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  1. Mondays. Mondays were the most monotonous, pointless, irritating and mundane days of the week as far as Mario was concerned. They revolved around the hellish duty of having to stumble like a half-brained zombie from the comfort and heaven that was his bed, deck himself out into a set of mostly un-ironed clothes, and then grumpily storm to one of his lectures, only to never have the information sink in, and instead spend the entirety of the hour glaring furiously at the inhabitants of the lecture hall. They breathed too loudly; they laughed insanely, and they asked the most idiotic of questions.

    Mondays. Mondays were definitely the worst days of them all, made worse because he was usually hungover after a drinking session on the lazy Sunday he spent lounging in his and his boyfriend's dorm. The only, only upside to a Monday was the time off he had after his first lecture, in which he usually spent it back in his dorm with a cigarette or a casual drug in hand, and, if his goody-two-shoes boyfriend could stand the scene, he would happily watch some stupidly cheesy movie with him. Anything to avoid doing the work he was supposed to.

    And that was where he currently was, after the mind-numbing hour spent glaring at the people in the lecture hall. He could have easily just sat there, invisible - still learning, but immune to the whispers about him and the glances he was given for his hungover state. Yet, he tried not to use his powers when he was just a bog-standard human. When he was 'Ghost', however? He used his powers whenever he could - it was a release, if anything. A release from the constrained, suffocating nature of normality.

    Lounging out tiredly, his long legs finding space to rest after kicking off most the books on his desk, he ran a hand coolly through his hair with his eyes, dull and red, glancing aimlessly through the room, landing inanely on his boyfriend's things. Things that were, unsurprisingly, the direct contrast to his own possessions. While his boyfriend had all the books he needed to pass exams in perfect condition, and had all his notes stacked neatly, Mario, by contrast, had no such organisation - his exam revision was strewn across the room, the desk occupied not just by his feet but by empty cans and unwrapped cigarettes... as well as the obvious appearance of weed. Oh well, was his thought. Knowing his luck, Lucius would enter at any moment, rant at him for the messy state, and clear it all up for him anyway.

    What was a boyfriend for?​
  2. What a beautiful Monday, like usual, Lucius woke up early and prepared himself for his morning classes. He was always a morning person and loved to even watch the sunrise on his way to class. After taking Maxwell on a walk and preparing his bowls of food and water, he gathered his things and began to head to class aware of his boyfriend still asleep. Classes went quite smoothly. Like the prodigy he was, he took skillful notes and asked questions if he had to. Many students would even ask him questions. He was use to it by now. He didn't mind helping them but sometimes he would have to just show them the paper. He hated talking and hated that professors would call on him knowing he would know the answer. It was kind of annoying.

    After his classes were finished, he began to make his way over to the dorm. He was aware that he had work that evening and probably would be working late. He didn't mind though. Baking was quite fun and he enjoyed cooking too. However, he dreaded working at the front since he wasn't exactly the best at speaking with others. It seems his employers have gotten use to his shy nature by now.

    He reached into his bag to unlock the door and smiled a bit seeing Maxwell running to him. "Good evening to you too." He said kneeling down and petting the dog. He closed the door and placed his things neatly to the side before going to greet his boyfriend. As usual, he was spotted at his desk quite suspiciously. He sighed and pushed up his large glasses on his face. "Mario, I just straightened your things Saturday..." He whined while folding his arms. The smaller male was already uneasy about the drugs and such in their room already. Usually when he would bring it up to Mario, the male would just change the subject or try to make Lucius forget with his affectionate words. He walked over to the window and opened it letting a bit of fresh air in. "Seriously, can you at least use the organizing cabinet I gave you to hide your... Belongings? Also what do you want for lunch? I can make you something before I get ready for work."
  3. "My 'belongings'?" The boy mocked flatly, easily imitating his boyfriend's properly pronounced words and grammatically correct phrases. While the larger of the two was content in teasing everybody and anybody over the way they spoke, especially if they were smarter than he was and clearly set for important things, he could never really insult his boyfriend. He was almost incapable of doing so - he did adore Lucius, whether that was to be believed or not, and so, as hypocritical as it was, he complimented and fondly gushed over the very things Lucius possessed that he would only bully others relentlessly for.

