Hidden Identities (IC-OPEN)

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    Charlote Moquaderi opened the door to the large dining room. The center of the room was cleared for dancing, and a stage sat up at the front of the room for the performances. Tables circled the dance floor and lined in front of the stage. Charlote beckoned her guests in. "Welcome, to the Moquaderi Mansion!" she boomed with a loud, yet gently feminine voice as she backed up, allowing them in.

    Aria Moquaderi stood in front of the stage, beaming. Her mask hid her face well, but her blue eyes shined from behind it and her black hair was straight, pulled back into a spiraling pony-tail. She looked over the guests. "First, please sit, find a table and enjoy a small chat while the performers prepare. Get ready for a wonderful dinner!" she said loudly, the same femininity as her sister. She silently ascended the stairs to the stage and disappeared behind the curtains.

    "Yes, take a seat and prepare!" Charlote agreed before disappearing behind the curtain as well.
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  2. Hector walked in, he looked around surprised to see the abundance of dancers, maybe he was early. He hated being early, he was early for almost everything in his life, birth, weddings, concerts and even to a Maquaderi party. He wen tto the left side of the room and sat at the first table he saw. Then he noticed quite a few people were there actually he felt more comfortable knowing that he wasnt the only one there.
  3. A waitress walked over to Hector. She wore a simple white mask and a white dress with short sleeves that reached her ankles. All the waitresses wore this simple outfit, the waiters wearing black masks and black suits. She curtsied. "Is there anything I can get you, sir?"
  4. A beautiful woman walked over to him in a white dress, "Is there anything I can get you, sir?" He looked at herfor a couple of seconds, "oh, uuh yes do you have wine?"
  5. She nodded. "Yes sir, we do." She straightened. "Red or white?"
  6. Turned out they did have wine, "Red please."
  7. "Yes sir. I will be back soon..please, enjoy the pre-dinner show." she curtsied again and turned towards a back room, disappearing through the door. The lights dimmed only slightly and the dancers came on-stage, Charlotte and Aria in front.

    Charlotte bowed to the audience, beaming. "Good evening, Ladies, Gentleman!" she said loudly as she straightened. "I am delighted to present to you, the dancers of Fall!"

    On que, Aria and the other dancers in black all curtsied, smiling. "Thank you, Charlotte!" Aria said. "I am pleased to introduce to you the dancers of Spring!"

    Now their turn, Charlotte and the red dancers curtsied.

    The two groups split to opposite sides of the stage. The drums started. The Fall Dancers stepped forwards, each stride timed with the beat of the drums, spinning, twirling, silent. Then, the woodwinds started to play, and the Spring Dancers started their routine, weaving through the Fall dancers with a series of twirls and bows, even a few duck-and-rolls.
  8. The waitress took his order and curtsied before walking away. Then the dancers of Fall and Spring came on stage. The preformance was rather impressive.
  9. In the middle of the dance, a tray was slid onto his table by a waiter, unseen in the dim lights because of his black uniform. The tray held a glass of red wine and a bucket of ice with a bottle of wine.
  10. He took the glass and raised it, "Thank you."
  11. The waiter nodded and backed into the shadows.

    The performance ended, all of the dancers leaving with the exception of Aria and Charlotte.

    "An exquisite performance, sister Charlotte." Aria complimented, bowing to Charlotte.

    "A wonderful show, sister Aria." Charlotte bowed back.

    Both girls giggled and scurried off backstage.
  12. The wine was quite delicious, he clapped when the performers got off stage. "Tasty." he mumbled to himself.
  13. Charlotte noticed the absence of many guests. While her sister jumped from table to table, she picked out one guest in particular, walking up behind him and placing her hands on his shoulders, leaning over his shoulder slightly. "Hi there! I'm Charlotte, Cal for short." she giggled. "You are?"
  14. As soon as he knew it Hector was on stage with Charlotte, "Hi Im Charlotte! Cal for short. And you are?" Hector leaned to microphone, "Im Hector."
  15. Aria paused in greeting someone and looked confused up on the stage.

    Charlotte smiled. "Hello there Hector! May I ask, what is your profession?" She said, smiling, her hands still on his shoulders.
  16. "Well.. I work at an electronics store fixing broken stuff." Hector smiled, he was happy with his job.
  17. Charlotte smiled. "What a wonderful job!" she giggled. "So, you fix electronical devices...sort of like an electrician?" Their current electrician had died, and the wires had not been checked in a while... bad. Bad. Bad. But no one suspected anything. "That's interesting." she took her hands off his shoulder and hugged him briefly. "I have something for you.." she was smiling as the words were said and she giggled.

    In the audience, Aria smirked. "Now now Charlotte." she said into her headpiece. "Don't have too much fun with the awards!"
  18. "Oh, well what is it you have have for me?" Hector liked surprises.
  19. Charlotte pulled her hand from behind her back. In her hand, stood a small trophy with an 'E' on it and a man holding the E. Charlotte beamed, handing it to him with yet another hug. "There you go people! Hector!" The audience applauded and Charlotte giggled. She acted like a young child almost. "I shall escort you back to your seat." she held her hand out to him.
  20. Hector recieved a reward of a man holding an E, the crowd applauded and Hector was escorted back to his seat. He poured himself another glass of wine.
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