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  1. Gwendolyn watched as the sun began to rise, its light shining down on the village outside the kingdom of Helthgard. Life would go on as usual: bake and sell bread in the morning, study with the other kids in the afternoon, and bathe and relax in the evening. Would life ever become interesting?

    She always asked that to herself every day, and disappointment would always settle in every night. She prayed fervently to whatever deity was above for something out of the blue to happen. She sighed as she got ready for another day of baking, selling, and studying.

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    A kingdom blessed with the delusion of peace. A time in which life seemed dull. Humans by nature are drawn to conflict. Like insects toward a light, they blindly charged toward controversy and the evolution it births. Progressing both for the better and for the worst which each now tragedy and calamity which befalls them. Both individually and as a whole this truth rings solid. A village riddled with boredom which thrived from the bounty of the sea and those creatures which dwelt within. But soon the boredom would be shattered. And those which longed for something to transpire will quickly learn the folly of such desires.

    Iris a traveling monk would walk down the brick paved streets. Her defined form guise with a mysterious aura. Which shrouded her own agenda. Patiently she waited as she pushed against the multitude which littered the market street. Resting against a nearby weather worn wall as the ocean breeze teased her senses. If her calculations were correct...it would only be a matter of time before the fun began. And when it did those which longed for change would find their hunger sedated.
  3. Sophia wandered the village street, its inhabitants bustling about with their work. The sweet aroma of fresh-baked bread wafted past her olfactory nerve, and the mouthwatering scent sent her senses careening towards thoughts of food. She hadn't eaten for at least two days, and the fatigue was getting to be overwhelming. The king and queen knew there were beggars roaming the streets, and while they were kind and loving rulers, they could not possibly have time for every one of the hungered and exhausted.

    A loner, Sophia kept to herself. She liked it that way, at least, that's what she told herself. True, there were pluses to only having to worry about oneself, but at times, she found herself hoping that she would find someone, a friend that she could devote more of her time to.

    Across the street, she spotted a pair of dogs prancing about each other, either in a mating ritual dance, or a simple playfight. They tugged at one-anothers' ears, and pounced on each other joyfully as they ran around in circle. Sophia smiled, and continued her way up the street, working hard to ignore the pang of hunger in her stomach.
  4. -Vilkas Was at the Forge Outside of the Market, Beating The Blade's He was Crafting To Perfection with His Hammer, He was a Blacksmith, The Elderly Owner of this Building Was his Father, Vilkas Was A Rather Older Fellow, He just hit his adult Hood, By turning Eighteen a Week ago, He was about Six foot, And had broad shoulder's, He was Built, From his Line of Work, And Rather Tan Because of His Working in the Sun, His hair Short Trimmed, And Black, His Crystal Blue eye's, Looked Up when He was Finished and He tossed the Sword In a Bucket Of water, With the Other's He had Been working On, The steam Rising From It, The Blade Still Glowing Under The water. Since He had Smelted it Into it's shape, He then Wiped His Face, He Lacked glove's, Because His own Were Torn and just Old. He was Sweating, But He was Wearing Dark Clothing. Shoe's. Which were Dark. A Pair Of Pant's, Made Of something that Seemed Like silk But the Fabric Was Rough. But Felt Great When Worn, And a Silk Shirt, Which was Black, It may Have just Been added On , But how Was unknown. He himself Did not Make many Friend's. Nor Would he Since He was Usually Minding his Business tho He did Talk alot.-

