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  1. You can always join Seasonal Island Kingdoms, just sign up a character.


    "War is threatening on the horizons, in a world of Seasonal Island Kingdoms, who will you align with?"
    There are many citizens who have come to make the Seasonal Island Kingdoms their home. These citizen's fate is intertwined with war, having so many varying opinions can only lead to disagreements. Who knows what the future will hold for these islanders? Will there be a way they can coexist peacefully? Or are they doomed to annihilate each other with weapons? Time can only tell for these Seasonal Kingdoms.

    For now, it is a peaceful day upon all islands. The citizens may feel as though they are ready to gain experience and new knowledge in their life. For those who have not registered their class with the council, new letters have been mailed to them:

    Dear Citizen,

    Within the magical energies that our islands lay, is classifications for each person. By our records, you have not registered your class with your council. Please come to the Capital Castle to register your class and thus be an attributing member of our islands.

    Thank you,
    Island Council

    Having your class registered in the island is essential to accepting quests, loot, and other rewards. Once your class is registered you are free to roam around the islands and interact with NPCS.

  2. Benita Seele
    Winturof - R&D Center of Vegetation

    There i was sitting at the table with my fellow scientist. I was watching as they were arguing about different ways of making something grow without mimicing environment of other islands. I was tired of listening to this argument, it has been going on for the last month or so already. [Could we please stop already.... this argument is leading us nowhere, we need actions not arguing. Now think, how could we get something to actually grow? My idea is to make more research on the soil. Is it nutritious enough? Is it just problem with it being frozen? Let's start with making new tests on the nutrition values] i signed to the guys. People seemed to have problem with me many times because i was deaf, i think it's mostly because of they can't fully understand sign, everything they've learned is because of me.

    I thought that i'd help at the lab with the nutrition values, so i start slowly making my way to the labs. Clapping of my shoes echoing through the halls of the center. I saw a girl at the lab sigh as i entered the room. [What?] i signed, even though she couldn't see me. I walk up to her and lightly tap on her shoulder. She turns around to look at me. [What's the matter?] i sign.

    Girl: "The values are the same as last time.. this is pointless, we're stuck."
    [Have you tried mixing the soil with anything else than water? Just go through all of the solvents there has to be change in the values]
    I knew there had to be some significant change in values. I have tested it myself, now i just needed to get someone else to confirm that we're able to boost the values. But there has to be more to it. The nutrition isn't the only problem we have..

    The stranger: "Benite Seele? Got a mail for you" the mailman called out, i was focused on reading the values and statistics, so i didn't notice any motion going on behind me. After a few seconds the mailman puts the letter on my desk, in front of me. That's when i noticed it from the corner of my eye. I quickly turn around, a bit startled by the sudden appearance of this stranger.

    He seemed to apologize scaring me... that's at least what i caught from his lips.. He was stuttering a bit so i couldn't quite understand what he said. After he left, i turn back to my desk and pick up the letter. I open it and read what it says.

    Dear Citizen,

    Within the magical energies that our islands lay, is classifications for each person. By our records, you have not registered your class with your council. Please come to the Capital Castle to register your class and thus be an attributing member of our islands.

    Thank you,
    Island Council

    I let out a sigh... registration? In my opinion this was more important than the registration but the Capital disagrees clearly... I will go register tomorrow then. Now we need to focus on the nutrition values.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Marzipan was already on her way to the Capital Castle, having received her letter that said something about a class. She wasn't sure what that meant, but she figured she'd go anyway to see what they had to say to her. Problem was, she was fairly new to the island and had to ask for directions at every twist and turn in the city. Could it even be called a city, with how small it was? Maybe I should go with heart of the island instead, she thought to herself, seeing a building looming in the distance. With a grunt, she hefted the bag she was carrying in case she needed anything and went up to what looked to be one of the guards. And if there were guards, that meant she was at the right place. "I'm here for something about a class? Just got this letter," she explained, pulling out the letter from her bag and showing it to the people.


    Iolani was running as fast as he could to the Capital Castle, having hitched a ride on one of his neighbors heading towards the area. He'd gotten the letter about the class choosing and he was very excited. Finally, he could cement what he wanted to do. He knew which class he was choosing, having talked excitedly to his parents about it over dinner last night when he'd first gotten the letter. And now he was on his way to the Capital Castle to get the class he'd always wanted. With a grin, he spotted the castle in the distance and made a beeline towards there. He skidded to a halt when he saw the guards guarding the entrance. "I'm here to choose my class!" he chirped, showing the guards the letter he whipped out from his pocket.

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  4. [​IMG]]​

    Soleil Village, Sumenoto Island
    Today was a beautiful morning on Sumenoto Island. The blue sky was clear and neat, the sun shining brighter than ever and a flock of birds was crossing by, tweeting a language only they could understand. Once in a while, a warm and pleasing breeze blew, making the trees dance at the rhythm of it while the ruffles of their leaves joined them with a monotone melody. Not for nothing this island is known as "The Land of the Neverending Summer". The place is hot most of the time but the land here was really fertile, perfect for bestrew any type of crop. The most delicious and natural food came from this island for that exact reason.

    Soleil Village, one of the many villages located across the island, was the home of Kovu Kisaragi, a well known Hunter that loved to explore places and wasn't afraid of facing dangers like angry bears, hungry wolves and other beasts that lived in the greenery places of the island or the caves that were hidden in the mountains. This adventurous and friendly Hybrid Neko was loved by most of the villagers of Soleil and his goods and prices were the best of the best. By this time of the morning, 10 o'clock to be precise, he was returning home after a two weeks hunting trip into the center of Sumenoto Island on his black horse named Shinku. He managed to catch great stuff like rabbit and griffin meat, some goat milk and a couple of bear and wolf skins which have a lot of demand from his clients.

    As Kovu reached the entrance of Soleil, he sighed with relief, smiling brightly and taking off the hood from his cloak. "Finally, home sweet home," he said, fixing the straps of his bag that was tied on the right side of Prince. As Prince walked through the village, the impact of his horseshoes against the ground echoed, making a few villagers that were doing some work stop and turned their heads toward Kovu. They smiled and quickly waved their hands at him, Kovu returning the waving. Like every day, everyone was busy doing some work around, mostly on the farms due to the high demands of the other islands.

    After reaching his small wooden house, Kovu parked Prince on a small barn beside his house and hopped off, landing on his feet with a light thud. Prince whined and turned his head, friendly nuzzling Kovu on his right cheek. The Neko laughed and hugged him, gently petting his neck. After a few seconds, an adorable silver haired elf child with a pretty short and blue dress came running toward Kovu, smiling happily. "Welcome back, Kovu!" she exclaimed, standing behind him. "I'm so happy to see you made it in one piece. My father said that there are reports of griffins sightings near the farms, so it's pretty dangerous been out there." Kovu released Prince and turned around to face Athena, the elf child that was 9 years old.

    "I'm also glad to see you again, Athena-chan," he said and lightly ruffled the top of her head with his right hand. "And don't worry about me. I have a lot of tricks under my sleeves that helps me to get out of trouble. Also, about those griffins, yeah, I've encountered a few on my trip but I got rid of them. Their meat and feathers are pretty valuables." Athena smiled happily, enjoying Kovu's pet. "I see. I almost forgot the great Hunter you are, Kovu-cun," she said, misspelling '-kun'. Kovu chuckled after thinking how funny and adorable that was. "Ah, I have something important to give you. It's a letter that the royal postman gave my father after not finding you here." With that said, Athena took out a letter from her dress and held it out at Kovu, who took it with a surprised expression. "A letter from the Council? I wonder why they sent me this."

    Not losing more time, Kovu opened the letter and began to read it. After a few seconds, he gasped and facepalmed, scoffing. "How could I forgot such an important thing!?" he said and shook his head, looking back at the letter. "Of course, I need to register with the Hunters' Council to officially be part of them." This small mistake happened because Kovu wasn't native-born on the Islands, so he was still learning their laws because a year wasn't enough for that. Athena giggled and shook her head. "That's the first thing everybody does once they reach the appropriate age, Kovu-cun," she said and crossed her arms. "You better head off to the Castle Council and get that done as soon as possible or else you won't be able to keep selling your goods anymore. Just give me your stuff and I stock them in your house." Kovu smiled brightly, quickly hugging Athena."Oh, thank you, Athena-chan! You're the best! I promise to bring you some taffy candies!" Athena giggled and nodded.

    After giving his stuff to her, Kovu got on Prince once again and left the village, heading toward the Castle Council.

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  5. [​IMG]

    "It feels like it's going to be a nice day today," he said through a sudden rage of the snowy winds, sprinkling him with dots of snow as he stood just outside the door of his small cabin made completely of shiny gray granite.

    Enyel was unsure what time it was since each day was always the same. Dark, gray, snowy, and cold. There were few times during the year that the sun would decide to make a brief visit to him, shining its warm rays of light to his always chilled skin on his face before giving him a sweet kiss goodbye until next time. While the sun's visit was always a welcomed gift, Enyel enjoyed the dampness of the regular snowy weather. He was built for it. A body that was able to keep most of its heat inside, long, billowy silver hair that acted like a hat, long, silver eyelashes to keep the snow away from his pure white eyes, and large, oversized elf ears pointed downward to prevent some of the windy sounds from disturbing him.

