other. Their third was nowhere to be seen.

    Miru didn’t have much of an option other than to let Miyako lead her. Ou somewhat overpowered her and held her beneath ou. The young girl wanted to speak out to get her off but she would have spoke much too softly to be heard through all of the commotion. So for the time being she held still.

    As the Berets came through, the three others in the doorway stepped forward as Chan Chan seemed to trail off for a bit. As if she had a goal, whatever the hell it could have possibly been.

    There you are.” Chan Chan gave a grin as she stood over Miyako and Miru, only seeing Miyako at first. But that was quick to change as Miru peeked out to see Chan Chan as well. “Oh! And you. How lucky!

    With a small chuckle she held out a finger aimed at Miyakos back, “Bang!” The pink haired girl spoke as a beam of light seemed to strike where she was pointing, then quickly aimed at Miru as best she could. “And~” Miru quickly shot up a hand from under Miyako and aimed it at Chan Chan’s upper body and something fired off in her direction forcing her to dodge.

    Oh fuck, hey! Little one is already there! Good.” She gave herself a small nod and rushed back off to her ‘group’ as they were fending off the Berets.

    OP had managed to create some form of reflective shield- when Green Beret opened fire upon it, the semi-translucent field reflected the bullets back, much to Green’s chagrin. Red didn’t care near as much, throwing a molotov against the shield at a particularly accurate angle, causing the fire to spread up and around towards the trio that had been trying to hold them off.

    Nerf put his powers to use against neither of the visible ones, but sapped strength from the haze causing the third to make himself vaguely known- well enough that Nerf could aim a golfclub to swing and strike against the magi before fire flickered around the distortion field and onto him.

    Streamer gripped her hood with both hands and began to roll aside on her heelies to stay at a safe distance from the combat, trying to keep herself sheltered from the spreading fire, but capable of keeping things in view. It was her job, the stream must go on. With looks across the crowd, gave a quick look about before eyeing Chan Chan and silently nodding. With that, she turned her gaze back to the battle between the hardened rogues of the berets, and the duo of OP and Nerf.

    And that’s when Miyako began to scream. Not a scream of pain alone, but one of pure unmitigated fear. A desperate fear, of one who is in the struggle of trying to not lose everything they have. Miru flinched and tensed up at the same time. Miyako’s scream and grip on the small girl scared her a bit with how sudden it was. And although it only took her just a few seconds to recover from it, she was stuck. Miyako wasn’t letting up on the girl at all.

    Chan Chan didn’t seem to make it all the way back to the others as she suddenly stopped and looked over the crowd of ducking and moving people until someone caught her eye. Some bearded brunette boy not exactly hiding from everything going on, but obviously trying to get away. It seemed as if Chan Chan really didn’t need to hide from the two Berets as they were occupied with her own duo, so she simply made her way to obstruct him from passing her up.

    Hey there! Could you hold still for a second~” Speaking as if she was giving him an option. Her hand was already on his chest and a pulse of light went off literally a second after her “question”, near the same as the one she hit Miyako with. Regardless of it seeming to be just light it would knock the boy off of his feet and to the ground.

    Then with a smile and small wave to him, whether he saw it or not, she giggled and took off in the opposite direction. It looked as if she was leaving the cafeteria completely and letting the others take care of the dirty work.

    Following at Chan Chan’s coattails for a brief moment was Streamer, before she stopped, spun around to face the combat again, and rolled back into position, stopping not too far from Miyako and Miru of all people. They had a decent seat even if they weren’t to be enjoying it.

    Not much time passed as Chan Chan didn’t want to take longer than she needed before she came to find two more students, Nat and Arian. It seemed as if the two were trying to escape the chaos with one another. Chan Chan couldn’t have that. “Hey there~ It’s like you all just want to bunch up for me. You guys are great. No really. Perfect timing!” She took her aim yet again and the beam of light was to go off again, striking Arian. And without skipping a beat, Nat was hit right after.
    Man I feel like an assassin or something.. This is great! Sorry I can’t stick around you two. Ciao~” And just as quickly as she arrived she took off.

    It was now that finally the first sightings of court magi arrived on the scene. The costumes, so lame. The poses, so dumb. It could be no other than the Pepper Patrol. With their seemingly spandex uniforms and ‘pepper’ based theming, they burst in as Miyako finally began to stop screaming with Miru beneath ou. Ou felt so light headed, but thoughts raced through ou mind as cheesy one liners filtered in through the air. Comments on how the place had been ‘peppered’ with bullet holes rung through ou ears like lead as ou looked over at Streamer.

