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    ★ - H O L D ! M E!
    ⇨ -
    Ever wonder why the cute guys don't ever seem to have girlfriends?
    Why they push females away? Some can't take the pressure of sudden confession while others have their own little secrets.
    What do these cute males do after school? They're all friends?! You think?
    Well who knows...A secret club you say? Interesting.​
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    Location: Heading to the train.
    Thoughts: I want to parkour :c

    Jacie softly groaned as he woke, he rolled over only to end up falling off his bed and smacking onto the ground. "Ow..." He lightly groaned before feeling his entire blanket quickly falling down on top of him and hiding him. He sighed before softly giggling to himself as he laid there, snuggling into the warmth of his blanket while the floor tried to cool down his body.
    "Jacie, is everything alright, honey...Did you fall off the bed again?" His mother asked through the door, Jacie couldn't help but start laughing as he slowly crawled his way out from under the heavy blanket before getting up. "I guess I'll take that as a yes, well hurry up, Prinsinn minn."
    "Allt í lagi, mamma." Jacie replied and softly snickered as he stretched and started making his bed. His mother had an agreement with him when he was younger, she would learn Icelandic if he learned Japanese; he agreed and here they are today. The young boy started getting dressed for school, he checked his phone and noticed it was going to be chilly; perfect!

    Jacie started changing out of his pajamas and into his school clothes, making sure to go with something warm. After about half an hour, Jacie was dressed , he smiled lightly as he looked ready and headed down the stairs. The smell of breakfast had been torturing him since he started getting dressed, he was starving. As he got to the kitchen, he greeted his mother before sitting down to eat. It was quiet, there wasn't much to say which was fine, the silence was comfortable. "Well, I'm off. I don't want to be late for work, have a nice day, Jacie." Evalynn said before kissing Jacie's cheek and walking off, the blond boy smiled as he picked at the remains of his omelette. As soon as the front door shut, Jacie pulled out his phone and started texting his friends.

    'The culture festival is coming, I'm so excited!!!! :D What are your classes doing? :3'

    He sent it before getting up and putting his dirty dish in the sink, soon enough Jacie was out the door and heading towards the train. He was walking slowly, knowing he was early and still had time. Looking around he thought about how long he had lived here, all the friends he made and all the amazing things he had seen and done. The blond haired boy glanced at the buildings around him, he wondered how much easier it would be if he could parkour around; getting to school would be a breeze. Just jumping from building to building, avoiding all the crowds and trains. "That would be amazing." Jacie muttered to himself as he walked into the train station.

    [Prinsinn minn = Prince of mine
    Allt í lagi, mamma = Okay, mom]
  3. 6:00 am:

    Kiyoshi woke up from his alarm,his blanket off his bet and his legs across the bed,his phone charging on his night stand,he pulled his arm up and turned it off, two minutes later he sat up and yawned,he stood up half asleep,and walked to his dresser as he puts his jean pants over his boxers,and put on a tight black shirt and hoodie, he went and grabbed his phone,headphones,lighter, and cigarettes and walked out of his room closing the door behind him

    6:30 AM:

    Kiyoshi walked to his bathroom and closed the door, after going to the bathroom, he grabbed a wet cloth and wiped it on his face to wake up, he opened the door and went down the stairs, he saw a note on the table from his mother
    'Son i'm off on a buissness trip to buffalo,please keep the house clean when i'm gone, and stop smoking

    he thought to himself thank god, after that he walked to the kitchen,he looked through the food cabinet and took out chocolate chip pop tarts, after finishing them, he walked to the bathroom again and fixed his hair,he then grabbed his stuff and put it in his back pack and waked out the door,he grabbed his phone out of his pocket and had a text by Jacie saying 'The culture festival is coming, I'm so excited!!!! :D What are your classes doing? :3
    'I'm not sure yet,ill ask' he texted the response and put his head phones on and turned on his favorite song,
    Outside by hollywood undead

    Kiyoshi: anime 3.jpg


  4. . . . Ha , I'm sorry. Did I zone out again?
    ⌈ TRACK 01; Fallen Angel

    ⌋ For an idol...His room was pretty plain. Wasn't it? The image of cute - didn't quite stick here. But, as Grayson would always so -- Simplicity was never a bad thing. The thought and the ideal gave him some solaced peace in the slow, early mornings. Where waking up late would ensure the bad -- and awakening early would promise the good. Time was such a strange thing... And there was nothing wrong with a little abnormality. Slowly, dragging his feet across the ground - entire body lagging behind in the grog of the early morning. Hair in an adorable little mess, and eyes just barely managing to stay open. Running through his morning routine. Lights on, to ensure that he didn't fall asleep by chance once more. What a peaceful thing, this morning was. A quick shower, the feel of cool water soothing out the tension, and replacing it with the energy he'd need for the day.