    Bringing a hand to his white cloak, Enyel tightened the tie of it, pulling the midnight blue jeweled emblem up, settling it to keep his cloak closed. He took a step outside, his snow boots sinking into the freshly painted snow, as he walked to the small shed just beyond his cabin to grab a shovel. Every five hours or so Enyel would shovel snow away from his front door and down the small hill to the front gate, allowing the very few visitors an easier access to him. It was really a pointless job since the snow always returned, but Enyel remembered the one time he decided against shoveling for a day. The snow nearly packed above his entire body, forcing him to shovel nonstop for a whole day to remove it.

    With a soft smile on rosy cheeks, Enyel began to shovel at the front door of his cabin. As he did, the tip of the shovel knocked against his mailbox. He blinked at the noise it made. Something was inside.

    "Ohh?" he felt around for the letter and brought it to his face. "It smells important."

    He placed the shovel against the cabin to open the letter quickly. Hovering the letter with his free hand, a bright, magical aura radiated from Enyel's hand, scanning over the paper to read the imprinted marks on it. He read it aloud:

    "Dear Citizen,

    Within the magical energies that our islands lay, is classifications for each person. By our records, you have not registered your class with your council. Please come to the Capital Castle to register your class and thus be an attributing member of our islands.

    Thank you,
    Island Council"
    "Yes! It's finally my turn!" Enyel cheered, pocketing the letter into his cloak as he ran inside his cabin. "I can finally be helpful to my island!"

    He gathered an overnight back of essential items before quickly remembering to bring his staff. Enyel locked the door of his cabin and began to make his way to the Capital Castle, that same soft smile staying on his face.​

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  6. [​IMG]

    On the road to the capital castle, there would be a young woman traveling. She seemed to be nothing but a black spot, her hair, hanging down to the mid of her back in gentle waves, was the same color of a raven’s wings, and her clothing the color of darkened shadows. If one where to look closer though, perhaps they could see some of the spots of color on her person, the most striking bit being the pale lavender of her eyes. The clothing was practical in nature, made up of form fitting leggings, a tunic, some over-wear, and a good pair of sturdy boots that looked well used. A bow and quiver rested on her back, and a knife was tucked into one of her boots. The woman walked with a practiced ease. At her side trotted a large animal, what looked to be a wolf. His coloration reflected the very area around him, a mix of warm browns, russets, and golds. It was almost as if the fall colors of the island had gotten together and decided to birth a being of fur and fang. Around his neck was a simple black band, it looked more like a necklace than a collar, with a violet raven pendant dangling from the dark leather.

    Syra looked up at the big doors and let a low whistle slide through her lips as she walked up the stairs towards them. They were a lot bigger up close than they were back on the road leading up. In her pocket, her fingertips brushed against the registration letter she had received. She knew what she wanted to do, she’d known since she met her father some odd years back. Approaching one the guards, Syra did the responsible thing, and asked for directions. Even if it made her insides prickle to seek help. The man she spoke to didn’t seem to have a problem with giving her information, he must be used to it.

    Next to her, the brown colored wolf let out a low rumbling growl, making the guard, who wasn’t giving her directions, give it a nervous look. A small smirk slid over Syra’s lips. Cityfolk, they startled over the silliest things. The woman let her free hand rest on Vix’s, the wolfs, head, quieting the beast at her side. He wasn’t much for crowded spaces, enough so that she felt bad about dragging him with her through populated areas. Her nails dug into a bit behind his ears, scratching them, as she listened to the guard’s directions.

    “That’s where you go, do you understand?” The guard finished, one hand on his hip as he asked. Syra nodded and offered him a quick little smirk.

    Aye, three rights and a left. If I find the statue with the centaur, I’ve gone too far.” She summed it up, receiving a nod in return.

    “Right, off you go then, have a good day Miss.” Syra tosses the man a smirk as he visibly straightened and returned to guard mode. Not one to dawdle, the woman pushed open the doors and let herself into the castle courtyard. Turning, she went through her first order of business and left her weapons with the man in charge of just such things, directly inside of the large wooden doors. After getting a number from him so that she could reclaim her things, she turned and began to follow the path described in the guard’s directions.

    It wasn’t overly difficult to find the door she needed. The registration office had an outside entrance, no need to go into the castle proper. As she pushed the door open, what sounded like birdsong chimed above her head, making the dark haired woman shoot her face upward. Only to be met with a wooden lark sitting atop the door. An enchantment. Syra turned her attention back to the space before her. There was a small line of people, it looked like she wasn’t the only one to get their summons today. The woman wondered how many of them would become enchanters, after all this island was known for its magic. But then, how many of them would choose a different one like her? Syra found herself at the line, her thoughts drifting as she looked around the room. It wasn’t too much longer when she was handed a stack of paperwork and a pen, then instructed to fill the forms out. Obediently, she took a seat, by now her furry companion was all but vibrating with his low, antsy growls.

    Almost done.” She reassured the beast, voice soft. Looking down at the small stack, she made a face. Paperwork. Ew. But she set to filling it out diligently, quietly. The sooner she got it done, the sooner she could go about her business. Minutes passed, the room was mostly quiet, save for the scratching sound of writing. Every now and then there would be a murmur of conversation. It was with a smirk that Syra stood, carrying the filled out forms over to the desk once again and handing them over. The woman behind the desk offered her a smile before she pulled out a utensil and there was the familiar hum of magic in the air. She waved it over the papers and the words seemed to drift in the air for a moment, the woman’s eyes glowed and then a small crystal fell into her hand.

    “Thank you for registering with us today. Now, one moment while we confirm the information. I need your full name if you would, miss.” She began

    Syra Lariel Elviar.

    “And date of birth and age?”

    Syra rattled off the information. The clerk expressing a bit of surprise to learn Syra was born on the autumn equinox, saying something silyl and optimistic. “And I’m 24.” Syra finished the last bit of information, waiting for the next question.

    “Registered Residence?” She asked.

    Just outside of the limits of Oakvale, headed northwest, it’s on the western edge of the Witchwood.

    “The Witchwood, that sounds frightening.” Syra gritted her teeth and resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Cityfolk. The dark haired woman swallowed her sarcastic commentary and waited patiently for the next question. A bit information was rattled off in exchange before the questions finally came to an end.

    Your identity is confirmed, Syra Elviar, you’re now a registered hunter of Autunmei.” The clerk announced with a happy smile. There was another hum as a bit of paper was gathered, stapled, then handed to Syra. “Thank you for registering, have a good day and happy hunting!” the clerk chirped.

    Yeah, you to.” Turning, Syra beelined it out the door, trying to escape the too happy clerk as quickly as possible, Vix staying at her heels. Syra’s steps where long and almost hurried as she made her way back to check-out her gear.

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  7. [​IMG]

    A delicate flurry of yellowed leaves traveled across the cold oaken bark of Sir Archonfall's wooden throne. The knight sat facing the direction of the breeze, so it was of no surprise to him when his long slumber was intermittently interrupted by a whispering wind. Long ago, he had made a home of his own from the simple clearing in the southern forests of Autunmei, finding better solace with the silent trees than with the denizens of the island. It was not that he disliked people--quite the opposite in fact--but rarely did he happen upon anyone who could communicate with him quite like the forest could.

    Three years had he remained embedded in the base of the tree, his body at rest in a sitting position. Underneath the tangled roots, his rusted sword and glimmering shield lay at rest. He hadn't used either in a long time, as few enemies happened upon his shrine. The clearing itself was perfectly secluded: the southern forests were characterized by a smattering of streams and cobbled brooks, and one such waterway had long ago formed a moat of sorts around the outer ring of trees obscuring his spot. Brigands, wolves, and bears were the most dangerous encounters in the forests, but for even the wild animals, crossing the slippery stream was often pointless when there was plenty game to be had on more dry and even ground. Inside the hidden clearing was an old ruin of some kind, long forgotten to the eyes of Autunmei's many denizens. Large marble arches crumbled above where he sat, delicately hanging by the long vines and twisting ivy from the trees around them. The ruin was an open courtyard now, and if it was more than a simple platform, Archonfall had never found out for himself. It was royal, but archaic, and for some reason the knight felt instantly at home within the hidden shrine upon first finding it, and the beautiful tree in the middle.

    Archaic Clearing


    The living shrubbery inside of his armor had fused somewhat with the large red oak he lay against, and from that relationship, Sir Archonfall could feel in a near literal sense the movements of the forest around him in the way of vibrations traveling across the metal surface of his carapace. It was from such vibrations that he first perceived an oddity in the forest about him. Despite his inability to muster enough lifeforce to croak more than a single word, his mind--while frayed and scrambled from the old necromancy that had brought him back--had strengthened enough to recreate sentient thought. To himself, the knight wondered;

    Could it be but passing deer?

    But it couldn't be: deer had rythmic, yet graceful, vibrations, and this was not the predictable pattern of hooves on turf

    Perhaps a bear, then?

    But it wasn't a bear: he would've felt roots and twigs snapping haphazardly around him if such a clumsy creature was on its way.

    Is that... music?

    It was: the closer the vibrations felt, the sooner he could hear it. Soft, melodic tones waxed and waned over and through the forest floor. Moments later, a spry young girl peeled apart two interwoven vines at the edge of the clearing, and deftly slid through the space where they had been. She looked no older than twelve or thirteen, and wore a simple blue dress over long leather boots. The dress seemed impractical to the old knight, and with quiet disapproval he observed the tattered and muddied ends of the garment. To him, it seemed rather unfit a lady to be carelessly ruining her dress as so. Still, he did not move lest he scare the girl, and despite feeling vulnerable by her sudden intrusion, he was curious still by her approach.

