Hell's Wrath

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    • Story •

    The year was 2022. The world had descended into another World War, although it had ended just as quickly as it had started. The governments of the world had dove into chemical warfare, for this was no longer a fair fight. Nobody knows who dropped the virus, 'Virus X', or where it had started, but all the survivors remember now is that it had swept over the world in a blink of an eye. What was once just another war was now possibly the end of civilization as we know it.

    Naturally, survivors had fled to areas that were once less populated. The north, the backwoods of the south, even to the West beyond the Rocky Mountains. There, survivors began to find peace. The woods provided plenty of food, while the colder temperatures of Oregon and Washington made the days slightly more bearable. It was sort of a refuge for those who wished to survive easy, if it was possible at all.

    But as people began to climb their way to what little safety the woods could provide them, problems emerged. Some people resorted to cannibalism, saying that the animals they hunted could become infected too. This has never proven to be true, but it hasn't stopped said rumor from spreading like wild fire. Some survivors began to ban together, create groups and families in broken down cities, finding comfort in numbers. Some roam alone.

    In addition, some are immune to the virus. It is unknown as to why, and very few actually carry this immunity. Said immunity can be passed genetically.
    • Plot •

    This is the story our characters will be following. The refuge that our characters will seek is in the very north of Oregon. The city's name is Pine Falls, and like it's name suggests, is surrounded by dense pine tree forests. A mile away from the cities borders, is home to fresh water supplies, from streams, rivers, a lake, and a small waterfall. The people inhabiting the once abandoned Pine Falls consists of normal survivors and those with immunity.

    Such a crowd is like a herd of cattle to those who had turned to cannibalism. Lying in wait outside of the town's borders are the pack of cannibals, adding another threat to the already long list of dangers on the survivor's lists.

    [BCOLOR=#00ff00]|||[/BCOLOR] Alive
    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]|||[/BCOLOR] Dead
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]|||[/BCOLOR] In Danger
    Lucifer Draco Dalton (Lulunopia)
    Castiel Lupis Lonan (Mysty)

    Rayella Marie Roberts (Pasi)
    Dominique Elinore Wells (Misguided Ghost)
    Briar Rose Ceridwyn Chadbury (Zarko Straadi)
    Alison Marie Cullins-Wells (Misguided Ghost)
    Connor Byron Albright (Sheriffllama)
    Chloe Rhodes (Unbound)


    Fiona Celio Black (Lulunopia)
    Penelope Jean Ceder (Mysty)
    Molly Adams (Unbound)


    Nico Cullen (Celestial)
    Melody Pearl Nott (Princess Poisoned Rose)


    Along your travel's in Oregon you came across a flyer leading to a place called 'Pine Falls'. The said place is apparently a safe haven with plenty of supplies to last a few years. You decide to check the place out, see if it's really a safe place.

    April 29, 2023 - About 1:21 pm
    Slightly Cloudy - Light Wind
    29°C / 83°F


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  2. [​IMG]
    Status: Alive
    Name: Briar Rose Chadbury
    Location: Pine Falls
    Mentions: None
    Interactions: None
    The door of the fire station cracked open, and Briar Rose peered out, blinking in the sunlight. Despite what should have been a beautiful Spring day with unseasonably warm temperatures, she felt a chill. The town was abandoned as far as she could tell from her vantage point. Though her rational mind could make a solid argument that solitude was better than company (given that said company would likely see her either as an easy victim or an unwanted burden), some mammalian instinct declared the empty streets and silent buildings to be creepy.

    She slipped out into the sunlight, carefully keeping a lookout for any approaching zombies or survivors. I claim this town in the name of the Chadbury Empire! she thought, stifling the impulse to let out a mirthless laugh. That had been her father's dream: assemble enough people in Pine Falls to send an expeditionary force up-river to secure the dam that provided electricity to the region, and the reservoir behind it. With control of the dam and reservoir would come control of the region, and the ability to build a manufacturing base. Bring in more people. Then, gain access to the sea. And so on, so that upon his death he would be revered as Theodoric the Great, the next world's Hammurabi and Alexander in one. And in the distant future, some double-digit percentage of the population would be his direct descendants, arranged in the same manner that Genghis Khan had achieved that feat in Asia.

    Her bike was right where she left it, its basket and panniers un-looted. Right, so what do I do? I could try to set up a base, collect supplies...but there will be more people. They'll see those fliers Father had printed up, and they'll come here looking for a paradise refuge. Or for people they can enslave to build their own empire. Or eat. Briar Rose shuddered. If the rumors were true that the Virus was spreading into the animal kingdom and that people were turning cannibal to avoid infected meat, then the whole biosphere was headed for collapse. Maybe sea life will survive...fish should be remote enough from land mammals that the Virus shouldn't be able to cross over, right? And crabs and shellfish and jellyfish and the rest? Except, the Virus was designed as a weapon, so it might not be like a natural virus. Seafood sounds yummy! she thought, and her stomach growled in response.

    Maybe I could find some shrimp. Or smoked salmon--stop it. So I either stay here and wait for people to come, or I get as much as I can carry and get out. Where would I go? There'd be fish in the reservoir...maybe I could live on a houseboat and fish, and keep away from people and zombies and cannibals that way? Except, if I can think of that, other people could, especially if they already owned one of the houseboats. Plus they're stuck in a reservoir. The first gang to rig up a pirate ship could loot them all. What about the ocean? I could sail away as soon as I saw another sail on the horizon.

