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  1. Savannah Smith was a sixteen year old who didn't like to be home unlike a lot of teens. One day on spring break, she knew that her childhood bestfriend was in jail for being the way he was. She sighed a she cleaned off the counters looking around waiting for her shift to be over so she can hang out with some people. She gulped and looked around hoping that she could be taken away from her father... So she can get away. She was tempted to run away. But she wanted her bestfriend in her life. She started to wipe down the counters soon she heard the door belle as someone came in. " how many is in your party?" she asked. She walked over to them not recognizing them.
  2. "He was arrested. Again." Said a grave voice.
    Jacob Fredderick Henderson slammed his fist on his desk when his employee told him that his son, Jake, was arrested for driving while completely and senselessly drunk.
    He sighed. He decided to give his son a last chance. A last opportunity to become a man.

    "Free him. Call the company's lawyers to bail him out. I want to have a serious talk with Jake when he gets freed." Said his father.

    The employee nodded and left to run this errand.

    Later that same day, Jake stepped out of the Jail.
    He was smirking with his cocky manners, walking casually like he didn't care. He was clad in an expensive black leather jacket, a white tanktop and black leather pants, just like your regular punk and rich kid.
    He also wore sunglasses, hiding his light green eyes. He had Light Brown Hair, almost blonde.

    He kept walking 'till he reached for his red bike, an expensive one at that. He then grinned cockily and started the engine. Soon, a crazy young man was riding like a madman, in an abusive and ridiculous speed.

    He was going to see Savannah, his best friend. He could only think of her, and how he should protect her from that bastard of a father.
  3. Savannah sighed as she went to go to the bathroom after her shift was done. She tilted her head and wondered. She bit her lower lip she was so nervous about going home, and because she didn't have a car she had to walk home. She looked at her cell as she walked. She texted one of her good friends. Maybe she can get away for a few days? She wanted to get away. She looked down. She hummed and soon saw a bike that looked familiar she smiled realizing who it is " jake!" she smiled
  4. Jake got up from his bike with a broad grin. He then approached his best friend and hugged her lightly.

    "Hey Annah! You okay kid? Sorry for not calling you this week. I was busy, doing nothing on the Jail" He said smirking.

    He was actually deeply concerned for her. Though he was pretty much egotistical and stupid, he truly cared for her. He only never showed it enough.
    He also had picked up several fights with her father and was always enraged to imagine what kind of disgusting things he may have done to his friend. He clenched his fists at the thought, but held his smile.
  5. Savannah blinked and smiled. She hugged him back. She was nervous deep inside that he would find out that she liked him just a tiny bit. Savannah sighed and closed her eyes and smiled. She said " I guess" she winced and said " careful though Jay. " she looked at him and said " hang on someone's cling me" she then looked St her phone. He rather she sighed and answered it " hello father" she then heard yelling on the phome" dad it's not my fault I had to work today because you won't work m" she sighed and saidb" alright. " she hung up and sighed" well I guess I have to go" she frowned.
  6. Jake felt tense seeing her tremble at her father's call. He scowled yet let her answer it.

    She was about to go home, when he held her arm in place.

    "Hey, I'll take you home, kiddo..." He said, in a calm voice. He was, however, burning on the inside.

    He took her hand, calmly, and led her up to his bike.

    "Cling onto me! It's gonna be a wild ride, babe!" He said, with a wild smirk. He was trying to cheer her up despite of her situation.

    And through the night, they rode. It was a beautiful evening, full of city lights and glamour. Jake wished he could just ride his bike forever, never caring about anything. Except for Annah, people were stupid and annoying.

    But as they reached their destination, soon the magic was over.
    As they parted ways, he called out to her.
    "Sav... Call me if you need. Okay?" He asked her.