    Slowly, the child crossed the babbling creek that ran through Archonfall's home, and gleefully so. With great revelry, she leapt from stone to stone, attempting to avoid landing in the water, but giggling gaily whenever she ended up splashing about.

    Ahh, the innocence of youth, the old knight thought. His reminiscent thoughts were ironic of course, for the knight--despite knowing what youth should be like, had no recollection of his own. Alas, her childlike curiosity eventually got the better of her. The girl, now soaked from waist down, crossed over the creek and meandered towards Archonfall. Perhaps it was the glimmering glint of his amber colored armor, or maybe just the radiant red oak itself with its blood colored leaves. Either way, the child was drawn to his spot. With wide eyes, the girl brushed back her matted, auburn hair and reached out with one hand to feel the cool metal of Archonfall's chest-plate. Her brilliant blue eyes scoured every inch of his sunken armor with morbid fascination, no doubt imagining what sort of knight he would've been in times past. If he could, Jozilioman would've tensed at her touch, but instead, a ensemble of small crunching sounds filled the air instead. The knight had retracted from the tree, his leafy spouts breaking from their hold in case he needed to flee.

    While still stoic, Brass had inspired a sudden anxiety in the child who instinctively moved backwards at the sudden sound. In one movement , the knight shot from where he sat into a standing position. The girl, suddenly taken aback and wide with fear let loose a terrible scream and stumbled over the rocks behind her. Falling abruptly to the floor, she could only watch in horror as the knight wrenched his sword and shield from the earth. Hyperventilating, the child could barely speak, but managed to squeak out,

    "Wh-What are you?"

    Gravely, the knight advanced, and the girl crawled backwards at every step he took. His emotionless visage inspired an ancient sort of fear into her heart, and despite his chilling silence, the girl managed to get to her feet. Before she could run, Brass dropped his sword, and gripped her shoulder in his could metallic gauntlets. His unnatural strength held her there despite her squirming, which caused the girl to burst into a sob. No doubt expecting to be killed, eaten, or some other manner of grisly end, the child crumpled to the floor and held her hands over her eyes. For a couple moments she waited in the darkness for her unnatural assailant to strike, but to no avail.

    Tentatively, she peeked through her fingers, and when she did, she was met with a surprise. Before her, the brass knight had lowered himself to his knees, and with one hand extended to the child a delicate Autumn flower.

    In answer to her question, he summoned all the strength in his magical form to whisper a single word to the child:


    For a couple minutes the two sat silently apart from one another; the girl was riddled with confusion and relief, and Archonfall waiting patiently--as good knights do--for the young maiden to accept his offering. As though she had suddenly taken aback her better common sense, the child scrambled to her feet and went sprinting away from Brass as fast as possible, splashing through the stream and clawing her way through the thick vines and bark on the outside of the clearing.

    Dejected by her sudden escape, the knight lumbered after her, weakened by his words and encumbered with the heavy weight of his own body. Naturally he couldn't keep up, but all the while he held the delicate flower ahead of him, as if pathetically hoping it would soothe the poor girl's anxiety.

    Alas, he came to a stop at the edge of his clearing, and stared down at the flower in between his thumb and forefinger.

    I guess she doesn't like flowers. How strange for such a lovely little girl.

    Suddenly, a piece of parchment caught his eye: no doubt it had fallen from the girl's pockets as she had thrown herself brusquely through the foliage.

    OH NO! She's forgotten this document! It must be of import if she carried it on her person...

    Brass clenched his fist in determination: he would find the child, and deliver the document to her himself. Slowly, the old knight read over the words to get a clue as to where she might be.

    "Dear Citizen,

    Within the magical energies that our islands lay, is classifications for each person. By our records, you have not registered your class with your council. Please come to the Capital Castle to register your class and thus be an attributing member of our islands.

    Thank you,
    Island Council"

    With great vigor, the old knight went bounding from his sanctuary towards civilization once more. It took him a whole day on foot to reach the city wherein the registration office existed. As he passed through the gates, he remained oblivious to the stares and curious glares of the guards on either side of him. Several, at the sight of the lumbering creature, drew their blades from their sheathes. It mattered none to Brass: he couldn't see beyond the task at hand anyway.

    As he crossed through the city, the familiar red and orange hues of Autunmei dazzled his vision: in typical fashion, the buildings, awnings, and curtains were all embroidered with decorative fall patterns and colors. The smells of cinnamon and nutmeg assaulted his long dead nose from serveral restaurant doors. On the cobbled streets, vendors shouted about their magic trinkets and baubles for the passing tourist. Despite being embroiled in a political conflict, the island appeared anything but. Colorful and foreign characters walked the streets as safely as the common people. Archonfall appreciated that as he made his way to the registration office.

    Pushing open the large wooden doors, and ignorantly striding past the line of registratees, the old knight found himself at the front of a long and decorative desk where an old, shriveled registrar sat opposite him. Somewhere behind him, a lark charm went off several seconds too late to herald his arrival, as was evident by the shocked and fearful look of reproach the registrar gave him.

    "Ex-Excuse me, sir? Can I help you?"

    Unable to speak, the knight pulled the damp and crumpled letter from the mass of twigs and brush in between his chestplate and leggings. This solicited more frightened looks, and hushed whispers from the young registratees behind him. He paid it no heed; his priority was convincing the registrar to find the woman who had left the letter behind. Alas, despite his good intentions, what Archonfall didn't realize was that the letter was mass produced for all citizens of a certain age, and therefore non specific.

    Frantically, he slammed his brass finger over and over on the letter, trying to indicate that he meant to find its recipient. Instead, the registrar interpretted this as him trying to register himself.

    "I... assume you're trying to find a job? Is that it?"

    Brass shook his head no, but began to panic as he realized he didn't have the strength to speak again. Dejected once more by his failure, the knight gripped both sides of his helmet with his gauntlets and began to loudly smash the side of his mask with one fist in self punishment. The loud noise and frantic action was now causing a stir in the crowd behind him, and the registrar--hoping to defuse the situation--began listing job types.

    "You look like a... well, a durable lad. Perhaps you like to build?"

    Brass payed him no heed, but instead crumpled to his knees before the desk. From deep inside of his armor, a tortured groan escaped him. The crowd looked on, enthralled.

    I call myself a knight and I can't even protect the property of a child... A CHILD?!

    "No? Alright what about a.. hunter?"

    Brass took his hands off his mask long enough to tip his head back and let loose an even larger moan that sounded like a gale of wind passing through a deep organ's pipes. Disheartened, Brass pulled himself to his feet, and hung his head in shame. He was about to turn away for the door, when the registrar tried again.

    "Perhaps a protector? You have the equipment for it, that's for sure..." Brass's helmet suddenly snapped back into place, and he turned on the registrar bewildered. The job interested him little, but the word--protector--ellicited a half-remembered voice in the back of his mind: like a barely-remembered dream it spoke to him in foreign, yet familiar tones

    "Do you swear to protect this people and their history... with all your strength?"

    Brass approached the man slowly, nodding in agreement. The registrar looked visibly relieved. The man finally piped up again.

    "Then just sign this as best you can, and consider yourself a protector of Autunmei, good sir." If Brass could be moved to tears by the polite generosity of the man before him, he would've been. Despite making a ridiculous mess of himself as a guest in the man's place of employment the kind sir still invited Brass to take a duty of his own.

    Was it fate that brought this letter to me?

    the old knigh pondered as he scribbled the word 'Brass' on the dotted line. The registrar didn't ask fro the rest of the information: he just shooed the knight out of the building as politely as possible, but he needn't have tried: Brass bounded form the place with a renewed strength: he felt the first vestiges of motivation again, and with it, went leaping into the streets, looking for someone--or something--to try and protect.

    He was a knight, and--afterall--knights had duties to fufill.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Nestled in the outskirts of the Sumenoto capital, amongst bustling crowds and competitive businesses, sat the Castle Pub. Fine dining at its worst, it was a red brick building squished between a haberdashery and floral store. Out front dangled the worn alder sign carved in the shape of a mug overflowing with froth; a solid, physical promise of the good beverages inside.

    Inside was a cacophony of chatter. On its best days, the pub was a decent venue for the experimental. Unlike most Sumenoto restaurants, this place was dedicated to its drinks and selective home meals. The menu changed often as a method to keep the locals interest while retaining a few dedicated items for the regulars. At the moment, in the early hours, the bar was littered with familiar faces.

    “Hey, Dixie, give us another round, would ya’?” A boisterous customer, an old man named Connell, called with his empty class in the air. His cheeks were a rosy red and he had wiry white hairs atop his head and face; giving him an almost jovial appearance.

    Dixie Higgins was sat at a table midway through the restaurant. His legs were stretched across the space under the table with his feet perched and crossed on the chair on the other side. Turning his head to the group of four men at the bar, he narrowed an amber glare onto the red faced man. “Higgins. If you call me by that name again I will throw you out, old man.

    That’s real big talk for a pup! Gimme another one, boy,” the man demanded with a drunken wave of his glass, prompting Higgins to roll his eyes before clamber out of his comfortable position. With the restaurant in a lull in activity, his mother, father and older brother took the opportunity to gather materials for the dinner rush. Leaving him and their youngest in charge of taking care of the unruly regulars.

    When he got to the counter, Higgins ducked under the counter to retrieve a cold draft from the enchanted cooler. Some Autumnmei magic kept the drinks at an even temperature to insure quality food and drink.

    I’m cutting you off.

    Y’er the host, you can’t cut ‘nybody off!

    Connell, the sun hasn’t even reached its peak and you’re already slurring,” Higgins said as he poured the old man his final beverage.

