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    It has been many, many years since the war between Devils, Fallen Angels, and the servants of God. In the on slaughter many precious lives on both sides were lost. The war lasted decades and had lasting repercussions for all sides. The Fallen Angels losing many of their members, The Angels losing many of their servants and among them some of their finest generals, and the Devils lost the most having been penned in from both sides between the aforementioned servants of god. The Devils follow Lucifer (House Gremory), Beelzebub (House Astaroth), Leviathan (Sitri), and Asmodeus (Glasya-Labolas) families. So many of the families and armies were lost in the conflict and thus the power balance shifted drastically allowing these families to come out on top after the wars and into modern day. The nobles have risen into a higher state then the rest of the demons and have grown in power, especially House Gremory their head being the lord of all devils. With the rise in Church power throughout the centuries, the formation of the Paladins of Saint Michael the eyes of the devil's have been focused on from recruiting to survival. Likewise the increasing amounts of stray priests/devils, and fallen angels have also caused many of the angels to look to themselves. In their absence a few minor families have recruited more pieces too their chess boards. Some even with divine gear.

    However while they squabbled they have not noticed something...a particular something. A group of devils reforming in secrecy. Under the long thought dead clan of House Marax, reformed into House Nightblood at the whim of their newest king. Though the blood line has been diluted over the years due to a mixture of human blood their line still remains strong and they have garnered the assistance of a couple more of their old vassals allowing the new king to live in comfort while still maintaining his presence. Masquerading as a nobody clan Nightblood has now been preparing to make their presense known to their fellow devils and reclaim their spot in the hierarchy of the clans. Though the king calls himself 'Prince' he still believes that he himself has much work to be done before he is truly worthy of that title. He finds himself in East Kuoh (due to lack of a canon city name) Japan. The goal is to reclaim what is lost though his vassals may have other goals entirely....


    1. All standard roleplay rules apply, power playing, meta gaming, and other such are all enforced.
    2. No One liners. The basic post should be at least a paragraph and a half if possible. Sometimes really big posts are impossible yes but do try.
    3. Characters are expected to be fairly fleshed out in the bio any secrets or what have you that you don't want to let go in the bio or character please send me a private message.
    4. Please make your character fit the bill. I.E If you're a knight then please play the knight as a highly talented and skilled individual who can fight people in combat. Bishops shouldn't be able to take on the queen without some sort of advantage.
    5. Divine Gear needs to be asked for and pre-approved by me.
    6. Dragons are not allowed with the acception of high and low dragons.
    7. Half bloods are allowed but mixed bloods of two different races other than human (I.e Angel and Fallen Angel, Devil/Fallen Angel, etc) are not allowed.


    Character Roster:
    Prince Aster Black - VanceXentan
    Aiko Karuna - Unyielding
    Itami Fujii - Gremory (Page 8)
    Fushimi Saruhiko - Sasha Bliss (Page 5)
    NPC Roster:
    Ivan Bulkin - Queen of House Nightblood
    Dagmar HolmstrÖm - Rook (status to be decided after characters are made) of House Nightblood

    Chess Pieces:
    Evil Pieces
    King: Taken
    Queen: Taken
    Rook: 2/2 taken
    Knight: 2/2 Taken
    Bishop: 1/2 Taken
    Pawn: 0/8 Taken

    Character Sheet:





    Appearance: (Written or picture)

    Role/Chess Piece:

    Familiar: (If you have acquired one)


    Special Abilities: (If applicable)



    Other: For anything I have missed
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  2. Character Sheet:

    Name: Aster Nightblood Black

    Nicknames: 'Prince', 'Lord Nightblood'

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male



    Role/Chess Piece: King

    Familiar: Wolf Spirit (Female)

    Weapons: Short Sword

    Special Abilities: Energy Manipulation (Ability to form a large blast of energy, form defensive walls, and minor ability to levitate), Magician Talents, Common Devil abilities, ability to reincarnate dead individuals.

