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  1. "The kitchen is down that hallway, and you take those stairs to get down to the laundry room." A man in his thirties said. A new tenant had come to live in his apartment complex, but this one was different from everyone else. This one was human. He knew it would be a ruckus because of it. Everyone in that apartment wanted to escape humans while resting at home, but now he had brought one right to them. But this was a good opportunity for them to practice. Some of them hadn't been around humans for ages, they needed to know how to make it around them. One day their apartment might not exist anymore, and at that time they would have to go out into the world and face their demons. Or considering some of them were demons, face their humans might be a better term.

    "You will share bathroom and living room with your room mate, but the bedroom's are private if you don't choose otherwise. While I do trust every single person in this building, I still do suggest that you keep the bedroom locked no matter if you are there or not. There has been instances where things have disappeared in this building, so better be on the safe side." The human nodded, wondering slightly what kind of place it was if things just disappeared and the owner still didn't believe that it was due to the roommates.

    "And one more thing." He said before unlocking the door to the apartment. "Don't be too frightened if you hear sounds or see something odd. It's an old building. It does play with your mind a lot." He opened the door and let the human walk in before handing the two keys over. One to the bedroom, and one to the door.

    "Your room is the one to the left. If there's any trouble it's just to call." With those words the man left, and the human girl was left there, looking at the door. What an odd figure. Maybe it had been her imagination, but it had seemed as if he had made an awful lot of glances towards her neck. Oh well, she should unpack her things. She looked towards her bedroom door and saw the boxes that had arrived earlier the same day. But before that.

    She looked towards the other bedroom door and walked up to it, knocking carefully. "Hello. I'm your new roommate, Veronica Clark." There was a chance that her roommate was working, or even sleeping. So she weren't sure if she would get a reply. But if he was in there and awake, then she at least wanted to introduce herself. The owner hadn't really told her anything about her roommate. The only thing she knew was that it was the only apartment with one spot free. It wasn't unusual that two people of different genders lived in the same apartment, the owner didn't have any problem with it since the bedrooms were off limits for the other party if they didn't have permission to go in there. He hadn't told her if she shared apartment with a man or a woman, and she didn't mind much whichever it was. She just needed a cheap place to live in while she studied her distance courses. And considering how the owner had told her how much he trusted all of the people in the building, she guessed she wouldn't be teamed up with someone known for sexual assault or something like that. Maybe she was naive, but after having talked to the owner for a couple of months while planning the move, she felt pretty safe no matter who the roommate was.

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    Damon Lee was minding his own business. Well actually he was meditating in the hopes of calming himself for the impending arrival of his newest roommate. The thought of it curled his upper lip. He'd been warned that it was a human. Wonderful right? His wings that he had allowed to form during the meditation so that he could be at complete ease twitched at the idea of a human living in the same apartment as him. Within the same block as him. His bright eyes flashed open and something next to him shattered just as there was a knock on the door.

    Slowly he unfolded his six foot seven frame from the lotus position and went to the computer to hit the pause button on the radio station he was listening to. He was almost opening the door when he remembered his wings. Growling softly he focused and the large black glossy wings drifted down and evaporated around him with the smell of wind. Ah he loved that scent.

    Taking a slow breath and running his hand over his face he yanked the door open to peer at ... one of the prettiest humans he had seen in ages. Not that he had seen many humans. Hell he half of the time didn't even leave. With his online courses he was about 4/5ths done with his web design degree. "Sorry, didn't hear that, what?" he asked, voice dark and a little bitter maybe?
  3. As the door opened, Veronica had to force her mouth to stay shut. That guy was handsome beyond belief. For a slight moment she even doubted that he was a human. No human looked that good. Of course it was a silly thought, one that no one would take seriously. After a few seconds she realized she hadn't answered him. Great, now she looked like a fool.