    Briar Rose shook her head to clear away an emergent fantasy of herself at the wheel of some sailing craft, dressed in a Horatio Hornblower uniform. You have to be strong to sail, I think. To haul on the ropes and hoist the mizzenmast and whatnot. And you have to know how to tie lots of different kinds of knots. And use an astrolabe. And you need a crew that won't mutiny and make you walk the plank. She sighed. I could try to get to the dam and see if I could keep it running... Now her fantasy became one of herself in a Steampunk world of huge generators, giant pipes, and crackling electricity, safe from barbarian warlords and cannibal hordes alike, because hey, they wanted to keep the lights on, didn't they? But what do I know about running a dam? Would there be manuals? But it takes a whole team of engineers, and if the proper ones are gone one girl isn't going to be able to replace them. She'd seen an old video on the 'net once, back when there was a 'net, called After People, which speculated on how the world would change if humanity suddenly disappeared. She couldn't recall the details offhand, but there had been a segment about how the dams would shut down in short order when some failsafe was tripped, even if their physical bulk would endure for centuries to come.

    Again Briar Rose shook her head to pull herself out of her woolgathering. Right, so what can I do? What do I know? I know this town, more or less. Of course the first set of grownups who gets here will want to take over, but maybe they'd accept me as a guide? The Sacajawea of Pine Hills? Maybe I should make sure the place really is abandoned first. But what if the people are horrible? How would I even know? If I go, I could still run into horrible people, except that there'd be no shelter and no supplies beyond what I had with me. So, stay, right? The firehouse would be a good base. There's food, firemen's clothes to bundle up in, even some petrol. Wait--petrol's going to be the first thing people will want, especially if they've got a truck, or if they're a biker gang. So I shold pick someplace else, something people aren't going to think of right away and think 'I want that!'

    She lifted up her bike, unsure if she should mount it and ride around town (cover more ground, be able to escape faster) or hide it somewhere and sneak about on foot (advantage: not being easy to spot from a mile away).​
  3. [​IMG]

    Status: Alive
    Name: Connor Albright
    Location: Outskirts of Pine Falls
    Mentions: @Zarko Straadi
    Interactions: Briar Rose Chadbury

    It wasn't very hot, but Connor could feel the sun against his face. He welcomed the relief that came as he passed under a long canopy of trees that blocked out the light. It was just past midday, and as he looked at his watch, he concluded he'd been driving for nearly two-and-a-half hours. He looked down at his bike's gas meter, and saw it was only two lines above empty. With a sigh, he released the accelerator knob and slowed applied pressure to the break switch, pulling off to the shoulder of the road. As the bike glided to a halt, Connor felt it rock slightly backwards, the hydraulics on wheels bouncing as he leaned against his handles. He shut the bike off, the trill of the engine slowly ceasing and dying until the area fell silent. He glanced towards the rearview mirror on the right side of the bike, seeing his slightly dirty face. His beard was untrimmed, his brown hair unwashed, and he felt like his teeth were rotting out of his skull. He hadn't been able to find toothpaste since last week.

    As the young man leaned against the handlebars, he steadied himself with his long legs. He released a deep sigh that sounded dry and raspy. He swallowed, then reached back to his brown rucksack and removed a water bottle from the side pocket. He uncapped the bottle and took a long, refreshing swig of it. It wasn't cold, but it did the trick for now. He put the water bottle away and swung himself over the right side of the bike. He stood his full height of six feet and three inches and stretched out the muscles in his torso. He then rolled the bike off the road and went a few feet into the tree line. He deployed the kickstand and gently let the bike stand alone. Connor didn't currently have much, but his dirt bike was his most prized possession. He'd modified it himself in high school so that it would be legal to drive on the streets. It had a headlight, taillight, turn signal, and tires that allowed him to ride on and off road.

    Presently, he slid his rucksack from his shoulders, and let it gently rest on the ground. He sat down and looked around him as he laid his elbows against his knees. As far as he could tell, he was in the middle of nowhere. There were tall trees, most of them pine, as far as the eye could see. The area seemed pristine, except for the scar that man had left behind in the form of a road. He reached into his back pocket and produced the tightly folded map of Oregon. He pulled it open and it became several times bigger. He found where he'd last gotten off the interstate, about a half hour before. He reasoned that he'd gone about fifteen miles from there. He placed himself where he guessed he'd reached, and then found the red circle, a little ways north on the map. Inside the circle was a dot, labeled, "Pine Falls."

    Supposedly the place was safe for survivors. It was boasted to be completely void of walking corpses, unlike the rest of the country. He made an estimation and decided he still had about an hour to an hour-and-a-half until he reached the dot on the map. It looked like he would only have to turn roads once more until it was a straight shot. Connor folded the map and put it back in his pocket, looking back across the road, his eyes wandering blankly.

    Connor turned and reached to his rucksack. Strapped to the top of the pack was a black camera bag, which contained his second most prized possession, his Canon. He felt the slight urge to take it out and snap some pictures, but he opted not to. Instead he leaned back against his knees and sat in silence for a few minutes.

    As if it were an unprovoked movement, he reached to the front pocket of his jeans and removed his wallet, a worn, leather fourfold. In one of the clear, laminate pockets was a picture. In the picture were seven people - his family. It had been there Christmas card picture, last year. In the back row were him and his brothers, Danny and Mason. In the middle row were his two sisters, Addison and Cassidy. Sitting on a wooden bench on the front row were his parents, Eric and Alaina Albright. He gazed at the photo for a long moment, hanging his head downward as memories flooded him. He looked back at the picture; it was a bit tattered from being squeezed in his wallet. He didn't care, though - he had a digital copy on his camera and storage disk in his camera bag.

