I need help coming up with a good Sci-Fi story.

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  1. Hello all who wish to help me.

    I've been having Writers block for the longest time now and can not come up with an idea for a new Sci-Fi story that I really want to do.

    I got the interspersion to do a story of Sci-Fi from this song: [video=youtube_share;crFCPbyt5WI]http://youtu.be/crFCPbyt5WI[/video] I don't know if it should be a mature Rp or not, seeing how the idea I had from the video above depicts a war between two groups, or perhaps even more.

    Here are the topics I need help in:

    World Creation - Meaning I do not know what world, or worlds I want to base this story off of, all I know is that there is going to be a large war involved.

    Race Development - Meaning that there could be more then just one race of humanoids involved in the war I had previously mentioned.

    Technology - I have no idea what type of technology I should or could use in this story. From land to sea, or even perhaps space or under the crust of the planet(s) involved in the story.

    Culture - For each race listed, there had to be an identical culture behind them.

    Character(s) and why they are important - I have a vague understanding on what I have in mind for the characters, Ie: Military mostly. But, I have no idea what type of role they should play in the war as a hole while serving their nation/planet/solar system.

    Please help me develop a good story, guys. I really need your help on this one.
  2. just from the song I could see interplanetary theme going on so maybe space with some land/air combo? kind of like an invasion?
    maybe three races possibly four depending on how many sign up for it so you have an even distrobution through all of them
    conflict could possibly be land....one race is over growing so now they need to move or their planets dying now they're looking for a new how that sort of thing.....either that or they harvest world for resources I would mainly keep to military civilians don't make good chars in war zones unless the event is happening to them directly... i could see a few though possibly stow aways or refugees a combination of ballistics and energy weapons, make it an alternate world future setting and just work from that i guess if you have anything else you need help wiht on this let me know ​
  3. races-one cyber race, humans, an quadrapad (animalistic) based species, and a secondary humaniod species
  4. Update-*~

    - There will be 4 Races
    - Solar System based/ White Giant Star
    - Each race has a different type of Technology behind them, Ie: Industrial, Cosmic, Steam-punk, Plasma-energy

    We still need to develop the Races and their culture/ their home world, naming them from what type of technology their race preferred. We need to make the arsenal that each race uses, meaning 4 classes of technology for weapons. We need to establish what types of government each race falls under, Republic, Dictatorship, etc.
  5. alright ill work on some of these tomorrow when im not as tired did see a few pics i think would go well with this online
  6. For the weapons, I'm thinking of giving each race their own individual type of technology. Take this for an example:

    The human based race would have the Industrial style weaponry
    The Cyborg type race would have the Plasma style weaponry
    The quadrupeds would have Cosmic style, and
    The second human based race would have the Steam punk style weaponry

    We just need a basic outlook of what their weapons would look like and how different each one would be based off of their culture and the way they think/act as individuals.

    For world creator, I would like it if the Cyborg like race would have a mechanized planet, somewhat like a death star esk appearance. The first human based race would have one like earth and the second one would be kind of like Mars. As for the Quadrupeds, I believe they should have a jungle like terrain, like 90% tropical, with 10% water, desert, etc.
  7. That was the idea I had, yes. And because of the fact that they are cosmic, they might be neutral to the war, just there to observe but not to fight but if they to enter the war, they would turn into the american race, meaning that they will show up in style and end the war with a "Bang"
  8. What if the cosmic race was some sort of council or coalition of the higher races? That way you could have one group that could have pretty much any type of alien someone wanted.
  9. Sort of like a hybrid race of organism's based off of the other three races, (Human, cyborg, slightly human)?
  10. That could work, but I was thinking more of the council of races off of Mass Effect, accept with their finding of the so called cosmic powers theyve moved above the petty wars and such and tend to work as observers/mediators etc. to less developed races
    That kinda thing
  11. Oooh, so kind of like a council of multipal different races from the same planet, forming a kind of Solar Republic with the other three races of the solar system. How many races should the quadrupeds have and what types of cosmic powers should they have?
  12. Maybe have it so that each race in the council has mastered a different aspect of psychic power? Empathy (Feeling others emotions) Telekinesis (Moving junk with their minds) one for biological healing, maybe a race of seers....?
  13. Some what as if they are gods... That could play off of the culture of one of the other races. It's could be as if one of the other three sees the council as being god like creatures and warships them as gods, pretty much doing their bidding like fanatic ultra-religious
  14. Itd be cool if the cyborg race was the one worshiping them >.>
    The most technological race, worshiping the ones who use what seems to be magic to do everything they need
  15. xD That's what I was thinking.

    Alright, so far we have a pretty good understanding of what the races are, what type of culture they might have, and what kind of religious affiliation the Cyborgs have. Now we have to focus on Government, and because the Cyborgs are robots, they have a Dictatorship, a mastermind computer ruling over them.

    What of the other two human races? What kind, what source of government should they have.

    I'm leaning towards an Empireship for the ones with an Imperialistic technological weapons and somewhat of a Democricy/Republic Communist rule over the Steam-punk race of humans.
  16. XD exactly what I was thinking. The steampunks give off a space pirate kinda vibe to me though O.o... But yeah a democracy for sure. They have one big gathering area where the clans/ ships/ whatever come to vote on big issues.
    And The Empire seems just right for the other race
  17. Alright, we're pretty much done here which is pretty sweet!

    All we need to do is name them, set a plot line, and establish a point of view, from what vantage point do we want the story to be told, from the Imperials, the Steam-punks, Cyborgs or "Elders." Bare in mind that we need people to play the enemy forces of course, but the main focus point/characters would be on the main Race we want to win the war. For the sake of conflict, We might need to put forth some Romance as well!