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    So, you read comic books and you watch movies about 'Super Villains' who want to take over the world.
    You read comic books and you watch movies about 'Super Heroes' and how they want to protect it.
    But the truth, what they're trying to distract yourself from is, that they already own it.
    Heroes have dominated.

    Heroes have taken over the Earth.

    The planet is theirs, but we know that we live in a Dystopia because they don't think we live in one.
    Collectively, they are the villains of the story.
    Heroes are the alien invasion.

    Nature is gasping for breath, and with it, so is humanity.

    We're still struggling here.
    Pretending that we matter.
    Our lives are the self-destruction.

    Our well-being is the suicide of the species.

    Let's pretend that we can't help killing and hating eachother, and then we'll feel fine about stabbing our other self in the back.
    There isn't hope for the future, because heroes won't stop being what they are.
    It's time to shift the paradime.

    It's time to protect the paradime.

    We cannot create a humanity based on what we call 'humanity'.
    Because they have made themselves the force behind everything.
    But with enough of time and enough of us, they collapse on themselves like a black-hole.

    Because that is what they are.

    A gasping pit of snakes.
    A weeping, gnashing of teeth.
    The enemy.

    CLOSED! We have successfully filled all of our sections for Hero Complex! We are full, and currently NOT looking for any new members.
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    • Full Name: Calypso Fay
    • Nickname(s): Cyle, Call, Fay
    • Title: “The Call”
    • Age: 21
    • Birthday: 10/3
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: Greek/Irish
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexual Orientation: Grey Asexual
    • Religion: Agnostic
    • Occupation: Evil Villain
    • Family: Mother and Father.
    • Significant Other(s): N/A
    • Closest Friends: N/A
    • Enemies: Everyone else.
    Physical Traits
    • Eye Color(s): Green
    • Hair Color(s): Vibrant black
    • Height: 5’11”
    • Weight: 157 Lbs
    • Body Build: Light and airy, almost as if he has no meat on his bones.
    • Notable Physical Traits: Very long near-purple (off-black?) hair

