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  1. Setting:

    A dark castle deep within a forest known as the Dark Misty Hallows. Some say that an evil force lives on the estate and that a great evil lives within the castle. Many are afraid to approach but there are some who are brave. Those who have tried in the past have never come back alive. There is a girl who they say lives within the castle but the people of the nearby town know nothing more. They think that she is a demon or some creature of the underworld. She does travel into the town but it is only to get supplies that she needs. Many say that the reason you only see her in town once every six months is because she has to find new victims to sacrifice. Many wish to find some who would be brave enough to try and rid their town of this strange evil. What the villagers don’t know is that the strange girl who lives there was cursed and she may be supernatural but she doesn’t claim to be evil. She waits for someone or ones who are brave enough to try and remove her and the Dark Misty Hallows curse.


    1) No god modding (It’s no fun if you’re not willing to die)

    2) Be respectful of others (you have a problem PM me or deal with them somewhere else)

    3) You may Curse just don’t abuse the privilege in other words don’t use it in every sentence or every post. One word or so here and there is fine.

    4) Let me know if you won’t be able to post for a while you can let a friend you trust take your character over till you get back or kill your character off.

    5) Don’t leave anyone behind (this should keep the RP fun for everyone.)

    6) Romance is aloud. Keep it to a minimum though for example hugging, and holding hands is fine, and I'll allow kissing just no full fledged making out. No Swiving please!!! If you wish to take the romance farther go to a private RP with that person just please take it elsewhere.

    Character Sheet

    Age: (12+)



    Appearance: (anime pictures may be used it doesn’t have to be though, descriptions are always nice they can better explain/describe the and image)

    Species: (Ex: Human, Half breed, Demon, Vampire, Werewolf, Elves, Necko)



    Strength: (3 minimum)

    Weakness: (3 minimum)

    Prime Fear: (more fun with a main fear only one)


    Supplies: (minimum 3-maximum 10)

    Theme Song:

    Extra Information: (Anything else you feel like telling about your character?)
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  2. Name: Raven Bellatrix Zaebanohn

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5’ 6”



    Species: Half Demon

    Personality: After begin alone for some time Raven became very shy it didn’t help her much when she went into the nearby town and she could hear them make fun of her and spread rumors. She doesn’t really talk it’s mostly because of what people think of her she doesn’t feel that she could change their mind so she usually keeps to herself and stays quiet unless someone enters her home then she begins to every now and again ask the travelers questions on why they have come to her home, and if they ask her questions she sometimes would answer. If she sees something like and injured animal hurt she will try to help them get better. Some of those that she began to like had called her kind, gentle, and caring. Of course this usually was before the work of Roneisha.

    Abilities/Powers: She can heal the wounded, but not completely if it is a broken bone or damaged organs she can only make the bone fractured, the organs she can stop bleeding but there extremely weak and vulnerable, and she can make the pain less when it comes to either. She can blend into the shadows as though she’s not there. She can walk very quietly almost as if she is levitating. She can also make the shadows bend to her will. (This is why she can sneak up on people easily within her own home. She seems to use the shadows to teleport but really it’s to make her move to her destination faster.) She can talk to animals and understand them.

    Strength: Dexterous- A physical talent, the ability to precisely and skillfully move the small muscles of the hands and feet. Hearing she has excellent hearing because of being alone she has had plenty of time to pick up on every noise near her home or in the forest of the areas she likes to walk were there isn’t many people who might spot her out of her house. She can stay very calm in weird or usually stressful situations.

    Weakness: Socially Awkward she doesn’t talk to people much. Paranoid she believes that almost everyone doesn’t like her and wants to kill her because they believe she’s evil when she’s not. Allergic to garlic it’s mild but she’ll break out.

    Prime Fear: Keraunophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning (That’s right there’s a scientific name for it.)

    Backstory: When Raven was very young her father left her with her mother. When Raven turned 10 her mother was killed by a mob in town they did not know much about Raven and they thought she had stayed home with her demonic father. When her father found out about how Raven’s mother died he was furious and made a deal with his one of his demon friends named Roneisha. Roneisha had promised to keep Raven safe in exchange for the her father Zaebanohn’s realm he had agreed. Raven was then told by Roneisha the circumstances and that she had to obey. She agreed and for years no harm has come to her. When she turned 14 she began to feel the loneliness and wish for change but knew better because of how people in the town have treated her and her mother for years. She had developed a retina for when there were curious groups or people who entered her home and it was pretty much watch and observe and when they seem to be of no threat start to get closer and make your presence known. Sometimes a few would pick up on where she was and she had to show herself and answer questions. Some discovered her sooner than others.

