Guardians of the otherworld

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  1. I am Karona Angel of darkness , Have been pushed from heaven and forced to live in the mortal world , I am an Immortal here , My Absolute Detestation for the mortals often leads to my Unspeakable crimes against Humanity. My affinity is to the moon and to the night. I often act as though i am fine with being alone that i relish in my seclusion but in reality I hate it and long to have the company of other angels of my friends from the other world.

    "Im sorry you are no longer my child." Her eyes we're so cold as she let go of my hand and let me fall and my love simply stood their and did nothing to stop her, As i sit alone reaping Havok in the human world i wonder why. , He screamed in pain as his feather became stiif and hard losing their spleded gold color and becomeing a dark black that blended in with the night sky he had painted for ....His angel...the one that he now hated forever. He clawed into his chest as he his heart began to take in the darkness he had been forced to imbrace
  2. Pyrelithia flys through the night sky invisible from human and angel sight her wings sapphire blue her long golden blonde hair with dark blue streaks in it blowing in the wind as she flys toward the human she was ordered to judge. Her emerald green eyes almost glowing in the cold dark night as she searches for him
  3. Krona had just Beat and killed and human as was now smokeing alone in the woods where he had built himself a home , He stood on a tall pine above his house useing the truck of the tree as back support as he glared up at the moon that was longer his to guide
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  4. As Pyrelithia flys over the woods she senses another angel nearby though faintly, curious to know who else would be mingling with humans she flys toward the other angel, seeing him smoking in a tree she hovers above him still invisible to all and frowns as she sees his wings are black confused why hes here or who he is
  5. Krona felt a prescnece close by but could not see the angel so he stood still , calling darkness discretly hopeing to find the angel's locatoin before they could sense the darkness and defend himself but he quickly changed his mind calling the dark tenrils of evil magic back into him he spoke knowing they we're near he simply said with voice As cold and Hard as Ice
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  7. Krona felt a prescnece close by but could not see the angel so he stood still , calling darkness discretly hopeing to find the angel's locatoin before they could sense the darkness and defend himself but he quickly changed his mind calling the dark tenrils of evil magic back into him he spoke knowing they we're near he simply said with voice As cold and Hard as Ice "leave"
  8. Pyrelithia was surprised he could sense her, he was definitely a powerful angel, but she was still curious why he was here and why he had such a dark aura. She quickly flies a few yards away from his home then lands in the woods transforming into a young woman with same colored hair and eyes but her eyes are cloudy showing that she is blind, shes wearing a black long sleeve turtle neck, black jeans and combat boots. Pyrelithia had a strong urge to find out who he was so she starts walking toward his home slowly touching trees to find her way there, her angel powers completely concealed
  9. Krona sulks for a few more moments before spreading his big black wings, the wings of an Immortal and soaring low in the cold night to get home. the wood of the house was old creaky , hollow. No one had lived in this old abadoned forest house for sometime. Krona does not sense the angel any more and simple toses the breaf encouter from his mind, He knew he could never go back , He knew he was destested by all the angels of the other world. He walked up the shaky stairs a high piched shrill of a creek sounded with each step he finally lay in bed not able to sleep.
  10. Pyrelithia walks toward the home slowly tapping on the ground with her walking stick making sure not to trip over any weeds or roots. As she gets closer she hesitates wondering if she should disturb him sense he obviously wanted to be alone
  11. He heard a soft tapping and goes out onto the old balcony "What do you want Grandma." He said as he stared down at the human he felt pity for her but would not hurt her, He was much to tired and had no need or use to hurt an old blind lady "Why is an old blind woman like you this far out in the woods do you need place to stay im not a hostess... but i can give you a bed to sleep on for a night." He voice became cold "Hear my words woman one night and one night alone.that is all i will grant you then be on your way." The door opened on its own "Enter." He voice was harsh as he slightly pushed her to the place she would be sleeping "I have food but you will not leave this room , if you need anything call for me , i dont not want a mortal touching my things." His tone horrid and Vandictive as he walked away and returned with a tray of chesse and fruits and meats of all kinds. "This is all you will aquire do not ask for more." Then he was gone after he slammed the door closed and walked back up to his own room
  12. Looking toward where the mans voice is coming from Pyrelithia puts her hands on her hips "old? excuse me! I am not even 21 thank you!" she grumbles "old little..." she sighs "maybe I like walking in the woods at night alone, who says i need your charity? Crabby pants" She huffs turning away from the house ignoring the door opening and starts walking away lightly tapping the ground again to find her way
  13. "Fine be gone then." He snickered amused by the woman temper "Do you still love nature despite whats it done to you?" He called after her with a cruel luagh with a snal of his finger every door and window on the cabin closed. He forgot about her quickly , the knocking of the stick annoyed him but he drowned it out. Pressing himself back on his bed he giggled as he repeated the words "Crabby pants." He thought it was quite funny as he broke out of his mean composure and began to luagh.
  14. She saunters off obviously annoyed with his temper "Yes I do it may seem like a hindrance to you but its made me stronger and wiser than you will ever know, ill fight to live my life no matter what stands in my way" her voice is determined as she walks back into the woods every now and then tapping a tree or root making sure not too trip. Wondering if she should go back and give him a piece of her mind "old...grandma...." she mutters
  15. "Don't bost old woman." He shouts back before he went inside. He now lay in his bed laughing she thumped through the forest. His giggled carried to her ears his voice sounded much different as he repeated the phrase amused "One that doesn't curse ..." he said to himself with a mild chuckle. He slowly calmed down and got ready for sleep folding his wings to his back letting his shirt fall to the floor
  16. She sighs frustrated walking away from his house well out of hearing range and sight she takes her angel form once again invisible and flies back to her home to ponder the strange man/angel in the woods. The next night she flies a couple hundred yards from his home landing and turning into the same blind young woman she walks up to his home impatiently unable to let this go
  17. The angel goes out in the dead of morning doing his awful deads as always then returning by sun down. He walked out of his balcony as she walked up "Yes old woman?" He calls down with a chuckle "Your quite funny feel free to stay and give me some more luaghs." He chuckled very amused by the girl. "If i am a Crabby pants , Why did you come back?" He asks his voice turning serious
  18. She places her hands on her hips glaring up at the direction of his voice "Again really? If you think im old you must think only children are young" her voice is aggravated "Who knows? Maybe I just want to pester you to get you back for the insults?" she smirks
  19. He smiled. "Fine lady .." he emphasized the word lady. "do your wrost I would love for you to amuse me further with your pitiful insults go ahead." He went silent looking down at catching a good glipse at her very desirous body but he would control himself as he looked away.
  20. She rolls her clouded eyes at him "Who said I would insult you? I dont need to insult you to pester you" she folds her arms over her chest her walking stick hanging off her belt loop "Speaking of which, why dont you come down here? Afraid of my "pitiful insults?" she knows shes pushing him but she cant help it smiling slightly
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