    • Usual Mood/Expression: “Bitchy-resting face” Angry, tough, or just plain hard.
    • Quirks: He plays with his scarf when he’s anxious, and re-ties his pony-tail too often to have it be called ‘just a fix’.
    • Biography: He was born to a mediocre family, in a mediocre city, in a mediocre state, in a… Well, you get the point. All his life he’s been living in a sudden state of ‘Mediocre” with very few exit points in the places. He had no reason to be a villain, he had no reason to get in with the wrong crowd, but nothing was telling him not to be. His parents, bless their souls, tried their best to get him into shape once he started acting ‘funny’, but nothing seemed to get through to him. Sure, Calypso had everything he could have ever wanted. Nothing in his life was bad, nothing seemed out of place, he kept both of his parents and both of his parents kept him. Well, Calypso was just a Grade-A Asshole, and he loved disorder and chaos.
    • Five Prominent Traits: Rough around the edges, hard to chew, one of the worst people you might ever meet, one of the smartest people you may ever meet, and the most loyal villain you may ever have the displeasure of knowing.
    • Skills: He can fly, but only if he gets a running start, and jumps off of something. (i.e, he starts on top of a builting runs off, jumps, and he suddenly begins to fly.) Calypso can also move things with his mind, but very sparsely does he use it, because it takes a lot of energy and leaves him in pain afterwards.
    • Hobbies: Running, drawing, in-depth analysis.
    • Element: Air
    • Animal: Scarlet Tanager (Male)
    • Plant: Vine and Ivy
    • Anything else you want to add: He takes everything too personally, and considers everything a challenge.
    • Compassion: 4/10
    • Empathy: 4/10
    • Creativity: 8/10
    • Mental Flexibility: 9/10
    • Passion/Motivation: 6/10
    • Education: 8/10
    • Stamina: 9/10
    • Physical Strength: 7/10
    • Battle Skill: 7/10
    • Initiative: 6/10
    • Restraint: 2/10
    • Agility: 8/10
    • Strategy: 9/10
    • Teamwork: 2/10
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    • Full Name: Azelia Grey
    • Nickname(s): Elia
    • Title: Red Mistress
    • Age: 17
    • Birthday: January 12
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: German
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexual Orientation: Straight
    • Occupation: Villain/thief
    • Parents: Divorced
    • Siblings: brother, younger
    • Family: mostly unknown
    • Significant Other(s): none
    • Children: none
    • Closest Friends: none
    • Rivals: none
    • Enemies: anyone
    Physical Traits
    • Eye Color(s): Light brown
    • Hair Color(s): brown eyes
    • Height: 5' 4"
    • Weight: 120 Lbs
    • Body Build: Slender with light muscle definition
    • Notable Physical Traits: A back tattoo of Bloody Mary and tattoo of a Raven on her shoulder
    • Usual Mood/Expression: Usually expressionless, always keeping an innocent face as her mask.
    • Five Prominent Traits: Patient, very twisted way of thinking, perfectionist, Very Methodical, stealthy
    • Skills: The ability to use blood to an extent. She can control her own blood and reuse. Downside she can't just make a billion weapons at any given time. The more blood she uses the weaker her body gets. For example, she makes a bridge for her to walk on, a knife and two swords. That would be impossible. She can't control other since they do not have her blood. Though she has some regenerative ability. Instead of taking weeks for cuts to heal it only takes half the time. She can't instantly heal.
    • Hobbies: Music, Books, writing
    • Element: Water
    • Animal: Ocelots
    • Plant: Snap dragons, pear blossoms, and orchids
    • Compassion: 3/10
    • Empathy: 8/10
    • Creativity: 8/10
    • Mental Flexibility: 7/10
    • Passion/Motivation: 9/10
    • Education: 7/10
    • Stamina: 8/10
    • Physical Strength: 5/10
    • Battle Skill: 6/10
    • Initiative: 4/10
    • Restraint: 9/10
    • Agility: 8/10
    • Strategy: 7/10
    • Teamwork: 3/10
    • Bio: Azelia grew up with her parents and younger brother. Life was ok, a little lonely and stressful at times but all around normal. Azelia moved around a lot so making friends wasn't exactly necessary. While being around people she learned how to read people and found a way to understand emotions. She's not perfect at it and loves a good challenge every once and awhile. Temporarily befriending others was used to preoccupy her time and give her a reason to get out of the house. She was the older sister forcing her to be responsible and having mischievous fun was out of the question. Yet her brother was able to do as he pleased when ever he really wanted; even though they were only 18 months apart. Azelia didn't understand the logic and so stopped trying to be the responsible one and did things she always wanted to do. By time she was 10 her parents were divorced, but that didn't affect her much. Her parents had ever right to split if they wanted to, her begging wasn't going to stop them. With divorced parents trying to regain a life Azelia used this time to have fun doing what she wanted
    • Weird facts: Azelia likes masks (not a superhero mask but a masquerade mask) and will usually have one with her. She also loves the color red and she has to wear it somewhere on her. May it be hats, shoes, clothes or anything.
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  3. [​IMG]
    "Who and what's black and white and red all over?! Marcel mime! Get it? Cause she's a mime who wears black, white, and red, and is also 'READ' all over from toe to head! No?"
    --Marcel's cheeky little cousin.
    • Full Name: Marcel Marceau
    • Nickname(s): Marcie, Mar -Mar-, etc.
    • Title NICKNAMES: Mime, two face(d), clown, Red, Her, Harlequin.
    • Title: Mime
    • Age: Nineteen
    • Birthday: April 1
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: French
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    • Religion: Agnostic, but in truth she doesn't pay attention to any religion and also finds them corrupt.
    • Occupation: Professional mime and clown, circus performer here and there, Most often a street performer. Occasionally a burlesque.
    • Family:
    Elizabeth Marceau {. Mother ; alive .}
    Show Spoiler

    Elizabeth is a former burlesque queen and acrobatics woman. To this day, Marcel's own mother is still doing acrobats and trapeze and even burlesque despite the age! All about aging slow and looks and being healthy anyways right? The woman fell in love with the world famous mime Marcel Marceau, her father, and they have dated for years before having a baby girl and getting married soon after. The couple is still married too.