    He swayed with every step, smiling -- but still half asleep.
    Nobody was awake to see Grayson walk into the wall a little while trying to pull himself through the door to the living room. "Oof--" Stumbling back, blinking several times and still, he was slightly dazed.
    Nothing to see here, folks.
    Breakfast was easy. And came right after getting dressed -- something warm. A news forecast humming softly in the living room, which he could see through the open entrance and counter of the kitchen. 'Autumn sun! But make sure to equip yourself for the morning chill properly!' Grayson couldn't help a yawn, cutting into his words of gratitude -- directed at none other then the forecast woman. "Haaaah--Thank you..." Too early to be tired, but a warm bed had always been so beckoning...No more of that! Taking a deep breath, a content smile on his lips, a flip of whatever was within the pan's contents, and the sweet smells it made swayed him into full consciousness...How fitting of his stomach to growl right then and there.
    Grayson laughed - a laugh that sounded a bit too much like a giggle.

    The shower was running -- just as he'd begun to prepare a second helping.
    "...Hmm." Another content little hum, and his eyes go half closed. Finishing the deed, with ease. A cute, adorable , little serving. Placed on the counter. A fine looking counter it was, but... Did the dishes have to be so...cute? The one thing that made his entire room in the apartment complex stick out, was the cutlery. Gifts from fans, that he hadn't the heart to turn away. And who would turn them away?
    The bear lunch boxes always made him smile while he prepared them. A bear box just so happened to be the one he wrapped up, then and there. And do you know what was even cuter? The matching cat one in the refrigerator. Which was large, and no doubt completely stocked. A few notes on it's door, reminders set by Grayson. And quickly, he scanned them. Humming under his breath, and sliding the wrapped box into his bag. (Which he'd set on the counter, after dragging it from the living room.)
    "...You ready yet? Let's leave together...Alright?"
    They always left the house together. But Grayson always said it, every morning. Slowly sliding his feet into his school shoes. Tapping them to fill in the shoe properly. He spoke quite clearly -- And hopefully, he would be able to hear him. Adjusting the bag that hung at his side by the strap that kept it to his body.
    He wore a jacket -- his hat -- and a pair of glasses, that just always seemed to hide his identity.
    The espionage of it all made him smile, turning a little giddy on the spot. In front of the door. Waiting in silence. Occasionally rocking on his feet -- patient.
    They had time.

    ...A buzz of vibration met his leg. And by the time he fished out his phone, he could properly hear the ringtone. One he'd chosen especially for it's chosen caller.

    His smile turns brighter -- quickly, he sent a response.

    [ TXT ] Oh! That's right! I think I almost forgot;;;(=´∇`=)
    [ TXT ] not really sure. I'll be sure to ask too!! Is your class doing something special? I'm really looking forward to this, haha! \(=^‥^)/’`

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  5. [​IMG]
    Kano awoke at his desk and shivered slightly, he had a blanket around him that he assumed one of his parents had put over him but he was still kinda cold. He got up and stretched before closing his notebook. He had fallen asleep while writing something, he closed down his computer as well. He finally silenced his alarm that was ringing loud from his bed and stumbled to the shower. He tended to take cold showers if it was in the morning and warm ones at night.

    After showering it was time to change into actual clothes. Kano walked over to his dresser, and put on jeans and a long sleeve shirt. He had a sweatshirt and scarf downstairs for when he was ready to leave. He walked back to the bathroom and finished drying his hair, using a small comb to make it so it wasn't sticking up in every direction he headed down the stairs. He went down quietly, not wanting to wake anyone up, even though he was pretty sure he was alone. He set his notebook on the counter and started making breakfast. Kano wasn't really a breakfast guy and so he didn't make anything too big or anything. He toasted some bread and cut up and apple. He set the apple down and started making his lunch while the bread toasted, just a sandwich and a few carrots plus a muffin. He also put in a water bottle before closing the lunch box just as the toast came up. He ate his breakfast quickly before putting the plate in the sink. He got his bag ready and checked his phone. Smiling at the text he had received he replied "I know! i'm so excited. and not too sure yet, i'm assuming my class will figure it out soon though" he sent the text before placing the phone back in his pocket.

    He finished packing everything up and got his sweatshirt and scarf. He got his shoes on and grabbed his key, not wanting to be locked out. again. He closed the door behind him and started walking to school.
  6. [xtable=skin1|bcenter|726x306]
    and i can't help myself alright: all i wanna hear you say is are you mine?
    and i can't help myself alright: all i wanna hear you say is are you mine?
    ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇

