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  1. For the last twenty years the government has been experimenting and collecting those who were different and creating their own versions. They wanted to create a new sort of weapon. A human animal hybrid, they became interested in them shortly after the discovery of people who naturally born with these characteristics. Some could shift into different animals weather they were dogs, cats, birds, lions, tigers, bears, or any other animal out there. Others were half shifted at all times with more of their abilities. Some people had wings on their backs enabling them to fly, or others had the ears and tail of a cat and had their balance and grace. It was combinations like that between animals and humans that the government wanted to harness and turn into weapons.

    Either if they gathered children or teens and infused animal properties within them or found the hybrids that were naturally born, they swooped in and captured them bringing them from all over the world into one facility. They would put the child or teen under and insert a special "kill switch" into their hearts. Their was an entire room just dedicated to controlling Hybrids. Each had a special receiver so that only one specific Hybrid in a group or the entire group would be killed with one push of the button.

    The facility they were in was set up like a prison, their rooms were metal cells with a cheap bed setting, toilet and sink, and dresser that had some clothes they could wear that was designed for their specific animal qualities. They had a cafeteria where they were forced to eat three meals a day. A testing room where the scientists could test their strengths and weaknesses to try and turn them into better soldiers. A disciplinary room where they would be segregated and thrown into solitary and punished according to what they did. There was a "Rec" Room that was designed into sections to cater to their animal sides as well. Tracks, pools, gymnastic equipment, fake trees, fake caves, fake tunnels, a sun spot, weights, an area for Hybrids to battle against each other in a spar either declared by the scientists that worked there or just for fun, and just a regular spot to hang out and socialize. During the time they had as Rec time they could go back to their cells if they wanted unless ordered by guards.

    Even they Hybrids that they created didn't like or care for the facilities that they were in, some even forced their own suicides by trying to escape or attacking the guards/scientists to the point that their kill switch was activated. Some Hybrids were compliant and agreed to be the obedient soldiers that they wanted and only they were allowed to leave to go on missions for the government. If they tried to escape though, kill switch could be activated from anywhere in the world.

    The rules they had to follow were very simple and if they weren't followed or done within the first few warnings the results were usually the same. Either punishment and solidarity or kill switch.
    1. Don't fight with the guards
    2. Don't disobey the scientists
    3. Don't try to escape (there is a plot part for this)
    4. Don't attack any other Hybrid unless you are in the battle ring
    5. If you kill anyone you will be killed on the spot.
    6. If you seriously maim anyone you will be killed on the spot
    7. Using your abilities against staff will result in kill switch
    8. Comply with inspections
    9. Banning together is forbidden
    10. Leaving the designated area unless approved will result in punishment and if not found quickly will result in kill switch.

    This was the world they lived, and this was the world that they were going to try and change. You have been either captured Hybrid, or a created one and this has become your life. You also may be one of the people who run the facility and have become fascinated by these unique Hybrids. What will you do?

    Accepting Profiles! Come join us!! :D
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  2. ~ ~ ~ ~
    A bell rang through the facility followed by a loud buzzing sound. Metal clanking and the cell bars to the Hybrids rooms opened up, Soldiers banged on the metal to get everyone up and out of their rooms. Groaning and muttering Hybrids filed out of their rooms and were being herded like sheep to the Rec Room.
    ~ ~ ~ ~

  3. ~ ~ ~
    Ella grumbled when the guards came and followed everyone into the Rec room. Once out she let her wings unfolded and gave them a little flutter and shake. A couple small feathers fell to the ground and she sighed and jumped into the air flapping her wings. She flew up and perched onto one of the gymnastic high bars to watch the rest of the Hybrids come into the Rec room. This seemed to be their life, run on bells, buzzers, and orders.

    Ella looked up past the tree to a small window that was the only indicator to the outside world. Everything in her life had changed and been fake since she got here. She blamed the scientists, they had to meddle with genetics, she didn't ask for this life. She wondered what life was for a normal girl her age.
    ~ ~ ~

  4. Aric was ready to get out of his "cell" when the doors opened up. He automatically took a wide stretch with a yawn. He could do it in his area, but it felt better when he was out in the open or at least out of there.