    Elizabeth is a well known entertainment performer for the 'vintage and old' times. In other words, performing in old ways in the modern world. Burlesque, trapeze, acrobatics, you name it. She enjoys what she does and is quite motherly despite these jobs. When Elizabeth first met Marcel, it wasn't love at first sight for neither the two. In fact, they were often annoying one another the first few weeks before willingly warming up to each other. Marcel often showing her how silent clowns or 'mimes' can also make people laugh in the form of silence, and Elizabeth often entertaining him right back as well as invite him over to her own shows (him without the mime suit of course, I mean c'mon now).

    When the two dated, it was wonderful. On duty or off everyone seemed to know. They soon had one child, a daughter named after her father, Marcel, and that's when their very own circus family started, opening a circus of their own.

    Marcel Marceau {. Father ; Alive .}
    Show Spoiler

    Marcel Marceau, the father of this female mime named after him, Marcel Marceau. He is a former world famous mime yet also a secretive and known villain in a different mime outfit and was also born in the 'old and vintage' entertainment. Under a circus performing for children. He enjoyed making people laugh and admired the art of mime, an act of silence speaking your emotions, it taught you how in fact. Marcel soon met a beautiful world famous circus performer like him and burlesque queen, Elizabeth and was seen often around her making her laugh. He was the clown of silence and after a few flattering here and there, won her heart for many years and continuing.

    Though despite being a mime, he wasn't mute. So how did he play the villain role that would get him badly injured enough to laugh? He invented special gloves that almost literally 'mimed' invisible things that weren't visible to the naked eye. And it was then that when the gloves were on, an invisible barrier surrounded his being that would 'mute out' his voice. Meaning others can't hear him whenever he actually speaks because in actuality there's a barrier around him that merely blocks his voice, not protect him. It's the same exact gloves his daughter wears also. Ironic based on how the two are very similar right? But now this mime has in a way, retired. He becomes sinister and villainous rarely now and isn't as rampant as his 'Golden years of villainy'.
    • Significant Other(s): N/A
    • Children
    • Closest Friends:
      Nothing {. Pet dog ; Great Pyrenees .}
    • Rivals: N/A
    • Enemies: N/A
    Physical Traits
    • Eye Color(s): Green
    • Hair Color(s): Black (Natural), Red (Currently).
    • Height: 5"9
    • Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
    • Body Build: Marcel's body build is quite Petite and curvaceous. She seems to have some muscle on her, the abs being the most notable with toned arms and is more flexible and agile than strong.
    • Notable Physical Traits: Dimples, strange yet comfortable aura, A crescent moon birthmark on the right side of her stomach around one side of her belly button, and a fake beauty mark on her left under eye.
    • Usual Mood/Expression: Childish and bright looking mime, Though she's quite deceitful.
    • Quirks:
    - Sniffing things, especially anything scented (markers, candles, papers). She likes the smell of coffee.
    - Refuses to attack animals..
    - Fascinated by the littlest and unimportant things
    - Copying others momentarily.
    • Biography:
    • Five Prominent Traits: Deceitful, childish, whimsical, dreamy.
    • Skills: Acting, Gymnastics and acrobatics, miming and clowning, etc.
    • Hobbies: Reading comic books, Performing,
    • Element: Air/Wind
    • Animal: Deer, which is ironic cause in Happy Tree Friends, mime is a deer. Panda as well cause their characteristic mime like traits mostly.
    • Plant: Roses
    • Anything else you want to add:
    - Her mime gloves are specially made, only activated by her. Whenever she 'mimes' the invisible energy comes out in full force. IE, if she 'mimes' a rope, her opponent will actually be tied.
    - She is not actually mute. However, she is able to mute her own voice by using her mime powers.