    He placed the photo back into his wallet, then reached behind an old debit card, feeling the paper of another photo. This one was much more worn, and about seven years older. [​IMG] The picture was of a girl, whose name was Jessica Madison. It was taken when she was eighteen, and Connor knew this because he'd taken the picture, and he'd even submitted it to his school photography contest and won. That had been three weeks before she died. Memories flooded him; memories of the girl he'd wanted to marry. Seven years later, the picture still caused him to fight back tears. He closed his eyes and pressed the photo to his lips, denying the urge to cry. Connor wasn't a wimp, and not much could make him cry... but this photo was one of the only things that could. He swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. "We'll be safe, real soon, Jess." He said in his slight southern drawl.

    Before emotion could take over him, he put the photo away and folded his wallet, placing it back in his pocket. He stood, wiping away the moisture that had begun to peek at his eyelids. He bent over and grabbed his pack off the ground and shouldered it. He walked back to his bike and kicked the stand that held it upright. He wheeled the ride back to the road and pointed it north, towards Pine Falls. He swung his legs over it and turned the key to prime the engine. His right boot found the kick pedal on the side of the bike, and he stomped on it, prompting the ignition to rattle and then roar to life. He pumped the gas handle and sped forward, hopefully towards a safe haven.

    He reached the edge of the town faster than he'd originally thought he would, but he still decided to get off of his bike, since running of out of gas while on was not good for the engine. He switched the bike off and began rolling it forward, slowly make his way down the street. The town was pretty small, from what he could see. It was even smaller than his hometown. He felt a small gut notion that this seemingly deserted town wasn't as deserted as it appeared. He heard a slight noise, but he couldn't decipher what it had been.

    He slid his rucksack off and unclipped a smaller pocket on the front of the bag. Inside the pocket was a silver revolver with a black handle. The ammunition cylinder, loaded with .44 Magnum rounds, had been removed for safety precautions. He grabbed the cylinder and reinserted it in into the revolver, but leaving the safety off. He'd been around guns his whole life, so he'd be a fool if he accidentally shot himself in the foot. He put his pack over his shoulders and continued walking with his bike being guided by his left hand and his gun in the other. He rounded the street corner and peered to the end of it.

    To his surprise, the source of the noise wasn't a bandit or a zombie, but instead, a rather small little girl. He frowned as she peered at her bicycle. He kicked down the stand of his own bike and stepped a few feet from it. "Excuse me?" He called, placing his gun on the ground. It was a little girl, what harm could he do? "Is this Pine Falls? My names Connor... I saw the flyers..."
  4. [​IMG]
    Status: Alive
    Name: Briar Rose Chadbury
    Location: Pine Falls
    Mentions: @SheriffLlama
    Interactions: Connor Albright

    A voice startled Briar Rose out of her ruminations, and she whirled toward it with wide eyes. A man, tall, well-built, bearded and rough-looking, slowly setting something on the ground; a gun. So he didn't mean to just shoot her and eat her. A good start? I...I suppose every man is going to be rough-looking, she thought, trying to reassure herself.

    "Uh...uh, yes sir," she said in a British accent. Though she'd spent most of her life in America and would be a born citizen if there was still an 'America,' all of the servants at home had been British, as were all of her favorite television shows. "But the fliers...I'm afraid they're out of date. I'm Briar Rose...Chadbury," she said, the last name coming out even softer than the rest. He'd be seeing that name a lot in this town. Her great grandfather had bought up all of the most important businesses, and of course stamped the Family name on them. "There was...I suppose you might call it a revolution, or perhaps a civil war, or...well, both actually, and I think most everyone was killed or driven out of town, though I haven't done a proper search yet."

    Be useful! she thought, deciding that would be the best way to insure the man would want her alive.

    "Do you need petrol for your motorcycle? There should be some in the firehouse. Along with the police station it was a top priority for fuel rationing." Well, those and the Family cars, but he didn't need to know that, since that gas was probably set alight one way or another during the assault on the Family mansion. "Food supplies should still be abundant especially for a smaller number of people if the Depot didn't get burned down in the battle. Father sent foraging parties to scour the nearby towns for supplies and petrol. The 'Depot' is actually an old sawmill on the other side of town." Father had decided that creating a 'supply desert' around his power base would help defend it against enemies, and insure that those who did reach it were in dire straits for food and fuel; easier to subjugate that way.

    "There's a river close by, and the town presently has water pressure, though I'm not sure how much water is still in the tower." Briar rose wracked her brain for any other details she could recall from overhearing the men of the House talking about during their planning sessions. "The gun store is empty of firearms and ammunition, because that was all taken to the police station, but there may still be gun cleaning kits there. The firearms may be locked in gun safes or in a jail cell, so I'm not sure if they'll be accessible.

    "I can make things! Would you like a lorica segmentata? I think I could make you one that would be good against zed bites, given enough empty steel cans and some cord or maybe shoelaces. Oh, that's Roman armor, like the Legions wore. I don't think it would be good against knives or bullets, I'm not strong enough to work heavy steel. Sorry. Now, the Chinese made a kind of lamellar armor with thick tiles--I'm not sure if they were ceramic, or iron plates--wired together. The terra cotta soldiers they found in that Emperor's tomb wore it." With an effort of will, she cut herself off from spilling out the fascinating things she'd read about the tomb, and some of the clever inventions the ancient Chinese had come up with.

    "I have books...used to have books, on Permaculture, that I've studied, but Father never let me try it. It's planting season, and if there are seeds in the garden supply store, I could try to plant a forest garden. The canned beans and Cheese Doodles won't hold out forever. Did you know you can make a nutritious tea from dandelion roots? There's a meadow near the river, and dandelions grow there." All of a sudden she realized she'd gone on long past the point at which she'd have been slapped and told to shut up in her prior life.

    "Sorry. Am I talking too much?"
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  5. [​IMG]
    Status: Alive
    Name: Connor Albright
    Location: Outskirts of Pine Falls
    Mentions: @Zarko Straadi
    Interactions: Briar Rose Chadbury​


    Connor looked at the girl with a somewhat blank stare, trying to process what she was saying. The fliers were outdated - there had been some kind of firefight, and now this girl was the only person left in this place that was supposed to be safe from the threats of this new world.