    He walked with his fellow hybrids that were also in the same situation to the rec room. Being followed by the guards, of course. Aric always found the thought of the guards following them outside funny. It's obvious that it wouldn't happen. After walking, he waited in the rec room for directions.
  5. Nicole was already napping in the Rec room near the top of one of the trees when all the commotion started. She loved it there, so many places to nap or hide from any other annoying hybrids who wanted to fight or talk. She didn't mind talking with Ella that much cause she didn't prattle on about useless things like if they would be let outside today or what scientist was cuter than the other or why she slept all the time instead of trying to get stronger or get out of here. That annoyed her to no end. If there were a way out of here, someone would have found it already.

    Instead, she just preferred to fight on her terms, sleep in her room or the rec room if it was optional, or find the rare one or two she actually still felt close too that hadn't died yet and talk with them. She yawned and opened one of her eyes to see Ella flutter up to a nearby gymnastic bar. "Seems I don't get to be late after all. What's going on Ella?" As she waited for an answer, she got to her knees and stretched out her arms and legs and let her tail unfurl from under her.
  6. Raziel sat in darkness in his cell, his gleaming eyes only visible from the outside. When the bells rang, the lights to his cell flickered to life. Another day in institutionalized hell. The 20 year old got up and gathered a black tanktop from the metal dresser to put on. A guard came to the door of his cell and banged on the door, telling the tiger hybrid to hurry up. Raziel growled. He made his way to the rec room, followed closely by two guards.

    When he reached the rec room, he fell into line. He took a look around. Grim faces of other hybrids. Raziel looked up and saw Ella and Nicole perched above. Typical. In the far corner he spotted Aric. Raziel caught Aric's eyes and gave him a nod.
  7. The bell ringing and banging made Jamie grind his teeth. "So Noisy....isn't it Velvet?" He muttered to his stuffed rabbit, cliimbing out of his bed with the toy under his arm. Why did they have to make such a racket every morning? He set Velvet on the bed and quickly threw on a set of clothes, then grabbed the toy, hugging it close as he walked out of his cell. He followed behind the other hybrids, ignoring their grunts and grumbles about being woken up so early. Annoying, annoying, they were all annoying! He thought to himself, wishing he had a pair of scissors to cut out their vocal cords.

    Their footsteps echoed down the long hallway, till they opened the door to the rec room. Once inside, he walked over to the cave and sat down in the darknest nook. He closed his eyes and let out a sigh, accustomed to the darkness. "This is much better, ne Velvet? It's much quieter than out there." He murmured to the rabbit, nuzzling his cheek against the toy's plush head.
  8. Ella turned her head up towards the tree and waved with a smile. "Hey Nicole." Ella turned pushed off the bars and fluttered up to the branch and let one leg dangle over the edge. "What's up?" Ella continued watching Hybrids file into the Rec room and start off on their own. This was their free time, where they were allowed to exercise, and mingle with other Hybrids. It was the closest thing to a normal life happened in here. She spotted several Hybrids she recognized, watched Jamie go into the cave, and other Hybrids mingle.

    Ella stretched a wing forward and slowly began brushing her feathers, it was her version of cleaning them besides taking an actual shower. From the tree she could get an excellent view of the entire room, a large as it was.
  9. Haidan glared up at the ceiling when the bell rang. No matter how many times she heard it, the piercing noise never was something you got used to. She got dressed and left her room, filing into line right behind Jamie. She was very curious about the stuffed rabbit he always had with him. But she was too nervous to ask. He didn't really scare her, he just was dark and she wasn't sure how he'd react to a girl like her talking to him. She walked into the Rec room and sat under the tiny window in there. Although it was too high for her to get to, she still felt calmer next to it. Every chance she had to go outside, she took. When she sat, she stretched out, and started to rub her horns, making sure that she were smooth and didn't have anything one them.
  10. After conversing with a few people here and there, Raziel went to his spot, the weights. If he wasn't lifting or sparring during rec time, he was probably napping, that was just the cat in him he guessed. He had been in the facility for that last six years. At the age of ten he had been used in an experiment, so he wasn't born a hybrid. The four years before arriving to the facility was pure hell. From eleven years of age to fourteen, Raziel had been taught how to be the best weapon. The idea was, the younger they are, the faster they learn. Once the military had no use for him, he was shipped of to the facility. He was a tiger in a cage.