    Personality: Kind but firm and blunt, Aster was always one to say what was on his mind and little else. He is honest when he feels it is needed but has been known to leave out details or hide his true motives. His a fair man who gives others the benefit of the doubt though he doesn't mind being brutal when the occasion calls for it. He is not a people person though he does have a air of charisma around him at times when he finds himself in the role of Lord of House Marax/Nightblood. Learning from past mistakes he has grown to dislike other devils and the church. He has little interest in forming alliances that aren't too his benefit and seeks to restore his name with as few favors as possible. He is loyal to his servants and does not seem them as disposable. He dislikes the mere thought of treating his servants as fodder or trash as he himself believes that those who lead should be ready to serve as well. He can be a bit of a pervert at times though he doesn't tend to stray into that territory too often. He has fondness for the dog viewing it as a strong and dependable creature. He has an almost insurmountable determination unwilling to surrender until the very end if need be though he is not willing to let it go to the point of suicidal.

    He has a deep interest in moderation not drinking, or consuming things that would hurt his body or slow him down. He views them as simple poisons or decadent though if pressed by a friend or colleague he is willing to consume substances that would otherwise not fit his pallet. In battle he is a terrifying force of nature not holding back his real powers unless he views them to be overkill.

    The Abridged History of Aster (open)
    Born and raised in Maryland USA, Aster's first memory was of a demon speaking to him in his sleep telling him that he was destined to do great things. His mother was a clinic doctor and his father was a wealthy businessman the two being high school sweethearts. It wouldn't be until later that Aster would figure out his family linage through his father and his mother respectively. His early days had him spending time out with his family when they had the rare moments off and otherwise spending time at his grand mother's house. His grand father always encouraged him to cautious and to think about things while his grand mother insisted he be open and speak his mind leading to a strange upbringing for young Aster. Always one to point out something he viewed as obvious he would indirectly insult someone though he would do his best to mend the incident in question afterward. He was fond of sharing with others as a young lad and would make quite a few friends though he did feel uneasy around churches for quite sometime. Life wouldn't be so fortunate as Aster's life would change for the worse when a fallen angel would confront and nearly kill Aster if not for the timely intervention of his father using magic spells and his own emergence of power inside of him.

    His father would explain to him his history and would tell him what he would have in store for him later and that while he himself had no awakened and found himself a devil he did know it would only be a matter of time until one of the family did. He did his best to help his son cope with his new found powers even teaching him some of the magic that he knew which greatly helped with advancing his devil abilities. He would be given a chess set and be told about the secrets of the evil pieces inside of it. He would train with his father's friends in the way of magic and soon after graduating from 7th grade was a highly talented magician and devil capable of destructive and devastating power. His father would be the one to introduce him and obtain a wolf spirit that would serve as his familiar.

    It wouldn't be too far afterward that he would obtain his first chess piece, his queen, a man named, Ivan who would become his most trusted ally and friend. Ivan taught him how to use a blade and furthermore helped him learn about the church, and combat in general teaching him strategy and how to manage people. Ivan would be the main recruiter for Aster for a long time and would be the one who would recruit many of his allies and friends.

    Years later with a foundation built and he has decided to move to Japan and live with his pieces that he has gathered in hopes that he can at last be acknowledged for not only his talent but reclaim his blood line. He has chosen to take only part time jobs to avoid being seen by others and still get out of the house without raising suspicion to him and his allies though Ivan does insist he not trouble himself so much.
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  3. Name: Lamont Xephyr (pronounced Zephyr)

    Lynx or Xephyr

    Age: 21




    184 lbs

    Role/Chess Piece:

    none yet (Plan for it to be a Lynx)

    Weapons: His fist

    Special Abilities: Still human
    (When converted as a devil will have Great strength and power to manipulate Vibration/possibly
    may have a lesser known dragon)

    Lamont comes off as a bit of a lazy under achiever and not due to genetics but purposefully, He is the type of guy who doesn't have a care in the world and does the bare minimum. He is honest as he never seen a real reason to lie not that he is extremely talkative. He surprised others due to the fact that he has a code of honor that he doesn't break for no one no matter what. He will never attack a defenseless opponent even if he see's that he has a fight won he's the type to walk away to spare the opponent the embarrassment. He is extremely intelligent but shows it very sporadically, rather put on an act as lazy idiot but has shown sparks of intelligence that makes people think twice. He is a loner doesn't rely on anyone but himself he learned that people let you down so only person you can trust is yourself. He is not a team player (although this will change throughout the rp when he gets closer to his devil family). He treats others with respect the same as he would want to be treated with but if he is disrespected he can go into a rage state. He also actually seems to always find himself in compromising positions with women, through no perverted intention on his part. Some don't like him believing he uses this I don't care attitude as a ploy for women but he doesn't, and he is not as open with his emotions as some usually his actions show how he really feel.