    "No you're, not. I sometimes talk a lot, too." He said, then stepped backwards, picking up his gun and putting it in the back of his waistband. He grabbed the handle of his bike and rolled down the street towards the girl. "Briar Rose, you said? Isn't that the name of them Disney girls?" He walked within a couple yards of the girl, but allowed her some space. If he were a ten year old, he wouldn't want some random stranger to invade his personal space.

    "I don't guess you'd mind if I hung around for a day or two, maybe a week?" He added, then rested against his dirt bike.

    "I've got some food, some water if you want some - oh, and yeah my bike is nearly empty." He said, hoping she would receive his friendliness. He was having trouble wrapping his head around the fact that a ten year-old girl was the only person life in Pine Falls. How had she survived? How was she completely functional and not a complete emotional wreck?

    On the outside, Connor seemed calm and collected. Internally, however, he was screaming in anger. How could he have been so stupid as to get his hopes up and comes to this place? He should have known that there would be nothing left. He wanted to lay down and scream until his vocal chords were raw. Instead, he just smiled. "So, what do you say?"
  6. [BCOLOR=transparent]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Status: Alive[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Molly Adams[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Location: Cannibal Base[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Outfit: [/BCOLOR]Click here
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mentions: None[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Interactions: None[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Molly sat in one of the chairs strewn around the main room of the base, smiling happily to herself as she opened the spare bag she carried around with her. Within resided some questionable cuts of meat, wrapped haphazardly in plastic to help preserve, and stop the zombies smelling it. She licked the blood off her carving knife gently before putting it back in her item bag, resting against the chair. Today had been a fine catch for one such as herself.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She jumped up from her chair, grabbing the bag of spoils and throwing it onto the table, stretching as she made her way outside onto the decking. She looked around the forest, sat cross legged on the floor in silence. Something about the small sounds of the forest around them was calming, a peace that could not be disturbed, so to speak. Or, a peace that lasted until the chaos of humanity came within it’s reach.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As she sat there, waiting for someone to get back or simply passing time until another poor survivor wandered towards them in search of a kind safe haven, she took a cigarette from her bag, lighting it and taking a long drag as she simply stared out into the trees. It was a bad habit, she knew, but quite frankly she did not care, and was sure that there would be a vast supply of cigarettes out there, amidst derelict towns, gas stations and corpses; be it corpses of her own victims or just those left to rot.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Status: Alive[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Chloe Rhodes[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Location: Coming into Pine Falls[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Outfit: [/BCOLOR]Click Here
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mentions: @Zarko Straadi , @SheriffLlama [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Interactions: Briar Rose Chadbury, Connor Albright[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Her legs ached, her back hurt and she was tired as all hell, but Chloe kept on riding. On the upside, the highway was fairly clear. Either the zombies had wandered off in search of flesh, or someone had cleared them out. The last thought gave her both hope and a sense of dread at the same time. What if it had been friendlies that cleared the zombies? Then she would keep following the highway to find hope. But, what if it were cannibals? That, that was not something she wanted to be true.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Either way, she shrugged it off and kept riding, weaving between the cars strewn haphazardly everywhere. Most had been looted, from what she saw, so she didn’t bother stopping at all. That was until a large gas tanker blocked her way, leaving the only way forward down an off ramp. She took a moment to look around for a way past, but couldn’t be bothered and simply took the off ramp.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]That was where she saw another flier for Pine Falls, and she smiled lightly. That was where she was headed, and luckily this one had directions. Scanning over it for a moment, she decided to leave it hanging up, dropping her board back to the floor and kicking off.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After a while, she saw the town on the horizon, riding quickly along the slightly down hill road. It had been a rough few days, a few times being moments away from being zombie chow, or worse, but now, if the fliers were believed, she was now in some sort of safe haven.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As she looked down the streets, winding through the roads on her board, she slowed, hearing the sound of two voices conversing. They sounded friendly enough, not like someone who would try and carve you up for Sunday Dinner at least. It was worth a shot at least, and in times like these, she actually felt quite relaxed.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Coming around the corner, she kicked her board up into her hand, seeing a guy leaning against a bike with what seemed to be a young girl. Maybe it was his sister? But they looked nothing alike… “Hey, is this Pine Falls? I saw the fliers.” She said calmly, loud enough so that they could hear her from where she was, but then again not too loud to catch any unwanted attention.[/BCOLOR]​
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  7. ♦ c a s t i e l ♦
    status : alive.
    location : store outside pine falls.
    mentions : lucifer dalton @Lulunopia
    interactions : --

    Castiel hadn't been in the town for long. He had wandered in only a day ago, alone, lead here by a flyer that promised safety from the hellish world outside the city borders. Of course, like many survivors, Castiel was just another moth led to it's own death by a beautiful, false light, only for the beauty to fall away and the light revealed to be a god damn bug zapper. At the edge of town sat an abandoned store, and that's where Cas now found himself, climbing through a shattered window as the door had been boarded up. The serenity of the town nearly crawled under Castiel's skin, it was so quiet, it almost seemed fake. He had seen little to no zombies since originally arriving here, as soon as he was within a mile's radius of the town, the world seemed to give away to some sort of strange peace that Castiel hadn't felt since he was a kid. He wished he could call it calming, but now it just felt odd.