    The hooded girl brushed herself to the side, filtering away from Miyako and Miru almost effortlessly- she had quite the history of moving between magi during scuffles like this, to the point where it wouldn’t have been too far fetched to peg her as either a Grimoire or a Voyage. That was the problem with magi, it became hard to tell when something was skill, or when it was magic.

    Afters some time, Miyako finally let go of Miru and turned to her as ou stumbled back to the table, ou eyes wide, “You’re a magi? I- I’m one? O-oh fuuuuudge,” ou managed to catch ouself, lips pursed, “Crap, uh, we have something we need to do. Now.” There was a sense of urgency in ou words, as ou offered ou left hand to Miru as Streamer cast an eye at the two of them. Miyako continued, trying to make clear their need to go now, “We don’t have much time, others got hit with that thing too. We need to find them, and help them, before-”

    There was another explosion.

    Ugh where is this little shit. She has to be somewhere around here. Er-.. Close.. I know she is.” Chan Chan talking to herself was somewhat of a normal thing for her. Being a hostess for a stream had her talking quite often. Which meant to herself as well. Though after taking much longer than she wanted, she finally had her target in her sights. “Finally~ Fuck.
    Chan Chan huffed before quickly pacing up to the wandering girl, Laika.

    Hey you. Little girl.” Chan Chan didn’t give her a chance really to respond or react as her hand was already on top of the girls head and let the flash go. Sadly for Laika, Chan Chan couldn’t exactly control the force that came with the light and easily knocked her off of her feet. Hard. “Oh.. Wow. Sorry ‘bout that. You should be alright. See ya!” With the glances of the stunned students around she smiled and waved one last time before taking back off towards OP, Nerf, and Streamer.

    Back inside of the cafeteria proper, the very structure of the eatery began to wither.

    With being let go, Miru already had her hand inside her “backpack” reaching for something inside of it. “W-What? You’re a magi too? And why did you scream like that?” The young girl was at a bit of a loss, everything was happening so quickly to her she couldn’t get her thoughts straight. The only thing she could do was pull out what she was reaching for. She had marbles in her bag, and now had one between each of her fingers. “What are you talking about, Miyako. We have to help whoever we can-..

    “And we will,” Miyako insisted, “The best we can do is to help,” ou looked into the crumbling, burning, structure of the cafeteria. Why weren’t the sprinklers going off? Ou didn’t know that, but ou did know this. They had to find Arian, Nat, Laika, and Devin. Find, rescue, and disguise them. Ou pointed off where Devin was- “Them!”

    Poor Devin. Miyako knew he already would be… as he would be for the rest of his life.

    “What are you even doing here?” called one of the Pepper Patrol as Chan Chan came back into view. Blasts of neon chile light rocketed forth to strike against OP’s shield, only to be deflected away and hit into Black Beret, who began to swear profusely.

    Chan Chan came to a bit of a sliding stop as she looked over the battle from afar. “Oh whats up PP? We kinda got chased by the hat boys over there and ended up here. We didn’t have much of a choice, really. If you could just take care of em for us we can just get outta here.” Chan Chan nodded as if she was content with her answer.

    “YOU WHAT?” screamed Red Beret, pulling out another explosive of some sort, “YOU FUCKING STOLE OUR-” Green Beret hit Red in the mouth with the butt of his gun before levying it at Chan Chan, “Shut up, both of you. This is no business of yours, Pepper Patrol. You know Chan Chan does more harm across the city than we ever could. If you just shepherd us both out, we’d be glad to do Kuakilla a favour and finish th--”

    A small pebble of rubble bounced against Green’s head, having bounced off of OP’s shield. Streamer. Green turned towards her with a snarl, and she simply gave a bored shrug, before turning her attention back to her boss.

    Chan Chan simply held up her hands for a moment, “Woah woah now~” She then moved her hands to the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up to show off her stomach, as if she was letting something fall from under it. “I don’t got anything of yours you uptight weirdo. If anything it’s probably just in your pocket.

    With the half functional haze of Black Beret around him, Green Beret narrowed his eyes at Chan Chan, and levied his gun at her, “Fuck you, you stupid bi-b-bii-i--” and then he sneezed, pulling the trigger and firing randomly elsewhere as Black Pepper grinned triumphantly.

    “I’m always so sneezed with myself when that works!”

    Even the other members of the Pepper Patrol groaned at that terrible forced pun, as the Berets began to try to escape the mist to stop sneezing uncontrollably, another bomb lobbed by Red causing a portion of the still remaining exterior wall to collapse, and with it the roof- essentially creating a new wall of burning rubble, locking the entire group of groups in.

