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  1. Character Sheet

    • Name:
      DoB (Date of Birth):
      Race (painting or human?):

    • (You can choose either providing a picture or doing a written description of your character unless you want to do both ;p Or if you have a picture with a blue eyed person but you want to have brown eyes just type that you have brown eyes in the description)

      [Picture Here (real life, cartoon, drawing, or anime)]

      Body type:
      Description (2 sentences is all thats needed for this one but a paragraph would be wonderful :) ):

    • Weapons: (Make these object logical and believable. For example would you bring a sword to a public art exhibition?)
      Physical Skills/Attributes:
      Talents: (Ex: fast learner/intelligent/quick thinker.)

    • Likes:
      Dreams: (what do you hope to achieve?)
      Opinion on humans (painting):

    • (You can chat amongst yourselves if you want your characters to be friends/enemies in the future or start off as either right from that bat. In that case have a history prepared about what happened since you can't just start hating each other out of the blue ;p)

      Fake Rose Color (painting):
      Why did Guertena paint you? (painting):

  2. .~:Watch out for our SpECial Residents:~.


    Our very own painter

    GeuRTENa WEisS


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  3. {This good?}

    • Name: Teimri
      Age: Appears 15
      Gender: Female
      DoB: 12/21
      Race: Painting

    • [​IMG]

      Eyes: Blue with a pink cross in the middle.
      Haircolor: Mainly yellow with blue highlights
      Height: 4'8"
      Body type: Very petite upper body, unusually curvy lower body.
      Description: Teimri is a very light skinned female with almost an elf-like ear tip and very sharp teeth, similar to a shark. Her eyes are rounded, especially towards the ends as her nose is very straight and tiny. Almost everything about her is small from her shoulders to her hands, but the smallest thing about her is her feet, which... aren't exactly feet? They're almost similar to peg legs, if one would compare them. Usually, she goes about in just a top that is bright-colored and cotton white underwear, but if there's any guests, she'll usually just put on a blue school-girlish skirt quickly and brown leather loafers to try to get somewhat dressy.

    • Weapons: The only weapon on her is her teeth. They're as sharp as razors and she won't hesitate to bite anyone.
      Physical Skills/Attributes: She's very quick and aerobatic, but gets tired generally quickly due to her hyper attitude.
      Talents: Photogenic Memory, Empathy, Enhanced smell

    • Likes: Music, smiling, mutual friends, friends, and lying
      Dislikes: Any enemy of friends or mutual friends, liars (ironic ey?), and yellow
      Dreams: For her to have more and more friends, friends galore!
      Fears: For her to lose any friend or mutual friend she has.
      Habits: She doesn't talk, but when she does, she loves to lie through her teeth and make very eerie smiles with her teeth.
      Hobbies: Playing hide-and-seek, smelling flowers, and meeting others.
      Personality: Teimri is a rather silent but overly-friendly girl, bold many times and very blunt. When her mental state is positive, she's also very polite and joyful. If her mental state is poor, however, she becomes slightly sadistic and somewhat sociopathic. No matter what though, she is a compulsive liar and barely speaks the truth unless necessary.
      Opinion on humans: Although Teimri seems to show loyalty to anyone who is a friend or mutual friend, she is very distant and there are very conflicted emotions about them to her. She wishes to like them, but deep inside her she truly wishes for them to suffer since she considers all of them liars.

    • Friends: (None yet qwq)
      Enemies: Humans in her eyes are considered enemies.
      Bio: Teimri has been a painting for so long, and everything has been the same. She knew many in the gallery and always abided to any rule applied. However, she is growing tired of seeing the same faces, of talking to the same people. She simply wants to see someone new, something different perhaps. Even if it deems chaotic or horrid, she just wishes for a thrill and is quite bored.
      Fake Rose Color: White
      Why did Guertena paint you?: She was created to show deception of females at first, but then became a painting of an innocent and naive liar. The painting was very cheery and bright, but her shadow was very dark and had her mouth open widely, showing her teeth. It seems that in the shadow, slight blood spots can also be seen around the mouth.
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  4. Perfect ^^ and Accepted~
  5. (( Oh my gosh, I need to join this. *^* Buuuuut... I don't know exactly how to do the Character sheet like you guys v.v ))
  6. What do you mean? How to do the tabs? It's actually simple here's the link:

    Or just reply to the character sheet and edit
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  7. (( It's a bit creepy, and if you don't like it I completely understand. Anyways, thank you PandaChu :D ))

    • Name: Mona.
      Age: Appears to be 6.
      Gender: Female
      DoB: 11/20

      Race: Painting

    • [​IMG]
      Bright blue.
      Haircolor: Pure white.
      Height: 4'5"
      Body type: Very lanky and small, having a child's body.
      Description: Mona is a very pale female, with no huge admirations about her. She has one eye missing, whilst the other one is bruised. Her nose is completely bone, and her lips are pure white. One of her hands is a skeleton hand, and her feet are completely normal. Her other arm is bruised, and her legs are the same. She's always wearing a grey sweater, and red skinny jeans. She doesn't wear any shoes, seeing no reason to. Guests don't matter to her, so she doesn't care if she looks fancy or not. But whenever she wants, her appearance changes. Her eyes are normal, she doesn't have bruises, and she has normal hands so she looks just like a child.

    • Weapons: Her weapon is her bright pink thorn rose that she carries around, the thorns are very sharp, long, and dangerous.
      Physical Skills/Attributes: She's very quick due to being small and young, she's also hardly ever tired since she has a very calm demeanor, and because she will be forever stuck in her youth years.
      Talents: Photogenic Memory, quick witted, and lack of emotion.

    • Likes: Reading, sound, music lyrics, dark corners.
      Dislikes: People.
      Dreams: For her to be able to become an actual, normal child.
      Fears: Losing her Rose, her only friend.
      Habits: She doesn't talk, yet everyone always finds her talking to her rose with a very smart mouth, feigning innocence.
      Hobbies: Board Games, playing Tag, and exploring.
      Personality: Mona is a very psychopathic girl, her memories of being abused all of her life due to the story of her painting. She always tells the truth whenever she speaks, which makes her very blunt, and very rude at times. People tend to stay clear of her, seeing as she always is able to tell the truth out of their lies. But it only works on Humans.
      Opinion on humans: Honestly Mona just doesn't care, as long as they don't mess with her, then she's fine with them; Actually everyone. She finds humans quite likable if they follow her rules.

    • Friends: Her Rose.
      Enemies: Everyone.
      Bio: Mona has been a painting for a few years, in her mind at least. She's memorized every single person who has come and gone from the Gallery, and always expects them to come back. The only problem she feels is that everyone dislikes her painting, because of just how dark she truly is. They judge the picture without reading between the lines.
      Fake Rose Color: Bright Pink.
      Why did Guertena paint you?: Guertena created her because of his friends childhood, his friend had passed away at the age of six so he created Mona just to have a remembrance of his dear old friend. His other reason, was because of the truth behind what kids feel as they're abused, since everyone seems to ignore the signs.
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  8. Everything looks great :) Accepted
  9. I know there's a lot of painting but do not worry, I'm making a human as well. He/She will be up once I get the chance to make it.

    • Name:
      "My name resembles who I am suppose to be."

      "I don't have a specific age but you can guess."
      Let's say, about 18

      "Guertena classified me as male."

      The day when Guertena created me."
      May 11th, 1996

      "Made from a brush of colors on what was once a blank canvas."

    • A Prince's Kiss (open)




      "My eyes are... unique or so Guertena told me."
      A unique mix of colors reflecting to look like a sunset in his eyes

      "A prince-like look."
      Pale blonde almost white/ silver

      "I'm not that tall."

      Body type:
      "I may look weak but I can pick a fight."
      Seem thin and fragile but surprisingly has a strong built.

      "I'm nothing special, a plain painting of a boy kissing a rose."
      Being made to resemble a prince, Pierre, is seen wearing fancy clothing with a green pendent on his frilly scarf, a fine dress shirt, stainless white, with a vest, black trouser that tightly wrap around his slender legs but loose enough for him to move comfortably and matching white boots reaching almost to his knee. His skin color is ivory and stainless with no marks, his face is young and fresh as if he was only a young teen but he was to forever be appeared like this, a curse that all paintings face.

    • Weapons:
      "I don't need any weapons, hands are fine."
      None at the moment.