    He was currently scanning the stocks along the shelves, a handgun in his left hand and his free hand dropping stuff into the bag at his feet. Cas was maybe, considerably, too laid back, a tad too distracted for his own well being. He occasionally glanced over his shoulder or paused when he thought he heard a noise, but his hesitance was only met with the sounds of bird calls outside the shop, and Castiel cursed himself for being so jumpy. Ocean eyes scanned the store, he was pleasantly surprised that people seemed to scan over the important stuff, going for the sweets rather than the obvious necessities. Water bottles, protein bars, beef jerky, bandages-- it had obviously been scanned over by a few, but everyone had seemed to prefer taking bottles of Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew in their panic. He didn't exactly blame them; those objects would become luxuries, eventually, the thought coming to mind as he took a candy bar and an energy drink just for the sake of having it. He was sure the city town would have a lot more to offer inside, but at least he'd have something different to munch on during his trek up into the city.

    He was just about ready to leave, throwing his backpack over his shoulder when a noise caught his attention-- one that was definently not a bird call. A soft cracking of glass, a shuffle, and Castiel froze. No, no no no, Cas panicked, unsure what to do. He couldn't tell who or what is was from where he was standing, the isles effectively blocking his view to the other side of the small store. He tried to peek his head around the other side of the shelves, but saw nothing but empty space, his grip tightening on the gun in his hand as his body tensed up.

    ♠ p e n e l o p e ♠
    status : alive
    location : cannibal base.
    mentions : --
    interactions : molly adams @Unbound

    Penelope could easily be heard from a mile away-- she held no fear, she thought of no consequences. She strode through the base, baseball bat tucked over her shoulder, her clothes splattered in blood that was so obviously not hers. She practically stomped with how loud she walked, humming some strange tune that could've very well been made up. The base seem strangely quiet today-- or maybe that was just her? This place was awfully quiet and peaceful, maybe it was finally rubbing off on them. "Heyyyy, anyone hooome?" She called out, standing at the base of the stairs, but not allowing to answer as she was already making her way up the stairs, going two at a time. Her humming died down in favor of stalking around for a living soul, until she eventually spotted blonde sitting on the deck. A smile broke out across her face as she dropped the baseball bat in the doorway with a soft clank, making her way over to the other. She didn't really need an introduction, between her yelling and stomping, Molly probably could've heard her coming before she even entered the house.

    She moved to lean against the railing of the deck, eventually sitting on top of the railing despite its obvious dangers, and the fact that it was old and rickety and could very well fall apart at any moment. "Hiya," She chirped, such an awkward, unfitting introduction considering she was covered in blood. She tucked her legs under her, criss-cross, her hair falling out from what was once a pony tail as she blinked her cold colored eyes down at the other girl with a lopsided grin that could almost be considered maniacal.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Status: Alive
    Name: Briar Rose Chadbury
    Location: Pine Falls
    Mentions: @SheriffLlama @Unbound
    Interactions: Connor Albright, Chloe Rhodes​

    To her great relief, Connor wasn't mad. "Disney girls? Sorry, I never really liked that channel. The Doctor had a Companion named Rose Tyler--Doctor Who..." Suddenly, a wave of sadness crashed over her, and she had to blink back tears. There would never, ever be another new episode of Doctor Who. Its stories would almost certainly be forgotten entirely by future generations. How could one even try to describe a TARDIS to tribespersons sitting around a campfire, or neo-medieval villagers at an inn? Stories about the Doctor saving the world with quick wits and his trusty Sonic Screwdriver would be complete rubbish to people living in a world that hadn't been saved.

    No one wants a weepy little whelp! Inwardly, Briar Rose heard the words in Father's voice, and willed herself to keep her attention on what Connor said instead of mourning for a television show. She blinked in surprise when he asked her if he could stay instead of just taking over because he could. "A...a week?" she stammered, abruptly deciding she didn't want to be all alone again so soon. "You could stay longer if you like. Other people will see the fliers. We could have a go at rebuilding. Maybe a nice, pretty lady will come," she said, then realized she might have just put her foot in her mouth. "Holsters! The gun shop will probably still have holsters. Because it would be dreadfully embarrassing if you had to draw your pistol in an emergency, and the gun sight got caught on your underpants--"

    Just then, a female voice called out, asking if this was Pine Falls and mentioning the fliers. Briar Rose turned to look down the cross-street, and her jaw dropped in wonder. A beautiful young woman with marvelous cotton-candy hair had appeared as if conjured by her earlier words. Briiiiillllllliiaaant! She was just starting to envision a fantasy of the lady and Connor falling in love and the three of them becoming a happy family, when it hit her that she'd just created the image of Connor giving himself a wedgie in the attempt to draw his weapon, quite likely in the lady's hearing. She blushed on Connor's behalf, scrambling for a way out of the predicament she'd gotten herself into.

    "Uh...yes ma'am. I'm sorry, but the fliers are obsolete. It might be just us now. But there should be food and supplies here, maybe a lot. This town was built in the late 19th Century, so lots of solid brick construction. Defensible buildings. There's a hotel on the corner of C Street and Fifth Avenue with a lovely turret that overlooks the street. Is there anything you need? I might be able to help you find it..."​
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  9. 8Mv8lgk.jpg
    Status: Alive
    Name: Connor Albright
    Location: Pine Falls
    Outfit(Thanks to Unbound for the Idea): Click Here
    Mentions: @Unbound @Zarko Straadi
    Interactions: Briar Rose Chadbury, Chloe Rhodes

    A Visual Representation of Connor's Dirt Bike
    Connor listened as Briar Rose spoke. He shrugged when she said she had no idea what he was talking about, but his ears perked up when she mentioned Doctor Who. He felt a small smile twinge at his lips as he felt a memory pang in his mind. "Yeah," he said with a slight chuckle. "My little sister watches that show, too. She loves it." He said, intentionally using present-tense verbs. Cassidy wasn't a thing of the past - she was still alive with his parents, somewhere over in the east-coast.

