His Darkest Wish

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  1. It was yet another chilly night. Pamela Swynford De Beaufort- or Pam, as her johns and girls called her- strode through the cobblestone streets of 1905 London, on her way to the brothel she owned. It was getting dark and a mist was stirring gently in the thick air. She picked up her pace a bit to cross in front of a carriage, the sound of the horse's hooves and the wooden wheels on the street clacking in her ears. As she stepped up onto the stone curb and continued up the stairs, pulling out her key, she could sense someone following her. She had taught herself to listen for a second pair of footsteps over the past year or so because it was a useful trait for a working girl to have. It made her ready for anything. After a few moments, she spun in her tracks and eyed the man who had kept to the shadows with her stormy blue eyes.

    "May I help you?" She tried to keep her tone steady, but her heart was now racing in her throat. Would she die tonight? What would this man do to her? She watched him step from the shadows, a plain grey suit and bowler hat adorning his stout figure. He reached up and tipped his hat only a fraction of an inch, his voice deepened and gravelly, almost as if he were trying to disguise it. The hand that he did not use stayed in his pocket, possibly concealing a weapon.

    "Beg pardon. You are... quite lovely."

    Pam took a deep breath and spoke again, her voice a bit more even, body tensing, ready to run or claw at flesh to fight for her life. "I'm off the clock. Come by tomorrow, we open at eight." She turned away, making the fatal mistake of taking her eyes off the stranger. Almost immediately she felt his rough grip on her arm and she was pinned to a cold, unforgiving metal lamp post with a gloved hand gripping her neck and fiery dark eyes glaring at her from under that damn bowler hat. The stranger growled at her, his voice menacing as Pam struggled and cried out, hoping for help.

    "That's right, whore," he finally pulled his unused hand from the pocket of his jacket and flipped out a switchblade, the knife gleaming under the lamplight. "I like it when you struggle." He pressed the blade to her cheek, ready to cut her open when Pam relaxed, her eyes still wide, taking the man in. For a moment, they just stood there, staring at one another, then suddenly there was a whoosh of passing wind and the grip on her neck loosened considerably. The man fell away and Pam gasped for air, turning to where the man was now doubled over on the ground, blood pouring from his neck. Pam could feel the blood drain from her face as she slowly looked over the quickly dieing man, then her eyes slid up the body of her rescuer, a tall, pale man in a tophat, holding his bare hand up to his lips. His long slender fingers were covered in blood and Pam whimpered gently as she saw him slide his bloody thumb into his mouth, licking some of the blood off. She didn't know whether to be afraid or greatful, so she just stood there, watching him with slightly widened eyes.

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  2. "Well, well, well, aren't we in a little bit of a mess today?", chuckled the rescuer, as he sucked his fingers clean from the victim's blood. "You should be more careful, next time, Miss." It's not everyday he saw a beautiful woman like Pam. His hair was medium length and blonde and had blue eyes. Even though he was over a thousand years old, he still looked like as if he was young to mid twenties.

    Before coming to London, in his early life he came from Sweden during the time of the vikings in the 900 AD era. His height was six-foot four. His presence and mannerisms were those of a viking prince warrior. He lost his family after the Roman Army led by Russell Eddington (King of Mississippi) barged through his home and killed everyone in his human family but him. After the siege and Russell taking the King's crown, he was left for dead until someone found him by the name of Godric also known as Appius, gave him a new life, the gift of immortality. This tall, handsome man, immediately started to feal for Pam and was in a need of a place to stay. After the loss of human relatives, he craved revenge on Russell Eddington for taking his father's crown and ruining everything he had in life.

    He focused his attention back to Pam, "Don't be afraid, I'm only looking for a room to spend the night, do you have any available" he asked politely, looking her up and down. He had already taking a liking for her, "How rude of me, I should've introduced myself instead of just staring at you. I'm Eric Northman." Smelling her hair, his personality is one that is sensual not sexual.

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  3. Pam stood there, heart still pounding wildly, but her nerves calming as she looked over the tall man. He acted so odd, licking the blood of a stranger from his fingers, yet Pam wasn't surprised. She looked back down at the corpse at her feet and stepped away before any lood could get on her good shoes. A room for the night? She thought for a moment. What did this man think she was, an innkeeper's wife? She was a prostitute, the brothel was not an inn, the rooms were only for a couple hours at most. Yet this man had just saved her life, so what could she do? She nodded and sighed a bit, her voice coming out much more evenly now.

