Horror Island Nightmare

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  1. She sat out on the deck on the chair in her bathing suit. It was her black one that had skulls and cross bones on them. They also had dull spikes on the straps but she wasn't wearing the straps right now. She had her glasses on and was hoping to help her weak tanning bed tan. She was hoping not to fall asleep but she never knew.
  2. Billie stood around the deck of the cruise ship in a white and green, horizontal striped bikini. She held a glass of milk in her hand since she doesn't drink at all. Billie looked around at all the other teens that were invited on this cruise. She smiled, their feelings of joy filling her up. She quickly realized that she was feeling their feelings and not her own. Billie put up a mental barrier to block out the feelings of the others, not wanting to feel someone else's feelings and not her own.
  3. She saw the girl with a glass of milk and thought it was weird but wasn't going to judge. She just sipped on her virgin daiquiri. She was still working on her tan. She was really bored though. She didn't want to move but then again she had restless legs.
  4. Kristine were in her cabin, trying to decided what she should wear. After some minutes she decided on wearing a black t-shirt with a death skull on it, a black pair of jeans and sunglasses. She went up to deck and laid down on one of the loung-chairs and opend the parasol that were beside the loung-chair. She didn't want to be sunburned, she didn't even know why she had come to the cruise, she didn't like to be on water. Then she remembered, she just wanted to get away from town for a while and had been invited to the cruise, she had mostly accepted it on impulse.

    kristine fell asleep after some minutes in the lounge-chair.
  5. Richard was in his casual clothing for the time being, a black tank-top with a fanged symbol across the chest, black jeans, grey sneakers with black stripes,and fingerless gloves. Hanging between his lips was a cherry flavored lolipop. The sun gleeming in his sky blue eyes, wind blowing through his pitch black hair, it took his mind of his hidden features. He'd looked down and spent about two to three minutes ejecting and retracting his claws, then put them away and went for the deck. As he stepped onto the deck he noticed how many people were actually on te boat, but not on deck. Looking around he felt like the only male inhabbitant in the area, but what the hell? As long as he got to relax, he didn't care if they annoyed him to death. He tooked a seat next to some girl sipping on a daiquiri, he said nothing cause he didn't want to talk, just relax, he crossed his hand over his chest and placed some shades over his closed eyes, that way no one would bother him while he rested.
  6. She looked at everybody cumming out on the deck. She was glad she got here fist so she could get the best seat. Then what seemed like the only guy on this level came and sat next to her. He was cute. She set down her empty glass and just as soon as she set it down a waitress came over and grabbed it then returned with another one. She was digging through her bag for a tip but she wasn't finding anything and the waitress looked impatient.
  7. From Richard's P.O.V everything seemed just as chill as most cruises, everything just mellow and, if you'd say, hippieish. He could feel the woman next to him looking at him, from behind his glasses he wass looking back at her out the corner of his eye. When the waitress came to replace her drink and recieve a tip, she was becoming a bit aggiytated waitng for the woman. It was a cruise, not a stress bar, so richard decided to just help her out. In his pocket he kept a wrapped up stack of money, the total amount was about $245.00 and about 50 or more cents. He reached in and pulled out about five bucks and held it out to the woman over to his side, "Here, It's on me.." he muttered.
  8. She took it by surprise. "Um Thanks" She stuttered out. She wasn't good with other people. "Ill pay you back when i get back to my room." She managed out. She slowly set down her bag hoping he wouldn't be mad at her for not being able to pay him back right away. She was also amazed my the wad of cash in his pocket. She wasn't much for the rich type though they tended to be snoody.
  9. "Don't worry about it" he replied. "Just relax, that's what most of us are here for." he added, Richard removed his glasses and looked in her direction. It wasn't his usual idea, but meeting someone probably make the mood a little lighter. "My names Richard, you?"
  10. She smiled. She thought of her yoga and relaxed and put out her hand. "I'm Raelynne Lockhart but you can call me Jyinx" She tired her best to keep calm because she was not used to people actually talking to her. She is a goth and everyone hates her so she is not used to this type of talking.
  11. Billie finished her glass of milk and felt bored. She hardly ever went on things like this before, so why did she come here now? With a nearly inaudible sigh, Billie set down her glass and walked to her cabin. There she changed into her more casual clothes. Nothing too fancy since she was here to relax...at least that's what she thought she was here for. Billie put on a plain white t-shirt, baggy tanish shorts, and sandals. She stood there for a while, thinking about what she could do down here. The others' feelings wouldn't reach her down here, so she wouldn't need to keep the barrier up...It sounded nice to her, but the room felt stuffy down here, so she ended up going back to the deck. She sat down this time, right next to a sleeping girl.
  12. Kristine slept for half an hour before waking up when someone sat down next to her. Kristine vague noticed that her sunglasses had fallen of when she had fallen asleep. She didn't open her eyes in a couple of minutes after that but then she noticed that she couldn't fall asleep again so she decided to open her eyes.
    Beside her sat a girl with ivory hair, she observed the girl for a couple of seconds with her blood red eyes. She thought the girl looked weak and would be easy to manipulate, but she didn't have anything to gain on using someone on this cruise so she would just keep away from everyone.
    Kristine looked away from the girl and took up her sunglasses that lied on the floor and put them on again.
  13. He kept looking forward under his glasses while he reached out to her hand, with his animal senses he could pin point exactly where it was. As he touched against her gentle hands, he removed his glasses and looked at her with a plain look. "Nice to meet you" he said, looking at her attire, he took in the fact that she was a goth. She must've been the non-talkative type, maybe more of a solitude type. That's atleast what his insticts told him, from eye perspective she was pretty hot, a fine body, hieght like his, astonshing hair, and curves that'll make you say damn. (Which Richard was currently saying in his head) To put it simple, she was cute.