    What’d’ya know? I can till land faster with six drinks in my gut than ya can sear a trout,” Connell muttered into his draft.

    Connell and the others broke into a holler when Higgins shoulders rose, his jaw tight. Thankfully, it was one of the other’s, a lanky man named Ross, who slapped a rough hand to the old man’s back.

    You’ll asleep before we can drag your sorry body to the farm!

    Another rise of laughter from the men allowed Higgins to disengage from the irritating conversation. He was in the process of sliding the mug of ale away when a shrill chirp caught his ear.

    Higgins! You’ve got mail,” Poppy announced from the front of the store.

    One second, Poppy— last one, the lot of you, or I’ll call over Poppy so she can draw you ‘pictures’,” pointing a stern finger at the group of suddenly silent men, he scuttled awkwardly from behind the bar. His little sister Poppy’s art was something of an eldritch horror to gaze upon and no one wanted that; dark colors and swirling shapes in odd, jolting incomprehensible forms with meanings. It was the little victory that put a little spring into his step. That was, until, he was slapped with some parchment.

    A little more than half his height, Poppy had the perfect amount of reach. She waved an envelope in his face, avoiding his grabbing fingers until finally he snatched it from her. The fold was already torn with little scraps still stuck around the edge. Higgins leered down at his sibling and stated flatly:

    You opened it already.

    It’s from the Castle! They want ya to come by and pick a class fer yourself,” the child sneered. “Aren’t you a little old to be without a class? If I were you I’d’ve filled it out waaaaay—

    Alright, yeah okay, shhh—” Higgins pressed his palm to the girl’s face, pushing her head back as he scanned over the letter to the sound of her squealing protest. He had probably gotten these letters before but put them aside and forgotten about them. Or blatantly ignored the call to action. And he intended to do the same except for the deafening laughter from the other room.

    Without a class! At your age! Boy, what have you been doin’ all this time?!

    Ooh, ho, that’s—Alright, I’m heading out!” Higgins spontaneously declared. Shifting his hand from her face to her head, he directed Poppy’s infuriated stare to the men at the bar, “And you know what, sis, they would love some art!

    Her delighted gasp, followed by a unified groan of despair, signaled his haughty departure. Being so close to the Castle meant his trek was shorter than most. He still had to make his way through the heart of the capitol with the sun baring down on the smooth stone tiles.

    He’d made it about twenty steps from the pub before he was practically dying in his uniform. Yanking at the tie around his neck, the fabric came loose and gave way under his impatient fingers pulling every which way. Barely two minutes into the walk and he was already feeling inconvenienced by the Castle and its registrar’s.

    Another ten minutes and he eagerly jogged up the steps to escape the heat. Enveloped by the much cooler shade, he actually enjoyed his wait in line. Until, of course, it was his turn.

    “Full name, sir?” The woman seemed knitted for her job. Dressed in the warm colors of the Sumonoto people, her composure was as warm as the streets outside.

    Forcing out a sigh, Higgins forced a smile and answered; “Dixie Higgins.

    “Thank you for taking the time to come in, Dixie!” – he wanted to correct her but she was too quick, jotting down his name – “And what would you classify yourself as?”

    Thinking back on how he’d just terrified paying customers into compliance – with the threat of his sibling’s odd talent in drawing horror – not thirty minutes ago, he responded with a strange mixture of bland confidence:

    I’m a soother ma’am.

    “I bet you are!” Pressing her pen to the paper, she spelled the word out with her mouth, “Sooooth-er. Gotcha!”

    Excellent, I’ll just be on my way,” Higgins said, excusing himself from her smiley waves. Regretting his birth, the boy hesitated on the steps outside the building where the sun cut through the cool shade. It was a too long and too hot, depressing walk back to the pub.

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  9. Benita Seele
    Winturof - R&D Center of Vegetation

    Girl: "You know.. you should go, the class registration is important, what do you think others would think about you if you worked as an unregistered planter?"

    I couldn't notice what the girl said because of my eyes were focused on the values and statistics. After a short while i felt a poke on my shoulder and when i turned around i was facing the annoyed expression of the girl before she repeated herself. I sigh, it sucks.. even my colleagues are telling me to go. It's not like something would change if i didn't register right away. I've been unregistered planter for who knows how long already.. so what's the point?

    Girl: "Go, now! You know that if you get caught unlicensed, you're in trouble. Go get registered right now or you will never set your foot in this building again!" Just her expression already told me what she thought and seeing what she said i sigh in defeat. So she had to go all the way to threatening me. I had no choice then, she was daughter of the chief and i had to 'listen' to her in this situation. Or soon her threats would actually become the reality. I nod and get off my seat. [Also, take a look at the latest value report. Seems like drake water boosts the nutrition. Keep on testing] i signed before leaving the lab. I walked with a brisk pace to head out of the center.

    Fortunately it's located only 10 minutes away from capital. As i step outside the cold wind runs down my spine giving me shivers. I might have been living on this island for my whole life, but i still can't tolerate these winds well. They're just so cold. I put on my jacket i had in my hands and close it before starting to make my way over to the capital. Walking in a brisk pace, the walk didn't take more than maybe 5 minutes. I quickly enter the castle. It was really windy day for sure.

    I walk towards the council representative.
    Representative: "Hello, you here to register?"
    He asked me and i give him a nod.
    Representative: "And what class are you registering as?"
    [Planter] I signed and the representative just stared at me confused. Ah, of course.. i'm not in the Research center at the moment... these people don't understand me... So i started to find an another way to tell him what i wanted. I pointed at the general direction of the research center.
    Representative: "Soother?" Oh great, now he began to guess... How should i explain to him i want to be a planter. I start digging through my pockets for paper but i stumbled upon something much better. It was a leaf i had gotten from somewhere, i don't remember where. I pull it out of my pocket and show it to the man and his confused expression turned into understanding one.
    Representative: "Ah, Planter.. i'm sorry for making it hard for you" he said and i sigh, people could you please stop apologizing for that.... It's not like you're the first one.

    Representative: "I'm sorry, i didn't catch your name? Need it in the documents" he said, i sigh and 'write' to my hand. The representative nods and hands me a piece of paper and a pen. I take both of them and bow down a bit to set the paper on the desk allowing me to write. 'Benita Seele' I wrote and then handed the piece of paper as well as the pen back to him.
    Representative: "Benita Seele? I've heard of that name before... Thank you for registering, have a nice day" he said.
    With those words i give him a small wave and quickly head out of the castle. When i exit the castle i beeline straight back into the research center. It sucks that people force me to register right away when i'm working at the lab. The castle is like 10 minute walk away, it's not like it would take three days to get there..

  10. [​IMG]

    Interactions: N/A

    Sami woke up to the yelling or something barely whizzing by his ear.
    He didn't really care for getting up this early but by the way it was delivered he knew something was up.
    Samuel took the letter as he slowly read it,

    Dear Citizen,

    Within the magical energies that our islands lay, is classifications for each person. By our records, you have not registered your class with your council. Please come to the Capital Castle to register your class and thus be an attributing member of our islands.

    Thank you,
    Island Council

    "Well that's great. I guess."
    He'd been traveling for a few year now and he was stupid enough not to remember to register his class, which
    was hunter, the closest to an explorer. He had always wanted a place to call home but the royals were too stingy or his other side would activate ruining the whole kingdom. He decided he'd just go back to....

    "Sami, you know you've gotta go before they kick you out."
    "Eh. Give or take 5 hours."
    "You're like my mother."
    "And you're talking to yourself."
    Sami laughed,
    "Okay you win."
    He shoved his blanket in his backpack and delicately put his polar bear stuffed animal, Sire Fluffums, into a pocket with holes but tight enough so the bear doesn't fall off. Samuel left his ears alone for now as he looked over the hill.
    Currently he was in Autunmei as he paused.

    "I just realized this for the first time in twelve years. Normal people don't have voices in their heads ordering them to do stuff."
    "Since when were you normal, hotshot?"
    Sami ran his hands through his hair as he leaped off the mountain heading towards the central as he simply landed on a step lower.
    "This is going to take forever."
    He leaned back and jumped again sliding down the hill, laughing all the way down. He was a sucker for fun.
    When he was finally there he was a mess, leaves in his hair, mud was all over his clothes. He wondered if they would let him in.

    "Hey, you wanted me to register. Don't blame me."
    He grinned at the Representative.

    "Uh, yes. Class?"
    He caught himself as the representative raised an eyebrow at him.
    "Samuel Reinford."
    Sami's voice had a bit more monotone to it.
    The phrase "I don't really care." was in his tone.

    "Thank you for registering and have a good day."
    Samuel was tired. He moved to a side and leaned against a wall, being able to survive in any condition he slept standing up.

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  11. [​IMG]

    Thirty life sentences. That's how long Jacqueline was being imprisoned for. For a crime she never committed. Or, at least, to her recollection. But blood doesn't lie. She was accused of slaughtering, not murdering, but slaughtering, an entire village. But all she could remember is waking up in a prison cell on a boat, covered in the multicolored blood of her people. A club, her club, lay nearby on a table, covered in colorful stains. To anyone else it might seem cute, amusing even, to see a person covered in splatters of differing colors. But to trolls it was a sign of murder. After a couple hours of confusion aboard this boat, and some prying with the guards, she finally figured out what happened, and was somehow calm about all of this. She eventually fell back asleep in her cell, the waves lulling her deep into sleep. Next thing she knew, her cell was sideways, sand and water filled the used-to-be hull, and the door was wide open.