    Raven’s thoughts on the curse: I’m not allowed to leave this castle. It is my prison. I can’t have any friends or Roneisha will kill them in front of me. But he does that any way… I can only leave the Dark Misty Hallows every six months for supplies to live… like food… I can’t let anyone stay here long or else… I can never see my father or freedom again… I must obey his every will… even if I find it stupid… I hate him!!! (Her thoughts are summed up for the most part.)

    Supplies: Within her home six months’ worth of food, running water. Working electricity but she usually keeps the lights off and uses candle light unless she is reading multiple books or she just feels like having the lights on. Clothes shower supplies, six rooms that are bed rooms, and a library. (All in her house)She always keeps a knife on her, a flashlight, small book and a raven necklace locket that has a picture of her mother and father (In his human Form).

    Theme Song: Haunted By: Evanescence

    Extra Information: Her favorite colors are black, red, blue, and purple. She usually wears dark colors which helps her blend into the dark. Animals are pretty much the only time she’s like a social butterfly. She has a black cat as a pet named Blinx. She had brought him back to health after an injury to his left back leg. He comes and goes as he pleases but will talk to her and keep her some company but to her it’s not enough she truly wishes for an actual person as a friend. She does a lot of reading, drawing, painting and meditation, listening to music, and nature walks, but what better way to spend your time when you’re basically alone. Yes her father is a demon but he has a human for and that is all he showed Raven so she has no idea that she is a half demon. Her mother was human. Her father’s powers involve controlling the shadows and darkness. The power of healing, and the understanding of what animals say and being able to communicate back to them is all Raven’s it has nothing to do with inheriting it and he has no clue on how she got the ability.

    Information on her father and there deal/ Her Curse:

    Roneishia was the demon who cursed Raven Bellatrix Zaebanohn. His power is of darkness and fire. He has keep an eye on Raven because of her father’s Zaebanohn wish was that Roneishia protect her and keep her away from humans who do not understand. The reason her father wished this was because of what they had done to her mother. He had a condition thought that Roneishia had to give anyone brave enough because a chance to get to know Zaebanohn’s daughter and if Roneishia did not think they were worthy of being there then he could disposed of them how he pleased also Roneishia had to let Raven enter town for supplies at least once every six months. Because of her father’s wishes he had cursed her with this (which is not what Zaebanohn meant by protect) and then before Zeabanohn found out what Roneishia had done he took over her father’s domain and keeps what happened in Raven’s life a secret.
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  3. Name: Miria Iceglaze

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5.3"



    Rather nervous, unpredictable, anxious and restless to start out on her own path.
    Also, is a good storyteller, mysterious and yet sometimes doesn't know how to act decent in a social situation.
    Miria tends to lean towards a slightly obsessive behaviour when something catches her eye.

    Miria is the type to find small pleasures in what she does. She is most likely wary and skeptical meeting new people for the first time.
    Miria still gives everyone a chance and only through constant early harassment will she lose her temper.
    Miria is the type to try to see others in a positive light first before anything.

    Eye colour change, summoning animals, able to Turn in a animal form. Also speaking to animals in Kani language.

    Hunting, high sense of observation, the art of seduction, self control and archery.

    Snakes, the topic of death, skeptical, solitude, water.

    Prime fear: Athazagoraphobia- the fear of being ignored or forgotten.

    Back story:
    Regarding people closely, Miria is the type to confront others wholeheartedly without reservations. If she feels something is amiss she is the type to make sure that her concerns are voiced.

    " Do what you want with your life. Do what you feel is necessary.
    Nothing more, nothing less."

    Her Homeland is Vanythal, in a northern region where most of time is snowing with icy winds.

    Miria has killed a few men and beasts alike to serve her interests, but the former only when seemed necessary. Miria has always been ferociously committed to Vanythal and it's interest. " We all do what we must."

    For a Kvanthra, simply looking up at the sky of the extreme north is proof enough that the stories are real, of Aurora Borealis.

    It is believed that's is the same pathway that they come through when the World was still young. Also is believed that the Kvanthra are also the ones whom can predict the End of the world.