    ████████:: LOCATION_ Ryouji and Raiden's Apartment >> School
    ████████:: MOOD_ Grumpy and agitated
    ████████:: WITH_ Ryouji >> No one
    ████████:: STATUS_ "I could really go for some curry right now."
    Raiden awoke to the feeling of sudden cold greeting his skin, goosebumps lightly dotting the surface of his bare torso as his body did it's best to accustom itself to the sudden temperature change. He, however, knew instantly that Ryouji had ripped the blankets off of his bed while he was asleep in an attempt to wake him up, and he also knew that it probably meant that he was running behind schedule. The only time Ryouji ever bothered to wake him up was when he was late for something, for the man knew that he didn't get much sleep in the first place and had the common courtesy to let him rest while he had the chance. His alarm clock must haven't gone off, but none of that particularly mattered when you lived with someone like Raiden's older brother, who was practically a walking alarm clock himself. "It's fucking seven in the morning, what the hell are you doing still in bed?" Ryouji snaps, holding on to the end of his comforters in order to prevent Raiden from simply pulling them back over his head once again.
    "What does it look like?" He mumbles into his hands, which are covering his face as if to shield him from the bright sunlight that filtered through his room, which, if he would simply open his eyes, he would be able to see that it wasn't actually that bright outside at all. Raiden considers getting curtains for a split second, or at least, putting his blinds back up again. He had accidentally torn them down from the wall, which was really just an excuse for the fact that he purposely tore them down because they were disgustingly tacky with their pink and yellow floral print. Nevertheless, he was beginning to miss their purpose.
    "It looks like you're going to be late." Ryouji states in a matter of fact tone, still gripping on to the comforter.
    "That's the point," He sighs, flipping over onto his side. "Give me thirty more minutes, ok? No one will care if I'm a few minutes past the bell. What matters is that I show up--"
    "No. Not this time. Get up, or else I'll drag you to school in your goddamn pajamas."
    "Do it, then. You'll be doing everybody else a favor." Raiden's eyes are open now, but only so that he could give his brother the most defiant, devious grin possible. He was, of course, referencing the fact that he was without a shirt on.
    "You're impossible," His brother growls, before beginning to throw punches. Raiden raises his arms over his head instinctively to block the blows, but they continue to hit, pain blossoming from each point of contact.
    "Jesus christ," He snaps, kicking away Ryouji. "I'm getting up, alright? Shit, that hurts. You're wearing a ring, too." Ryouji simply holds up a fist, the one with the ring, and points before leaving his room. "You've got ten minutes." The door slams shut as he makes his exit out into the hallway, the sound of heavy footsteps following.
    With a roll of his eyes, he swings his legs over the side of the mattress and stands, drawing himself up to his full height. There was a crick in his neck from having slept in an awkward position and his lower back hurt like hell, which probably stemmed from the fact that he had fallen down from the tree outside his window while trying to break into his own house after having forgotten the keys to get inside. If the apartment manager hadn't been there to let him in, he probably would have been stuck outside for at least another fourteen hours; Ryouji was spending the night at his girlfriend's house because he was unable to drive himself home from the bar without it being illegal.
    The first thing he checks after completely out of bed is his phone, scrolling through the list of unread texts to get to the most recent one sent to him this morning. It was sent by Jacie, his foreign friend who didn't catch on too well to the dirty jokes Raiden was constantly telling. How someone as sheltered as he managed to befriend Raiden was completely beyond everyone's means of reasoning, but it was most likely because he could get away with being terrible towards him since Jacie is such a naive boy.
    from; Jacie

    message; The culture festival is coming, I'm so excited!!!! :D What are your classes doing? :3
    He thinks for a moment, trying to remember what his class had discussed, before it dawns upon him.
    to; Jacie
    from; Raiden
    message; Maid cafe.

    Raiden turns off his phone and slips on his clothes, pulling on his jacket just as Ryouji begins to shout from the kitchen down the hall. "Dammit, Raiden, hurry up!" With yet another sigh, he grabs his backpack and swings it over his shoulder, slipping his phone into his back pocket. "Coming," He replies, making his way towards the front door. "It hasn't even been ten minutes yet, chill." Ryouji shoots him a dirty look, to which Raiden simply smiles innocently. "See you."

    "Don't do anything stupid."

    "You and I both know that's not happening."

    And with that, he sets out for school.
  7. It was another busy morning for Kenji as he finished putting on his siblings shoes to take them to school and daycare. Everyone who knew him, loved greeting the siblings every week day morning to see them off. Since their parents were away, Kenji had to take care of the younger ones during their time away from home. Holding the twins in his arms, while Sayuri and Yumi walked on either side of him.

    "Are you going to make it today, Nii-chan?" Asked Sayuri as she tugged at his school uniform jacket, looking at up him as they walked.

    "You have to tell us what happens at your school, okay, Nii-chan!" Yumi responded as looked up at him as well with a huge smile on her face.

    Laughing at his two younger siblings, Kenji smiled at him before replying "I'm sure I'll make it without any problems, but you all have to tell me how your day went as well." After about twenty minutes of walking, they made it to the school that Sayuri attended, which was only a five minute walk from the others daycare where he would pick everyone up. As they waved bye to Sayuri, who made her way into her school, Kenji dropped the other three off at the daycare after bowing to the teachers to thank them for taking care of his siblings.
    "Alright, now off to my own school." Adjusting his bag on his shoulder, Kenji hurried off to the train station to catch his train on time. Just barely making it, he tried to catch his breath as he held onto the railing inside the train to keep his balance as it moved. Kenji was a little nervous going to school since it was another year of school and he had hoped that it would be a better year that the ones before.

    Feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket, Kenji pulled it out and looked through it to see the text that Jacie sent along with a few others. Seeing Raiden's text made Kenji cringe a bit, so he replied with his own text.

    From: Kenji
    I refuse.. If I'm picked as a maid, I will torture Rai with physical contact.


    ⊕ Italics - Kenji's way of speaking. Those who know him well enough can understand him since he doesn't speak.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Sometime between Sunrise and the beginning of school:(Let's say around 7:00am)
    "Urrgghn, mm..." Shichihei grumbled and rolled about his futon like a flailing, land-locked salmon for all of 3 seconds before he managed to unravel his feet and body from his crumpled sheets and blanket. The light coming in through his window told him that he was running late. Wonderful. Amazingly enough, just as he was sitting up, his phone alarm went off, and for the love of life he couldn't remember setting the thing to go off so late. Oh well. All paleness, bedhead, and sleeping pants, he ambled off to the shower like a zombie determined to make good time. Being late was not something his parents would want to hear about in the next PTC.

