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  1. Okay. So I'm in need of new video games. I've beaten just about every game I have (Including The Last Of Us, which I've had for only about a month). And I really enjoy the RPG styled games (Fallout, Dragon Age, Skyrim) where you completely get to customize your character, and get to choose your own path to beating the game (Though I've never beat it, Dragon Age Origins is a little more storyline oriented than Bethesda games).

    So I was wondering. Could you guys suggest some decent RPG games that are out for the PS3? And, if possible, could you include a current price that it may have at GameStop? I'll be getting a job soon, and I'll be able to spend some of my money, since my mom doesn't exactly make me pay rent, though I'd probably help her out with gas and such when I can..

    I'd just like something new. I've been sitting here for the last couple weeks doing nothing but watching anime, reading manga, and RPing. Which is fine, I'd be RPing even if I was playing video games, but I've just gotten kinda bored or reading and watching. I've finished several series lately (Some that I believe should have been longer: Kill la Kill and The Irregular at Magic High School)

    Edit: I'm changing my standards. I'll accept any game suggestions as long as it's for the PS3 gaming system. I'd prefer that it wasn't a game that's overly focused on multiplayer. My PS3 cannot connect to PSN, So I cannot play online. However, if the multiplayer is offline splitscreen, I'll accept that. But I'm a big fan of campaign oriented game.
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  2. So you want a story driven RPG with customization features?

    are JRPGs ok or no?
  3. 3D dot game heroes. Should be like 20 bucks tops. might be a touch hard to find though. It's fun, you can make your own hero if you've got the patience. Old school rpg. fun stuff.
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  4. God Eaters, Monster Hunter, Adom, and some other I can't remember now. ;P
  5. Anything in the "Tales of" series.

    Not being American, I can't tell you anything about prices at GameStop. Or whether they even have any of those in stock at the moment....
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  6. what are they?
  7. Japanese Role Playing Games. Examples are: The Tales of series and Final fantasy
  8. Oh.

    Yeah, as long as they have English versions. I may have forgotten to mention. I have FF 13-1 and 13-2, Lightning's first two adventures. Haven't gotten very far in the first one, so I haven't played the second yet. Though I love (also have) the Kingdom Hearts games, which are basically FF games that are dulled down so that kids can play. And I loved the PSP combat-only oriented FF game, playing as Squall (Or as I know and love him as, Leon) was always fun.
  9. If you haven't played the Tales Of games Luna mentioned, they're good :3
  10. If you have Steam, take a gander at the available Final Fantasy games. 3, 4, 7, 8, 13 and 13/2 are all on there. Oh and The Witcher games are also excellent, though the first one isn't available on console sadly. Though I'm not so sure about console RPG's available.

    A fun indie game I know is on Xbox live and Steam (don't know if it's on PSN) called "Cthulhu Saves the World" is a surprisingly solid RPG which is fairly tongue in cheek, poking fun at the typical elements of JRPG and RPG's in general.
  11. I mentioned to only list console games. My computer cannot handle many games aside from Minecraft and a few indie games.

    I've heard about this series, what's it about?

    Not very interested in mock games, I want something serious. And not a sidescroller. I want to be able to interact and decide the actions of my character. My best quality in RPG games is counter attacks, not something you can do in side-scrollers. And mock RPG games just aren't interesting to me. And I'm tired of indie games ATM.
  12. If it's Final Fantasy, I'll give it a shot. Though I'd prefer not to jump into the middle of a series. FF13 is different, since it has a whole new set of characters from the rest.
  13. There is no single Final Fantasy game that is directly related to the others, so you will miss nothing if you play them out of order.
  14. The final fantasy games don't usually flow as direct sequels; you don't need to play them in order.
  15. You guys are like twins O.O
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  16. Dragon Inquisition - the DLC is about to come out shortly, although I don't quite know how good it is. You might think you have to play the older Dragon Age games to understand this, but I think you'll do fine. If you want, Kotaku has a guide that will get you caught up on the lore of the game. (Fair warning, Dragon Age II got abysmal reviews...)


    Dark Souls I and II - I've never played either of these games, but they're action RPGs. I've also heard that the game is insanely brutal. Prepare to rage a lot because deaths are common.


    Ni Nu Kuni -- I've been wanting to get my hands on this game for months but since I don't have a PS3 I have to wait for it to be streamed on the PS4. It's a very good JRPG, but a little underated game in America. It has beautiful artwork and the music is by Joe Hisaishi. Don't know who he is? He made the music for Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and tons of other Miyazaki films.


    South Park: The Stick of Truth -- If you don't like vulgar games or South Park in general, don't pick this game up. If you love either of these things, or both, you're in for a treat.


    Borderlands 2 -- One of the best co-op games I've ever played. The humor is great, the cast is wonderful (although you won't get caught into the story until the second game) and the game play is wonderful. There's more action and shooting than rpg, so I recommend playing with friends if possible.


    Bioshock Infinite -- Absolutely gorgeous game. I've played it through twice and enjoyed it both times. This game has a wonderful storyline, although it is very linear.


    EDIT: I'm very jealous of those of you who do have a PS3. In my opinion they're one of the best console platforms to have atm because of the great variety of good games. I encourage you to branch away from RPG games and try out other stuff because there's a lot of good games to play.
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  17. If I actually beat Dragon Age Origins, then I will get this.

    Was already thinking about it.

    If it's a sidescroller or visual novel, or something like pokemon or golden sun, then I'm not interested.

    Like I said earlier, I don't like mock RPGs, nor do I like comedy ones. Besides, I want something where I can make my own character, not use canon.

    Tried it, hated it

    really not into bioshock

    RPGs aren't the only games I have. I have all the COD and Assassin's Creed games (Except rogue or unity). I have Fight Night, infamous, watch_Dogs, and several others. But I'm in the mood for an RPG.
  18. FFX IS MOTHERFUCKIN AWESOME. Sure, the voice acting is terribad and there's a lot of cinematics, BUT THAT LORE, YO. I've got the biggest boner for Spira's history.
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  19. ^
    This just ruined every ounce of femininity that comes from a name like Dawn
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