    However she was reluctant to leave, because light streamed through the portholes into the destroyed boat. So she waited. When night finally came she fled the boat, only stopping long enough to survey the damage, and it seemed to her that no one survived. Random spots of teal and indigo were splattered on the deck, the blood colors of criminal hunters and executioners. She fled far into the woods, searching for some sign of civilization. She found none. Eventually she stumbled into a cave, and collapsed down in a place full of worms and thread. When the sun rose, she was startled to find people flooding the cave. They seemed to be amused, albeit a bit scared, at her appearance. Most people would be, considering her height. She measured a good three heads taller than the tallest human in there, not including her horns. No one she found could understand her, although she could understand them perfectly.

    She gave up trying to talk to them and started listening instead. She found out that there was a village nearby, and that for the last few days, a courier had been wondering around looking for a "Jacqueline Ripper". From the look on her face they assumed it was her the courier was looking for, and offered to take her there after dark when they head back. So she waited in the cave with the strange hornless people, helping them reach silkworms out of reach. At nightfall, they all walked back to the village, in the opposite direction of where she was walking. ~go figure.~ She thought to herself, rolling her eyes. Upon arrival, one of the gatherers tracked down the courier, who handed the letter to Jacqueline. Unfortunately she couldn't read it, so she got one of the gatherers, a small child(to her at least) who seemed quite attached to Jacqueline, to read it to her.

    The courier stated that he was going in the direction of the capital, and since he was required to return before dawn, it would be the perfect chance to get there. That and the courier wanted protection on his route back. The small one insisted on joining as well, so they all set out for the capital. Right after Jacqueline stocked up on what the humans considered alcohol, trading her club. ~I can always get a new one, right?~

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  12. [​IMG]

    Nested inside the bijou bush was a cozy and small, seemingly one room shack. One side of the homestead was lit by the sun, crawling above the horizon through the trees from the east. While the air was still, faint noises rouse from the community through the timberland. The household, however, looked as though it was unmindful by the morning get-up-and-go. Stepping inside the premises would indeed heighten the nescientness, and probably wipe any cozy or neat thought that may have came to mind. It looked as though whatever the owner had was crammed fitfully into one room, books and whatnot were scattered here and there, the whole place needed a good dusting and so forth. Overhanging the small kitchen was another layer that took up the space in the ceiling, very open and looked pretty much like an oversized bunk bed with nothing yet in it. It gets better- with the lack of a bed, the “living room” is also a place to sleep. Sprawled out on the grimy white couch, with limbs hanging off this was and that, was a half deer, half human boy. There was some soft snorts now and then from his black-blotched nose. He was seemingly in sound sleep, until a lusty thump rattled the premises, and the faun jerked with his eyes snapped open. He lay there for several moments with his hand clutched onto a black pillow, and a he felt a burden weigh on his arms when he tried to raise his upper body. A groan of frustration and tiredness finally came from the faun, and he whipped his body around and onto the edge of the couch, where he placed a foot down and a hand on the coffee table to heave himself onto his feet. His brown hair was sticking this way and that, with his large ears drooping and eyes had large circle beneath them. The faun paused and searched through the blurry haze of his vision, and made a tremendous stretch before moving himself to the kitchen in pursuit of a mirror. His brown eyes squinted as he leaned on his arms that were placed on the counter. With a muffled moan-ish sound, the boy searched with his hand for a brush that he left in the kitchen and swiped his hair into something presentable, and splashed cold water onto his face with a squawk of surprise. He proceeded to stumble around the kitchen, managing to fix up a breakfast of a bagel and cream cheese with a tongue-burning cup of “Energizing Blend from David’s Tea”. He turned back to the couch and placed his meal on the coffee table, but his eyes flicked upwards when he caught a pale yellow gleam on the window. His brow furrowing with curiosity, he turned and headed to investigate. When his dark brown nose came poking to the mysterious window marking, his head snapped back when he found the nearly perfect representation of a fat, dust-covered quail that had slammed head first into the window at what looked to be a pretty dang good speed. His eyes stretched wider, and a smiled gaped open his jaws as he pushed his head forward to look at the mark again. You can nearly see every feather- oh my god! He thought and guffawed noisily, coming into sense that that was why his house nearly shook from that thump. As the faun swung around when his stomach growled for breakfast, pain snapped into his thigh like thunder and lightning as the arm of his large chair rammed into his huge thigh. A yowl broke the still air inside the house, and the boy coiled over and grasped his leg, hobbling towards the couch on nearly one hoof. His voice lurched again, and he just about toppled face first into the cushions with his leg still grasped. He dug his teeth into the material as the vicious stab of a charley horse refused to leave, and the faun gave out a frustrated and outraged yell.
    “Damn it that stupid chair! Why would- Urgh!” He roared, and continued on like that, to nobody in particular, writhing with the pain and proceeded to mash his face into the couch. The rest of the morning continued very much like so.
    Felix rubbed the last of the crust in his eye and continued for the front door. With his brown hair styled properly- well, not to say he didn’t do much more then brush it and push it up- and his brown eyes a bit brighter, he carried on his back a green pack. It looked as though it was crammed with a few necessities, and when the door was swung open, it was clear Felix was off traveling again. He was met with a warm breeze, and a smile frosted his lips, until the sound of flopping paper came and whatever made the noise hit his legs. The faun looked down and picked up the paper, giving it a good shake in his hands to read the fine print pasted across.
    Dear Citizen,

    Within the magical energies that our islands lay, is classifications for each person. By our records, you have not registered your class with your council. Please come to the Capital Castle to register your class and thus be an attributing member of our islands.

    Thank you,
    Island Council

    The faun’s brow was raised with curiosity, and soon the memory of the different classes came back to mind. Felix groaned as he realized he’d forgotten to register his class, but moved into a little, dull, jingle as he rolled up the paper and stuffed it into his pack. With a sniff, the faun stepped off of his doorstep and into the wind. As his eyes drew to the swaying canopies, a grin coiled its way onto his lips that he couldn’t suppress. He spun around and walked backwards, watching his shack wander away as he moved. His teeth slowly began to reveal under a growing smile. Felix whipped around and his long, furry legs began sprinting against the breeze. His eyes were round as he stared at the ever-in-bloom forest that was crested golden by the slowly rising sun, and his hooves clapped against the floor.
    Felix bounded out of the Capital Castle’s door, and his large ears were slightly twisted backwards. If that old man was any faster, I could have been on the first boat already. He thought, and his face flattened out, purely irked. SO. Hunter, eh? Sounds, splendid. The last word in his head was slurred out and very over exaggerated, but he really was excited for finally getting the class he’d thought of before now. It’s just that... Pissy pants here didn’t want an ancient geriatric who should have retired years ago to register him in. Yeah- looks like old fart here forgot his porridge this morning! Felix yelled sarcastically in his mind. With a groan, the satyr trudged off the premises and made his way for the docks. His hooves noisily clacked against the stone walkway, and the faun soon realized the stares he was collecting as he passed through town. Regardless, his eyes were still flat with annoyance, and when he caught the fourth cross glare of an elf-like child he kept his eyes on him and his lips peeled into a sarcastic smile, which was overly wide and skewedly showed his teeth. The kid whipped his head away, his eyes flicking back to Felix with a scarred look as he kept walking with his mother’s hand clenched tightly. Felix’s face dropped and he continued past, a glimmer of satisfaction in his eyes.
    The boy was sprinting wildly as he realized, when the dock came into view, the second boat was early. Way early. His eyes were as wide as two moons, and Felix nearly shouted with panic when he saw the last several people huddling around the entrance to the boat. His lungs seemed to clog up with rush and alarm, not just fatigue. Felix was at least fifteen feet away when the last person got on, and he nearly careened into the guard-like woman who held the door open. With mixed and muffled yelps, Felix flung his arms for a railing and braced himself out of her away and from the floor. Grasping the railing on the side with one hand, the faun stomped his leg forward and held out his other hand to stop himself from a face full of floor.
    “Excuse me!” He heard a shrill, angry voice from behind, and Felix whipped to his hooves awkwardly to meet a furious face. Before she could do anything, he scrambled through his bag and pushed a few bills into her hands, oblivious to whether or not that payment was correct at the time, and tussled onto the boat with her hot gaze on his back.
    The air had been growing cooler against his exposed skin, and Felix stuffed his small leather notebook into his bag. He walked towards the edge of the boat and leaned against the side, first noting the white and frothy clouds clustering far above. Then, through round eyes, Felix found the golden, red, and brown dappled island of Autunmei. He could have hopped over the edge of the boat with excitement, but the faun simmered the energy in his limbs as he gripped the edge with his fingers. A grin pushed up his face, and the rest of the way to the island was spent with his head hanging out the side of the boat.

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  13. [​IMG]

    It was a relatively normal day for Aston. He was walking alone through the frozen forest that surrounded many a small settlement on the island of Winturof. With no real purpose, he walked through the dead trees off the main paths that were recommended to take through the woods, but he didn't mind. He loved the snow and the solitary walks he could take through the forest alone without being bothered by anything, save for the small animal that occasionally crossed his path.

    Being alone in the woods gave him time to think. Time to think about what, he wasn't sure. Anything and everything that crossed his mind, he supposed. He thought about the world, what he wanted to do with his life, how much he loved snow, how fuzzy his tail was, etc. As his mind trailed off, he managed to walk into a small town that he frequented on his trips away from home. As he had neared it from the forest, he entered the town from the side rather than on the main road as most people would take it.