    He has a fear of drinking due to having a low tolerance for alcohol as it makes him act loopy. He got really drunk one night and vowed to never again when he was told what happened. In battle he is a unrelenting force that will pound his opponents into submission. He usually holds back at first to lull the enemy into a false sense of security then shows what he can really do.
    He has a habit of saying "Try not to die" when he lets loose... because so far he has really beaten many delinquents up.


    Born and raised in Kyoto Japan to an American family that had moved there before he was born due to his father being a translator for a Japanese diplomat, Lamont decided to be called Lynx as kids use to make fun of his name. His mother was a home maker as his dad was/is always away on business so his mom had to be the one to stay home. Lamont's father made good money so they really didn't have to work and Lamont was an only child. He started off as a good academic child it wouldn't be until later that he would become a delinquent. Lamont was always abnormally strong, he believed this was due to the athletic history his family had most were American boxers and football players, and even his father was a strong build but he chose a life outside of athletics. His uncle who was a pro American boxer and was Lamonts favorite family member would show him boxing moves and tell him to practice moves he showed him 1000 times a day, he'd even Skype with him to show him new moves. Lamont had even been secretly taking Aikido classes which he doesn't tell anyone as he has a reputation as a brawler and Aikido is a form of judo that uses your opponents strength against them. He was always fond of women and was at one point very social, until the day he was 17 and had Sake and lets just say he acted real loopy and embarrassed himself so since then he kept to himself and stayed away from Sake.

    He has had some girlfriends through the years but none really lasted for too long, many of them just wanted a tough guy boyfriend. He did his best to do the bare minimum to pass classes and make his mom happy but he always seemed to end up fighting but as long as he passed she couldn't complain. He would fight bullies usually, and stand up for those who couldn't stand up for themselves, and people who disrespected him. It was like clockwork each week someone wanting to be the delinquent king in High School would push him too far and an example would have to be made and then they'd come back with friends and more examples had to be made. Now he's gotten beaten up before but he's so durable most think he's a freak of nature and the times he's lost were never fair fights. In those situations he'd come back and LET LOOSE and then there would be bodies on the ground.

    Lamont has a code of honor, and doesn't fight women.... hold up he's no saint he doesn't fight women ... seriously he will incapacitate any enemy no matter what gender but he goes easier on women.
    He currently works as a bouncer for a popular nightclub as he is now 21 but before that he was an enforcer for people who needed help for money.

    Other: will make changes if need be​
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  4. Alright he seems well enough but the roleplay will be taking place in the city of Kuoh (the canon city which lacks an actual name) why is he there and will he be able to stay there for that reason? Yes he will be turned into a devil after the first part of the story is concluded but for the moment he needs a reason to be in the city as he wasn't born there.
  5. He will visit the city and he's 21 when he gets resurrected he can move to the city and should I make the bishop now or wait
  6. Alright then I guess he can make due with that we'll need to find a way to make him a target or a happen stance victim of some angel or deranged priest. And unless you plan on killing him off in chapter 1 I think resurrection is the wrong word for that I think you mean converted.
  7. Ok your right I was thinking he interferes with a fallen attempting to kill someone destined to be a powerful angel the human escapes and the fallen attacks him in anger
  8. I was thinking a fallen angel or exorcist (more likely you would hand a stray exorcist better) would be after a young priest or nun and you save them and give a decent to ok fight but are ultimately overwhelmed forcing Ivan or Dag to save you seeing potential in you.
  9. Ok exorcist it is ... Hopefully not one like Freed man I hated freed
  10. Yes I read your comment I put up a nun or priest instead because running into someone important enough to become a saint before we're even a devil seems a bit out of left field but if you want it I'll consider it.
  11. Ok so what reason could the exorcist have to be attacking a nun or priest
  12. Rogue exorcist like Freed but not as insane. Could view the church as a hersey of it's former self or some sort of shenanigans along those lines. Maybe a misunderstanding.
  13. Are u going to create a CS for Ivan
  14. I intended to leave Dagmar and Ivan as NPC's without CS's though if you want I'll make one or describe how they look too you. I still need to make a description for Aster. I also pm'd the other two who have shown interest so I'm hoping they didn't back out but i haven't heard back yet.
  15. Name: Aiko Karua
    Alias: Tsukami's Shadow
    Divine Gear: Never Alone
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Role/Chess Piece: Knight
    Weapon: White Katana