    • Compassion: 5/10
    • Empathy: 10/10 because she's 'mute' XD so she's stuck with listening in most cases.
    • Creativity: 10/10
    • Mental Flexibility: 8/10
    • Passion/Motivation: 7/10
    • Education: 10/10
    • Stamina: 10/10
    • Physical Strength: 8/10
    • Battle Skill: 7/10
    • Initiative: 7/10
    • Restraint: 5/10
    • Agility: 10/10
    • Strategy: N/A *
    • Teamwork: N/A *
    Overall for strategy it's a 10/10 and teamwork 10/10. But why did I leave such a thing blank? Because she is 'mute' so she no choice but to go along with things without objecting. And as for strategies, she can't really share out ideas, only draw them or make hand gestures! That's why!


    Minus the green leaves

    Yes I know its poison ivy, but the art seemed to resemble Marcel's face more so yeahhhhh.

    She'll look like this in her adult years herp derp, I thought it looked pretty.
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  4. @Noceur - I'll have you put down as a reserved. Thank you for checking out my thread/ad!
    @Lucifers Sairen - I can't wait to see the completed form.
  5. The Horseman of Chance, darkred General

    Full Name: Requiem Dominus Mortalis
    Nickname: Req
    Title: The Fifth Horseman
    Age: 19
    Birthday: May 23
    Species: Human
    Nationality: Irish/Native American
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Religion: N/A
    Occupation: Card Dealer in his dad's Casino, The Silver Hand. Also, a Villain Extraodinaire


    Parents: Father
    Siblings: N/A
    Family: Father
    Significant Other(s): N/A
    Children: N/A
    Closest Friends: N/A
    Rivals: The White Mage (She's A Pain In The Ass)
    Enemies: The White Mage, and a few other people.

    Physical Traits

    Eye Color(s): Silver
    Hair Color(s): Black
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 195 lbs
    Body Build: Lithe
    Notable Physical Traits: He is remarkably pale, and despite his height, appears to be entirely unimposing.

    Usual Mood/Expression: Relaxed Calculation, Neutral Smirk
    Five Prominent Traits: Easy-going, Patient, Tactical, Lucky, and he carries a cane, although he doesn't need it.

    Skills: He can kinetically charge objects to either make them more forceful, or explosive. He can also manipulate probabilities. The heavier the probabilities he shifts, the greater the energy drain. Making dice land on the face he wants them to, easy enough. Making a rift open up between planes that leads to it raining knives in a localised area... Would probably kill him. The more specific the alteration, the more draining it is on his body. Opening a random rift over a localised area and a whale dropping out of the sky crushing people and splattering whale everywhere wouldn't kill him, but he'd want to spend the next few days in bed recovering, simply because it wasn't as controlled. If he relinquished even more control, so that it effected a random area, it would be less draining but much less likely to help him, and so on so forth.
    Hobbies: Gambling, drinking, playing guitar, collecting pocket watches and grandfather clocks, as well as novelty card decks.
    Element: Void
    Animal: Raven
    Plant: Weeping Cherry Bonsai


    Compassion: 6/10
    Empathy: 6/10
    Creativity: 9/10
    Mental Flexibility: 8/10
    Passion/Motivation: 5/10
    Education: 8/10
    Stamina: 6/10
    Physical Strength: 3/10
    Battle Skill: 7/10
    Initiative: 5/10
    Restraint: 9/10
    Agility: 9/10
    Strategy: 10/10
    Teamwork: 4/10
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  6. @Requiem- I love your character! It's in for sure.
  7. Show Spoiler