    He washed as fast as he could while still being half asleep and then hauled it into his closet where he grabbed a jacket to pull over his shirt. Wait, I'm forgetting something... Shichi's eyes grew wide as he grabbed his deo from the top of his desk, then it was pants, his roller skates, and the pair of sneakers that he haphazardly tossed over his shoulder while heading toward the front door. He'd grab breakfast from a station on his way to school. He... sort of had the time. It was a good thing he lived so close by.

    Pulling his phone from his pocket, he saw Jacie's text and laughed to himself while gliding seamlessly over the sidewalk.

    'The culture festival is coming, I'm so excited!!!! :D What are your classes doing? :3'

    Talk about speed and agility, fast fingers tapped away on the built-in keypad.

    'I don't know yet, but I have an idea! Kenji cooks... I wanna ask him if he wants to do a cafe or something like that? They're always a hit in manga. ^_^'
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  9. Jay had, as he always did, awoken far before the sun had risen into the sky. In the dark he pulled on his clothes, his glasses being put on last. He didn't know why, but he liked the odd challenge of picking clothes out when nearly blinded. After having spent a few moments brushing his black hair, he slipped on his glasses and crept out of his bedroom, being careful to not wake his parents. He opted to skip a morning meal, feeling as though it'd be a waste of time and effort. On his way out the door, he grabbed his blue jacket, slipping it over his body as he walked out into the cool morning air, his backpack over his slim shoulders as he walked his bike onto the sidewalk just steps outside his family's small home.


    'The culture festival is coming, I'm so excited!!!! :D What are your classes doing? :3'
    Feeling his phone buzz underneath his rear, Jay pulled out the device and read the text he received from Jacie as well as the replies to it. Deciding it'd not hurt to add his comment, he typed out a hasty 'I'm not sure' before returning to his video game. He enjoyed these moments, alone in the parking lot of school near the main entrance, but he knew he'd soon be met with classmates of his arriving, rolling onto campus with just a tiny sliver of time left before they began the classes that many of them seemed to so strongly dislike.
  10. [​IMG][] His morning has started...fairly early, compared to most. Completely against his will, too. As it always was. At least, since he had entered Highschool that is. His internal clock loved to believe that he was indeed, a morning person, when that was about the exact opposite of his case. He could curse himself, or the day-- he instead chose to curse all the grueling months of early morning practice he had taught himself-- no, forced himself to get up and endure. Even after they were over, they were still haunting him. How troublesome. A thud sounded, as he gave a turn in the wrong direction, and the cold surface of hardwood flooring accepted the back of his head with open arms, and a cringe worthy 'crack.'

    A fellow good morning to you to, Japan.

    Legs falling to his side, his body followed through as he pushed his upper half to sit upright, swaying slightly on the spot where he sat, as his squinted eyes focused in on the darkness of his room, taking a few moments to mentally collect himself for the day ahead. A roll of his shoulders, and his head falling to the side to accommodate the crack of stiff joints and bones. A hand moving up to rub at the area, before rough and calloused fingers ran through ebony locks, tangled from previous nights sleep.


    He really did not want to get up.

    Even then, it's not like he could fall back to sleep anyway.


    Guess he's getting up.

    Standing upright, slowly, he brought himself to an unsteady stature, hand trailing along the smooth, cool paint of the wall, as he made his way to his door, and gently pushed it open with his toes, a 'creak' from old door hinges sounding through the quiet household. He never fully closed it, there was no reason to. At least he didn't see the reason. Quiet yawning as the free hand that wasn't keeping him stable against the wall found place under his shirt, idly scratching along the solid structure of his abdomen. Mmm...where was he going again? Oh, wait, right, shower.


    Wandering off farther down the hall, he opened another door on the side as he turned into it, a quiet click as he closed it behind him.

    And the sound of running water.


    Dressing was one of the more simpler points of his day, considering he barely knew how to really go about it. Dressing was one thing, but, properly was something challenging to him. This happened so often though, that mismatched clothing had really become a style for him. No one questioned it- at least not to his face, and he preferred it that way. At least he could work it in a way others would probably have trouble. What a hot mess he was. One hand working at buttoning up his school shirt, the other, pulling his pants up past his hips as he awkwardly hopped out of the bathroom on one leg. Why he insisted on multitasking when there was no point to it was beyond even his own comprehension. He had managed to get it done, either way. Guess that was all that mattered, right?

    Past the point of fumbling with his clothing, a toothbrush worked its way back and forth in Daryls mouth, as his shoeless feet took heavy, sauntered steps along the flooring from the living room to the kitchen. Removing the brush from his mouth to spit foam into the sink, before returning back to his mouth for a few final brushes. Turning the sink on with the lift of a handle one he was done, he washed his brush off, and placed the newly cleaned, yet wet object onto the counter by the sink, turning it off.