    Unlike other species, the Kvanthra's eye colour changes as their mood change though always in vivid jewel tones and rich colours that reflect the Aurora Borealis.

    Miria did not had a lovely family concept. Her father did not stay around long enough to even realise that his wife was pregnant and left long before Miria was born.
    At Miria's birth, she received a mark from Vinnis not knowing it will be her curse.

    Weeks later from her birth, Miria shifted for the first time, changing into a snow leopard. Her mother was so startled that she ran outside the room to gather the Council of Elders. Needless to say, they were surprised by the child and decided to keep her.

    However , Miria's mother could not comprehend the happening, as her own child was beyond the Kvanthra specie. And so she killed herself, leaving Miria at a elderly woman in Vanythal.

    Therefore, Miria has the ability to shift effortlessly between a singular human and a singular animal form that is predetermined upon birth. While the shape shifting appears magical, when it happens, due the fact the form dissolve in a swirl of lights and reform all in the same instant, she cannot shift items with her. Also, she can speak Some animal language known as Kani, communicating in a way a human cannot.
    This is another gift she was born with, along with the power of shifting to an animal form.

    The rest is still unknown.

    Her animal form:


    Clothing( skirts and blouses, all deep green with black), food week's worth, her longbow(plus arrows), candles, notebooks and pillows.

    Theme song:

    Extra info: she owns a wind Eagle and carries the birth mark from God Vennis.
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  4. Accepted! :)
  5. *By 'swiving', she means 'scoodilypooping'*

    Name: Garrus Adalfi
    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5' 6''

    Appearance: Once again, I thank my sexy assistant RevanAC for his gifted art!
    Basically he looks as he is depicted. With Sharp, golden eyes, and nice, tan fur with patches of Grey around and about, He usually does not wear the finest dresses. He has a small scar underneath his right eye.
    Species: Lorexian
    cat-people, full-blown Nekos, Khajiit, Leonin, Etc.
    You get the gist of it!

    Personality: Calm, Cool, Laidback, Friendly, an all-around conforming guy to most situations. For he simply doesn't care for a lot of things. A very shallow talker, and an on-the-surface kind of guy.

    He is able to shoot a small ball of fire as he would a crossbow. he can also hold it in his hand for light or warmth.

    +Good with automated projectile weapons, such as crossbows and guns (if they exist). But not Bows however.
    +High dexterity, very agile, light on his feet.
    +Good Puzzle solver, especially large, mechanical ones.
    -Not very strong
    -Cannot wield swords or anything of the sort.
    Prime Fear: Big, Crawly things (Such as GIANT spiders, Rats, insects, and other stuff of that sort)

    Backstory: Garrus was found in front of a run-down inn, The woman who ran the place was a nice guy, so he took him in, and raised him. As he grew up he learned to know that the woman's name was Gladys Armstrong, a sweet yet strong-willed old lady who sticks up against mean people, she may be old, but she kicks butcheeks with her broomstick. She had nice complexion with a wide, happy smile to go along with it. Life was alright, he had a decent room, an adequate amount of food, and all he had to do was help do chores, which he did of course...
    Then one day, a group of 'bad people came and set fire to the inn, and killing anyone who escaped, Gladys was nowhere to be found, and Garrus was hit by a hot iron bar in the face, knocking him out, his last vision was of a mysterious girl tugging at him.
    He then awoke in the forest, it was snowing, and getting dark, and the forest is quite scary at dark, so he ran back to find he has no home, but he has a few supplies to let him ls a bit. and thus he made his vow, from this day on, he swore vengeance upon those who destroyed his life, and find the girl who supposedly saved his life from the fire.
    But first, he must get past the lonely life of homelessness.

    -Mini-crossbow(Good Condition)
    -Sufficient amount of bolts for ammo
    -Some money
    -Food for three days

    Theme Song:

    Extra Information:
    =Hmm...I wonder who that girl who saved him could be *cough cough*
    =He has not been yet turned to he authorities, for very little people know he is homeless.
    =People insult him for his species, and apparently his lack of intelligence, which is a lie.
    =He has killed 2 of the believed 5 arsons.
    =He has been homeless for 3 years.
    =He knows very little about the dangers of the castle, much less about the girl Raven.
    =He refines his projectile and firebolt abilities by hunting in the forest as a pastime.
    =He IS an orphan, mainly 'cuz litters are huge, if you catch my meaning.
    =Gladys is not known to be dead either, just missing.
    =Garrus Usually makes living by breaking and entering, stealing few things and selling them for money.
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  6. Name: Theodore Edwards