    "Ehm.. Sorry to disturb, I just wanted to introduce myself. Veronica Clark, your new roommate." She gave him a friendly, but slightly nervous smile. It would definitely take her a few days to get used to sharing her living area with such a drop dead gorgeous guy, but those hormones would probably calm down once she got to know him a bit more. He were probably not as perfect as he seemed. They never were.

    "Oh, and I wanted to ask if you have any unusual sleeping habits. I'm not a very loud person, but it's good to know which times I should be more careful when walking around and such." It was best to bring it up immediately before she forgot. If he slept like a normal person then she would have to sneak around the apartment every night. Veronica was a night owl and concentrated best at night, which was the reason why she had taken distance courses instead of going to school. Just the thought of sitting in a classroom nine in the morning made her shiver. Her brain wouldn't start working properly before at least 4 PM.
  4. The man took a look at the woman and slowly inhaled, taking in her scent and the obvious 'humanness' of her. Once she seemed to be done speaking, Damon nodded and slowly reached a hand out to her to shake. "Damon Lee. As for sleeping habits, I tend to sleep in the mornings. But I'm a hard sleeper so make whatever noise you want," he answered, leaning against the door as he watched her. "What about you?"
  5. Veronica shook his hand politely even though she was afraid she might be sweaty. It was probably some kind of family curse. Both she and her father got sweaty palms when they were nervous. Hopefully she hadn't been nervous long enough for it to be noticeable.

    "I'm usually in bed around five in the morning, then stone dead until at the very least twelve." She told him as she let got of his hand. The only time she went to bed early was for exams. There were those stupid rules that one had to take the tests at the school. But it was understandable. People would just look things up in their textbooks or on google if they could take the test on their website or get it home in paper form.

    "I wouldn't wake up even if a hurricane went through the house, so likewise you won't have to think about it if you wake up first." She started to notice that she was speaking faster than usual. She almost stumbled on her own words. She was definitely more nervous than she had thought she would be. Just give it a few days. Veronica told herself. It was always weird in the beginning. Soon though she wouldn't even notice that she had a roommate because they would be so used to each other.
  6. He raised an eyebrow and then nodded. "All right. Sounds like we'll get along great. Do you need help moving things in or getting unpacked? And did the landlord show you around the place or would you like me to do that too?" he asked.
  7. Well wasn't he a gentleman? Even offer her help with her stuff. Considering his looks she would have guessed his personality would be something completely different. "He already showed me where the most important rooms are, so I know my way around." Veronica replied. "And there's not much to unpack. Only a computer, clothes, a few photos and a futon. I sold most of my stuff to the person that moved into my last apartment. I'm going to buy everything I need during the week. But thanks anyway."

    A knock on the door interrupted the two and a voice almost growled when he shouted for Damon to come out. Apparently someone had noticed the human walking into his apartment and wasn't super happy about it. Only Damon and the landlord had known about a human moving in. The vampire had thought about telling everyone, but considering the reactions he knew everyone would have, he stalled it until it was too late. "Seems like it's for you." Veronica said, quite worried over the almost angry voice from beside the door. "I think I'll better get to the unpacking." She said and sneaked over to her own room. If there would be a fight, then she didn't want to get involved. She probably misunderstood the situation, but who would have thought anything else with someone banging on the door like that?