    After a reply, he left...
    ... Actually he came back. He just parked his bike somewhere near and went up to stalk Savannah's house. He was edgy around her father, and considering that last week he got up in a heated discussion with the disgusting man, his overprotective senses wouldn't leave him alone.
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  7. Savannah sighed and she looked over and closed her eyes. She sighed hoping this will all be over. She wanted him to just take her away but she knew her father would find her. She held onto him as she got into the bike. She smiled sweetly. She put her head on his shoulder, we'll tried. She held onto him and closed her eyes. She felt amazing the rush it gave her. She smiled and looked over at him. She soon felt him stop they must of been here. She bit her lower lip and she got off. She looked over at him.
    Savannah smiled " thanks Jay" she then went inside and as soon she closed the door she was hit and thrown, she was hit until her bone snapped
    She wasn't fighting back she then tried reaching for her phone but her father took it from her. She frowned and soon tried to run from him, she stumbled trying to get upstairs but he caught up and kept getting her, and he threw a bottle at he, glass and it broke on her hand. She gasped and frowned.
  8. As soon as his ears had caught the sounds of fighting and struggle, Jake went haywire.

    He bursted inside her house and searched for her. He found Savannah and her ridiculous excuse for a father fighting each other. He was beating her into a pulp and had hurt her hand with a broken bottle.

    Jake ran and caught her father by the collar of his shirt, then threw a well aimed punched at his disgusting face.
    Jake punched him again, and as he fell to the ground, the rich boy kicked him over and over again, fury blinding his senses.

    However, when the man went totally unconscious, Jake stopped and dashed up to Savannah's side. He embraced her and held her tight. He kissed the top of her head and whispered:

    "Shh... It's okay, okay... I'm here Annah, I'm here..." He kept whispering.

    After they calmed down, he let go of her.

    "Go upstairs and pack only your important things - Anything that can't gey replaced by money. Get your sister as well. We're gettin' outta this hell!" He said, in a hushed tone.

    He waited for her and kept and eye on her unconscious father.
  9. Savannah was shocked shelooked up and saw that Jay was fighting him. She was shocked she the got up and went to pack some stuff like books she liked. She then got her school work and then got her sister and looked over and said " it's going to be okay" she gasped as she was trying to move
    She then went outside with her sister who had her cat. Savannah winced at the pain. " Jay.. I don't feel so well" she whispered.
  10. Jake panicked seeing her tremble. It was probably the loss of blood. He immediately got his jacket and tank top off and ripped his shirt to clean and cover her wounds.

    "Hold it like this, I've called my men and they're coming. Just hold tight Sav!" He embraced her.

    He then crouched himself and ruffled her sister's hair.
    "Heya kid. That's a nice cat you have here. Don't worry, I'll take care of you gals." He said to her sister.

    Ten minutes later, came an expensive car. It was one of his personal servants. The man looked stressed seeing that his chief has gotten into a heck of a trouble after just getting out of the jail.

    "Drive. To my flat, of course. I don't wanna see my father tonight." He ordered.
  11. Savannah could see her arms bone out and it was a crushed and her leg hurt to walk on and it cracked as she walked. She frowned and trembled. She blinked slowly. She was feeling weird. She looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. She didn't know what to do. She placed the stuff how he told her. She looked at her sister who was very young like two. " what's gonna happen now where am I going to go Jay?" she looked at her sister jessica

    Jessica smiled and held onto her kitty as it purred. She nodded. " thanks Jay" Jessica smiled and went to go follow them since she didn't want to be with her cruel father. She got in with them and smiled at the guy driving. "hi!!" her cat meowed and purred.
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  12. The man smiled at the young girl and nodded to his master as he drove through the deadly quiet streets.

    "You can stay at my house, Annah. There's a guest bedroom there if you remember, and the neighbors already know who you are. I know it's a bit of an expensive place, but I'm sure both of you will be safer there." He said, hugging her closer. He knew that she was still bleeding, so he motioned his driver to stop at the hospital.

    The doctor had said that Savannah would be fine, as long as she didn't strain herself too much. Jay had paid for the hospital services and everything else.

    Arriving at his house, his maids had arranged the guest bedroom for the sisters.

    "There's dinner on the fridge.You may heat it if you want. And... You can buy clothes tomorrow. I'll be in my room, if you need me" He said, kissing her forehead and ruffling Jessica's hair.

    He went to his room and went to sleep. However, he could not stop thinking of his best friend.

    "Get real Jake, she is too good for you." He muttered to himself.
  13. Jessica smiled she tilted her head as her sister was at the hospital. She tilted her head and wondered. She smiled and looked over. She asked Jay " can I keep bootsie?" Jessica then held onto her kitty.