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'3


    Peacefull, and quite shy in alot of cases, can be angered if irritated enough, he often looks for peacefull ways to resolve a situation rather than resorting to what he sees as rash decisions
    The ability to make himself "phase" through things like a ghost would making him appear practically like one, can become invisible, is able to communicate with and detect other "paranormal" beings, not limited to ghosts

    Strength: (3 minimum)
    - Can stay calm even in the worst of situations
    - Good with soothing the anger/sadness of others, especially ghosts
    - Is often resourcefull, finding things/qualities in others and his surroundings to give him an advantage in bad situations
    - Fairly quick on his feet, and is often-times fairly illusive

    Weakness: (3 minimum)
    - His abilities (other than the ability to communicate with and detect other "paranormal beings") wear him out slowly and eventually become unable to be used effectively until he's properly rested, this is due to him being part human
    - If he is angered, his decisions are rather impulsive until that state goes away (clearly indicated by the reddish hue his "ghost form" emits)
    - Is yet to completely master his powers, and is incapable of maintaining his ghost form/invisibility for extended periods of time (at the most it's been 5 minutes, but he's slowly working on extending that amount of time)
    - Not the best when it comes to physical combat
    - Just because he's a half-ghost does not make him immortal, he's still capable of recieving wounds, injuries, and dying if he is damaged in his physical form, he also requires most things a regular human would
    - When he's in his ghost forms he drops any physical items he carries on him (yes including his clothes... But he doesn't remember this since it's been a while since he's used his powers o.o)

    Prime Fear:

    His creation resulted from some sort of crazy ritual an crazy looking old women performed on his mother, which his father had insisted on letting her do it since he "thought it was funny". The old lady had said that it would "make him a ghost" which it was discovered that it did, or at least it half-did when he was around 6. He had wished that he'd disappear when he had been scolded by his mother, which surprisingly he did, for about a second, it lead his parents to believe that something was "off" about him, eventually coming to the conclusion that they couldn't keep him around, and sent him off to a particularly shady orphanage... Inevitably, the treatment he recieved there resulted in him getty really mad at about the age of 10, leading him to discover the reddish form he took on whenever he shifted to a "ghost form", and he was able to and did so more often when he had been mad, causing trouble left and right until eventually he calmed down. With that incident happening, even the orphanage threw him out, leaving him to fend for himself, which he did for a while, working odd jobs and making just enough money to keep himself alive, and give himself a temporary home every now and then, he practiced utilizing his powers with the little free time he had to himself improving slowly but surely... Though this all changed when he had heard of a "demon girl" who lived in a particularly forboding mansion, it made him wonder if he could talk with her, and if she was the threatening person the townsfolk deemed her to be... Perhaps he could figure out a way to change her.

    Rucksack, Water skin, some canned food (about 5 cans), a worn out dagger with a tattered sheath.

    Theme Song:

    Extra Information: N/A
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  7. There done o-o Sorry about the long wait for that one :S
  8. Thank you Raven xD.

    Some good species around here ^^. Mine now feels rather small compared to you guys lol !
  9. XD actually yours seems very intringueing o-o It's kinda rare to see a sort of shape-shifter around in roleplays for me.
  10. Ah! Really?;)

    Good to know xD. I feel better now ^^
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  11. @Leo let me know when you have edited the supplies.

    @york Accepted.

    This is becoming an interesting group. :)
  12. Yay! Thanks! :3
  13. (Thought I should tell more about Roneishia and give you an more detailed idea about him.)


    Nickname/Name in human form: Cedric Heffington

    Age: 235

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'3"

    Form in
    Zaebanohn realm
    Link: http://www.deivcalviz.com/blog/wp-content/gallery/progress/deiv_calviz_demon_cresil.jpg
    [​IMG] Human Form His eyes are red in both forms.
    Species: Unknown (We’ll discover it together)

    Personality: Selfish he likes to do anything that gets what he wants or works in his advantage. He is very intelligent he plans out may things before he follows through with them and he looks at any possibility to make it an advantage for him. Trickster he uses his knowledge to manipulate others and he loves to make them think and make them feel as if they might have lost it. (He doesn't always enjoy toying with people’s minds to make them crazy but he does sometimes just for the fun of it.)

    Abilities/Powers: He controls Darkness and Fire for this is he's specialty of his realm.