    Dust shot through the area at the collapse, and Miyako and Miru were only just now getting to the newly paraplegic Devin- quickly trying to explain to him before they’d rush off to find the others. They had to let everyone know what had just happened.

    Kuakilla had a new batch of magi, and they were trapped in the chaotic grounds of the Forest with three other magi groups. At best ou’d just be able to rush up to them to explain their power in brief, and expressing the need for a disguise to hide their identity- before having to just tell them they needed to go to the cafeteria again, as a group.

    The alternative wasn’t to be pretty.
  8. Laika was sitting alone at a table, eating her lunch, when all hell broke loose. She stayed where she was for a moment, stunned, until she began to scream and try to run away from what was going on. Magi? Here? What did they want with them? She couldn't really pay attention to what was being broadcasted by Chan Chan's Challengers, all her thoughts were focused on running away. Suddenly she felt something on her head and she was knocked to the ground. Her vision swam as she laid on the ground.

    She couldn't take it, what was going on around her. She sat up, covering her ears and closing her eyes. This was just a bad dream, this had to be a bad dream. Why was this happening? Without thinking, she activated her power and found herself in a safety bubble, though she was too scared to notice. Just close your eyes and everything will be better, she thought to herself.
  9. Devin sat with his friends after getting his lunch. He couldn’t really eat, he was still tired from working last night. The five of them started talking about a card game, planning on going to a prerelease as Devin put his head down to sleep. Cameron—lean cut, muscular with buzzed hair and tan skin—wanted to but couldn’t because of track. The others started giving him shit for it, jokingly. Luis, the one with the long tight curled black hair tied back into a pony tail, and fair skin, was poking Devin as the others carried their conversation. Luis always bothered Devin at lunch if he knew he worked the night before.
    “Hey, check out the freak,” Luis gestured to the table to look over at the girl that just came in, “she’s straight out of one of those shitty animes that Devin watches.” Devin sat up, rubbing his eyes.

    “They’re not all that bad,” Devin responded, “You know, you should check ou—” The girl—the one that just came in—started yelling to the lunchroom. Devin thought she really was just one of those weeaboo, anime obsessed geeks (the ones that actually dress up as an anime character and pretend to be them every day at school). He had a bad, gut churning feeling of secondhand embarrassment. He couldn’t really make out what she was saying, admittedly he was only half listening. He knew by his friends’ faces changing from whimsical to concerned that there was an issue. This was reinforced by the faculty & staff started to have the students move.

    Before Devin and his friends could get up from their table, the girl clapped. Something went off. It sounded like a firework. The windows shattered. The walls, ceiling, almost everything was being torn apart. Devin looked over to his friends. Everything was slow motion. People poured into the lunchroom as the panic ensued.

    The students at the table closest to their own started fleeing, scattering wherever they could go. One hid under the table. A bullet pierced their thigh. The others were gunned down. Devin shot back to his friends, and they began to make their move. The others ran, almost immediately, and Devin tried dragging Luis with him. The boy was frozen in fear in shock. He wouldn’t budge. Devin was shot in the shoulder, and the force was enough to drop him to the ground. His grip didn’t subside on Luis, dragging him down to the floor with him.

    Another explosion went off.

    It was where the others were running off to. They were gone. The blow back from the blast tossed Luis and Devin. Shrapnel—from the floor, the ceiling, everything—cut both of them and everyone else close enough. Devin couldn’t hear anything.

    He rolled over as best he could, digging the bullet in his shoulder deeper by doing so. Luis was coated in black and white dust, making him look a pasty gray. His hair was almost burnt. His head was split, and there was composite wood—a piece of a lunch table—sticking out the right of his face.

    All Devin wanted to do is run. He wanted to leave. He wanted to be home. He wanted his family.

    The ceiling over him collapsed. He couldn’t hear it happening. The rubble fell over him, knocking him unconscious. Under the fire and smoke, in the rubble that collapsed on Devin, there was shifting. In the chaos of the room, it was almost unnoticeable. There was an uneasy sound similar to that of a butcher hacking at a cow’s carcass. Meat ripping apart, and bones splitting.

    The rubble scattered, almost as if there was another explosion. Dust coated the area, but a blotchy silhouette—a large one, easily close to eight feet—rose from the floor. It moved quickly, and in moments there was a loud crash. The wall was broken down, exposing a room adjacent to the cafeteria, and more to follow. Whatever it was, it was running.
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