    -He Turned and Let Out a Deep sigh, A Trickle Of sweat Running Down The Side of His face, As he looked Everything over, He looked exhausted. And he Kind of Was, Tho he would Never Openly Admit it,He was More of a Fighter, He and A Friend Usually Went Out and Practiced Sword and Shield Use, and sometime's hand to Hand Combat. His eye's, Looked up at the Sky which Seemed To grow Darker and Darker Every day, Or maybe that was Just From him Staring at the Burning coal's all day.He ran his hand's along his Face to Wipe away the Sweat, Then he Flicked Them back Down to his side's . And lowered his gaze, To the people walking around in the market, And proceeding forward's To the safety and Confinement of there home's, He flexed His Finger's, And Then Paced From side to side, As he Grew Anxious For Food, The Village Folk Walking by With there Food Was making Him very Hungry. Even made His Mouth Water as He thought of the Sweet taste Of a apple It was Not much, But it was for him after a day of long and Hard work. He then turned his Back to the Market and looked over the Forge, Making sure He Had everything in order,-
  5. Vasner had been traveling as a nomad, pretending to be on a pilgrimage to anyone who asked. He was hoping to find something fun to do and something to eat in this village. He had to eat large quantities of food to keep up with his high metabolism but somehow he could also eat anything and it sustained him. There was a hidden reason why he had such a high metabolism that even he didn't know. When the time came that secret would be revealed. Vasner walked down a street and noticed a woman monk that was out of place in a village like this. He decided to note her but not concern himself of why she was here. He loved the smell of the ocean and decided to try and catch a fish to eat. He had no money so he had to do something to feed himself, he walked down the beach and waded in the water.
  6. Gwendolyn wiped the sweat off her forehead. So far, it hasn't been a nice day for her. Not much people approached her to buy bread, and she feared that lots of the loaves would go to waste.

    Sighing, she peered at the sun, which was already high in the sky. She always made it a goal to head back home with some money in her pockets, but she supposed that wouldn't happen today.
    "I don't think mother's going to mind," she muttered, beginning to give away bread to some of the kids. "We have enough for a day, anyway."
  7. Hazel approached the breadseller warily, eyeing her up as she gave bread away to some children.
    "Is your stall still open, or have I missed my chance?"
    Hazel's green woven cloak sat heavy on her shoulders in the warm daylight, but the space it would have taken in her bag would not have been worth the relief. Her hands were in her pockets, clenched around the hilts of her daggers, hidden in concealed sheaths. There was no obvious threat here but it was habit to be on constant guard, and it had saved her life before. Her little menagerie - three animal companions who had sought her out during her travels - waited patiently behind her. A gray cat with long hair and battle scars swished her tail through the dirt. A large lizard stared blankly into the air and did not react to the tugging on its horns wrought by a tiny dragonet. Hazel's lavender eyes darted around her as she examined her surroundings.
  8. Not having any tool Vasner was only able to aquire some small fish and vegetation. He reluctantly ate them and, still soaking wet, went into the village afterward to walk around a bit more. He stumbled upon a woman holding a bread basket and talking to someone with animals behind her. The cloak seemed to be hiding something but he wasn't going to try and find out what. He slowly walked towards the two somewhat hoping to get some bread.
  9. Rose noticed a girl wearing a green cloak with her hands in her pockets talking to a bread seller. She decided to buy some and share with the thin girl she had just seen watching some dogs a few steps ahead. Rose slowly walked up to the two woman trying not to interrupt their conversation. "Excuse me" she said softly, "I would like to buy three loaves if you have anymore." Rose smiled as she waited for the reply.
  10. Gwendolyn stopped staring into space. "Oh, I'm sorry. The stall is still open," she replied to the first person who approached her. She grabbed three loaves from her supply and handed them to the second person. "Here you go." She began shaking her head to prevent herself from staring into space. She noticed a man making his way to the stall, and she was happy that there were buyers now.
  11. "Oh, that's, uh, three pieces of silver per loaf, by the way..." she added, sighing. She sincerely hoped her mother would lower the price, even just for a day.
  12. Vasner finally got to the bread seller and frantically searched his pockets, he hoped for something to trade for the bread. He found a small sapphire that he had picked up on the ground one day. He didn't need money per say but being able to buy food was better than eating whatever he could find. He smiled slightlyjust and held out the sapphire, "Would this be ok to pay with? I'm sorry I don't have any money otherwise."
  13. Hazel handed the woman three pieces of silver and accepted a loaf of bread from her.
    "Do you know of an adventurers guilds or anything like in the area? Based on the size of the town I'd guess not."
  14. Rose also handed the woman nine pieces of silver. "Thank you so much!" she replied cheerily. Rose turned and ran in the direction that she had seen the thin girl walking in. "Hmmm...i hope she has not gone too far." she thought to herself.
  15. Gwendolyn sighed. "You're correct. There aren't any guilds here. I suppose they are in the towns closest to the castle, where the knights and servants usually visit." That sent a pang of longing deep within her.