    ...Ignore her shirt please. I swear I didn't do this on purpose. T.T

    • Full Name: Candace King
    • Nickname(s): Candy, Princess, Ace
    • Title: Circe
    • Age: 20
    • Birthday: February 13, 1994
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: African American
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    • Religion: None
    • Occupation: Villain and Manicurist/Face painter (Hey she needs extra spending money, okay?)
    • Parents: Charles King and Annabelle Blair (Married, due to her profession, Annabelle did not take Charles' name)
    • Siblings: Charles Jr.
    • Family: Her parents and younger brother.
    • Significant Other(s): "I'm not good with relationships. For some reason my dates always get turned into rats."
    • Children: "Excuse me?"
    • Closest Friends: Becky Jones
    • Rivals: Animalia -- "Even her name is tacky."
    • Enemies: The Gentleman aka her brother, however he does not know who she really is and vice versa.
    Physical Traits
    • Eye Color(s): Brown but they glow yellow when she uses her powers.
    • Hair Color(s): Dark brown
    • Height: 5'7"
    • Weight: 138 lbs
    • Body Build: Curvy with a bit of muscle.
    • Notable Physical Traits: She usually has some paint on her clothes or skin.
    • Usual Mood/Expression:. Laughing like a maniac and grinning But that's only when she's out wreaking havoc. When she's with her mother she acts standoffish and rude. When she's with her brother, they're always competing and when she's with her father she is the definition of "Daddy's Little Angel". She would never do anything to upset him and if she does she will feel terribly guilty and try to make it up to him in anyway possible. She has a bit of a father complex.
    • Five Prominent Traits: Sarcastic, Headstrong, never targets old people, only has one pet (a regular non ex human iguana), identifies others by what animal they resemble or act like (and often calls them by the name of said animal).
    • Skills: Like her namesake, she has the ability to turn people into animals. However she can only turn them into animals that she had touched before. So at the moment her foes are stuck with either becoming dogs, cats, pigeons, iguanas rats or guinea pigs. She can only turn 2-3 people into animals at once. She tried doing a group and she ended up turning some guy into a werewolf.
    • Hobbies: Splatter art, Daddy-Daughter outings, Intense shopping sprees, face painting,
    • Element: Earth
    • Animal: All of them, but she prefers iguanas.
    • Plant: Venus Flytrap
    • Compassion: 6/10
    • Empathy: 2/10
    • Creativity: 8/10
    • Mental Flexibility: 6/10
    • Passion/Motivation: 10/10
    • Education: 7/10
    • Stamina: 8/10 She ran track in high school and college!
    • Physical Strength: 7/10
    • Battle Skill: 8/10
    • Initiative: 5/10
    • Restraint: 2/10
    • Agility: 6/10
    • Strategy: 3/10
    • Teamwork: 4/10

    I hope I didn't forget anything!
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  8. @Princess of the Teacup- Oh, I love her! Can I just say, I cried at the picture. Haha, way to put in some irony. I'd way we're almost ready to get started, but I'll just let this float around for a few more weeks to maybe the rest of the month. I'm currently working on another girl, just to pull in another character.
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  9. @Dip C O M P L E T E D!
  10. @Noceur- She's an absolute cutie! Totally accepted.
  11. @Dip thanks ^_^ I also added something in the 'other' section
  12. So many ten stats *Blinks And Pets The Mime*
  13. [​IMG]