    Giving small nods of acknowledgement at those who waved at or greeted him, he walked along the road silently. His walk was halted, however, when he heard his name being called.

    "Aston, my boy!" The hearty voice of the local tavern-owner cut through the fog that was Aston's mind. Aston, without thinking much about it, neared the man whom he had grown to know over the course of his youth. "A man came along just a bit ago, asking for you by name. Since you weren't around, I told him of where you lived. You may wish to hurry along now, he seemed to be rather important."

    With a small thanks, Aston then turned and walked his way back home. This time, he stuck to the main road, as it was the quickest way for him to get back to the small town which he and his mother inhabited.

    The walk back home took much less time than the walk through the woods, and he entered his house quickly. As the tavern-keep had said, his mother greeted him with a note as soon as he got home. "Here you go, sweetheart. This was left for you; I was told it was very important." With a gentle smile, his mother returned to cleaning up the house.

    His mother was a sweet woman. Her fur color and design was almost identical to that of Aston, but her eyes were a bright blue rather than Aston's light tan, almost yellow color. Aston was almost a splitting image of his mother, from his head to toes, with his eyes being the only noticeable difference. Aston watched his incredibly hard-working mother for a moment before turning his attention to the note in his possession.

    It didn't seem to important, as it wasn't very extravagant, but it seemed to have been a point to get to Aston as quickly as possible. With a slight shrug, he opened the note and read it silently.

    Dear Citizen,

    Within the magical energies that our islands lay, is classifications for each person. By our records, you have not registered your class with your council. Please come to the Capital Castle to register your class and thus be an attributing member of our islands.

    Thank you,
    Island Council

    Aston stared at the paper with a seemingly uninterested gaze, but his inner thoughts proved otherwise. He was actually excited to be able to register his class, and, now that he thought about it, he wasn't sure why he never tried to do so in the first place. It would give him something to do and, if he was good enough, he could make enough money to help him and his mother. So, with a quick showing of the note and explanation to his mum, Aston was off on a small journey to the Capital Castle in order to make something of himself.

    As he walked along the many roads it took to get to the Castle, his mind raced with the possibilities of what he could do. His face never showed it, but he was grateful to all of the people around him, especially his mum, and he wanted to be able to do something, anything to be able to repay them, and he felt as if this was how he could get it done.​

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  14. [​IMG]

    Four beers and a tequila later, and Rufioh was wasted. He was in a backalley bar in the capital of Sumenoto, drinking cheap beer and making expensive enemies. But more on that later. Rufioh had just pissed off the biggest, most ill-tempered patron of that bar, a jackass named Bruno. Somehow, Rufioh had managed to trip the giant, and this isn't just a reference to his size, he's a literal giant. And Bruno doesn't take lightly to eating a side of floorboard with his beer. So Bruno yanks the barstool out from underneath Rufioh, before attempting to bash him over the head with said stool. Big mistake. The barstool incinerates on contact with Rufioh. This shook him, and he was stirred from his stupor. He stands up, shoving his knee into the jaw of the brute, knocking him flat on his ass, crushing three tables and a goblin. Rufioh dusts off his blazer, and puts the cost of the destruction on his tab. "Sorry for the inconvenience." He says, before walking out the door with a beer. A courier approaches him. "Are you Rufioh?" The courier asks, and he nods. "This is for you." He hands him the letter and runs off to his next delivery. Rufioh reads the letter, which states he's needed for class placement. He sighs, tucking the note in his jacket, and begins his walk towards the registration office, finishing off the beer.


  15. [​IMG]

    "War is threatening on the horizons, in a world of Seasonal Island Kingdoms, who will you align with?"