    The helping placed out for him on the opposite counter, quickly cleaned from its plate as he ate quickly, appetite slowly becoming satisfied with each flavorful bite. Grayson was always a good cook-- ironic, seeing as his mother could barely make a tray of ice. Don't tell her he said that, though. Once finished, he placed his emptied plate into the sink with a mumbled 'thanks' in his friend/roommates direction-- turning it on again for a fraction of a second to wash what few crumbs remained from the surface of it, before switching it off again. Daryl liked to believe that doing that properly cleaned it. He was misinformed.


    Even with the generous amount of time he had in the morning, he still was always in a frenzied rush to leave on time-- or early, he never kept track of the actual time. He timed himself based on events that happened through the morning, and now, Grayson was his dependent on letting him know what time they left. Knowing the other, they were probably fairly early-- but, you can never be too safe, right?

    "Yeah, i'm coming. Hold up, will ya?"

    Sliding his feet into his own school shoes, he brought the back of his foot up at arms length, a finger fishing its way into the back of his shoe to properly adjust his heel to fit the shoes own heel. He did this with both shoes, before grabbing his jacket from it's spot on the floor by the coat hanger [he always seemed to miss that,] one arm sliding into a sleeve, the other following through. He didn't wear a hat, he barely needed his coat, due to his body temperature always seeming to be a bit higher and more tolerant then it should, but, it was always nice to have on hand, in the slim chance that he actually did get cold. Or it rained. Though, he always found rain refreshing, he couldn't understand how some people hated it.

    Eye's trailing from his feet up to meet Graysons own gaze-- through thick lenses.

    Ugh, glasses.

    He needed those.


    One day, he'll get contacts.

    One day.

    Leaning over to pick up his bookbag, he slung it over his shoulder before grabbing his gym bag, and slinging it over the other with a grunt. Slouching with a tired sigh, he gave another yawn, before bringing his Thermos to his lips, and tipping it back to take a gracious sip of the coffee that filled it. The bitter flavor assaulting his tongue, causing him to grimace and shake his head.

    God he hated this shit.

    Shit in a fucking thermos, that's what he's drinking.

    Feeling his phone buzz in his pocket, he reached his free hand in, before pulling his phone out and turning it on. A message from Jacie? This early.

    God dammit Jacie.

    The text itself was already giving him a headache. That was four to many exclamation points in one sentence.

    He worked quickly at typing out a reply.

    "Hell if I know, I don't think mines mentioned much about it. Guess i'll ask, though. I'll get back to you when I have an answer, alright?"

    Before turning the bright light of his phone off, and dropping it back into his pocket.

    "Cmon, let's go before I go back to bed."
  11. [​IMG] ...Was it early?
    A glance at his alarm clock and all Niel could see was a blinking 12:00 as his answer.


    He should probably fix that.

    A roll out of his comfy bed doesn't sound too fun, but he does so anyway. A yawn escapes him as he makes his way over to the bathroom connected to his room and--oh there was his phone, already blinking with a message from someone. Trying to remember why he left it by the sink, he looks over the peppy message.

    'The culture festival is coming, I'm so excited!!!! :D What are your classes doing? :3'

    What were they doing? He wasn't exactly paying attention when they were going on about it, but it was probably something like the usual maid cafe or whatever.

    His thumb moves to answer it, before there's a pause. He didn't know so should he really say that he didn't? It wouldn't provide much to the conversation at all, so why say it? Then again, he might be expecting an answer...

    Placing the phone down, he gives a stretch before turning the shower on.

    He'll respond later.



    His mother isn't in the kitchen or the living room, though it's to be expected. The money she left on the table is slipped into his pocket and he gives a smile at the little note she left about him having a good day at school.

    She may not have been there a lot, but he knew she cared. It was the thought that counted, right?

    His precious hoodie is thrown on and the hood is firmly secured on top of his head. A quick check of his messenger bag and he's off on a slow jog to school.
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  12. [​IMG]
    Locαтιoɴ : Hoмe ==> Oɴ тнe roαd тo ѕcнool
    Sтαтυѕ : Sleepy || "Cυlтυrαl ғeѕтιvαl...? Hмм."
    Crimson numbers blinked in the darkness, they grew intimidating by the second as if cautioning the boy that he didn't have enough time. For a while, he just stared right back at the clock, trying to distinguish if those numbers were false or not. A few blinks told him it was true and that he should just get out of bed already. Shuffling in bed, the boy covered his head wanting to sleep for just a bit more. But his wishes were rarely granted.

    "Adam..." a far familiar feminine voice chirped into the bedroom, causing the boy named Adam to shift in his bed. The click of her shoes had notified him that it was the maid. Well, it was always the maid. The satin cutains were drawn back and sunlight poured into the room, illuminating the dark room of his. Groaning, Adam held onto his bed sheets not wanting to attend such a busy and crowded hell called school. "Adam." The voice was more firm, as if warning him to get off the bed already. "Isabelle, why must you force me to go to school? Can't you say I caught a cold," Adam questioned the maid, a slight grimace to his face. With a huff she spoke again, "Your parents are out of town, and I'm responsible for you at the time being... if you don't go to school what will they think of me? That I'm a bad worker... now off the bed." Sluggishly, he slid off the bed and reached to the side of his bed, stumbling to find his glasses. Once he found them he messily put them on, and blinked a few times before he fully had fully awakened... well somewhat.

