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  1. "Ugh!" Brin cried out, frustratedly shoving things around in her room and generally making a mess of the usually cleanish room. "Nate!" She yelled, "Did you take my x-box controller?!" She stopped her searching for a moment, listening for his response. When he didn't reply she stood from where she was crouching on the floor and stormed down the hall to her twin brother's room.

    Music poured loudly out into the hall through his closed door, and she pounded on it with her fist. "NATE!! DID.YOU.TAKE.MY.CONTROLLER?!" Tired of waiting, Brin opened the door and walked into his room, where she found him lying on the bed, a blonde girl lying on top of him and his hands up her shirt. They were furiously making out, and didn't notice her standing there.

    She walked over to his speakers and pressed pause on the ipod on the dock. Brin cleared her throat loudly, a smirk on her face. "I'm sorry," she said, though her smile said otherwise, "am I interrupting something?"
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  2. Nate pulled away from the blonde as his music was turned off. His chocolate eyes looked and found his twin. Could she get any more annoying?!
    "No I didn't take your stupid controller." The girl on top of him blushed and awkwardly removed his hands from her shirt. Nate gave her an apologetic look as she moved off his lap. "It's probably under your bed....like the last four times you couldn't find it." Nate sighed as he looked at his sister.
    His brown eyes looked over her frame. She looked nice today. Nate always noticed little things like that about his sister. Little things like the way her eyes lit up when she was excited or the way she always had this devious glint in her eye when she smirked, and how her nose crinkled when she laughed or giggled. Stupid, minute things like that.
    Shaking the thoughts away he locked eyes with her. "Now if you don't mind, I'm busy." Nate hurriedly ushered his sister to the door. "But really, check under your bed and....don't come back for..." He glanced at the waiting girl on his bed, "At least an hour." He smirked at his sister before closing and locking the door. "Now was I on you or you on me?" Nate chuckled. The blonde smirked and sauntered over, running her hands over his chest. "I think...we were right...about....here." she palmed him through his jeans and Nate let loose a low moan pushing the blonde back to the bed as his tongue raveged her mouth.
  3. Brin sighed and headed back to her room to check under her bed. She was sure she had, but it didn't hurt to check again. She got onto her knees and scoured the ground. This time, Nate was wrong. It wasn't under her bed, and she was sure that she'd seen it sitting on top of his x-box when he'd shoved her out. He'd told her not to come back for an hour, but she was about to go on a live campaign with a group of people from x-box live and she didn't want to let them down. Brin was their best player and only scout, and they'd probably be slaughtered without her there.

    She walked back down to Nate's room and opened the door. He should probably start locking it if he wanted to get away with taking her stuff. This time, though, the blonde was straddling his waist, not to mention that she was topless. "Oh, shit," Brin said, walking towards his tv and grabbing her controller from his gaming station. "Told you it was in here." She walked back out, but stopped in the doorway. She looked back over her shoulder and checked out the blonde girl's chest. Brin smirked. "Mine are better," she said with a lopsided smile, and shut the door behind her.

    The blonds girl wad definitely a double D, whereas Brin was a B/C, but still. Hers were definitely better.
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  4. "Fuck Brin!" Nate scrambled to cover his not so inconspicuous erection with blankets as his sister barged into his room. "I told you to stay out!" He yelled at her.
    Seriously did she ever listen to him!
    Nate picked up the closet object to him and raised his arm to throw it when he heard his sisters comment. He froze. Immediately his eyes traveled down to check the acuracy of her words.
    Slowly his arm lowered as he looked at the girl in front of him. The blondes were definitely bigger, too big. Somehow this was just crossing his mind. Nate's eyes wondered back to his sisters body as she walked away. Yeah, Brin's were better. Wait. He didn't just think that.
    "God she's annoying. How do you deal?" The girl over his waist muttered. Her comment sparked his anger but he pushed it down for now.

    An hour and a half later the blonde redressed as Nate stared at the ceiling. The sex was...okay at best. His mind was still stuck on his sister. Her words echoed in his head.
    The girl came over to give him a kiss. Nate dodged and she got his cheek. "Bye." He said rudely and with a pout the girl left.
    Nate groaned and sat up. He needed a shower. Twenty minutes later and he was in the kitchen in nothing but shorts grabbing a soda out of the refrigerator.
  5. Brin spent the next two hours screaming into her headset. If her teammates weren't going to listen to her, she couldn't see why they would ask her to be there at all. The only reason they hadn't been crushed was because she'd saved their asses every time they got into trouble. When the bout was over, she threw off her headset with a final, "fuck you guys," and went downstairs to get some water. She always got thirsty after playing for a while non stop. Her top was a white cropped muscle tee that bared the lower half of her toned stomach. She was wearing grey guy sweats, slung low on her hips, the ankle elastic rolled up a few times and then shoved to right above her knees.