    On the other side of the door stood Levi, a fox spirit who lived just across from Damon's and Veronica's apartment. There was one of two explanations he could come up with for why a human was there. One, Damon had taken her there for a very stupid reason. Especially since humans shouldn't be there. But why would he do that? He knew the rules. And why even live there if he wanted to socialize with humans? Or two. She was the new tenant they had heard about. Why was she human?
  8. Damon looked up and at the door, sighing heavily. "Good idea," he muttered and headed towards the door after closing his own door to his room. Reaching up to rub his face he opened the door and caught the fist that had been banging on the door. "Are you trying to tear down my door Levi just so you can come and get some ass, or did you want me to hand you yours?" Of course he wasn't being serious, just attempting to distract the fox long enough to push him outside the apartment door and close it behind him. They didn't need a human interfering.
  9. "Please tell me it's just a one nights stand or something." Levi said, not caring much about Damon's comment. Even though it was against the unwritten rules of the building, it would still be better than having her actually living there. "That girl can't be the new tenant. That bloodsucking bastard wouldn't do that to us, right?" Levi usually had more against tengu's than he had vampires, but if that man had let a human move into the building, he would definitely change the ranks.
  10. "If it were a one night stand Levi," Damon drawled slowly. "Would I be standing here in the doorway right now debating whether or not to help you track down the bastard of a landlord of ours and throw him into the sun?" His gaze was dark with disgust before he looked over his shoulder. "Just be glad you don't have to live with it. She's the size of a thimble and I'm afraid I'm going to crush her on accident if I bump into her. It's a disastrous idea. Completely horrible."
  11. "You don't say." Levi mumbled. This wasn't just dangerous for them, this was extremely dangerous for the girl as well. If she found out about them and actually could convince people of what she saw, or found evidence by videotaping it or something, then they would be screwed and have to move back to the shadows. If they did a mistake, then she could get crushed like a fly. Few of them knew how to completely control their powers around humans, so something could definitely happen. The police would get involved, and who knew what they might find by accident in the building.

    "We have to get rid of her." The kitsune stated. It might have sounded a bit as if he meant to murder her, but of course he wasn't. Even if they discarded the body somewhere else, the police would still take a look in her apartment. "Scare her away or something. Human girls are easily frightened, especially at night. Make her think a ghost is haunting her apartment, and she'll leave immediately." He offered a solution. Of course ghosts did exist, but they had so far been impossible to prove, even for people living in a ghost infested building. Even if she came with that claim, no one would take her seriously, even with proof. They always thought it was fake. Heck, not even every supernatural being believed in ghosts.
  12. The tengu's eyes flashed and he gave a small smile that might have been considered evil or at the best, darkly mischievous. "Why kitsune, I do believe we just made history. I completely agree with you on that count," He almost purred, turning to look over his shoulder. "Why don't you come in. This might be the beginning of a friendship full of pranks. Perhaps intimidation would work since we are both... probably three times her size."

    He stepped out of the way, eyes daring the kitsune to pull anything on him when he offered him his back, moving into the apartment. "Leave or go, just close the door Levi."
  13. Levi shivered at the word friendship. Just living in the same building as a tengu was bad enough, but friends would be outrageous. His family would probably disown him if they ever heard they had gotten along, even if it only was for a day.

    "Oh no, leave me out of this. My ears pop out as fast as I sneeze, I'm not going to be taken for a cosplayer again." Of course he just used that as an excuse. He could easily hide his ears with a cap if he wished. But he'd prefer not to bother with that human girl. Damon could take care of it by himself. "Make sure to get her out before someone accidentally eats her." He teased before he shut the door and walked away. Hopefully she would escape before she ran into too much trouble. Many of the beings in the building had no idea how to control themselves around a human for an extended amount of time.

    By the time Veronica heard the door shut for the second time, she had already unpacked most things. Most of the clothes were lying in a mess on the floor, but at least they weren't in a box anymore. Some of them was hanging in the closet, though she would have to buy a drawer for things that couldn't hang. For the moment it was just to lay them on the floor in the closet. The computer was laying in a corner of the room, though she would get a desk for it during the week. And a chair if that wasn't self-explained. She had put a few family pictures in the windows and the futon was nicely tucked into the corner of the closet until it was time to sleep.

    She opened her door, rather curious of what was going on. "Are the neighbors here always that loud?" She asked, hoping it was a one time thing and that whoever it was hadn't come to pick a fight.
  14. Bright eyes flicked to the human as she spoke up, and he had to force himself not to snarl at the woman. It wasn't her fault really that she was a human. But he was going to make sure that she left, somehow or another. "No. Levi's just a special case. Head case I mean," he explained before he moved to the kitchen. With his back to her, he closed his eyes and sent little tendrils of his magic passed her into her room. The trickster in him wondered what to start with and then smiled.