    She turned to the other customer and gasped. "A sapphire? That's fantastic! That's something worth five loaves of bread." Never in her 14 years of existence has she seen a sapphire up close.
  16. He opened one of her hands and placed the little jewel in her palm so she could see it. He then closed her hand and took five loaves of bread, "Thank you ever so kindly!" He walked to the other side of the street, sat down and looked to the water while eating some bread. He stayed close to be able to to hear more of the guilds that may be around the area..
  17. "But there was a time, though, when the knights of Helthgard visited. They chose a few people who were strong and productive, and they were brought back to the castle to become knights and servants. I think that's the closest our town had to an adventure. We really have no guild."

    She looked at the sapphire in her hand and beamed. She got a sapphire! It was the prettiest thing she has ever seen in a long time. "Thank you, sir!" she called out to the man who gave it to her.
  18. "Thanks, miss," said Hazel. She sat down not far off to eat her bread. "Is that your only gem?"
  19. Vasner turned when he had finished a loaf and waved a hand, "you're very welcome!" He looked her over once and turned back, how silly to get so worked up over money and jewels. Maybe it was just because he didn't need it that he didn't understand. It didn't matter though, he just wanted to be a part of something exciting like the knights. But how could he possibly get into the castle and join their ranks? Maybe spy on someone and take over their life? Well for now he would probably just go to the castle and see what's there.....or maybe he would do something else.
  20. Anna stretched her tall lean figure. She ran a hand through her thick uncombed hair; when tamed it flowed in nicely set, loose curls; an attractive light brown colour with the smallest hints of golden blonde within, a slightly odd colour of hair amongst her people. She hailed from the East, born into a clan of gypsies, hunters amongst other things. She began making her way into the small seaside town; soon moving away from the beaten path that came in from the woods.

    Glancing up at the dimly glowing full moon, hidden within the blinding rays of the sun; her hazel green eyes shimmered to an unnatural amber colour for a moment before fading to their natural colour once more. She made sure all her weapons were in place. A silver rapier hung from her hip, the blade sharp and deadly. Three small silver knives adorned her left thigh, placed in a way that they could be thrown in an instance. Nearly approaching the town she sighed...unsure of why she was nervous. “Here we go...” She spoke, a thick eastern accent adorning her words.

    Not wanting to cause a scene of any sorts Anna walked through the West side of the town until she reached the main strip. Her plan was to find a tavern, hopefully one that could offer her a bed as well. Many scents filled her nose, mostly human a few that were not but none that matched hers; the scents of fresh foods followed, her stomach growling at the thought of food, fresh bread, vegetables, freshly killed and cleaned meats and fish. Her eyes were covered having raised her hood before entering, the only thing visible to others were her nose and lips. Dirt and blood covered her whole body including her face; she had attempted to clean most of it but without water and a cloth it was difficult.

    Scanning the town streets she could spot all the vendor’s who’s items she could smell from the forest. There was an elf selling fish, a young human girl who was selling bread and seemed to be rather busy. A tall burly man with a ponytail was selling fresh meats and a young mother with her daughter were trying to make some coin from selling their vegetables. The banging of a blacksmith’s hammer followed by the sizzling of metal being cooled down rang through her ears, almost startling her. She couldn’t help but look in the direction of the loud sounds.

    Spotting the sign to an inn she smirked and made her way towards the sign. Hopefully she could settle in a room for the day, and have a pint with some food. She knew her night was going to be...eventful to say the least. Anna truly did not like stopping in small towns during the full moon, but she needed rest, she hadn’t been able to sleep well the last couple of nights. Hence why she hoped to sleep when she got there. “Here’s to hope...” She muttered to no one in particular.
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