    Nate was sitting at one of the bar stools behind the counter, sipping at a soda. She grabbed a water bottle and a large Arizona Tea before sitting on the bar stool next to him. Brin chugged the whole water bottle in about ten seconds, not stopping to breathe. "So," she said, cracking open the Arizona and taking a long swig. "How was blondie? Did she fulfill your wildest dreams, or was she just another bimbo to add to the list of disappointing things you've done in your life." She continued before he could speak. "You know, you're lucky mum and dad are out of town for winter break, or they'd have your ass for having sex in the house."
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  6. Nate rolled his eyes. Brin was annoying to put it kindly. "It's sex. Bad sex doesn't exist. You'd know that if you ever did anything besides sit on that xbox, loser."
    Nate finished his can and tossed it in the trash.
    "By the way, I want my pants back." He said sticking his hands in his pockets and walking off. He knew the sweats she was wearing were his, that's why they were too big on her.
    Nate easily got bored in the house. Going back to his room he redressed in black skinny jeans, a maroon hoodie and a snapback. His black hair hug purposely disheveled over his eyes. For some reason girls loved it so he let it go.
    Slipping on a pair of vans, Nate grabbed his keys. "I'm bored. Don't wait up." Nate walked towards the door and fiddled with his phone.
  7. "If you only knew," Brin said quietly as he left to get dressed. She was definitely not a virgin, but unlike Nate she wasn't stupid enough to get caught. She was also more careful with her choice in men. She didn't have sex with any guy that checked her out; if she did, she'd be having quickies every time she left the house. She had standards, and the guys she had slept with had been fantastic in bed. Not that they slept. She wasn't the kind to stay overnight, and definitely wasn't your girl next door, despite what her brother may think.

    Nate thought she was a videogame junkie that never left the house and didn't have a social life. Granted, she was a videogame junkie, but she probably went out just as much as he did, and definitely had a better social life. And as for sex life, hers was fun and never dull. She could count the number of times she'd had sex on one hand, but still.

    In fact, the best sex Brin had ever had was with a guy she'd met at ComicCon, in a replica of the set from one of her favorite movies. It was the harem from a movie that took place in Ancient Greece, and he'd been dressed as a Spartan and her as a Greek Goddess. They snuck into the room get a look at it, since it was off limits, and he'd taken her right then and there amid the pillows and silk tapestries. Damn he'd been good.

    Brin thought about this as her brother came back downstairs. He really needed a haircut, and skinny jeans were just not meant for guys in her book. Ever. It didn't matter if you were tall, well built, and good looking, like Nate was. It just wasn't right for guys to wear pants that tight. "Have fun you slut," she called when he told her not to wait up. "Use protection! And don't come back with an STD!"
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  8. "You're just mad cus it ain't you!" Nate scoffed and exited. Where that remark came from he didn't dwell on it.
    Nate drove to the mall to actually shop. He needed new clothes having grown out of his old ones. Unfortunately an ex was there and of course was all over him.
    Nate rolled his eyes and did his best to avoid her but it wasn't working.
    In the end he was able to only get two shirts, a hoodie, and a pair of jeans. Not what he had intended.
    As Nate was leaving Sarah tried to kiss him and it took everything he had not to hurl.
    Nate came home and tossed the bag on his bed and groaned. God what was happening? No matter what other girls weren't good enough. There was just something missing.
    Relationships didn't work so Nate just fulfilled his base needs and although the sex was fantastic it still wasn't mind blowing and it was starting to really piss him off.
  9. Brin shrugged off his comment. She was used to his quips, and they didn't bother her. She knew her comments, joking as they were, got under his skin. She grabbed a slice of pizza from the fridge and headed back upstairs to her room, killing time trying out a new game she'd just gotten. The guy who'd sold it to her had flirted very obviously with her, but she hadn't been interested. She'd been waiting for this game to come out for eight months, and she'd just wanted to get home and test it out.

    But it had been finals week then, so this was the first chance she had to play. It was harder than she'd thought it'd be, which was good. Brin liked a challenge, and if it were any easier she'd have lost interest quickly. Some time later she heard the door slam to Nate's room. He must've just gotten home. She glanced at her clock, and realized she'd been playing for three hours. Shit, she thought. She hadn't meant to get sucked in. She turned off her system and walked down the hall to Nate's room, poking her head through the door.