    Adam has ways been the type of kid to take showers in the mornings, "It's refreshing," was one of the comments he had to say about his morning showers. The brisk water had splashed onto his hand, he always checks the water before entering into the shower. The temperature of the water slowly warmed up, once it was at his desired temperature he stepped in. Dousing himself in water also seemed to be a reliever for him. He enjoyed the sound of water and the comfort it provided unlike what his parents didn't provide. If it was up to him he could stay in the shower for days, but if he did he'd be as wrinkled as a prune. It would have been amusing though... Running his hands through his golden locks he sponged up the shampoo in his hair. He recalled that Isabelle often gave him mohawks by shaping his hair with the shampoo when he was but a small child. Feeling neglected you'd think the maid is your only friend, in his case she was. Soaping up his body he felt his hand run over a scar he has on his right shoulder blade. The scar would always remind him of how imperfect he really was, and how he had to always hide it from the naked eye. The past from the scar - he's never mentioned it in front of anyone. .. why would he? There was no point. Washing out the shampoo and the soap he had reluctance lingering from the thought of school. It would be better to stay home. "But I can't."

    Quickly, he changed into his clothes, they weren't always clothes that would stand out from the rest of the crowd, but they were normal... sometimes. He means to say when his parents aren't around then he can wear plain clothes. Such as today, he chose to wear an oceanic blue tee with jeans - he rarely wears jeans. Although, his parents do allow him to wear his traditional velvety scarf. He's had the scarf ever since he was a child and wouldn't let go of the piece of fabric so his parents just had to let him keep it. Adam is glad he went through the struggle of keeping it, the scarf has become rather attached to him.

    Sitting down at the dining table, his breakfast had been prepared - despite him not liking to eat in the morning. It's not that he doesn't want to but rather, he doesn't feel like it. Would you force someone to eat? Well Adam can't leave if he doesn't eat at least a bite out of his breakfast, sometimes he gets lucky and he doesn't have enough time to eat. Unfortunately, today wasn't one of those days, and Isabelle was persistent at her job. "At least the toast, eat the toast," she urged him as she pushed the piece of wheat toast in front of him. "Isabelle, I'll be late if you don't stop..." it was if he was trying to taunt her, he knew damn well Isabelle would be be lectured if she let him be late. Nibbling on her bottom lip she stood from the table and defeatly said, "Fine, but only this once." With a smile, Adam followed Isabelle outside, "Thanks."

    While on the car ride to the dreaded hell, Adam felt his pocket vibrate. Usually when his phone vibrated it would be an email, a text from his parents or from his clan of friends. Checking the screen there was a group discussion that was being lead by Jacie. Reading though the messages, he didn't even remember what his class had in store. Maybe he could ask a classmate? Either way his fingers were typing on the mobile keyboard. He reviewed the message in his head before sending it.


    Adam sent the message and shoved his phone back into his pocket. The usual car ride routine would be to stare out the window and say nothing... for starters he wasn't even a talkative person, so there really was no conversation to be expected from this fellow. The car ride wasn't even that long, but traffic liked to force Adam to spend some quality time with his mother, in this case she wasn't here but the traffic didn't cease. Untangling his headphones, he had scrolled through his music and placed one earbud on. He pressed play and drowned out the world, he can forget about school for now.
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  13. ⌉ "Aah, Rise and shine. You made sure to get your lunch...Right? I think it's easier then buying something on the way. And you have sports too...Haha, pretty neat planning. Right?" Planning? It was routine for the both of them. Looking down at Daryl, and letting his smile grow warm and hospitable. He didn't have to look down by too much, but... Never mind that. Looking at his phone one last time, before Grayson slid it back into his pocket. Turning towards Daryl, examining him for a moment. "Oh - Wait a second, Sorry but I..." Grayson only had to turn behind him, and drag a hand through the shelf that had been screwed into the wall by the door. Convenient, Grayson liked it a lot.
    It took him seconds to grab what he'd been looking forward. Turning around, and a smile overtook neutrality.

    Grayson held a scarf.

    "I think it'd be a good idea to put this one. It's a little cold out there, you know? Make sure to hold still for me, I'll be quick. So..." And quick Grayson was. Taking an end of the scarf in either hand, and slowly moving it around Daryl's neck. With gentle hands , and equally gentle eyes. Throwing one arm of the scarf over the other, and looping it. A few more tugs... "There we go. Much better, hm?" Grayson gives Daryl's shoulder a pat or two. His miss-matched attire wasn't particularly unexpected. He'd grown to see it as rather complimenting. And now the real journey started. Though, thankfully, the agency had booked him a place that was close to their school. Ten, fifteen minute walk? Perhaps a little less if they wished. But it was a cool, autumn morning. A refreshing breeze, daylight just beginning to peek through.
    It would be a comfortable walk.

    If the disguise did it's job, that was...But there was no point in doubting it! Things like that weren't really things that he liked to stray on. Doubt and pessimism. Unflattering, and a weight to carry.
    Why carry that, when you could carry your head high?

    Grayson opened the door without really being told he had to. Stepping back, holding it open for his friend. Gesturing to the outside of it with his head, and smile. "After you...Say, Do you think we'll have fun at this year's festival? Sorry if it's a bit spontaneous, but I think Jacie's excitement really has me going too. You know? It may seem a little silly..." But silly enough to laugh about himself. Putting a hand over his mouth to hide the little laughter that slipped past his lips.