    As the young girl commented about the possibility of meeting a beautiful woman, a slight distaste touched his tongue. He knew she meant well, since she couldn't have known about Jessica. He forced himself to chuckle, which was unlike him. This girl was odd, that was certain, but Connor liked her. She seemed completely okay with herself.

    "I can definitely handle a gun." He said, nodding and patting the butt of the revolver. When the female voice echoed from behind him, he swiveled around, instinctively placing himself between the girl and Briar Rose. He yanked the revolver from his waistband, though he left it pointed at the ground. The girl had bright pink hair, which he found mildly interesting. Additionally, she had a skateboard in her hands, which also struck him as odd. He hadn't thought that a skateboard would be an ideal vehicle in the apocalypse. He noticed the girl was pretty young, maybe around his sister's age - 15 to 18; a fact which Briar Rose might not have realized.

    Not surprisingly the little girl seemed to ignore his own sense of threat, and struck up a conversation with the newcomer. Briar Rose explained to her the same thing she'd told him, adding in the build-era of the town. Wow, the girl was smart.

    "Name's Connor. I just got here, too. Briar Rose, over there, knows this town. Maybe we can help each other out." He said, waiting for the girl to speak up.


  10. Lucifer Draco Dalton

    Status: Alive
    Location: Store Outside Pine Falls
    Mentions: Castiel @Mysty
    Interactions: Castiel @Mysty

    Lucifer has been traveling for quite some time, stopping here and there to eat or sleep. He never really stopped and done anything entertaining. It's just been nothing but hell. He feels as though the world is taunting him, giving him this possibly false hope for safety. It was something he didn't need. Another lie, another false truth, something that will only fail him. Yet here he was, in the supposive safe town full of supplies(water, food, shelter). To him it was a dream come true but, he knew to not get his hopes up. Even now as he's walking through the outskirts of the town he had slight hope. Hope he was trying to bury.

    Though he would never admit it, he was scared. Scared nothing good would ever happen to him again. That he would die before he had a family. A family, it was one thing he's always wanted, but will most likely never get.

    Lucifer stopped in front of a store, what it was for, he didn't know. All he knew was, he needed food. That was one thing he was running low on. Then again it's what a lot of people are most likely running low on. The store looked abandoned, windows broken, shelves a mess, stuff covering the floor. It was an OCD person's nightmare. Though being an idiot and not looking at the floor, he stepped on glass. Shit! He was screwed. Slipping behind one of the many shelves, Lucifer pulled out his hatchet, glancing around the shelves waiting for anything to happen.

    Just as he thought the coast was clear he heard foot steps, panicked breaths. At that moment he was sure of two things, it wasn't a cannibal or zombie. Maybe another survivor? Whoever this person was, they are a threat.

    Again glancing around the shelf he was hiding behind he found the survivor. It was a man, slightly shorter than himself with what looked like dark brown hair. He looked harmless but, Lucifer has learned to never judge a book by it's cover. Eye's narrowed Lucifer swiftly came from behind the shelf, advancing towards the man. Grabbing him be his shirt Lucifer pushed him against the nearby wall, knocking his gun out of his hand and kicking it away. With narrowed eye's Lucifer pinned the man with a glare, growling, "Who are you?"


    Fiona Celio Black

    Status: Alive
    Location: Arriving at Cannibal Hideout
    Mentions: Penelope @Mysty, Molly @Unbound
    Interactions: N/A

    Even with her love of the outdoors and camping Fiona was getting tired of the same thing. It's annoying, having to sleep on the ground all the time. She was getting a back ache from it. Though there was an upside to this all. She got to see so many different animals and enjoy the stars at night. The stars, they were a beautiful sight if you caught them at the right time, but she liked the sun more. It gave off warm rays of light that made her feel like she was glowing. A magical feeling it was.

    Fiona started skipping, humming to herself just enjoying the day. It wasn't often that she was in a good mood, so when she is it's best not to bug her. Why she was in a good mood? Well it was simple, her and her fellow cannibals found a lovely place close to a town full of people. She was sure they were going to have a blast when they finally attack them. Well she would at least.

    As she came closer to the hideout she could see two people on the porch. From what she could see it was Molly and Penelope. Well that was her guess. It was hard to tell from where she was at but, the closer she got the more sure she was that it was them.
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  11. Status: Alive
    Name: Molly Adams
    Location: Cannibal Base
    Mentions: Fiona Black @Lulunopia
    Interactions: Penelope @Mysty
    “Fee fi fo fum, here comes the noisy one.” Molly chuckled to herself as the silence was broken by the trampling of a fellow cannibal, although she was more likened to a behemoth in the way that she carried herself. That was the thing with Penelope, whilst she couldn’t sneak around to save her life, she would never have the trouble of being mistaken for a lonesome traveller and almost becoming the group’s lunch. Her voice echoed through the house, and Molly could easily tell that Penelope was on her way to the porch.

    When Penelope came out and sat on the railing, Molly smiled. She was definitely a cheerful one, drenched in some other person’s blood, but having that giddy attitude akin to a school child after they got sweets. “Hey, I would have never guessed you got back.” She chuckled, slipping her cleaver back into the bag on the floor next to her.

    “A poor lost girl showed up at the door a few hours ago. She was all tired and afraid, makeup smeared from tears. I offered to let her stay, as long as she helped with dinner, of course.” Molly chuckled darkly. The floor creaked ever so slightly as she moved her legs, stretching them out in front of her. She clicked her knuckles as well, noticing someone approaching through the trees. From what she could tell, it was simply Fiona, and she didn’t worry. Even if it wasn’t, what could 1 person do?

    “Did you get a nice catch today?” She asked, attention turning back to Penelope.