    "What brings you around a place like this? You don't really seem like the open type." he asked.
  14. Billie felt a chill go down her spine as the girl's feelings reached her. She forgot to put up her barrier before coming up on deck. It was difficult to notice when the feelings from the others weren't all that strong...at least not now. She quickly put up her mental barrier to block out those feelings. Billie looked over at the girl with black hair and blood red eyes.

    You really feel that I'm weak and easy to manipulate? She thought as watched the girl next to her. She soon realized she was staring too long and moved her gaze upward to look at the sky. Billie absentmindedly started playing with her cross necklace that her childhood friend, now a priest, gave her on her 16th birthday. It was his birthday too. He turned 19 that day, but she wasn't able to give him anything. Instead of an object, she gave him a light kiss on the cheek, which was good enough for him.

    Billie couldn't help but blush a little at the memory. Afraid someone might see her blush, she turned on her side, facing away from the girl next to her.

    ((I'm thinking the other two are on the other side of the deck.))
  15. The unknown girl looked on Kristine for what felt like five minutes, but then turned away. Kristine were used to people staring at her, especially when they got scared for her. It pleased her when people got scared.
    She noticed that the girl started to playing with a cross she had around her neck and suddenly she started to blush. When she noticed it herself she turned around, probably thinking Kristine hadn't noticed it. Kristine couldn't help but thinking about how easy manipulated she must be, the way she acted showed it to much.

    "Thinking about your boyfriend?" She asked, teasing the blushing girl. Even if she wouldn't use anyone on this trip she could still have some fun on their expense.
  16. Boyfriend? No, no, no, no, no. Markus wasn't anything like that. Ever. Sure he asked her out once, but then he said he was just joking around, just to see her reaction. Maybe...maybe he was serious but thought she would say no, so he lied to protect himself.

    "No...I've never had a boyfriend before." Billie answered without looking over to the stranger.
  17. Kristine laughed at the strangers reply, such an innocent girl, she thought, she was absolutely certain she was thinking about a guy at least. That kind of person was the kind she often manipulated the best.
    "But you thought of a guy, a guy that you like" She said still teasingly.
  18. Billie stayed quiet for a while. "Yes..." She admitted to the stranger quietly. It was true. Feelings for Markus were there, even when he asked her out that one time, but he was forever out of her reach now that he was a priest.
  19. Kristine laughed once again.
    "You are way to sweet, you should be careful, people could use that agenst you" She told the girl, she should know, that was the type she often went for when she needed someone to do something for her. She took off her sunglasses and put them on her head and sat straight up looking at the girl.
    "If your like that you will probably never get a boyfriend" she pointed out to the girl before doing a gesture towards one of the servers to get her a drink.
  20. "What do you mean?" Billie asked the stranger, turning around to face her.