  14. [​IMG]
    Location: At school, waiting at the gate.
    Thoughts: I'm kind of hungry

    Jacie headed to the train station and waited quickly, he was so excited for today.
    Today was the Culture Festival! He couldn't wait for this to happen, he knew that he had Block A which mean it was the maid and butler cafe; at the moment he couldn't remember if he made sure to put down 'butler' for his costume, but he was sure they wouldn't give him a maid costume; he was a guy.
    He pulled his phone out as it started vibrating with all the messages that came in from his friends and classmates, he smiled before replying to them all at once.


    He wrote before sending it, he looked up just in time to see the train arrive at the platform and quickly made his way to the front, ignoring all the grunts and mutters of the suit clad adults. He smiled up at the and held his bag close, he brought an extra change of clothes for when it was there turn for the date auction.
    Jacie was almost bouncing out of his skin and then the doors opened, he rushed in before he could get trampled and pressed his back against the wall. Keeping his bag in front of him to keep perverts from feeling him up; he learned that the first day of high school. Jacie got so scared he jolted and accidentally kicked the man in the shin and elbowing him so hard he bit through his tongue.

    After that the blond boy stopped coming on the train unless one of his school friends was with him, but today no one was here to protect him, no one was around to make sure no creepy perverts touched him; so he was playing it safe. He took a deep breath before letting it out, he was so excited. Soon he felt more people coming in and he was squished, he shifted as best as he could but his bag was slipping to the side and more than enough business men were around him.
    He was sure they weren't going to do anything to him, they seemed pretty nice.
    The train started moving and he grabbed on as best as he could from the wall and his bag, the blond could feel that he was being stared at and looked up to see various eyes on him, he smiled and waved.
    The ride to school seemed so short and no one had felt him up, well...kind of; it felt like someone might have been grabbing his leg, but he wasn't sure. Slowly the train started to empty out and he waited before slipping out, he looked around as for a moment he was disoriented before finally realizing where he had to go to. Jacie quickly headed off, the idea of parkouring still on his mind, it was fun and today he wasn't going to be able to practice; which sucked! Finally he got to the gate and looked around for his friends, wondering if he should go on in without them.
    Then he saw Grayson and Daryl, he smiled and quickly rushed off to them.
    "Hey!" Jacie said happily as he popped up behind them before hugging Daryl. "You both are lucky, you get to be in the dating auction first. I'm in the maid and butler cafe, and I think I'm going to have to be a maid." He said as he looked at them both, still leaning on Daryl before pulling away and hugging Grayson as if saying he didn't forget about him, he pulled back after a few short moments.​
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  15. [​IMG]
    Kano walked down the street, eyes on the sidewalk and headphones in. He liked when he was able to be alone and quiet. Tomorrow started winter break, which meant that he would have more time to do things with friends or even just with himself. He had been meaning to continue typing his current story, he was getting towards the climax. He breathed out slowly, watching as his breath dissiapate moments after coming out. He wrapped his scarf around a little more and sighed. He really hated winter.

    Kano arrived at school, still shaking off the last of sleep. Thanks to it being kinda chilly out, he felt like all he wanted to do was jump back into bed. He sighed and glanced around. He saw Jacie already there and smiled, raising his hand to wave. He felt his phone buzz and glanced at it. It was a text from Jacie, again, and he didn't really feel like responding if he was going to see them soon anyway. He had figured out on the way here that he was in Group B, which meant Date Auctioning first. He shrugged to himself, he guessed he looked ok.
  16. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Checking his watch and letting out a sigh, Shichi cut a path across the street to the nearest gas station, narrowly avoiding a kid on his Mommy bike and a rather perilous looking rock in the middle of the road. A broken ankle was not something he wanted in his future, especially with the shows he was going to have to put on today. With all the motion, he could even hear some of his miscellaneous costume trinkets rattling about in his backpack. Eyes scanned the register covertly. He was not supposed to go inside with his skates on, but it wasn't like he would be purposely making skid marks on the floor. Taking a breath and pressing open the door was the hard part. At least the bell wasn't too loud.

    Now he just had to pick out something good to eat for breakfast. He would need lots of energy for the coming afternoon. "Hmm.. onigiri... alright. Tuna/Mayo then." Three rice balls and some calpis, and he was ready to head out. Sure the reprimanding look the clerk gave him was enough to cause a sheepish grin, but at least he was quick about it. He left the yen and sped toward the door, one ball in mouth and the other two stuffed halfway into his jacket pockets. He'd be sure to finish them off before he climbed the hill leading up to his gakuen.

    It was one thing to skate on flat land, but hills were no fun at all. His legs were burning like they'd been injected with some ungodly cocktail of itching powder and whatever solution they put inside heating pads. Not to mention he could feel the throbbing of his thigh muscles even through his pants legs. Oi, just a little bit more, and we're there! He could already see the courtyard, so the main gate would just be a little ways away. The wind rushing past him made the exercise more tolerable in the long run. Instead of thinking about the long skate to school, he should really be figuring out which one of the two butler outfits he was going to wear for the cafe.