    • The Sprinfata Island is a cool 55 degrees Fahrenheit and the sky has dark gray frothy clouds starting to accumulate above the isle. The Capital Castle in the city of Bihar Capitol is holding classification registrations for all the new islanders that have not yet done so.
      Recently a Felix Fallow had registered as a Hunter in Sprinfata before leaving on a boat to Autunmei. This faun would feel as though he was ready to experience new knowledge and gain new abilities on his journey in the Archipelagos. On the boat to Autunmei, Felix would be hanging over the side. In the water he would notice manta rays flapping their majestic wings near the surface. They were tinged with yellow, orange, and red. After a few moments of him relaxing, Felix would feel a tug on his tail and a small childish voice pipe up.
      "Hey you! I like this tail. Why don't I have a tail too?" the auburn haired boy glanced back at his cloaked mother on the far end of the boat and then turned his gaze back to Felix. A shiny purple object would sparkle in between the boat's wooden floor a little past the boy's feet. He grinned widely and admired the faun with hazel hues. "I'm Vincent, dearly! Who are you?" he poked at Felix's tail again and wrinkled his nose.
      The clerk that offered the alcohol for Jacquelyn's club snickered and spoke up.
      "Be lucky I ain't makin' you pay for those ales. I just happened to like this here club," he hoisted it up and inspected it admiringly.
      "Next time, or anywhere else, you are going to have to pay for what you want with Seasol. You can get the island currency by mainly working occupations on the Islet. But, I hear that you can get Seasol as loot." He winked at the trio and flapped his hands outwards towards them.
      "Now shoo, I'm sure you will be heading to the Capital City up the Viridescent path to register your classes so you can accept quests and occupations."
      The store owner pushed them out of his shop and locked the door behind them. Out on the road was a sign that had arrows with writing on it. The Northern arrow read "Mossvop Trail", the Eastern arrow read "Verde Lookout", the Southern arrow read "Viridescent Path" and the Western arrow read "Monnif Way". The ever-in-bloom forest surrounding the crossroads that ran by the small village seemed to sway with a light and happy energy. Plenty of buds were breaking out on the tree branches in an array of spring colors. Nestled in the branches of one particular tree was a piece of silver metal an inch around. It glinted slightly in the intermittent light from the dark gray clouds passing over a semi weak sun. Down by the sign is a small gemstone that is a deep emerald and almost blends in with the tall grass at the base of the post. Anyone who strained their ears could hear the tinkling of fairy bells around the area.
      The courier pointed at the Southern arrow. "The path to the capital is a fifteen minute walk down this way. I can lead you up to the Capital Castle and guide you through the registration process there. Hurry now, before it starts to rain." he smiled slightly and headed down the southern path, beckoning Evangeline and Jacquelyn to follow him.
    • The Sumenoto Island is an arid 89 degrees Fahrenheit and quite sunny, there seems to be no clouds above the isle. The Capital Castle is being house to registering classifications within the magical energy. There are some citizens who have not registered their class yet, if they do so they can accept bulletin quests and occupations.
      Iolani rushed to the Lieta Capital Eastern Gate and was halted by the guard standing watch at the entrance. He nodded slightly as the man showed him his letter. Engraved in the archway of the entrance was "The Dark Will Never Enter the Domain of the Light", which is a ward that causes those who enter to never do a single evil action. The guard points to Iolani's person and furrows his brows.
      "Give me any weapons that you have on your person and I will give you a ticket to retrieve them when you are finished in the Capital. If you don't have any weapons please continue passed me up the way until you reach the inner city. There you will find the great limestone castle that holds the Council and other important matters." He slightly smiled and stepped over a bit just in case Iolani didn't have any weapons on him.
      Kovu journeyed down past many farms on his way to the Lieta capital. His horse, Prince would sway it's head side to side as little rodents crossed the path in front of them. Sitting atop of a wooden fence belonging to one of the farms was a large white ocelot. It bared it's fangs at Prince and hissed at Kovu before hopping down in front of the horse in the pathway. It quickly skittered across the way to the other side and disappeared into the tall corn stalks. Left on the fence after it was a brilliant gold gemstone that hummed slightly.
      The road up to Lieta capital was only a twenty minute ride on the horse. It was mainly used for the farm hands to carry their product to the market in the capital. But it was extremely useful for Kovu and his horse. The dirt was packed firmly and the road was even as the sun beat down upon them. With having your class registered with the capital of any island you can gain new insight to the knowledge and abilities that they can give you. Each citizen can become stronger and more powerful than ever thought with a class positioning them. Each class is there to help their island prosper and become a great nation. Sumenoto's capital has the finest Planters that are anywhere. The main Headquarters for the R&D Center of Vegetation is located in the metropolis as well.
      Besides Kovu and his horse down at the bottom of the fence would be a tiny but colorful talisman that glowed a slight yellow. The grass around it would light up softly and curl around the talisman just so. A large dragon fly flew up to Kovu on his horse and nestled between it's wings is a miniature piece of cloth that is brilliant blue and green. The Temperature only seems to climb as the time passes.
      Dixie Higgins had just registered his class with the Sumenoto Council. He had opted to become a soother for the people and this choice was looked upon with great reverence. As he exited the Capital Castle building and made his way back down the cobblestone streets to his Castle Pub, a cloaked figure watched him from the shadows. The hum of magick could be heard as Dixie neared the entrance to the alley way where the man was standing. Bright orange hair could be seen slightly coming out of the hood the figure wore but that was all anyone could see. The rest of their face was hidden with a shadow spell and the person watched Dixie as he went by and then after a few steps up the road, followed him.
      As Dixie walked past another rivalry restaurant, there could be a shiny object seen glinting in the hot sunlight by the buildings corner on the ground. In the window across the way were several recipes pasted to the glass. Each one read that they were supposedly enchanted with Sumenoto Magick. The hooded figure was silent as they followed the werewolf and they seemed to have a mysterious air about them as they peered at the waiter through red eyes.
      The Castle pub was only a few steps ahead and the figure stepped aside into a nook besides the shop. It watched him with determination, curious if Higgins was going to go back inside now or if he was going to do something else. The hooded figure waited in the shadows.
      Nearby in a back alley bar a flame demon named Rufioh was given a letter for class placement. After an altercation with a patron named Bruno, Rufioh had left the bar and entered the streets of Lieta Capital. Across from him on the windowsill of a restaurant was a bright pink emblem that rested against the window. A few streets over in the alley was the hooded figure watching Dixie walk back to his pub. Rufioh was only five minutes away from reaching the two, a small sparrow hopped along the front of the bar. The castle was several yards ahead in the center of the Capitol. Rufioh would have to walk past Dixie and the figure if he wanted to take the main street to the building. There were several colorful flowers in a planters along the shops by the bar, they smelled like vanilla and one planter had a small green object hidden at the bottom of the stem of a red flower. There were also several backways that Rufioh could take to get to the capital caste too, the directions could yield many surprises.
    • The temperature on Autunmei is around 72 degrees Fahrenheit and the clouds are stringy and white as they float around the island. The Capital Castle is open to new citizens to register their class with the council. There are many classes and abilities you receive from registering your class with the capital.
      Syra Elviar had recently registered her class with the Council as a Hunter. Even though the council knew about her Enchantress roots, they were pleasantly surprised when she registered as a Hunter. The road back to the gate was bordered by tall red and yellow oak trees that curved over the road. The sunlight dappled through the leaves causing shadows to play on the path. Many potion and talisman shops lined the streets of the Aushun Capitol. The whole air around the island seemed to glow with amber magick. The energy around the capital was mysterious and enlightening. As Syra walked to the gate, there was a glint of a purple trinket resting on the roots of a tree. Further up was a rusty colored ferret that stopped in the middle of the road, clutched in it's paws was a small ring with an opal stone. Many birds called out from the ever swaying branches that surrounded Syra. She would feel as though she was ready to experience new Knowledge and abilities as she walked to the gate. A small magenta flower was draped across a silver piece of metal near the side of the road. The gate was directly at the end of the road, and inside of it held Syra's gear. Beyond the walls there were endless possibilities to be had now that she was registered.
      As Sami registered several people were crowded around him at the Capital Castle. It was particularly noisy in the castle as many people had received their letters to and were now registering to make something of themselves. The air was thrumming with magick as crystal balls were being summoned for record of everyone's classes. As soon as the man was done, Samuel had falled asleep alongside a wall in the castle. A few other people were laughing and pointing at him as he snoozed. The russet colored bricks that made up the castle walls began to bubble and liquefy and Sami slowly started to fall through the wall.
      The clerk who had registered him called out loudly, trying to wake him up.
      "Samuel! Wake up, this is no place to sleep. Hurry and move or you'll be stuck in the wall!" he called out as the back of Sami sunk deeper into the bubbling bricks.
      A Protector just registered, named Jozilioman, at the castle. The knight construct would feel ready to experience new knowledge and abilities that pertain to him protecting others. Sir Archonfall can know accept any quests that are on the bulletin board located several steps from the entrance to the castle. The many people around him would be staring and grinning at the beautiful enchantment that was him. They would nod their heads and continue their business with an admiration for the knight.
      In the midst of fallen leaves is a shiny metal object, it glints slightly in the sunlight as Jozilioman is by the orange tree off to the right of the Castle. Further down the path are many shops and a few restaurants. Magicka is humming around the air and there is a sense of excitement as the citizens go about their lives. A woman with beautiful brown hair would be admiring the enchanted knight fiercely from a shop doorway. She had a knowing glint in her eyes as she waited for his next move.
      Hanging from the sign to an apothecary is a silver locket. There is letters faintly engraved on it and it seems to also have a sword image on it. It sways in the cool Autunmei breeze.
    • The Temperature on the island of Winturof is 31 degrees Fahrenheit and it is lightly snowing at the moment. The capital castle is open for new citizens to register themselves with a class to gain access to occupations and other things on the islands. The Castle is located in the heart of the small Cavuntisal Capitol and is known for it's magick hearth that never goes out.
      The planters who have made it their goal to raise crops on all islands, even Winturof have created a granite built center for Research and Development ten minutes away from the capital castle. Benita Seele has just registered herself as a planter and is now on her way back to the center. Near a window on the building is a blue vile of liquid that seems to be glowing slightly. On the door of the Planter Research and Development Center is an engraving of a leaf. Benita would have seen this engraving many times before and this time it seemed to be humming softly, as if magick was surrounding the building.
      Inside the planters were working on extracting essence of Drake from the Drake root sample they had received from Sumenoto earlier that day. It seemed that the magickal properties of the Drake essence helped sustain nourishment even when the heavy rains threatened to wash away all the flora. Maybe the essence could be used to allow seedlings to push through the everlasting snow…
      The falling snow drifted past Enyel as he exited his cabin and made his way to the Cavuntisal Capitol. Dead trees dotted the white landscape and the breeze blew past the snow elf pushing him towards his destination of registering his class. On the path in front of him was a gray emblem covered partially by fresh snow. A rocky outcropping rose up further down the path and on top of one of the rocks was a bluish gray piece of metal. The sky was gray and dark as the snow fell silently from the heavens.
      It was an hours journey from Enyel's cabin in the dead forest to the capital castle. Luckily the murky white of the perpetual gray would still light up the way. A low rumbling could be heard up a western path towards caves. There were some owls hooting softly from the dead tree branches as Enyel walked. A red ribbon with a moon pendant would be tied around one branch overhead. The air would feel as though it was heavy but waiting in anticipation for something to happen…
      The village Aston was at was nestled in between two frozen forests and a frost lake. The air was humming with feeling as the snow softly drifted downward. As the neko left his house and journeyed towards the capital castle, he could sense that new things were about to happen for him. Buried partially in the snow by his house was a piece of parchment, a type of scroll, tied with a icy blue ribbon. Further down the road is an arctic fox burrowing in fresh snow. It seems to have a silver item it is trying to bury.
      The few dead trees that dot the road by Aston's house loom over him as he walks. The road to the Capitol is packed with snow a few feet deep. In some spots you may fall in if you're not careful. The dark sky rumbles overhead as icicles drip as they hang from the villages houses. A deep breeze is moving the snow towards the road that leads to the Capitol. A few people are shoveling snow around the shops in the village.
      The road to the Cavuntisal Capitol has many twists and turns but is relatively easy to travel. Guards roam the ways guarding the passerby citizens from any dangerous and powerful predators. It takes about fifty minutes to get to the castle council from Aston's village.
    • Nuetolam's temperature is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and the season that is currently occurring is autumn. The small Capitol castle is open for all new citizens to register their class to do great things in the magical energy.
      Marzipan has made her way to the guard of the capital gate and showed him her letter. He waved at her to move along and eyed her bag before shrugging and letting her continue into the city. On her way to the castle there was many Hunters gathered about in small groups around the main square of the Capital. They were talking about a mighty loot run that was coming up in the next day.
      Hidden amongst a few fallen leaves was an amulet that was greenish yellow in color. There was blades of grass curled around the leaf on top of the amulet that waved softly in the wind. Marzipan might sense that the magical energy was anticipating new experiences for it's citizens as she walked past a row of shops and forges. The giant castle in the heart of the island was made entirely out of clay and mud. It was truly a sight to behold and it loomed ahead of the bunny girl as she made her way in the Neutral City. Along the cobblestone road was a small golden button, it shimmered with a mystical air about it.

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    When reaching the crossroads, something kept ringing in Jacqueline's ears, almost like someone was shaking a dinner bell inches from her sensitive ears. "?eht tahW" She murmured, rubbing her ears. "?morf gnimoc gnignir taht si erehW" She stops, stooping closer to the ground in the crossroads. A glint catches her eye and she draws her gaze to the sign. It looks like a gemstone, buried in the grass, barely noticeable. She tilts her head curiously, almost beaming the small one with her horns, who bumps into her and falls over.


    I follow the courier and Jacqueline after the strange encounter with the old shopkeeper, and eventually I get distracted, staring at all of the colors of spring, which is something hard to admire when you're constantly fending for yourself. We arrive at a crossroads, with four different paths. The courier mentions something about heading south and rain, which I ignore. ~I mean, I can just follow the sound of his voice right? He seems pretty talkative.~ A flash of light from a tree blinds me temporarily, and I run into the legs of Jacqueline, who seems to have seen something. I ignore it and head to the tree with the light, vaguely noticing the courier heading down a path alone.


    Rufioh walks along the main road, eventually stopping a good distance away from the shop to examine his knee. The flame that composed his knee was a dark shade of red, which was pretty much his form of bruising. ~That's what I get for kneeing a giant....~ He grumbles in his head. He notices a lovely smell coming from nearby, and he turns to see some flowers, one of which smells like what he believes to be vanilla. Although what really caught his attention was the bright red hue of one particular flower, and the glint of green underneath. He wants to reach for it, although being primarily fire, he doesn't think it'd end too well for the plant and sighs. "Stupid lumberjacks.... Their fault I can't touch things that are beautiful....." He mutters to no one in particular.