    Strength: Stealth, Close Range Combat, using fire to his will unless it is in the control of another. Prudence,Creativity, independent, and multiplicative.

    Weakness: Light mostly sunlight he doesn't mind candle light but he also is not a fan of electric light (ex: flashlight) He will usually have something with a hood if he is out in the day, not being able to control fire under the control of another. Listening he doesn’t pay attention to what others have to say usually unless it will give him an advantage. Raven he’s not sure why but he’s afraid of her if she is able to escape his curse. And he is also worried of what she could be if she ever gains larger attributes of her demon half (who knows what is waiting inside her*this is his thought on the matter*)

    Prime Fear: Losing his new realm to Raven, or anyone else. (He’s not sure why but he is, and he’s manly afraid that it would be Raven).

    Backstory: Cedric always was obsessed with power. He made many deals that made him grow in power. He made a deal which promised his old man to a demon in exchange for strange powers of his own. No one knows what he is, for they never met his father or mother. (No one but Cedric knows what happened to his mother.) Many that have met him are eminently afraid but there are some who aren’t. Cedric always had a specialty of making friends with said to be evil creatures some were and others weren’t but those who weren’t would usually end up being fouled into losing something very valuable to them.

    Cedric was great friends with Raven’s father and mother. Her mother didn’t fully trust him but because of Zaebanohn she never showed it. When Raven’s mother was killed Cedric knew who sent the mob and why they thought she was evil because of her husband because he had sent them. He knew his friend would be devastated and would wish to protect his precious beautiful daughter (yes she though Raven was beautiful but he didn’t love her or at least if he did he would never admits it not even to himself). He told Zaebanohn that he would willingly protect her while he was gone working on one condition he gave up his domain. Zaebanohn accepted gratefully. He knew this meant he would never see his daughter again because if he gave up his domain he would be trapped for eternity for that was the conditions that Cedric asked to go with the domain. And once he accepted and quickly realized what Cedric was asking after he had accepted. Cedric had already done everything as soon as their hands meet for the confirmation of the deal. This way there would be no possible way to stop him for he had planned all of this.

    Supplies: When he is human he carries a sword with a black dragon handle. The blade is silver and is three feet six inches long. He also keeps a dark book of spells and curses with him at all times even if it seems he does not carry it. He also has a skull necklace.

    Theme Song:

    Extra Information: He is afraid of Raven for even though she has showed little signs of being part demon he feels one day she may grow a demon form. He is also afraid of her powers that she now possess and what she might possess because of her father he knows that most half demons has the same powers as the parent and sometimes more he also knows that they are usually stronger than the parents.

    He has many other friends that he does trust and there deals are a little more even.

    Many are afraid of him because of his attitude and if they learn his real name they are even more afraid, because they know they learned to much and he is probable about to kill him.

    Cedric’s thoughts on Raven and his Curse: It will keep the girl quiet and out of my way. I may let her sometimes get to know the ones who are curious but that is because she makes killing them much more fun, for I have a greater challenge. I’m glad that she can go into town it tells the villagers that the strange girl who kills incent souls is still alive and living there. This way they don’t go wondering around pointlessly. It’s also fun to watch her during thunder storms. I can’t believe she’s afraid of them I love to see her fear in the dark of the castle. My curse I feel gives me many advantages that only I know about and I do not feel like sharing.
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  14. Lol xD everyone wants to be a demon ?>.<
    Now you guys can play wth fire and read minds and etc..

    Miria feels weak now just with a longbow and the shifting capability...
  15. Don't worry you have Theodores ghost power thingie on your side... If that makes you feel any better o-o
  16. Ha ah xD maybe ... I am not sure yet!;)

    Anyways, it's a good thing what Miria is afterAll.~
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  17. Well I'm not sure if Cedric counts I'm just trying to give everyone a better idea about who cursed Raven and why he wanted to.
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  18. Right xD. Well it could be anyone or anything who might have put the curse on raven ;)

    We just have to investigate .. So when will you open the IC thread ?
  19. Probable next Friday because I'm not sure if I'll have acress to the internet before then on my trip. And it should give my friend time for my friend to finish his CS and if any one else wants to join then I'll read the CS when I get back or before drowning on my situations options. (Sorry for any misspellings, and typos using my phone. Which if I have internet asses this is how I be able to reply.
  20. Ah I understand xD. Okay then ..^^
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