    • Full Name: Matthias Volante
    • Nickname(s): Matt
    • Title: Neon Razor, Techno Viking
    • Age: 22
    • Birthday: January 15th
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: Swedish
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    • Religion: Chaos theory
    • Occupation: Professional hacker and video rental store cashier...
    • Parents: Mother and father
    • Siblings: None
    • Family: A pair of grandparents that give him all the electronics he needs
    • Significant Other(s): A girl he met over the internet but has never seen face to face. He's still applying the G.I.R.L. to her.
    • Children: Oh hell no.
    • Closest Friends: Lady British, Hex Caster, Quantum Gibson (their hacker titles)
    • Rivals: Mithrandir, the one, the only, the best hacker out there!
    • Enemies: As above.
    Physical Traits
    • Eye Color(s): Blue
    • Hair Color(s): Dark brown, near mahogany
    • Height: 6'0"
    • Weight: 160lbs
    • Body Build: Moderate.
    • Notable Physical Traits: None, he's gifted with the ability to blend in.
    • Usual Mood/Expression: Passive indifference or annoyance.
    • Five Prominent Traits: Confidence, Arrogance, Control, 'Cool', Pretentious
    • Skills: Hacking, mathematics, talking his way out of trouble, hiding, blending in, lying.
    • Hobbies: Computer games (He's a Gold II in Starcraft...) and nothing else, for the most part.
    • Element: Fire. It does what it wants.
    • Animal: The wolf; he views himself a lone hunter.
    • Plant: The bonsai, he's hooked up with the Japanophillia of the modern day and age.
    • Compassion: 2/10
    • Empathy: 2/10
    • Creativity: 9/10
    • Mental Flexibility: 10/10
    • Passion/Motivation: 10/10
    • Education: 7/10
    • Stamina: 4/10
    • Physical Strength: 5/10
    • Battle Skill: 1/10
    • Initiative: 4/10
    • Restraint: 6/10
    • Agility: 5/10
    • Strategy: 8/10
    • Teamwork: 4/10

    "Ever set fire to something just to watch it burn? What? That's from Netrunner?" - Neon Razor
  14. I tried not to godmod OTL but ended up thinking "How is mime and what is she."
    So I ten statted the useless things that aren't important for her. That relates to her miming job, etc.

    Will do bio soon.
    • Full Name: Shaou Shen Feifeing
    • Nickname(s): Shaou, Fee
    • Title: The Specter
    • Age: 16
    • Birthday: 9/23
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: Ningxian/Chinese
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    • Religion: Buddhism
    • Occupation: Iniquitous B'hikkhunis
    • Parents: Grandmother (Nainai)
    • Siblings: Chung Sau Fei-Feng (Currently dead)
    • Family: Grandmother, younger brother
    • Significant Other(s): N/A
    • Children: N/A
    • Closest Friends: Chung Sau
    • Rivals: N/A
    • Enemies: N/A
    Physical Traits
    • Eye Color(s): Brown/Black
    • Hair Color(s): Brown
    • Height: 4'10"
    • Weight: 98 Lbs
    • Body Build: More muscle than anything else.
    • Notable Physical Traits: She always sits cross-legged. Bathroom, bus, anywhere! Her eyes always seem closed, aswell, so no one really can tell if shes meditating or not.
    • Usual Mood/Expression: She always wears a stone-face. It's hard to get her to laugh, but when you do, she will for hours.
    • Five Prominent Traits: Hard to get to, not that smart, hard to talk with, loyal, and hardworking.
    • Skills: She can communicate with ghosts and have them do her bidding. She can only control so many at a time, though, and it's easy to get overwhelmed. The most she can handle at a time would be a little over 10, but that's like controlling a frenzy of life-hungry dead persons, and even that is a little too much. If the need be, she can have a ghost borrow her body for a short period of time, but that's when all else fails.
    • Hobbies: Meditating,
    • Element: Light and dark.
    • Animal: Asian Black Bear
    • Plant: Oak tree
    • Compassion: 7/10
    • Empathy: 6/10
    • Creativity: 8/10
    • Mental Flexibility: 6/10
    • Passion/Motivation: 9/10
    • Education: 3/10
    • Stamina: 10/10
    • Physical Strength: 9/10
    • Battle Skill: 5/10
    • Initiative: 4/10
    • Restraint: 2/10
    • Agility: 8/10
    • Strategy: 4/10
    • Teamwork: 4/10
  15. @J "Kraken" - He's great! He sounds like a total jerk. I absolutely love him! Accepted.
  16. @Dip
    Finished :D
  17. @Lucifers Sairen- Oh! This'll be interesting. I love Touhou! I used to be really into it when I was younger. Accepted, totally.
  18. When do you plan on releasing IC?
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