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  2. (It's alright it happens)
  3. (Ok, see ya then)
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  4. Here you go, the ooc chat for "help" school
  5. Okay cool :3

    *puts in watch thread so can keep up with it*
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  6. Ditto
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  7. Till we all seem to use this more than the PM I'll keep the PM saved.

    *hopes can figure out what needs cleaned so can do MG*
  8. @Raven I'm going to play a game, so after every round I will check iwakuroleplay, so don't think I will be offline.
  9. Sooooooo I have a lot of ideas for this rp, as in schedules, people dying, lots of crying and so on.

  10. As in when they are going to happen
  11. Well I don't care to have Emilie or Misery die... Damon IDK....

    I can always bring in a character that we can kill off. Like a transfer and then soon something happens to him...
  12. Well I think people are going to die during Devin and Misery's plan to drug everyone
  13. Yeah and I have a reason why Damon won't the boy has connections....

    But I mean like I could bring in a character before then maybe or after which we could later kill.
  14. And when I mean Schedules I mean things like what periods of school = what time it is in real life
  15. Yeah and I'm pretty sure Devin is going to kill someone when he goes crazy
  16. Okay. Emilie is already crazy. I plan to use a lot of songs every now and again that well might prove that.

    Damon he's just a kid that never followed rules and always acted tough but can be nice. And ended up here because of parents.
  17. I might be adding some character soon, but it will be a surprise. And he WONT be a student at "help" school
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  18. Sounds interesting.
  19. @Zek @Kuroda

    I'm going to be heading off soon. I'll maybe get a few more replies in but I got to head for bed... I'm probable going to finish a game first though. I'll probably have a catch up post tomorrow late in the day.
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