Hey, I'm new *waves awkwardly*

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  1. Hiya, I'm SkaarsGuardian but you can call me Guardia. It's an acquired nickname. Anyways, I'm 19 and I've been RPing for about two years now. I've wrote everything about me in my Info section so if you're looking for a quick Fantasy-Romance RP partner, look into it and send me a Pm/Convo (don't know what you guys call it here). I'd love to RP with anyone :)!
  2. A warm welcome to Iwaku, Guardia! If you ever need any help around, just holler. ^^

    If you're into fantasy and romance, feel free to browse those sections. If you want group fantasy, go here, and if you want romance one on ones, go here.
  3. Oh yay, I made a friend! The welcome is very snuggly! Thanks for the offer! :)
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  4. Yay, friendship~ :3 And not a problem at all!
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  5. *squees, picks up new kitten and swings around happily!*

    This one is mine. I call dibs.
  6. *Is swung and a bit dizzy*

    M'tay but kitten might throw up now
  7. *puts collar on*

    Owned. I own you now. owo
  8. *bats at collar* You have one in red? I like red, makes my eyes pop.
  9. Dooooh, fine~!

    *gets red collar for little Guardian*
  10. Yay! I like Owner!
  11. Woo~! Excellent. Would you like to RP? :3
  12. YASS! Owner read my mind!
  13. Muahahah!

    *pets like a Bond villain*
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  14. Hey Guardia, welcome to Iwaku!
  15. Thank's Surrender!
  16. *tugs kitty away and cuddles to chest*

    My kitty.
  17. *Bats nose* But I only waves hi
  18. They are unworthy of your attention. <3
  19. Stop it! Surrender seems nice! *bell tinkles*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.