    Finishing up a few sets of weight training, Razzy toweled off and walked towards a seat near one of the only windows. Sitting there alone was the horned girl, Haidan. "May I join you?" Raziel asked politely.
  11. Nicole shrugged with a small yawn. "Nothing so far. No demonstrations, executions or punishments so far today and they seem to be laxing on the fact that I fall asleep here sometimes instead of my room. Maybe they don't care since they know how lazy I can get...." She shrugged as she watched the others file in. "Does it never seem odd that some of us are only out here for a few minutes to an hour and then others are here all day? I mean..you and me seem to be out here quite a bit..unless I'm challenged by someone. Which..come on, when was the last one of that? Dalia? Richie? No-one fights the quick ones anymore Ella!"

    She sighed as she curled up in the tree again. "Least some of us got people to talk to though. That's something." She glanced down at Raziel making his move on Haidan. "Hey, check it out. Is he new blood? I don't remember smelling them around that much." Her eye was now caught on these new individuals. Who were they? Could they fight? She stayed curling up in the tree, but tried to listen in and see if she could pick up some little bits of information.
  12. Haidan looked up to see the tiger boy, Raziel standing in front of her. She was shocked that he had talked to her. Her shy nature kicked in and she just stared at him for a little too long before finally answering timidly. "Yes. Go ahead." She looked away from him, but she kept an eye on him in her peripherals. She wasn't sure what to think of him. She didn't know if she could trust him or not. They were all in this together, and pretty much all of them had trust issues. She decided to give him a shot at least. Couldn't really hurt.
  13. Jamie observed the hybrids from within the cave. Some of them were up in the trees talking, while others stared up longingly up at the windows. This was probably his least favorite part of the day. He rubbed his eye with the back of his hand. He had dark circles beneath them. This was one of the only chances he had to sleep, but he just couldn't bring himself to close his eyes long enough. He wished Rec time was over so he could return to his cell and have some peace of mind. Out here, he feld vulnerable as if someone was going to attack him at any moment. He gritted his teeth, pushing himself further up against the wall. "Just leave me alone for another day...." he pleaded to himself softly with his lips pressed against the plush's head.
  14. Ella laughed at Nicole. "No he's not new blood, we haven't had new blood in ages. That's Raziel and Haiden. ". Ella gestured down towards them. Ella made a point to knowing most Hybrids by name, but there was still one Hybrid she hadn't spotted yet. Riley.

    " You spend too much time sleeping Nicole, plus if you really want a fight, fight our champion." Ella pointed to Raziel. Ella stood back up and stretched out her wings. "I'll see you around okay?" Ella wanted to fly around the room then work on maneuvers through the gymnastic equipment. She also wanted to make sure that no one was hasseling guards or getting into fights that would cause more damage than good.
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  15. "Thank you." Raziel replied in a humble tone. The tiger hybrid sat across from Haidan with his back to the wall, so that he may observe the rest of the prisoners. Of course that's not what the scientists called them, but what else could they be? Raz let out a sigh and closed his eyes. Sometimes the best peace was in the midst of chaos.

    Eventually, rec time became meal time. As most of the other hybrids filed out to the cafeteria, only seven remained in the rec area. The tiger, panther, barn owl, ram, grizzly bear, and vampire bat. Only a handful of guards remained to watch them. Raziel fiddled with his kill collar, the metal band around his neck was full of scratches and worn down from his constant tinkering. "These thing itch like crazy, no?" he asked Haidan as he laughed hesitantly. He wasn't the best at starting conversation, but the silence was killing him. "So, how long have you been here for?"
  16. Alondra was one of the good ones. She rarely fought the guards and would only give the scientists a hard time if she was hurt by them. Besides this she followed the rules and even carried out their various jobs given to her. Her low pain tolerance paired with her timid nature made her not very useful as a fighter. But with her desire for exploration, freedom and experiencing new things along with her swift and agile abilities gave her an edge for certain tasks that few others could achieve. This valuable characteristic gave her more freedom within the establishment. As soon as the bell rang, alerting all of the occupants to rise and shine to the rec room, Alondra was off in a flash. She sped in to the rec room as one of the first occupants, quick yet silent, slinking in to the cave for some solitude. The business that ensued as the rec room was filled with the hybrids was sometimes over whelming for her. She liked to wait until they panned out to the various sub rooms for their own individual activities.