    Savannah blinked and watched him and smiled. She WA thankful for him. She then frowned seeing her hand all broken and in a cast. Once she was at his house and she helped Jessica get into the guest bedroom. Savannah let him go to his room. She honestly wanted to sleep with him. She blushed thinking of that, she'll try tomorrow night. She knew her sister wanted her to sleep with her so they got ready for bed and laid down.
  14. The next day, the three had a breakfast. Jessica was laughing at Jay's miserable attempt to make pancakes. He just smiled at Savannah. Jessica's cat was enjoying her milk as well, considering that Jay let Jessica keep her pet.

    "Girls, since I've been on jail for a while, I must speak to my father. He is kinda mad at me. I have hired someone to babysit Jessica, Sav. And I'll go pick you up on your work later." He said, smiling.

    His heart was beating fast now that he had Savannah under his roof. However, they're friends since High School, he is not sure if she would like him jeopardizing everything. Not to mention that he was troublesome, a punk that liked to get in fights and yell at people. He is not sure how does she stand him.

    Later that same day, Jake was with his father, Sir Jacob. He seemed mad, and very stern.
    "Jake. This is the last time I'll tolerate your childish tantrums."
    "Chill out, old man. It was just a small mistake, right?" He said, grinning.

    However, his father slammed his fist on the table.
    "No! It isn't! I'm tired of it. Listen very well. You have to man up. NOW. And I know just the thing that you need." His father said, sternly.
    "What is it, oh great Jacob F. Henderson?" Jake asked, mocking his father with a sly smirk.
    "Arranged marriage with my business partner's daughter." Said the older man. Jake's smiled dropped instantly.
    "NO. WAY! I'm not gonna marry some rich sl*t just to please you!" He barked at his father in response.
    "You have no choice. Do so or you will be disowned." His father snapped, angrily.
    "I won't f***** do that!" He said. He then stormed out of his father office and went to hang out with some friends, rich troublemakers like him.
    He wouldn't marry a rich and snobbish girl! He was fond of...Someone else. SHE needed him, not some idiotic girl.
  15. All day while savannah worked, Jessica sighed as she was getting a call in the middle of the work. She knew that her family was rich before they were hanging out. She bit her lower lip. She tilted her head softly. She had a phone call from her father. She knew that her father was friends with Jays father. She answered it and before she spoke she held that she was arranged marriage with someone's son. She was angry she liked Jay. She hung up and started to clean and faster too.
  16. Jake had just stopped his bike at the front of Annah's work.
    He was nervous. How the heck he was going to tell her that he was getting married?

    "Ain't getting married, dammit!" He slapped himself mentally.
    He then just waited outside for her. How could he tell her that? After he just had got her safe from that stupid father of her... He was going to protect her, but now this stupid wife comes in! Argh!
  17. Savannah sighed not sure how to tell her bestfriend about what her father told her. She frowned and then looked around seeing it was time to get off of work. She raised an eyebrow and walked over to outside. She was done with today for work. She bit her lower lip thinking and smiled. She tilted her head and walked out to him " hey Jay" she wondered if she could say hi to his father. Savannah looked at him " is it okay with your father if I stayed?"
  18. He looked startled as soon as she called him out.
    "Don't worry. We're on my flat, quite far away from his house. But, Annah...There's something I have to tell you" He trailed off.

    He sighed and pulled her on an embrace.

    "I... I care for you. You know, right? We've been friends for... A long time." He said, smiling sadly at her.
    "Still... My father told me that... That I must marry someone else. A girl that I don't even know who she is. I feel... Lost" He said, not able to face her.
  19. Savannah just looked at him thinking. She tilted her head softly. She didn't know what to do. She looked down " my father just called me and told me the same thing." she paused thinking. She said " wait a minute" " what if... " she raised an eyebrow thinking.
  20. Huh?

    "Your father what? Wait, are you sure your old man wasn't drunk or drugged? He does that a lot, and the nerve! He just beat you yesterday, how can he call you so nonchalantly and tell you that!?" He asked her, angry.

    But then he paused. He remembered that before going nuts, her father used to be rich and even had negotiated with his father a few times. And considering that Jay had just got her out of his grasp, he was probably finding a way to, either use her as a business card or trade his daughter for money. Like she was nothing.
    Jay growled. But... If that was true, then...

    WAIT. Savannah... Was his fiancee?

    "You mean...?"
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