      Physical Skills/Attributes:
      "I'm not the greatest but I try my best."
      Critical thinker, Strength, Negotiations and Coordination

      "Being a painting doesn't mean you can't be like humans."
      Quick-Minded, Speed, and Problem-Solving

    • Likes:
      "Things that please me."
      ◈ Humans
      ◈ Friends
      ◈ Interesting/ Foreign Things
      ◈ Cute/ Small/ Fluffy Things


      "Things that displease me."
      ◙ Enemies
      ◙ Silence
      ◙ Danger
      ◙ People in pain/ sad

      "Actually... I'm not sure."

      He's not sure what he wants but he wouldn't mind just chilling


      "The voices... they scare me."
      His worst fear is the sound of silence. You may be saying, "Sound of silence? Silence doesn't make any sounds." But if you listen closely, you can hear the voices, those small, annoying voices ringing in your ears that it makes you go insane. Well, that's what Pierre hears when silence takes over and he loses his sanity easily if the silence goes on any longer... so try to cool him down if you hang with him.


      "I-i can't help it."
      He has a quirk to talk a lot - mostly talk nonstop - because of his fear or try to make some kind of noise that will distract him from the silences.


      "I don't mind a good game of chase."
      ✦ Talking/ Chatting
      ✦ Making Friends
      ✦ Humming/ Tapping the walls/ etc.


      "How would you describe me?"
      Honest, Sweet, Polite, and Charming. Pierre is a gentle soul who don't mind company. He is open-minded and loves to talk - he's known to be a chatterbox a lot - to anyone that comes to the gallery. He may be a painting but he was made to be what Guertena wanted him to act like, a prince charming.

      ( More of his personality in the roleplay. )

      Opinion on humans:

      "Humans are nice."
      Pierre don't mind humans, he thinks they're intriguing. He finds them fascinating always show many strange faces at different paintings and then coming to his own... they always seem to sigh in awe at his own though to Pierre, his painting is quite dull besides the others with more detailed to their unlike him with a picture of him just kissing a rose. But nonetheless, humans are something he wouldn't mind being with.

    • Friends:
      "Want to be friends?"
      Other paintings and Humans

      "Please be nice."
      Those who hurt others

      "How Pierre's life always went by."
      Pierre wasn't that much older than the other paintings and was mostly - and maybe - the only painting out of the others that wasn't so dark or scary. During most of his observation, he seems to always get a lot of people's attention with his painting and was praised a lot but Pierre disliked his. Such a plain painting by Guertena. His didn't seem to have much meaning to it and it made Pierre look even lower on himself when he was always an outcast by the other painting for how he was always loved. Each day, he would be shunned away by the others but he didn't mind much if they gave him some company at least, just a bit so he wouldn't fall into his own insanity. Maybe this was why he became fond of humans when the came to the gallery as he wished one day he could talk to one.

      Fake Rose Color:

      "A dark, gloomy color that doesn't stand out, something I wish I was like."

      Why did Guertena paint you?:
      "How I came to be."
      Guertena painted him to show how a fairytale prince can be like but with a twist. The rose in his painting is red, the color of blood, and his eyes are closed. This picture may look innocent and romantic but if you go deeper into the picture, you see that what Guertena tried to make was an insane boy who died alone. A sad masterpiece of what looked to be a prince portrayed a boy dying alone.
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  10. Alright looking forward to your next chara then :)
  11. Omgad, these characters are so smexy >w<
  12. I'll make a character soon I just hate the tabs and it's made me not want to put a profile up...
  13. Oh in that case feel free to not use the tabs. I just put it in that format because the last CS I made had them ^^"
  14. I love all of your characters~ They're so beautiful and intriguing.
  15. Agreed :) I think I'll get the IC up after @Arius LaVari gets her character in.
  16. Okay, completely messed the last post. But. I'm excited. xD
  17. Ahaha well I haven't decided if I was going to make an original character or play as NPC of this world just to spice things up. I'm even considering bringing Geurtena in ^^"
  18. Sorry I'm just weird DX I had issues with the last bb code styled RP...so many...CODES! DX
  19. Its quite alright :) I don't fancy codes either so the entire IC will be completely barren of them ^^
  20. Also I'm making a human so I'm gonna turn Fake Rose Color to Rose Color. (Also it seems like you wanted paintings more than humans) XD
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