    Status: Alive
    Name: Chloe Rhodes
    Location: Coming into Pine Falls
    Mentions: -
    Interactions: Briar Rose Chadbury @Zarko Straadi , Connor Albright @SheriffLlama
    Chloe sighed ever so slightly. The fact that the fliers were old news was a bit disheartening, but only a bit. From the sounds of it, the little girl knew what she was talking about, and still managed to make the place sound quite appealing. Looking down the road briefly, it looked good enough.

    “I could do with a drop of oil, if there’s any around.” Was the first thing she said, using her free hand to spin one of the wheels on her board. They were worn and beginning to grind against the axis, and Chloe hoped that there would be a full skateboard shop here, although that seemed highly unlikely. Otherwise, she’d just have to find a normal department store and some sand paper.

    “The name’s Chloe. Nice to meet ya two.” She said with a smile, picking up her skateboard in one hand and resting it on her shoulder, walking down the street towards them. They seemed like alright people, there could be far, far worse that she came across in this situation. She was just glad this wasn’t some coven of cannibals, if the rumours of that were to be believed about that actually happening, which she did most definitely believe.
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  12. Melody Pearl Nott

    Status: Alive
    Location: Entering Pine Falls
    Mentions: Everyone there
    Interactions: Everyone there
    Clothes: Here
    Melody had been picking her way towards Pine Falls threw the trees. She tried her best to keep from anyone seeing or much less hearing her as she made her way to the famed sanctuary. Although Melody had many let downs with promises of sanctuaries in the past she knew deep down that somehow this one was the same yet different as well.
    She walked into town from the west side. Threw the quiet Melody could hear the voices and sounds of everything. Her ears had a attuned to even the minute sounds. She walked to the group that had gather in the town she could only see three but something told her that was possibly more in the town. She touched the bite scar that was on the back of her hand. That week was when she realized that she was immune to the effected and such that were associated with Zombies. She touched her crossbow as she approached the group apprehensively. Her eyes shifted slightly over them taking mental not of what each had and where to avoid major conflict.
    She walked closer putting her hands in the air showing she meant no harm as she approached them. She stood next to other girl who had just arrived. "Hello my name is Melody Nott. I uh just arrived and I mean no harm I swear. I seen the flyer for this town and thought to give it a shot. I am a doctor if it helps, I specialize in trauma related care." She looked down at her crossbow, "I also can shoot a cross bow with pretty much dead accuracy... I can make my own bolts as well." She tried anything to defuse whatever tension there might be due to her unfamiliar presence there.
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  13. Nico Collin-Wells
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ★ ★ ★ ▬▬

    Status: Alive
    Location: Entering Pine Falls
    Mentions: Melody, Chloe, Connor, Briar
    Interactions: Everyone listed above.

    This nightmare was never to end. The days spent out looking for someone Nico knew was dead proved flawed, and to add insult to injure he lost track of his sisters. How was he to help protect them if he wasn't there for them? He felt useless for once in a very long time. However, somewhere along his aimless journey in the woods he found a flyer for Pine Falls. If there was anywhere that his sister, Domo, would have taken Alison it was there.

    Walking miles on foot was utter horror, but Nico did it and killed anything that stood in his way of his family. Thankfully no hordes of air headed zombies came after him or those rumored cannibals that lurked around here somewhere. Those tales always crept him out. What kind of person resorted to eating others of their own kind in order to survive? Someone who had no morals what-so-ever was all Nico could think about.

    Somewhere through the hours of quietness, Nico realized that voices were approaching. Had he finally made it? He hoped so. There was only so much walking a guy could do in one direction. Though he still did not hear the two voices he craved for, especially the little girl's that always called him 'Nicky.' Nico longed for that voice all the way here to Pine Falls.

    Hearing the voices introduce themselves as he drew near, Nico sighed as he came into view on them. As soon as he noticed someone took note in his presence he spoke, "Names Nico. I...come in peace?" He said with a chuckle. Nico wasn't too serious or very much a asshole most of the time, so why shouldn't he show a kinder side to the other survivors? "So is this Pine Falls?" He asked them since he hadn't seen a sign on the way in, or if he had he hadn't remembered it.
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  14. [​IMG]
    Status: Alive
    Name: Briar Rose Chadbury
    Location: Pine Falls
    Mentions: @SheriffLlama @Unbound @Princess Poisoned Rose @CELESTIAL✨
    Interactions: Connor Albright, Chloe Rhodes, Melody Nott, Nico Collin-Wells
    "Oil?" Briar Rose's mind flashed through images of an oil derrick, a jar of motor oil and a bottle of vegetable oil, scrambling in a jumble for where--and if--she could avail herself of such things, when the girl spun a wheel of her skateboard, explaining her meaning. "Oh! You mean 3-in-1 Oil or WD-40? I can show you how to get to the hardware store!" she said, happy for the opportunity to prove useful. Abruptly, her mood became more somber. "Sorry, I don't remember if those were subject to rationing or not. If they were, they'd have been taken to the Depot. Sounds like you might need a new bearing race. We probably won't be able to make bearings anymore. How would you even make bearings? Machining? Or melt metal and drip it into cold water hoping that the drips come out round instead of raindrop shaped? Would air be a problem so you'd have to drip it through something like an evacuated--

    "Eh...sorry. There's a General Store, and I think they had a few skateboards there, but they'd be low-end rubbish by your standards." At least, it seemed likely to Briar Rose that anyone who would ride a skateboard through the Apocalypse instead of just getting a bike would be a Skater, not just a girl-with-a-skateboard. "But I suppose the wheels and bearings would still be serviceable. We don't have a proper skate park here, but kids would use the plaza area where City Hall, the Courthouse, and the Post Office are, to the consternation of the local authori..." she trailed off as not one, but two more people showed up.