    Festivals like this were the perfect occasion to show off his skills. On one hand Halloween was coming up so black and orange were perfectly in order, although, if he wanted to impress the girls, it might be better to go with some type of lighter color that would make him appear less devilish and more like the charming manservant was supposed to look like. He'd ask his friends their opinions and that way, he could get a well-rounded pile of answers on the matter.
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  17. [​IMG][] A low grunt of acknowledgement.

    "Yeah, I got it. A bit hard to miss it, taking up as much room as it always does in the fridge."

    That cute little cat themed lunchbox that was mentioned earlier? That was his. It was always his. He could never wrap his head around why Graysons' fans always sent him such...cutesy gifts. Maybe it was cause of the cute aura that he always seemed to radiate.


    Well, Daryl couldn't lie. They did fit him.

    Did it fit Daryl? Eh, not so much. The boy had his youthful features, but he always looked so off putting, that something like this just didn't seem natural for him to have.

    He had it anyway. And, hey, he actually kind of liked it. If not for the design, then for how much food it actually held. One thing was certain about Daryl, and that was that he was a bottomless pit when it came to food. The generous amount he received each day packed neatly, tightly in the kitten lunchbox that he brought with him each day was something he gladly looked forward to towards the middle of his busy school days. Any odd stares he received for having such a childish carrying case was met with a glare, and an irritated mumble of 'Can I help you?' or 'What are you lookin' at?'


    Either way, it made Grayson happy.

    Just about to step out the door, he was stopped by the others request, quirking a brow as he turned to the other in question. What was this boy doing now?


    Oh. Just some more clothing.

    More, unnecessary clothing.


    Holding still, he allowed the other to wrap the cozy addition around his neck. Eyes clothing, contently, as he did so, opening once he had finished, and it was now securely wrapped around him. Brown eye's staring up at the other as his shoulder was patted in a friendly, familiar fashion. Nuzzling his face down a little further into the scarf, a light, red dusted his cheeks-- spreading to the tips of his ears. Maybe it was the brisk Autumn air suddenly hitting his warm face, or maybe it was something else. Most likely, it was simply just how easy it was to fluster the smaller of the two. He could use another sip of his coffee by now, but his mouth was covered.

    Well, he did, at least. But, he was quickly woken up by the startling feeling of someone hugging him from behind. He nearly dropped his thermos in surprise.

    "Ngh-" Touching didn't exactly bother him, but being this touchy feely early in the morning didn't sit as right with him as it probably should.

    Feeling the other leaning on him, he adjusted his footing to support the weight of two, as he listened to Jacie speak on about the cultural festival.


    He's in what?

    "I...Wait, what? Dating, maids?"
  18. Noticing the forming group in front of the gate a little ways away, Jay saved and shut down his handheld gaming system, getting up to his feet with a yawn. After taking a moment to look at who was gathered around, he decided he'd go at least say hello to the trio to be kind. Walking over as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, Jay decided what to say, unsure if he was disturbing them or not.

    Before he could decide for certain how to behave, Jay was before the hugging group of his friends. "H-hey." He said simply, holding up a hand in greeting as he gave them a small smile he doubted they'd even see. He was still feeling a little off, but he assumed it was simply stemming from the fact that the day was full of events a guy like him tended to not enjoy. He hoped having friends around would ease the discomfort, but he had a sinking feeling that no one would be up for buying a date with himself. He was a little wordy for some people, after all.
  19. [​IMG]
    Location: At school, waiting at the gate.
    Thoughts: Ignore my screw up, I'm not worthy!

    "Yeah, for the festival today, silly!" He said happily as he looked at them both. "Block A and B are collaborating together, after lunch we switch. Those who were running the dating auction are now serving at the maid and butler cafe and vise versa, it's going to be so much fun!" The perky short blond said to both of them before feeling his phone vibrate and pulled it out, it was Shichi. He read the text and realized his mistake in the last one.


    He replied before pocketing his phone and looking back at the two boys before him, he was about to say something about the festival when he heard someone else arrive, he looked back to see Jay and smiled. "Jay!" Jacie said happily before rushing over to him and hugging him as well, he felt so warm; it was strange but nice. "You're not with me either for the maid and butler cafe, I wish you were." He gave a soft little whimper before pulling away and just smiling brightly, he glanced down and looked around for the DS that never seemed to leave Jay's side. "Any good games you wanna recommend?"​
  20. [​IMG]

    The weather was surprisingly pleasant as Daniel jogged. Really any weather that he could keep his hoodie on was just fantastic. A firm tug on the hood again and he made a slight detour, heading down towards an apartment he'd been to almost more than his own.​

    One could say he almost looked happy to be on his way there, and he wouldn't be sure if he'd deny it. After all, it was a comfort to have friends, wasn't it? To have people to walk with and not be looked at because you're the only one trudging into school alone--

    Bad thoughts.

    Bad, bad thoughts.

    A glance up and he's already at the complex, which is weird because he could've sworn it took a few more turns--oh, there were his friends. A wry grin crossed his face, making his way over to the two. The scarf on Daryl's neck wasn't his and, with truly masterful deduction skills, he could conclude...

    "I see you're now onto the marital stage of sharing clothes, congrats."
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