    "Hey," she said. "How was your afternoon out?"
  10. Nate looked up and glared at his sister. Somehow this had to be her fault. It just had to, what with all her stupid little comments about her being better than all the other girls. That had to be the root of his problems right.
    Nate's glared weakened until a defeated look encompassed his features. He couldn't even be mad at his sister anymore! What the hell was going on?!
    Nate groaned, his head falling into his hands. He balled them into fists as his frustration mounted.
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    "Nate?" Brin said, approaching him slowly. "What's wrong?" She sat gently on the bed next to him. Brin had seen him at every high and every low throughout their lives, but now he seemed totally defeated, which wasn't like him. Nate never gave up, on anything. And even more confusing, was that he'd seemed fine when he'd left earlier. A little pissed off, but she'd chalked it up to her interrupting him earlier. "Has something happened?"
  13. Nate sighed and leaned on his sister. He kept his eyes down, looking at his hands in his lap.
    Did something happen? Maybe. He wasn't really sure. "I saw Sarah..." He mumbled. Sarah and Nate had been on and off for years. He couldn't really help it. She was his first and he couldn't get over it, well until now.
    He sighed once more and lay down on his bed. His arms wrapped around Brin and took him with her. He tucked his face in her neck and fell silent. This was nice. The rare moments they weren't fighting. When they could just be siblings and sit quietly together. Nate never showed it but those were his favorites. He loved moments like these, cherished them. "Can we just...stay here for a bit?" He asked softly, lips brushing against his sisters neck because of his position, curled into his side. Nate just needed Brin to be there.
  14. Brin nodded, stroking his hair with her hand. The two of them lay there on the bed facing one another, their legs entwined. "I'm sorry about Sarah," she said quietly. She knew the breakup had been hard, since it had been dragged out over a span of two years, but she hadn't known he still cared about her. "Do you still have feelings for her?" she asked, trying not to pry too much. She realized that even though they were twins, and she saw him every day, they never really talked. They hadn't just enjoyed each other's company in a while, and it was nice. She'd missed her brother, more than she was willing to acknowledge.
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  15. Nate smile softly as Brin played with his hair. "Love when you do that." He mumbled nuzzling into her neck.
    Not many people saw this side of him. The side that was cuddly and sweet and charming. Nate very rarely showed anyone this side of him, he felt too vulnerable when he did.
    He fiddled with the edge of Brin's shirt as he mulled over her question. Did he still have feelings for her? "I guess. I don't want her back though." He answered honestly for once. "Brin...no ones good enough." Nate mumbled after a small pause. "I...I don't know why but I...they just...I feel...I know she's out there somewhere. She has to be. I'm not the greatest guy but I'm just scared that....I'll never find her. Every girl isn't...she isn't right. I don't know what to do."
  16. "Are you kidding?" she asked, placing a kiss on his head. "You're great. The best guy I know, really. You just need to be yourself around the girls you're genuinely interested in. I'm sure once they get past the tough guy facade they'll see that you're amazing, and sweet, and kind. You just need to show them the side of you that you show me, is all." She stopped playing with his hair and wrapped her arms around his strong back. "You'll find the right girl, eventually. I promise." Brin chuckled a bit. "A haircut wouldn't kill you either."
  17. Nate held Brin in his arms. "I don't want to show anyone else." He whispered softly.
    He was thankful he had a sister like her. No matter how mean he would be or how many mistakes he made she never let him go. She stayed by his side and for that he loved her, loved her with all his heart.
    "Screw haircuts." Nate smirked softly against her neck and left a kiss on her cheek. "Love you Brin." He said smiling at her, his real smile. It was bright and brought out his boyish features.
  18. Brin grinned back, glad his expression was a bit lighter now, less melancholy. "Love you too, Nate. And hey, if you're single forever you can come live in my basement. I'm sure my husband won't mind... too much." She playfully smacked his arm."You know, you're actually kinda cute when you smile. I much prefer that to when you're scowling and in a mood."
  19. Nate's smile brightened hearing Brin say she loved him back. It made him happy. Too happy but he didn't dwell on it. Whenever weird thoughts like that cropped up he pushed them back, never giving them any real thought.
    He rolled his eyes as she teased him. "What? Your twin, only twin and all I get is a crummy basement? Yeah feelin the love." Nate scoffed, chuckling lightly.
    A pink tint covered his cheeks as Brin's eyes scanned over his expression. It turned red when she called him cute. "W-Well, then don't annoy me." Nate averted his gaze as his blushing only got worse. Yeah, he was sure something was wrong with him.
  20. "I have to annoy you," Brin smiled, craning her neck to look at Nate. Considering they were twins, he was much taller than her, and she wasn't short, either. "It's my job. I'd be failing my sacred duty as a sister if I didn't annoy you. We all take an oath at birth, solemnly swearing to piss off our brothers as much as possible. Shhh.." she said, holding a finger to her lips. "It's a secret. I've already said too much." She winked at him, still smiling.
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