    All of a sudden, she wasn't just trying to make herself useful to one or two people, she was talking to a crowd. Briar Rose paled, hoping they couldn't hear her heart pounding. And now that Pine Falls had a population again, it was instantly clear to her that One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others. They were all good-looking young adults. They would become a social unit, voting on what needed to be done, having parties, practicing combat together for defense and whatnot, with no good reason to want a blabbering little girl around.

    "Uh...welcome to Pine Falls...I'm sorry...the fliers aren't true anymore...but we can rebuild...I'm...the Pine Falls Chamber of Commerce I guess...Briar Rose...Chadbury," she stammered, aware every second that he was far from delivering the Gettysburg Address. "There's a clinic just on the edge of the downtown area," she said to the lady who had just identified herself as a trauma doctor. "Backup generator, it has a backup generator. There was a lot of worry about antibiotics and insulin, so we may not have much of those. Not for very many people anyway. And there were other drugs...Vicadin and Oxy...codine, contine, something like that...that were kept in the Depot because they thought people would want to steal them.

    "The Courthouse is probably the most defensible building...it's made of granite, and has heavy wooden double-doors in front. But that might have made it fought over... This firehouse could probably keep out zeds well enough, but I'm not sure about hostile people. It's got beds and a kitchen upstairs though," she said, gesturing toward the old-fashioned red-brick building behind her. "We should choose a base to start with, then get some food and supplies, right?"

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  15. ♦ c a s t i e l ♦
    status : alive.
    location : store outside pine falls.
    mentions : --
    interactions : lucifer dalton @Lulunpia

    Finger on the trigger, he held his breath. Glancing around the corner, he saw no sign of life, deciding it'd be smartest to make a bolt for the door and preserve his bullets; if it had been a zombie, it probably would've sensed him by now. No way did Castiel intend on murdering someone that he didn't have to, just holding his breath as he moved to dart across the store.

    However, fate had other plans. It wasn't long before he felt someone grab him, knock his weapon from his hands. In an instant, he had been pinned, forced against the wall so hard that his breath had been knocked right out of him. His oceanic eyes went wide with panic and alarm, just looking up at the white-haired man who had so violently shoved him against the wall.

    His eyes went to hatchet in the other's hand, before looking back up, swallowing hard. "Hi, Cas," he said dumbly, jumping immediately into a panic ramble, "not that you're Cas, I'm Cas, my name is Cas," he rambled, just staring up at him with a dumb, doe-eyed stare. Castiel moved his hand to Lucifer's wrist, gently trying to pry the already hostile man off without pissing him off further. He had no weapon, he didn't expect such a run in with another survivor. Now that he was thinking about it, he probably should've thought ahead; not all survivors were kind and forgiving. They were all out here to, well, survive, and all it took was for Castiel to have a supply that this man didn't, and he could be a goner.

    ♠ p e n e l o p e ♠
    status : alive
    location : cannibal base.
    mentions : --
    interactions : molly adams @Unbound, fiona black @Lulunopia

    Penelope tucked her legs criss-cross under her despite the fact she could fall at any second and was at the total mercy of gravity, just casting Molly one of her infamous grins. She just rested her chin against the top part of her hand, her elbow against her thigh as she gazed down at her fellow cannibal. Penny let out a small snicker, her laugh surprisingly malicious, yet bubbly if that was even possible. "Oh really? I thought I was pretty loud," She said with another giggle; whether or not she was being serious or matching Molly's sarcasm, it was hard to tell.

    As her eyes caught movement below, she leaned over the side of the old railing, her hands griping the sides as she practically hung upside and waved to Fiona. "Hiiiiiii Fiona! I missed you!" She called, despite only seeing Fiona a few hours ago. She didn't wait for the brunette to give her a response as she swung back up into an upright position, moving back to her conversation with Molly as if she didn't nearly just fling herself off the railing.

    "Ugh, a stupid zombie got her. I just finished beating her with my bat," she said, kicking the bat over so that it fell to the floor with a clank, "and then the freak of the undead crawled in, and it was her or me; that, and I don't want damaged goods." Penelope pouted, tucking a stray strand of pale blonde hair behind her ear.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Status: Alive
    Name: Connor Albright
    Location: Pine Falls
    Outfit: Click Here
    Mentions: @Zarko Straadi @Unbound @Princess Poisoned Rose @CELESTIAL✨
    Interactions: Briar Rose Chadbury, Chloe Rhodes, Melody Nott, Nico Colin-Wells

    A Picture of Connor's Bike
    It seemed like, before Connor even realized it, there were two more people on the street, also looking for the sanctuary boasted by the Pine Falls posters. He'd found it interesting that he and Chloe had arrived at the same time, but he had just chalked it up to pure coincidence. The sight of two new survivors in mere minutes set off a plethora of alarms in Connor's head. He suddenly wasn't as much of a fan of the situation as he had been. He released a deep exhale and listened as Briar rose delivered the "Welcome to Pine Falls, I'm a ten-year-old who knows enough to make you feel stupid, and the flyers are outdated," speech to the newcomers, who introduced themselves as Melody and Nico.

    Connor considered the options of moving forward. The courthouse sounded like a good idea, but Briar Rose had once again been right when she said it's appeal made it sought-after and potentially fought-over. His biggest concern was keeping out the undead. He'd personally seen how disgustingly dangerous and brutal they were in large hordes. He pursed his lips for a moment and thought, turning back to regard the fire station.

    "I'm likin' the Fire Station, to be honest." He said, looking at each of them, then at Briar Rose. "Maybe we could set up shop in the Station and you could show us around?" Connor hefted his backpack to rest more comfortably on his shoulders. "I'm open to suggestions, though." He added. "That is, if all of y'all are lookin' to stick together for the time being."
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