    "Oh, will you give it a goddamn rest?" He sighed heavily, breathing out a circle of smoke and, after setting down the cigarette onto the ashtray, spun in the chair to glance his well-to-do boyfriend over. Frankly, he was rather surprised he had even managed to flirt and attract someone as smart and polished as Lucius. The boy was a model, straight A student, unable to really put a foot wrong, whereas Mario was his antithesis. A failing student unable to concentrate in class, and frankly, didn't care about his grades. The fact they were together and had a stable, functioning and loving relationship had to be the biggest shock on campus, more of a shock given they had lasted a whole three months together now. Three whole months without bitter arguing or even uncomfortable disagreements. Three whole months of relative bliss, enjoyment and lovingness.

    "I do drugs, you know that. Just... fine. Fine. What are the lecturers gonna do if they catch me smoking weed? Are they gonna smack me, tell me I've been a very naughty boy and that I need to be mature?" He mocked again, though obligingly shoved the bag in a drawer and messily crammed the cans into the overflowing trash can in the corner. He did want to try his best and show that he could listen to his boyfriend... now and then, anyway. "Why are you here so early? I thought you were gonna get here in ten minutes or so? Not that I'm sad about it, obviously."​
  4. Lucius watched as the male began to put away his things. Something about Mario just seemed quite acceptable. A part of him wanted to change Mario for the better. However, Lucius cared about him deeply and just wanted Mario to be happy. And, as the caring man he was, he would gladly turn the other way knowing Mario's many addictions. It hurt, but seeing Mario unhappy hurt more. Secretly, Lucius enjoyed that rebellious side of him. It was extremely attractive but he wouldn't admit it. Mario wouldn't let him hear the end of it if he ever did.

    "I know you do." He said while carefully untying his tie and hanging it up. "I'm just looking out for you, ya know. W-What if an enforcing were to come in and arrest you for it? Or worse, what if Maxwell eats it?! How am I going to explain that to the veterinarian?" It was well known that Lucius was a worrier. In fact, people say it's that same ridiculous worry that makes him cute. Lucius saw his constant worry as embarrassing and the fact that anyone, including Mario, found him cute what so ever. He neatly placed his shoes to the side and went into the bathroom to change. Even now, Lucius was embarrassed to change in front of his own boyfriend. He was a nervous wreck. After putting on some comfy clothes, he returned and happily picked up Maxwell.

    "Hehe. Well, my class didn't run that long so I thought I'd come back and make us lunch." He said smiling at the dog kisses to his cheek. He smiled. "What? I thought you'd enjoy some company for lunch time. Usually I'm working or dealing with the student concil so I don't get to spend more time with you." He did regret not being there for Mario more. He lightly placed a kiss on the males cheek. "And of course Maxwell too."
  5. "Oh yes. Maxwell. What a delight he is when he's rifling through my bin and tossing rubbish around the room. I completely adore the little guy," he mumbled with lips pulled tight and eyes shooting daggers at the innocent little puppy, voice dripping with sarcasm. Okay, so he could hardly hate the dog, and most of the sarcastic comments were said out of mild irritation and playfulness, but that hardly prevented him saying such things. He did highly like his boyfriend, and as a result, felt he had to also like Maxwell... but that wasn't going to stop him airing the grievances he had with the animal currently.

    "Look, you do you," he drawled quietly, reaching to crack open a can of cola, and simultaneously cram his hand into the open packet of Doritos (usually left aside when he was high so he had something to munch on) to stuff a few lazily into his mouth. This was what he usually did on most days: drink, eat absolute rubbish, and laze about, either sleeping or playing video games. It wouldn't be too bad, if he kept up with his work too, but clearly, studying and education lay a far cry from his first priority in life. "Have lunch, and then go do what you need to, alright? I'll still be here, obviously. I'm always here, ain't I?"​
  6. Lucius lightly placed his dog on his bed and began to make his way to the kitchen preparing himself lunch. He soon returned and hopped onto his bed pouting slightly. "Oh well, I didn't know you wanted to get rid of me so badly." Of course, he didn't mean it seriously but he still wanted to at least see him once before heading to work. He sighed slightly and began to eat pushing Maxwell away from his food. "Also, I might be coming back a bit late tonight. You know, gonna go to the library for a bit. So you know... Don't wait up." He said removing his glasses and cleaning them with his shirt. That was his usual excuse for when he would patrol the city. And he knew the male wouldn't wait up or anything either. That was fine.

    After finishing his meal, he huffed slightly and rubbed his eyes ready to get ready for work. He began to head to the bathroom and place his uniform on. He would wait to put the apron on when he got there. Too embarrassing. Once he was done he sighed slightly. "Well I'm off...." He said. He paused slightly and gave a small and yet adorable smile. " Be safe ok? And I'll bring you back some sweets too."
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