    "They're not safe... in our shadow…"

    Familiar: none yet

    Tsukami is a Yakuza family, ran by an always unknown leader, known for their skills of infiltration and assassinations. They have been around since the beginning of the futile era of Japan, but after the invasion of the Americans, their numbers slowly began to fall. The only reason they have managed to stay active was because of their mysterious leaders, but she died 17 years ago and none have taken her place yet. Tsukami has managed to keep their members safe for now but with the rival gangs mysteriously growing stronger and their numbers dwindle from lack of true direction; they were at risk of losing everything.
    Aiko is one of the bloodline relatives to the first leader of the group. She has been training to become a hitman like her mother and father for all her life. Her life has always been a struggle to survive. She was born sick. She grew up around knives and guns, nearly shooting her mom with a gun she found lying around. Still nothing would add up to the year she turned 3. For the first time ever her home was attacked and she was kidnapped. It was a normal think for this kind of life. Someone’s child gets kidnapped and traded back for money, but this time the trade did not go as planned. When her parents handed over the money, one of the other gang members just snapped and killed his allies. When he turned to the parents, they were gone. Then when he turned to Aiko, he felt a cold blade in his heart. This was what made the Tsukamis dangerous.
    From that night on, Aiko wanted to be strong like her parents and repay the gang for saving her. She practiced in her off time, barely passing classes because of her dedication. She did not care much for it because she knew what she was going to become. As time progressed, the enemy gangs became more and more aggressive with their attacks. There member base skyrocketed compared to the ever dwindling Tsukamis. Going to school became harder and harder, not to mention it was just dangerous in its self as anyone could attack her without much resistance. With such a low member base, Aiko had a kick start to her career and fought on the front lines a few times. After the big fight under the bridge, Tsukami suffered a big lost. It was now near impossible to control the order of the group without their unknown leader who died 17 years before Aiko was born. With little hope of holding their territory, the members split up to protect whatever lands they felt was most important to them. Aiko, her parents, and their followers took refused in Kuoh, which was rumored to be the same land that raised the first leader of Tsukami. Alice, unable to safety attend to school, dropped out to fully devote to the group. Little did the group or family know, the rival gangs are after the Alice and her undiscovered Divine Gear: Never Alone.

    (still human but has the Divine Gear Never Alone)
    After turning to a demon, she will obtain enhance speed
    Never Alone:
    -manifest shadows into physical objects
    -manipulate their "OWN" shadow to fight the enemy.
    -Summon living shadows of their selves which can mirror whatever actions the user is performing (to include spawning and throwing weapons)
    -Summon a shadow name Tsukami which is a living shadow that can act separately from the owner. If Tsukami is fully summoned and in the sunlight, she creates a huge mental strain on the user.
    -If the user is in a shadow, they can switch places with any of their shadow creation but if they are in the light, they can only switch places with the living shadows (not Tsukami's shadow)
    Aiko is a shy girl when not actively given orders. Her shyness is normally masked by her sense of duty. She looks up to her superiors and is protective of the people under her. After becoming a devil, she relies heavily on Tsukami advice and words to justify her actions. Tsukami typically tells her what she is thinking or what she already knows. Rarely does the shadow speak of things unknown to Aiko.
    Aiko sometimes reverts to the pronoun "we" when referring to herself, especially when using her powers.
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  16. As it stands as a work in progress it looks ok so far though I'm having a bit trouble understanding the bio due to it not being a description like mine and Iroh's.
  17. Cause i havent converted it yet
  18. Alright fair enough I was just saying my bit on the matter as GM.
  19. You should do a grammar check on your bio and flesh our your character's own history more.
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