    "Yes, I suppose, but just for one night. After that you're on your own..." She paused for a moment then bit her lip a little, eyes locked on this man who seemed to glow in the night. "Thanks, by the way. I'm Pamela. Call me Pam. Follow me." She said those last two words with a bit of relief. No one would mess with her with this man at her side. She continued up the steps as she realized her hands were shaking and she was trembling. Of course she was in a state of shock, she may not have been a stranger to dead bodies but she definately wasn't used to being attacked and nearly killed. She unlocked and opened the door and stepped into the dark victorian-style house that was the brothel.
  4. "That's fine, one night is all I need," following her into the brothel. The pulse of every person in the brothel was getting to him, fighting hard to diminish his hunger for blood. He couldn't help but keep his eyes off of her. She was so beautiful, her scent intoxicating. His instincts telling him to drink her blood, but he ignored them. His life had been one wit out a companion since the time Godric abandoned him, maybe it was time for one. She took him upstairs to an empty room, stopped in front of the room and unlocked the door. "Thank you.", he said smelling her one last time, and kissed her cheek.
  5. As she walked through the brothel, a few late-night girls giggled and winked at her, but she just rolled her eyes and ordered them back to bed. She'd never allowed a man to stay the night before, but he had saved her, so she decided to make an acception. She opened the door of the room she herself used for her johns and jumped a bit when he bent and kissed her cheek. She felt how icy his lips were and it sent an unwilling shiver through her body. This man was different in a borderline creepy way. She smiled a bit, unable to hide the blush that swept across her cheeks and she dipped in a curtsy before turning away. After a split second she turned back and spoke, her voice soft so she would wake no one.

    "Would you like me to get you anything? A blanket or perhaps a... companion... for the night?"
  6. "A companion would be nice... Maybe you. ", he said sweetly. He looked at her with eyes of pure blue, he would usually drink from a female like her, but he sensed something different about her. Something that not every female cherished in life. To him, Pam was the only one that he felt this way about. Her movements and mannerisms, her controlling personality, all the things he looked for in a female.
  7. Pam could only raise an eyebrow as he requested her. No one requested her because she was so... demanding. She had a will that none of the other women did and she knew what she wanted. She was very difficult to scare or upset and she was known to be a smartass about most things. She nodded a bit and turned back to him, her voice a bit playful.

    "Well, should I put on, or should I say take off, any clothing? Or is this going to be one of those 'I'd much rather we just talk' kind of things? Because if you're going to be a whiny bitch I'd rather walk away now."

    Usually she would never say that but this guy was staying for free and her 'companionship' would be free, so she had choices now. She put a dainty hand on her hip and half-smiled at the man whom she still did not know the name of, her ruby lips shimmering a bit as her stormy eyes danced.
  8. "Whatever you think is suitable, my lady.", she said looking at her. He goes to take off his hat, coat and shirt, and lays in the bed shirtless, watching Pam carefully. "Is there anything you would like to know about me? I never told you my name did I?"

    He's not the type of guy to whine, actually he loved being in her presence and he wouldn't want nothing more than this. Tonight was perfect to him. He had the owner of the brothel in the same room with him and she was getting ready for him 'companionship' wise. He just laid there looking at her, taking her all in using his eyes. He didn't have to glamour her to get his way. She was willing, which he liked.
  9. Pam's eyes widened as he brought up the fact that he hadnt told her his name. As if he'd heard her hink the exact same thing. She shrugged off her jacket and unpinned her little hat from her hair, letting the bleach blond locks fall around her face and shoulders as he unfastened her corset and dress, making sure to slip everything off slowly, giving him a show. For some reason she was happy doing this for him, happy to make him smile that smooth smile.

    "What are you, a mindreader? Sure, what's your name?"
  10. "Not a mind reader, I just study behavior, like I am now and I'm Eric Northman.", looking at her, the temptation was too much. He wasn't ready to admit that he was a vampire, as yet, but it was now or never. He stood up behind her, smelling her hair without touching her, but taking off her clothes even more. He whispered in her ear, "Do you really want to know what I am?" He stepped back and laid back down watching her once more.
  11. Pam smiled as he explained that he was 'reading' her. Is this what he did for a living? She froze as he stood behind her, his strong presence making her shiver with an unknown feeling. She wanted to feel his hands on her body, but she knew how to suffer in silence when she couldn't immediately get what she ached for. She turned to him as the presence disappeared, her body now bare to him. Slowly, gracefully, she approached the bed and straddled the strange man's lap, laughing a bit.

    "Yes. For some odd reason... I want to know everything about you."