    "Hope you don't scare easily," He called over his shoulder. "This place can get pretty creepy at night, what with all the legends about this place. Suicides, deaths, a fire once which prompted the new safety systems put in place." Just as he spoke, 'something' knocked the chair over behind her.
  15. So there was a black sheep of sort in the building? Great. Hopefully he wouldn't come banging like that in the mornings. She did not want to loose her sleep.

    What Damon spoke of sounded rather interesting. Suicides? The landlord hadn't said a word about that. Nor a fire or deaths. It was a given that some people might have died there considering how old the building was, but Damon made it sound as if the building had a curse or something. Suddenly something fell over and Veronica turned around.

    A chair. How had that happened? There were no windows open, and even if they were it wasn't very windy outside. "Spooky." She mumbled, but didn't really let it get to her. It could probably be explained easily. Just because she couldn't come up with an explanation on the spot didn't mean it didn't exist. Curious she walked after Damon, maybe partly because she unconsciously was slightly freaked out by the chair, but mainly because she was curious about the legend.

    "What legends are you talking about?" Maybe it was stupid to ask, but she didn't sleep at night either way, so even if the legends scared her, she wouldn't have to worry about lost sleep. It would just be to calm her nerves with music while studying.
  16. It took everything the tengu had not to smile as he brought her in. He turned and gave her a nonchalant shrug. "Legends of this place being the exact point where demons of old come to live when they are restless. Of this place being a summoning stone for said demons. Of ghosts and goblins," he explained.
  17. Slightly scared, Veronica couldn't help but laugh to get rid of the bad feeling. "I hope you don't expect me to believe in something as ridiculous as ghosts." She chuckled. Sure, it gave her some shivers when she heard ghost stories and such, but she didn't believe in those kind of things. They were just stories made up to scare little kids and even some adults.

    "I've tried both bloody Mary and ouija boards, and so far I've been very disappointed in the results. It takes more than some rumors to scare me." She assured him. It had been years since she tried out any of those games, but she had done them a few times. "And who knows, maybe it's actually Casper the friendly ghost that lives here and not the demons everyone thinks." She joked. Rather a friendly ghost than a vengeful spirit.
  18. This time he couldn't help but smirk. "So you don't believe in demons?" he asked, turning to grab a small bag of chips and begin to munch on them. "Don't tell others that live here that. There are very superstitious people here and they often and easily can get insults." Like because of the fact that you are a human and you have no right to be here. he added mentally.
  19. Superstitious? Oh well, rather that than a cult. Veronica was certain it wouldn't be a problem either way, when did demons and ghosts ever come up in a normal everyday discussion? If it ever came up she could just not comment on it, or say that she weren't sure about it. No big deal. "What about you? Are you superstitious too?" She asked curiously. Of course she had to know now when she knew that pretty much the rest of the building were. He didn't seem like someone whom would get frightened easily, and believing in the paranormal also seemed a bit of a stretch for his character. But she could be wrong.
  20. He was surprised that she questioned his superstitiousness, though he wasn't sure why he was. His eyes seemed to glow for a moment as he advanced on her with a drink in his hand. "Me? I believe there is a reason there are tales of demons, ghosts, and powers beyond human control. That each of them is based on something that happened or is still around. It would be stupid of anyone to nay say legends or pretend they don't exist. Just like it would be ill-advised not to pay attention to your own instincts. I whole heartedly believe there are ghosts and demons that walk among us. Who are we to say there aren't?" he asked, lips curling up into a smile before he brought his drink to his lips and took a long sip, eyes never leaving her face. "But then, I've always had a healthy respect for the creatures and people in the legends."
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