    When her cave was joined by another hybrid she pressed her back to the farthest wall and held her breath. She recognized him in the dark though, the toy rabbit he clutched making him quite distinguishable among the crowds. Even though she had seen him a few times before she had never spoken to him. When he spoke she knew exactly how he felt.

    "I know how you feel" she murmured to Jamie, breaking the silence and announcing her presence to him.
  17. Haidan's head snapped towards Raziel. She wasn't really used to people making small talk to her. She had no idea what to say.

    "It's not too bad if you don't think about it." She said softly. "I've been here since I was nine. So nine years. How about you?" As much as it showed she didn't care about anyone, she was a very curious person. She learned to shield herself, try not to get close. She hated losing people she got close to. And here, you never know when someone will just be gone. That black room she keeps hearing about. any day, no any second someone could be taken away into there.

    She looked at Raziel, and forced a really weak smile. Trying to be friendly. Small talk was not her thing. She was actually pretty awkward.
  18. "I've been here for six years..." Raziel replied as he looked to the ground. He shook his head and regained his normal composure. "it's been forever since I ate Chinese food" he said with a laugh. Really? Chinese food?! Is that the best you can say? No wonder you don't have many friends here! he thought.

    A few moments later, a guard walked up to the table. "Raziel Marx, you have been...requested, to make your way down to the Octagon immediately." she ordered in a stern voice. The caged tiger's eyes flashed with malice before he nodded and stood up. "It was nice talking to you." he said back to Haidan before he walked off with the guard. Just another day in the life of Raziel Marx, the barely human weapon.

    The octagon was one of the facilities chief method of income. Hybrids would fight. Rich men and women would bet. It was a privately broadcast freak show. Fun for the whole family. Raziel had the honor of being one of the best to have ever graced the octagon. The tiger hybrid had been fighting since he came to the facility, when staff learned of his prowess in raw combat, they stopped fighting him with hybrids his age. Instead, they made him put older hybrids to sleep. The rules of the octagon followed the rules of any martial arts sport. Tap, Snap or Nap. Those were the three ways of winning. Tap your opponent out (meaning they admitted defeat), Snap their bones (or damage them without maiming them too badly, to the point where they could not fight) or put them to sleep (through a strike or using grappling to choke them out). As brutal as it was, it made the facility happy.
  19. Haidan giggled a little at his attempt at conversation. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is awkward with small talk.

    When she heard the guard approach, she stiffened. Her mind instantly going to the worst case scenarios. Are they really going to take him away? What did he do? This is why I don't talk to anyone. Every time I try to make friends or talk to people, they get taken away.

    She noticed that Raziel wasn't scared. So it must not be what she was thinking, but he was still being sent somewhere. "It was nice talking... to. you. too." She started to say, but he was already gone by the time she got the first three words out of her mouth. So the rest of the sentence was just said to the air.

    She looked around the Rec room. There weren't that many people moving around. Some were doing some exercises. And some looked like they were training by themselves. Ella, the barn owl, was flying around the room. I wonder what it's like to fly. I guess there is a reason land animals aren't meant to fly. She thought as the brushed her hair out of her face and touching her horns.
  20. Nicole heard various bits and pieces of their conversation, as little as it was. Something about nine and mentioning chinese food. She would try to get closer, but she was comfy up in her little space and didn't want to move. When she heard the guards voice, her eyes opened and her attention fully refocused. The Octagon...the place to bet and fight. Not the most conventional fight arena they had, but it was by far the most popular for most who wanted to fight. The other place was mainly used for training, not so much for pure combat against an opponent.

    She climbed down from her perch and started after the tiger and the guard escorting him, tucking her tail around her waist like a belt. As she closed the gap, she was confronted by another guard. "Subject..." "I'm following to observe the fight in the Octagon..maybe even participate. I'm not going to attack him here!"
    The guard spoke into his radio and listened to a hastened response as the other two kept on without her. "You got approval to watch. No word yet if they'll let you fight yet today. Go on." Nicole gave a sarcastic smile to the guard and passed by him, breaking into a brisk walk to catch up with the tiger who was off to fight. She wondered who she'd get to fight today...and when.
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