Hetalia; Revenge of the 2ps

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  1. ((You may use OCs or canon. This is 1p vs 2p so you can RP as your 2p too))
    Nyo England, better known as Alice Kirkland, stepped through the doors, ready for the meeting to start. She sighed, wondering whose stupid idea it was to even invent the stupid World Conference...probably America. She closed her eyes, wondering what was coming to her. She was the female version of England, not like she minded. She pushed her glasses up her nose and wondered what was going to happen this time.
  2. http://www.deviantart.com/art/Pennsylvania-OC-REQUEST-446289199

    Pennsylvania watched Alice enter the meeting room from the beams in the roof.
    "Maybe i should scare her... but that wouldn't be nice.."
    She really shouldn't have been in that room because she was only a state, not a country, but she wanted to listen in and see some countries she hadn't seen in forever.
    Then her mind wandered. The countries had 2p's... but do states?
  3. The doors open to the conference hall and in walked a young man his short silver hair fitting his pale sightless blue eyes "Bloody epic fail..." He snarled sensing that he wasn't the first one in the room.

    Connecticut cursed once again his light British accent slightly thicker. He knew he had no business there, none of the states did but that didn't keep him from showing up. The haunted state loved listening to Countries fighting and bickering.
    (I'll get a picture of him up soon)

    The doors were kicked open once again and a loud hooting voice filled the air "Whoo! The hero isn't late Ahahahaha!" It was America. He happily marched to the large table unaware of his states or Alice. He placed the fast food on the table and noisily pulled his chair out collapsing into and began to snack on the burgers. He happen to look up and over at the Female counterpart of England and he grinned the best he could around hamburger "Sup Allie!"

  4. Pennsylvania whisper-waved "hi!" To Connecticut and lost her balance for a second, but regained it. Sadly for her, her Hershey chocolate bars fell from her pocket and plummeted from the rafters to the floor. She stared shocked. Then giggled slightly.
    "Heh. Chocolate rain."
  5. Connecticut waved back and when he heard the candies plummet to the floor he smirked and laughed at the song reference.

    America looked up when he saw the candies. He looked up to the ceiling and grins "Yo Penn!" He slightly shudder when he noticed the spooky state "Hey Connecticut..."
  6. Alice jumped at the sound of America's voice. Why on earth did he have to be so bloody noisy? She got splattered by the chocolate rain and, murmuring curse words under her breath, wiped it out of her face.
    "FLYING MINT BUNNY!! What the bloody hell did you do that for?!"
    "That wasn't me," Flying Mint Bunny whispered. "Um, your notes?"
    "Yes, yes, of course, of course," Alice said absentmindedly as she received them. "Thank you. You remembered my-honestly, you guys." She chuckled as she got surrounded by unicorns, fairies, ect. "I'll talk to you later. Okay?" She smiled as her friends walked away. "Right. On to the meeting."
  7. "Finally! They're getting started! and no one suspected me!" Penn whisper-shouted to herself, punching the air.
    she sprawled out on the rafter, as one more hershey mini-candy bar came down and hit America on the head.
    "*sigh* Alright, enough with that." She took out a picture from her jeans pocket and looked at it. on it was her, riding on her white-tailed deer pet. She stuffed a jolly rancher in her mouth and put the picture back. she stared back to the meeting to see if anything new happened.
  8. Alice sighed and shuffled her notes. "Right, I think I'd best get this out of the way." She felt her fists clench at the thought of it. "There has," she said slowly. "Been an attack in London with American artillery involved. Can somebody please explain what the bloody hell I did to you and it will be solved as soon as possible. What irks me is that I thought that you guys got over the Revolutionary War." She looked at America in the hopes that he could explain what happened. "I truly am not lying or looking for trouble." She closed her eyes, remembering the bloodshed on her British streets that she worked so hard to manage.
    ((OOC: don't worry, it's none of your characters or their 2ps! It's actually my own 2p trying to frame somebody else.))
  9. http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/295/c/c/hetalia_antarctica_by_centivhan-d4dknax.png

    Antarctica rubbed her arms as she walked though the door of the conference room. "Sorry I'm late," she explained. Antarctica was young nation and talked in a strange accent that barely anyone understand. "Also whats this talk of war and attacks, doesn't that cause pollution?" she asked as she took and seat in a chair around the table which barely was tall enough to show her face.