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    "I don't have any weapons on me, sir," he said, grinning as the guard let him past, "Thank you!" Through the gates he went and into the city he went, his eyes darting about as he took in the many shops and people lining the streets. So far, the experience was amazing, having been staying in his village for a good deal of time. In fact, this was his first time in the Capital, at least, the inner part of it. And the inside just kept on becoming even more crowded. He would've loved to socialize a bit, but he had a class to register

    Iolani blinked in surprise at the line leading up to the person that would register his class. He didn't expect it to be quite that long. Still, he was patient, even if he fidgeted now and again, and waited for it to be his turn. He couldn't help but yawn and stretch somewhere in the middle of the line, which earned him some stares. He didn't care though, he was ready and waiting to register for the class he wanted to choose. Finally it was his turn and the person before him scrutinized the young man. "Name?"

    "Iolani Kaleikaumaka," he said, straightening his posture and smiling at the man.

    "Class?" He didn't have to think twice.

    "Planter, like my family before me," he said, "You know, tradition and all." The man nodded in understanding and Iolani fidgeted some more as the man began to write some things down. And just like that, he was done.

    "You are now under the Planter class, thank you for your patience."

    "Yes!" he said out loud, calming down a bit when he heard harsh coughing from behind him and turned around to find he was being glared at, "Right, sorry. Thank you so much!" He waved goodbye to pretty much everyone and proceeded to head back into the inner city. Maybe to sightsee and look at the shops, he wasn't really ready to go home yet.


    Marzipan couldn't help but glance at the group of Hunters that were clustered together. She stopped walking for a few moments before continuing on her way. She wasn't exactly too sure what class she was going to choose yet. Heck, she wasn't even sure of the options. Pushing that thought aside, she went deeper into the Capital and into the registrar. The line surprisingly wasn't as bad as she thought, just it being a straight line and not winding like some lines she'd seen before. It didn't take long before she was up in front. "Name?"

    "Marzipan Loaf." She shot the person registering her a glare when she snickered at her last name. The giggling stopped when she noticed the glare.

    "Ah, ahem, right. So, which class will you be signing up for?" There was an awkward pause before the half rabbit half human spoke.

    "Which classes are for fighting?" she asked.

    "Ah that would be the Protectors and the Hunters. Protectors defend the people of the island while Hunters go out and hunt the beasts roaming the island. Does either one of them suit you?" She mulled it over for a bit, weighing her options.

    "...Protector," she finally decided, "I'll protect the people of this island. It seemed like you already have a lot of Hunters running about."

    "Good choice, and it wouldn't have been a shame if you chose Hunter," the woman said as she wrote some things down, "All done! You are now registered as a Protector."

    "Thanks," she said, dipping her head as she scurried back out into the streets of the Capital. Being a drifter, she didn't really have anywhere to go, so she decided to wander around for a bit. Something shiny caught her eye on the streets. "What the?" Moving over to it, she bent down to pick the object up. It was a golden button. "Huh, did someone drop this?" she wondered out loud, turning it this way and that.


  18. [​IMG]

    As Syra made her way back up the path, her attention was caught first by a purple glint, and then a brush of movement. Turning towards the movement, after all moving things where more likely to attack you than still ones, the raven haired woman blinked. There was a ferret, clutching a ring in its paws in the path before her. At her side, she felt Vix’s attention get caught immediately by the creature, his ears flickering forwards. While the creature was cute, what held Syras attention was the ring nestled in its paws, it was a pretty piece. The gem at the center in particular tickling her fancy.

    Want to play catch?” quietly, she asked the wolf at her side, the only answer, was the beast hunching his shoulders and slinking closer to the ground. Quickly, the woman made a plan, catch the ferret, alive if she could, and steal its ring, if she couldn’t get it alive, she’d let Vix after it and maybe she could salvage the fur from it. After that, she’d check out the twinkling purple at the roots of the tree. Then on her way towards her gear, she’d grab the pretty flower she just saw twined around a fence. For a moment, her conscious poked at her. But she was quick to brush it off. One, if anyone really wanted any of the things, they wouldn’t have left them lying around to begin with. Two, flowers grew back and she was just taking the one. It would be fine.

    Alright, Vix, hold for me.” She said, letting her hand rest on the wolf’s head before she took her own stalking stance, coming to rest on her front of her feet as slid off of the path and into the grass to begin making her way to twist around the creature before her. She really hoped she could get the trinket without hurting the critter, it was cute. Hell, she wouldn’t mind snagging it, maybe she could take it to a pet trader in the town proper.

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    "I'm officially a Hunter!" exclaimed Kovu with joy as he came out from the capital castle of Sumenoto. He chuckled with a wide grin, his white and sharp canines visible as he looked down at Hunter emblem he was holding on his right hand. The object looked like a golden medium size pin with some of its details in silver. It twinkled as the sunlight stroke it. Full with pride, Kovu proceeds to place the pin on the right side of his shirt, bellow his collarbone. Wiping it with the sleeve of his shirt, Kovu chuckled once more before beginning to walk away, heading toward an enormous stable where he parked his loyal horse Prince.

    On his way, he fixed his bow on his back. He also made sure that his arrows were still on his quiver by touching their nocks with the tip of his fingers. A few months ago he almost died in an encounter with a with a Golem after not realizing some most of his arrows fell when he was climbing a wall. After that day, Kovu promised himself to be more cautious and always check his equipment before jumping straight into a fight.

    The capital was crowded and really active like always. This was one of the reasons why Kovu didn't like it that much. Yes, he had a few customers around here that loved to buy him his stuff and he was also a well-known Hunter but that was it. He prefers to spend most of his time in the interior of the island, away from such fancy things and ridiculous big buildings. A bright smile crept on his lips as he remembered his small but beautiful village, Soleil. It wasn't the big thing, but that place welcomed him with open arms a few years ago when his boat wrecked at the Southeastern coast of Sumenoto. The people of Soleil found him and immediately helped him, bringing him to their humble village and letting him stay as long as he wanted. Since that day, Kovu decided to call Soleil his new home and started a whole new life from zero.

    "Such good memories," he mumbled after a while, reaching the stables of the capital. Nearing a guard, he asked him for his horse and paid him for taking care of him. As he got on Prince, Kovu gentle patted the right side of his belly and commanded him to run away, heading back to his village. Now that he was a legal Hunter, he wanted to take care of some problems that threaten to steal Soleil's peace.

    On his way home, a cute and furry ocelot suddenly jumped out of nowhere, blocking his path. Startled, Kovu quickly pulled the reins of Prince, making him whine and halt, standing on his hind legs. Calming him down, Prince stood back normally and Kovu spotted the ocelot fleeing, dropping a golden gem. Gasping with awe, Kovu laughed and quickly jumped off Prince to get the gem. "Alright! Today's my lucky day!" he said and just when he was about to pick the item, a beautiful dragonfly crossed through his sight. Kovu's ears perked up and quickly batted his eyes toward the insect, spotting something strange on its wings. rinning, Kovu chased him. "Hey, come back here! I promise to not hurt you!"

    Meanwhile, his horse Prince was trying to pick a beautiful yellow talisman that was laying on the fence the ocelot was sitting.


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    As the thick auburn doors of the registrars office swung shut from behind him, Brass began to walk through the cobbled arches of the castle itself until he again found himself walking the streets of the capital. Aushun was vibrant and abuzz during the day, and this energy was especially apparent to the knight on that particular day. It helped that they were experiencing an uncharacteristically warm afternoon, but although not the norm for an island perpetually stuck in Autumn, it wasn't so much rare as a welcome surprise.

    As he marched down a set of wide-set slate stairs onto the main street, Sir Archonfall briefly regarded the quest bulletin: for man that talked little, he perceived very much, and he had noticed many people going straight from the registration lines to the same very board. Even then, as he stood several feet apart from the large, ornate billboard, he noticed a crowd forming around it. Although he spent too little time himself in Aushun to know it, this was a fairly typical behavior for newly registered citizens looking to earn glory and wealth with their new freedoms. Equally typical was the tendency for many such citizens to find themselves either too lazy, or comfortable to bother with such pursuits.

    I should look at it myself. Mayhaps there will be a quest worthy of a protector...

    If he still had functional lips, Brass would've smiled at the thought. Despite wanting to be useful as soon as possible, the old knight elected to walk the streets for a while instead. He spent some time weaving through the narrow streets, admiring all sorts of strange baubles for sale. Despite being a busy city street, he rarely found himself wanting for space. Although he received a number of admiring stares, most people on the street besides him instinctively moved out of the large construct's way. For thirty years Brass had roamed Autunmei, but after a crisis of identity, he began to frequent such centers less and less until he had isolated himself entirely. It felt reinvigorating to finally be back, although the knight began to feel the first doubts creep back into his mind.

    He was mulling over how useful a dead suit of armor could really be to his nation, whereby he caught wind of a strange scent in the passing breeze. The knight stopped suddenly in the middle of the road, and cocked his helm to one side. Through the many merchants screaming and waving at potential customers, Brass noticed a lone woman some ways away, watching him from a shop entrance. Then, as though struck by a wave, the automaton took a step backwards and was awash with a strange feeling. It was not quite familiarity, but similar to a deja vu experience in which Brass felt an uncanny discomfort in her stare. He shrugged it off, while silently chastising himself for being rude enough to hold up a public walk-way.

    Still, as he turned away from the stranger's gaze, Brass could not help but wonder what it was that nagged at him to turn back and pursue the lass. Eventually, his eye's caught a swaying glint in the Autumn sun: a glimmering pendant draped over a store sign.

    What a weird place to keep one's jewellery...

    Brass approached the sign and looked about, but no one paid him much heed, let along the small silver neck-piece. Thinking it too odd to resist, the Knight reached a hand out to try and pluck it from the sign.

    It doesn't look like it belongs to anyone... perhaps I should look for its owner? Do protectors do that here?
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