    Her hand slid up his chest slowly, fingertips tracing every line and contour as if memorizing them as she spoke.
  12. "Well, if you want to know more about me we can't be sexual at the time" smiling at her touch, he loved being touched this way, but had to control himself. "Where do you want to begin? I told you my name," smiling a bit so his fangs can be seen but only a little.
  13. She couldn't help but to smile when he told her they couldn't be sexual. For some reason it made her heart flutter and she stopped caressing his chest, her hands splayed on his stomach. When he smiled she looked right over the tips of the abnormally long canine teeth and laughed a bit. She felt so perfectly comfortable with him.

    "So you tease me and get me naked just to tell me we can't have sex? How interesting. Alright, I'll bite," she slid from his lap, resting beside him on her side, "how old are you?"
  14. The biting was a tease, but he liked it a lot. He thought about his actions and chuckled, softly, "Yea, that was my intention."

    "Depends on how look at it.", he said smiling, "I'm over a thousand years old, in vampire years." He thought to himself did he just admit that he was a vampire, he stood up and went to the window. Regretting that he just told her straight up what he was. He looked back at her, "But i'm 22 in human years.", he said softly. He too was feeling comfortable being around her.
  15. When the word 'vampire' left the man's lips, Pam tensed, her entire body turning rigid. Vampire? She'd heard of them, but... no, he couldn't possibly be one. They were just a story her mother would tell her to get her to be good as a child. She stood, pulling on her dres as quickly as possible and approached him with an expression of curiosity. Even then, she wasn't scared, just thoughtful. Is that why he had odd canines? She quickly thought of a witty response and shifted her weight to her left fot, a hand on her hip as she spoke with a bit of humor in her voice.

    "Wow, I mean I like older men but I think a thousand years is pushing it."
  16. He flitted in front of her, fangs baring; "Do you believe me now Ms. De Beaufort?', he asked in his Viking Swedish accent. And went back towards the window gazing into the outside world "Being a vampire is a gift and a curse. You wouldn't understand unless you were one," he focused his attention towards Pam, gazing into her eyes. "We never age, never growing old, adjusting to different eras, It's a hard life when you are vampire and alone in the world." He laid back down on the bed, watching her again.
  17. She couldn't stop the gasp from coming when he bared those long white fangs of his, his eyes flashing and an expression on his face that stole her very breath. She managed to find the ability to breath once more and shivered a bit. His life did sound cold and lonely, but as usual, she tried to find a bitter joke in it all. It was how she refrained from turning into a soft-hearted bitch. She hated soft-hearted bitches. She turned to him and allowed one single moment of sincerity. She looked into his eyes as he lay on the bed and spoke gently.

    "I never said I didn't believe you, Eric."

    She cleared her throat and turned back to the window, looking over her reflection in the mirror and thinking of her future. The same future as her mother had. Tears threatened to well up, but she took a breath and allowed her head to hang a bit. She let out a half-hearted laugh.

    "Being young and this beautiful forever doesn't sound so bad, Mister Northman." She knew her voice was flat, but the only true emotion she felt at that time was fear. Not of him, but of what she would turn into when she aged. "Do you know what happens to women like me when we get old? We're parias. We die alone in the dark syphilis TB. If you had any idea of what kind of life awaits me..." Her voice broke. Too much soft-heartedness.
  18. He just looked at her, "What are you trying to say exactly, Pam? That you want to be one of my kind? I'm not sure you want to do that." He was trying to protect her from this dark and lonely world of his. He thought for a moment, Godric left me and now her as my progeny, not a bad deal. But her mortality was sacred to Eric. He laid there speechless just looking at her.
  19. Pam thought for a moment and sighed deeply. How long had she known this man? A whole hour at the most... She ran a hand through her hair and reached back, untieing her dress once more and crawling into the large bed with Eric Northman. She didn't want sex, she just wanted to be close to someone. She laid beside him and looked over at him, then up to the ceiling, pulling the sheets over her and laughing a bit, trying to regain stability as the smartass she was known to be.

    "I'm not afraid. I know it must sound odd, most humans beg you to spare their lives and here's a woman asking you to take hers, but it's not like that. I don't want you to take my life, I want you to give me one worth living. I know I'm asking a lot, but you can always... make me and leave me. I can take care of myself, I always have."
  20. (Didn't she cut her wrists in the show?)

    He looked over at her, his head resting on one arm and the next touching her soft skin. "Are you sure you really want to do this? It's gonna be hard for you to adjust to this lifestyle. You will never see the day, humans must not know about us in this day and age. If I do this we share a bond between each other, I'll always know where you are and what your are doing. I'll always know when you're in trouble. Are you sure want to take such a responsibility of being hidden for so long. Everyone'll think you're dead. Please think long and hard about what you're doing. Being a vampire is not a game, Pam. I beg you please think long and hard about this."
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