    (Is it ok if I join)
  10. ((sure))
    Alice sighed. "There has been an attack in London," she explained to the newcomer-Antartica, she believed. "With American artillery involved. Do you know anything about this?" she questioned.
  11. "Nope, I don't know anything. But would think America had something to do with this sense his artillery was involved," Antarctica answered as she got out of the chair to fiddle with it to see if she can make it taller.
  12. "I don't really know what's going on," Alice said. "I ended up staying at China's-ah, speak of the devil!"
    China stormed into the room, looking incredibly agitated. "ALICE! Can you explain something to me, aru?"
    "This, of course!" He shook a pea-green jacket in the female England's face. "I found this in the rubble of a citizen's house, aru!"
    "Huh?" Alice looked closer. "But that's mine…"
    "Exactly why I'm mad at you. Westerners…" he snorted. "So what if I lost the Opium Wars? That doesn't give you the right to destroy my place, aru!"
  13. "Oooh! People have been attacking major cities, huh?" Penn said. "That can't be good."
    She unwrapped a Hershey bar and started eating it. She stopped mid-bite.
    "Crap! I have to secure my cities!" She pulled out her phone and called her boss.
    "Take care of Philledelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh..." and continued until she listed everything down to New Oxford.
  14. "Alice, what going on here?" Antarctica asked trying to be sophisticated due to her age. She felt as though she was being shoved out of the conversation due to her age. She felt this way a lot she wanted to noticed, she as smart and intelligent but hardly anyone cared to see her.
  15. "What's going on is that my cities are being destroyed!" Alice said angrily.
    "YOUR cities? You and your magic witchy friends have been demolishing my streets!" China said irritably.
    "ME?! China, I think you're just causing conflict!"
    China gave her a dirty look before turning to Antarctica. "You believe that she destroyed my streets, do you, aru?"
    "I didn't bloody touch them!" Alice screamed back. Why was she doing this? Her and China normally got along just fine. But he was accusing her of doing something she didn't do.
  16. "Will if that green jacket his truly England's, I would think he to be a keen suspect.
    Will at least in your case, but for her cities I'm not sure," Antarctica explained looking up from the bottom of the chair.
    "By the why do you have a screw driver or and wrench?" She asked getting off the her knees and dusting herself off.
  17. "Don't think so," Alice said slowly. "And if anything, I didn't bother touching the streets, so stop blaming me!" She groaned and got off her seat, then walked out of the room. "Just because I won a bloody war…"
    "You get back here, aru!" China called after her. "HEY!!!" He slumped down in his seat. "Coward…"

    "Honestly…" Alice sighed. "I didn't bloody do anything but stay the night at China's house because America-" She sat down outside. "Never mind…Flying Mint Bunny, is that you?" She squinted. It looked as though he had taken a dip in some mud.
    "I'm not a mint bunny…" her companion started slowly. "I'm a chocolate bunny!" And the bunny pounced on her.
    "Whoa-hey-stop that!" Alice held up her hands as a defense. "Mint Bunny-what the bloody hell are you doing?!"
    This was all too weird…what was going on?
  18. Antarctica looks at England with a strange look and asks
    "Who are you talking too England?" she put her hand in her big coat pocket and found nothing.
    She signed and got back in her chair and said "You said it yourself England, that jacket is yours, were you there or not?"
  19. "Antartica-not-now!" Alice tried to wrench the chocolate bunny off of her. "Can-you-help me-? N-no, I wasn't there-please-get it off, get it off-"
    "Orders from Olivia," Flying Chocolate Bunny added happily, increasing its stranglehold that he was keeping her in.
    "Who?" Alice choked.
    "You know who."
    "Voldemort?" Alice groaned. "He's dead, you twat."
    "YOUR 2P!" the bunny shouted at her.
    "My what? Oh, no." Her eyes widened in realization.
  20. "Honestly England I don't get you sometimes, I'm really considering leaving,"
    Antarctica pouted as she got up straighten herself out in her chair and took off her brown winter coat.
    She wore a white long sleeve shirt with designs of snowflakes.
    Antarctica felt a bit more recognized after china had asked her the question.


    Czech, or as many call her Ivana Scarlet walked through the door of the room.
    As had a been grin on her face, her cheeks blushed.
    "Oh, I forgot there was a meeting today," Ivana stated as she walked tipsily into the room.
    "Maybe I shouldn't be here, I do think I'm a little drunk," Ivana said.
    Then suddenly she tripped on her blue dress and collapsed on the floor.
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